An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 10

Thoughts As A Slave

Serina’s peach-like vibrant pink short hair that leaves a heavy impression, slightly has mud stuck onto it.
Her age is close to mine at 19, she was a very cheerful and lively girl……. And yet.


I have never seen Serina begging for help while crying before.
I remember her always saying, ‘It’ll be fine’, ‘I’ll definitely save you’, to encourage me.
A strong, gentle and beautiful girl. That is the impression I have of Serina.

“Is it alright if I have you let me speak to her?”
“You are if I remember correctly……the slave that was around until recently, is it? Haa, what is a slave saying to a slave trader”
“I am no longer your slave”
“And so what? In that case, all the more it’s got nothing to do with you. Hurry up and get lost”

Because I am a slave, it is natural to be looked down upon.
My apologies, Egil-sama. I did not want to use it but, I will borrow your name.

“I will tell my master, Egil-sama, alright?”
“Egil……? That rich guy huh, so whaーー”
“You are going to make an enemy of an S Rank Adventurer, is it?”
“Eh, S Rank!? But……”
“Egil-sama loves me. If I tell him, he will erase someone like you immediately, alright?”
“uu! Something like that……whether it’s true or not”
“Shall we try it then?”

Even if he wants to kill me, because the slave tool’s ownership has been transferred to Egil-sama, it is impossible to kill me here.
Besides, if it is now when I am not being bound by the slave tool, I am able to kill this person who I have endured the whole time not to kill. I cannot imagine myself losing to him in a fight.
It is why he did not do anything to me during my time as a slave.

And then, the slave trader went away without saying anything.

“Serina, are you alright?”
“Eleanor……I’m, scared”
“What happened?”
“I was taken custody of by that person but, he used violence on me time and time again”

The one she pointed at was, the person with a getup that appears to be a noble who was quarrelling with the slave trader until just now.
He has a gentle-looking face. Besides,

“She is my slave! Why did you snatch her away nevertheless!?”

, he gives off a feeling that he cherishes Serina……though it rubs me the wrong way that he is treating her as an object.
However, Serina’s hand that was grabbing my hand, was trembling greatly.

“That person is a devil. Although he has a gentle face, he beat me, over and over again”
“That means…….”
“That’s why I escaped. I looked for a chance and escaped from the confinement room. Because I have heard that I won’t be killed by the slave tool if I escaped. However, that personーーEarl Sevreschaff, chased after me”
“And then in the middle of escaping, you encountered the slave trader and transferred the ownership to him, right?”

Serina nodded.
If it is to the slave trader who was the previous owner, then she is able to transfer the ownership. What will happen if I am caughtーーthinking that, she chose to be sold as a slave once more huh.

And as for Earl Sevreschaff, he is a person somewhere who is related to a royal family or, from a very well-known family.

“He chased after you all the way here, right?”
“……U, un. E, Eleanor……I, I……”
“It is alright. It is alright so……”
“Oi, this fellow is getting noisy so it’s about time I want to go back though?”

I am hugging Serina tightly and, the slave trader said that while pointing at Serina’s former master.

“Serina, what was done to you by your former master, were you only beaten?”
“U, un. I was about to be stripped but, I escaped before that so”
“Is that so. I got it”

I stand up and approach the slave trader.

“When will she be put up on the slave auction?”
“……Since there are various procedures, it’ll be the third week this month even at the earliest”
“Third week, is it……”

I have heard before that the slave auction opens four times a month, once every week.
The third week’s opening is, counting from today, seven days later huh.

“……Until then, you will not lay your hands on Serina, right?”
“Who knows, for all I know, in order to tame herーー”
“You will not, right?”

When I glared at the slave trader, he took a step back.

“I, I got it. I don’t lay my hands on the merchandise. You know it as well, right”
“Yes. I know”

that you have laid your hands on others except for me.
And then once more, I bring my face close to Serina’s ear.

“Is Serina a virgin?”
“Eh……un. I am though”
“Does the slave trader also know about that?”
“……un, I was scared, so I told him”

The price for a virgin is high. Although I do not understand the thought process of men, that is the norm.

“If, she is not a virgin after the purchase……that will be a breach of the agreement, alright?”
“Aa, I got it. Rather, are you perhaps planning to purchase her?”

It is only this slave trader, the one who has ownership, who can remove the slave tool.
If I am to kill the slave trader here, I suppose the magic that is included in the slave tool will recognise what I did as Serina having taken his life and it will take Serina’s life.
And then the way to save her is to migrate the ownership to someone elseーーin other words, the only way is to knock her down.
However, I do not have such money.

ーーEleanor is a crybaby huh. I will protect you so don’t worry.
ーーIt’s fine. I will protect Eleanor even if I have to stake my life on it, alright.

It is precisely because she said that and always gave me courage that I am able to live like this.
I was saved by Serina, and I was saved by Egil-sama.
I want to save, I want to save her.

My apologies. Please go along with my selfishness…….

I tell the slave trader.

“I still do not know but, I will definitely take Serina back”
“Hoo, that means you’re participating huh. Well, I’m fine with it since the amount of money will increase if there are competitions though”
“You are going to get in my way huh”

The former master changes completely from the gentle expression he had until just now and is glaring at me with a scary face.

“I will definitely knock her down. I have taken a liking to her!”

Leaving those words behind, the former masterーーthe person called Earl Sevreschaff left this place.

“Serina, just a little bit more……please just wait for a little bit more. I will definitely save you”
“Eleanor……un, I’ll be waiting. So please, save me”
“Hora, we’re going!”
“Please do not do anything violent, alright!?”
“Tsk, I got it. ……Acting all self-important, for someone curried favour with her master and got his liking”

Leaving those words behind, the slave trader and Serina who begged me for help went off somewhere.

ーーcurried favour with her master and got his liking.

Is it.
He is right. The current me is just a slave who just brought out Egil-sama’s name as I please and was saved by it.
If Egil-sama who is my master is not around, I am incapable of anything.

“I want, to be strong……”

There are also plenty of other slaves who are suffering. I want the strength to be able to save such slaves.

“However, I understand that I am powerless. So first of all, I shall do my best so that I am able to save Serina”

“I am back”
“Welcome back. I have a request, for Egil-sama”

What greeted Egil-sama along with the delicious smell that is in the house are, the dishes that I prepared with my all and, the me who is prostrating in a naked apron.

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