An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 12

Quests Are

Habrik is a personnel of this Quest House.
Handsome looks, slim figure and a height of about 175. Always receiving the customers with a smile and having a cheerful mood, a popular personnel amongst both men and women.

“Geez, Sir! Why haven’t you come for such a long time?”
“No no, I came five days ago, didn’t I. Besides, I’m worn out from last time’s S Rank quest so I wanted to rest a little”
“Well, I suppose so huh”

An easy-going guy nevertheless.
And when Habrik noticed Eleanor who’s next to me linking arms with me, he opened his eyes largely.

“Si, Sir!? Wh, who is this beautiful lady!?”
“Aa, she is Eleanor andーー”
“Egil-sama’s wife”

Habrik faced Eleanor who’s grinning as she answered and his jaw dropped.

“A wife for Sir!? That lone wolf Sir!? N, no way, serious!?”
“Oi, we aren’t married yet”
“But we will marry very soon, right?”
“No, that may be true but”
“Ha, haa”

Although I’m thankful that she cover up the fact that she’s a slave, if she says it so plainly……
For Habrik who’s known me since a long time ago, I suppose it’s unbelievable that I got married.

“I’ve been acquainted with you since I started working here and to think that Sir is able to get a wife……dear me, I am glad”
“Not my wife yet”

Although there’s only a two years difference between Habrik’s age and mine, even so, my grim appearance makes me seem way older than him.
Hence, ever since I met him four years after I became an Adventurer, in other words, when I’m twenty-one years old, Habrik calls me『Sir』.

“Leaving that aside, I came today because I have a favour to ask of Habrik”
“Favour as in something related to work? But, I wonder if there’s any S Rank quest that nobody has accepted……”
“No, this time around I want to accept numerous quests at once with Eleanor. So can I request for an Area Order?”
“I see, that’s what it was huh. Alright then, what’s Eleanor-san’s Adventurer Rank?”
“It is C Rank”
“I see, I see. Sir, is it alright for the location to be in this Town Of Krishna’s vicinity as far as possible?”
“I have business here in seven days. If possible, in this vicinity or otherwise quests we can go about doing and return in seven days”
“Hmm hmm, I got it. Wait a moment!”

Habrik who whizzed into the room that only personnel can enter.
Eleanor and I sat on the chairs and waited and Eleanor was looking at me with a smile.

“What’s the matter?”
“No, because Egil-sama apparently did not even join a guild, I had thought for certain that Egil-sama does not let the people around get close”
“How rude. Even I, had joined a guild once, you know?”
“Is that so. But you are alone now, right?”
“Well, yeah. After leaving the guild that was grouped up in the beginning, I had nobody to group up with as Adventurers. However, I interact with those around quite a bit, you know? Habrik from just now as well, even Gossendorf who’s together with me at the slave auction, besides, I’m also fairly adored by other Adventurers”

Women didn’t get close to me because they were scared but, I’m adored by men. Just men.

“That is right huh. Then, why did you not go on adventures together with them?”
“That’s because nobody can keep up with Sir”
“Habrik huh, that was pretty quick”

Even though we just saw him leave, he’s quick with his work as expected.

“Well, it’s because this is about the only thing that I can do. Aight, the quests you can get concurrently are, these six”

On the paper that was handed over to me by Habrik, there were quests that all have different ranks written on it.

“Six quests in seven days huh……and in addition to that, there are lots of subjugation ones”
“Well, it’s because the reward for monster subjugation is higher than Transport or Escort. Since the location is close and the ranks are low, I think it’s no problem if it’s Egil-sama”

Quests are broadly divided into three types.
Subjugation, Escort, Transport. ‘Subjugation’, is to subjugate the monsters around the world, an easy to understand quest.
Although there are various reasons, the number one purpose is to『reduce the number of monsters』.
Monsters have numbers that are incomparable to humans and they are multiplying.
If it applies to the small-fries, then it applies to the strong enemies as well.
If we leave those guys as it is for a long time, the monsters will look for places to stay, look for things to eatーーand come all the way to where humans live.
Hence, we have to reduce the number of monsters in order to not let it come to that. Subjugation quests are plentiful to the point where you can accept it all year round.

“It’s just that……”

, Habrik made a difficult expression and pointed to one sheet of quest.

“It’s just that, I know I brought it here myself but, I’ll leave it up to you whether or not to accept this quest”

What Habrik pointed at was a unit admission to 《Goliath Fortress Invasion Battle》quest.

“Rank A’s Joint Quest huh”

‘Joint Quest’, is a quest where you work towards the quest’s completion with other Adventurers.
Its reward is high but the reward being divided evenly among the participants is its characteristic.

And then Habrik was playing with his tawny hair while groaning ‘Uーn’.

