An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 11

Onwards To Accepting Quests In Order To Earn Money

“What’s the matter?”

Egil-sama was, of course, surprised by my appearance.
However, I have nothing as compensation to request for him to please save Serina. So I can only do it like this.

“There is a slave I would like Egil-sama to knock down, no matter what”‘

I talked about everything regarding Serina.
‘Please knock down Serina’, ‘Please save her’, I said.

Thereupon, Egil-sama’s expression changed into an unfeeling expression as though the Egil-sama who is always gentle has disappeared.

“In other words, you’re telling me to put money up to knock down that slave?”
“Ye, yes……one way or another, please”
“And then, ‘I will do anything if you listen to my request’. For a reason like that, you’re in that getup?”
“I, have nothing that can be useful to Egil-sama so……”

I see.
When Egil-sama said that and sat on the sofa, he took off his trousers and underwear and sat down.

“I hate that kind of woman, the kind of woman who uses her body to curry favour……. But, if that’s what you want to do then so be it”
“E, Egil-sama, I……um”
“Hora, what’s wrong? You want to curry favour, right?”

I have never seen Egil-sama’s angered expression before.
I am a masochist but, I do not like this way of being reproached.

“Ar, are you angry? Did I, do something wrong!?”
“A slave after all huh. Was I the only one who had wished for an ordinary lover’s relationship?”
“I am the same! I also love Egil-sama from the bottom of my heart, but……”
“Is the man you love, the kind of man who would have sex with the woman he loves using money?”

I couldn’t say anything back at those words.

“If it’s a request from the woman I love, I will listen to whatever it is. Even if I’m called naive or stupid by the people around. But, I have no intention of listening to it upon being given such a quid pro quo. But if you want money in exchange for sex then I’ll do just that”

I suppose I won’t love such you hereafter though.

I listened to those words and tears came overflowing from my eyes.
Egil-sama, he was disgusted at the stupid idea I came up with huh. A quid pro quo, Egil-sama did not need something like that huh.

I sat beside Egil-sama and asked of him.

“Please save my friend. I am unable to give anything in return but, please listen to the sincere request of the slave who swore to love you forever”
“Say that from the start……Eleanor. If it’s your request, I plan to listen to whatever it is. You’re the woman I love”
“Yes. I as well, love you”

When I say that and bring my lips to him, Egil-sama responded to me.
With a passionate and intense yet gentle kiss.
I stick my tongue out and Egil-sama’s tongue intertwines with it. Both of us roll our tongues over and over, and our drool falls. But we pay it no mind. That is how much I wanted Egil-sama’s kiss.
And then, I truly love this person……when I understood that, I started wanting the hot thing like yesterday.

“Hora, if you got it then wear your clothes. The meal Eleanor went through all the trouble to make is going to get cold”
“Eh, but……. No, I understand. I will go and wear my clothes”

It seems Egil-sama did not notice the lewd juice that is flowing from that part of me.
I want it like this. However, I cannot say something like that. So with a soft voice,

“……I am the lewder one huh”
“Nn, did you say something?”
“No, it is nothing”

As I rub my lower abdomen that is aching unbearably, I separated from Egil-sama and headed towards the room to wear my clothes.

“I will definitely train you. Into a lewd and sadistic Egil-sama who will ravish me all day long……”

My soft declaration of war did not reach Egil-sama

“Alright then, the slave auction of that Serina girl is in seven days, is it?”

I ask and Eleanor who’s wearing a black dress nods after drinking her soup with a spoon.

“Yes. It is just that……she is a virgin which means, her price might be slightly inflated. Moreover, there is certainly someone to compete with”
“The former master fellow huh”

Although I suppose it won’t exceed the 13 million gold I spent and bid on Eleanor, nevertheless, if I’m competing with a fellow who declared loud and clear,『I’ll definitely make her mine!』, I should be prepared to spend quite the amount of money huh…….
3 million gold. 4 million gold. I’d be thankful if roughly this much is enough but, I wonder how it’ll be.

“As I thought, is it difficult?”

In all honesty, it’s difficult.
At the end of the day, all that I currently own is about 4 million.
I used the minimum amount of money necessary when I won the bid for Eleanor.


“No, it’s no problem”

I’ll just be putting Eleanor on the spot even if I make a glum look here. Besides, if I showed off then I want to show off until the end.