“If it’s according to the rank. But this, rather than A Rank, I think it’s close to S Rank”
“Is that so?”
“Eeh. Have Sir gone to Goliath Fortress before?”
“No, pretty sure I haven’t. I’ve not even gone close to it. Have Eleanor?”
“I have entered the Goliath Fortress before for a different quest. If I am not wrong, it is a fortress that various monsters are staying in, right?”
“To be exact, it’s a fortress where 《Goblin Species》,《Gyrofus Species》and《Dragon Species》 inhabits”
“Ah, I remember now. One of the Land of DeathDead Spot that’s all over the world huh”

A place where different species of monsters settle down in is called, ‘Land of DeathDead Spot‘.
For some reason, monsters at these places can cooperate with each other, breeding activities amongst different species are extensive, and it seems there are even new species of monsters whose actual conditions aren’t clearly identified inhabiting it.
In all honesty, there are plenty of Dead Spots all over the world that even I don’t want to step into.

“Join the unit to subjugate all the monsters that live in that Dead Spot, Goliath Fortress, huh……”
“Eeh, even though it’s a difficult quest to even just completely subjugate a Dead Spot, there aren’t any well-known guilds participating in this subjugation unit”
“Only those whose objective is the enormous reward gathered huh”

This kind of Joint Quest, there are occasionally those who pray that the others who accepted the quest are strong and tries to reap the benefits. Hence, I basically don’t accept Joint Quest.
My reason is simple. It’s stupid that I get the same amount of reward as those who kept running even though I myself worked hard. And……there are other reasons as well.

“……Sorry. I’ll pass on this quest”
“Yeahー, I thought so. Is it fine with just the remaining five then?”
“Aa, please”
“I got it. I’ll go get the procedure done thenー”

Habrik who went off like the wind again.

“Sorry. The amount of reward decreased”
“No, I leave everything to Egil-sama. However, is the quest,《Goliath Fortress Invasion Battle》, difficult even for Egil-sama?”

Eleanor is surely thinking that this quest is tough for me, I suppose.
But she’s wrong. What’s scary in this quest isn’t the monster.
I answer while patting Eleanor’s golden hair.

“As far as I hear, the monsters aren’t that strong. However, the most troublesome thing about Joint Quests like this is are the Adventurers who receive the quest together”
“Eh, what do you mean by that?”
“Did you know that the Joint Quest’s reward is divided evenly amongst the participants?”
“I have never received it before but, I have heard about it before”
“There’s the crux of the matter. If for example the reward is 10 million gold and there are 10 participants, how is it divided up?”
“Uh, it is simply 1 million gold per person, right”
“Aa, if it ended normally then that’s right. Howeverーーwhat do you think will happen if the participants died midway through?”

Eleanor paused for a bit and opened her eyes largely, she then lowered her eyes.

“……It is distributed amongst those who survived, huh”
“Aa, that’s right. Even if it initially states that it’s divided evenly amongst the participants, there’s no reward to be given to the dead. Therefore, it’s all divided amongst the number of people who are alive when the completion of the quest is reported. Therefore, depending on the situation, there are those companions who kill each other after the quest is completed and before returning”
“Is it because the reward increases……?”
“That’s right. That’s why I don’t want to receive that kind of quest as far as possible”

Although it’s not that all Adventurers are like that, there are those who would nonchalantly kill the companions who’ve experienced hardships together with them for the sake of money too. And I’ve seen too much of that kind of people.
Therefore, I don’t want to let Eleanor who’s been sold off as a slave by her guildmates who are her childhood friends, to have anything to do with that kind of people.

“Thanks for waitingー! It’s all prepared”
“Ou, thanks. And if Gossendorf drops by, tell him,「I’ll come back in seven days」for me”
“Nn, Gossendorf-san huh. Got it!”

After we come back, it’ll be great if it’s just the right time that I can ask about the whereabouts of Eleanor’s childhood friends that I had requested of Gossendorf…….

“Alright then, I’ll be off”
“Aa, wait a minute”
“Nn, what’s the matter?”
“No no, not Sir, Eleanor-san”

Eleanor who tilts her head and Habrik who gives a cheerful smile.
And then Habrik handed some kind of paper bag to Eleanor.

“Because you’ll be camping from now on, it’ll surely grow cold at night. So here, please use this”
“Ha, haa. Thank you……”

Eleanor looked puzzled but, her eyes turned into dots when she saw what’s inside the paper bag.

“This is……”
“With this, it’ll be rock hard for seven days”
“Habrik-san……you are a kind person huh. This was something I wanted. Thank you very much!”

Eleanor who lowered her head vigorously and Habrik who awkwardly rubbed his nose.

“Well, since there will be seven days, make sure to have fun even while you’re camping”
“Yes, I will do my best!”
“Eleanor, what did you get?”
“It is nothing, now then, let us go”

Eleanor who links her arm with mine and leaves the Quest House.
From behind, Habrik who’s waving his hand while being moved to tears is there but, even though Eleanor is heading off to a quest from now on, her eyes are sparkling and it looks like she’s enjoying it for some reason.

“From today onwards, I will take charge of Egil-sama’s meal and give it my all”
“Eh, aa, thanks. But……”
“Habrik-san is a kind person huh! Please get along well with him from now on too!”
“No, I know but……”

I thought, ‘Why all of a sudden?’ but, I could tell that the cause was the mysterious herb that Eleanor is carrying carefully.

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