“We’ve got no choice but to earn the share that we don’t have enough……Eleanor, we’re heading to the Quest House after having our meal”
“Understood. May I ask the rank of the quest we are taking?”
“Rank huh……”

Eleanor’s Adventurer Rank is C. In which case, I suppose if we consider about Eleanor’s safety then it’s a C rank or, a B rank even if we’re pushing it.
It’s just that, if we take into consideration the slave auction that we don’t know how much we’ll be spending, an S Rank quest that I can receive an average reward of about 10 million gold is ideal.
However, S Rank quests only have long time period quests that take about more than one week to a month. I’m afraid that it’s probably impossible to return on the very day of the slave auction even if we head off today.

Conversely, a C Rank quest finishes in half a day or, a day even if it’s long. ーーBut, even if we clear a C Rank quest, the reward for it only pays about 10 thousand to 50 thousand gold.
Furthermore, it’s fine if it’s in the vicinity but, if it’s a quest that’s to be completed at a faraway location, the number of quests we can do in a day is probably about one…….
In that case,

“I guess we’ll disregard the rank and do Area Order”
“Area Order? If I am not wrong, we will be able to receive lots relatively closeby location’s quests in one go, right?”
“Aa, in that case, we can receive quests continuously without having to return to a village or town with a Quest House each and every time”

We’ll be able to make progress on individual quests simultaneously if we do that. Well, there’s a condition to doing Area Order though.

“However, I had heard previously that a Quest Manager’s consent is required to do Area Order……?”
“I have an acquaintance who will give that consent so I guess there won’t be a problem. After that, it’s just whether Eleanor can come along and whether Eleanor is alright with camping”
“I will do my best to not be a hindrance. And……I welcome camping very much. It is one of my longings as well, outdoor play”
“Outdoor play? About the quest?”
“No, it is nothing”

Eleanor who smiles sweetly carries on to tidy up the tableware and head towards the kitchen.
I wonder what is it. I have a slightly bad feeling. Like something will happen when camping…….

“Come to think of it, does Egil-sama not possess a weapon or the like?”
“Nn, well”

Eleanor who sticks closely beside me as she walks looked at the lightly dressed me and tilted her head.
I can’t say that my attire is an outfit that is specialized in defence, by no means does it have the weight of metal like an armour. If anything, it’s thick wear but the getup isn’t different from the clothes I usually wear.

“It’s because my occupation is Sword DancerSword Lancer”
“Sword Lancer, is it? I have not really heard it before……is it above the Swordsman’s occupation, I wonder?”
“First of all, you know that occupations have three levels, elementary, intermediate, advanced, right?”
“Yes. My Sacred Beast MasterSaint Force is also Summoner’s intermediate class. Then, is Sword Lancer the advanced occupation of Swordsman?”
“No, Sword Lancer is even higher than the Swordman’s advanced occupation. Put simply, it’s an occupation that can only be given to S Rank Adventurers”
“Eh, this is the first time I heard of it”
“Well, it’s because it’s not that well-known. Eleanor also has this, right?”

I took out a gemstone that shines red from my pocket and Eleanor took out a blue gemstone as well.

“The Divine Power Stone that is required to manifest the occupation’s power huh”
“Aa, when this is submerged into《God’s Lake》 when the Adventuer’s Card’s Rank became S, it grants you new powers”
“I see, I wonder what is the reason for that?”
“Who knows, but the priest has said something like, God or whoever has recognized my strength, you know?”
“The existence of ‘Adventurer’ really is mysterious huh”
“You’re also that Adventurer though?”
“Fufu, that is right”

What kind of power is the Divine Power Stone that gives Adventurers their power is still far from being unravelled.
However, I think it’s not necessary to go as far as to know the reason for that if it gives us power.

“Alright, we arrived”

When we arrived at the Quest House, Eleanor and I go inside.
As usual, it’s filled with Adventurers inside. Footsteps on the wooden floor, laughter of the guys, and then the reception woman’s troubled expression.
Aa, as always.
And then, I look for the guy who’s always in charge of me.

“Oi, Habrik”
“Nn? Aa, Sir Egil, it has been a long time!”

Habrik who has pleasant looks was waving his hand with a whirr as soon as he sees me.

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