An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 13

Devilish Slave

There are five quests altogether.
All the quests can be completed in the vicinity of Ghost Town El Sydai, north of the Town of Krishna.

Subjugate and collect the fang of 5 《Goblins》that inhabits the Forest of Freish.
Rewardーー 30 thousand gold.

Subjugate and collect as many undead stones of the ghouls that inhabit Ghost Town El Sydai as possible.
Rewardーー 1000 gold per subjugation.

Capture 5 《Morpholr》that inhabits Forest of Freish alive.
Rewardーー70 thousand gold.

Subjugate and collect the tongue of 5《Drake》that inhabits Dragon’s Den.
Rewardーー100 thousand gold.

Subjugate and collect the head of 1《Red Dragon》that inhabits the Dragon’s Den.
Rewardーー150 thousand gold.

During the subjugation of monsters, it’s necessary to bring back a part of the body as proof of the subjugation and the reward has to be received by exchanging that.
Therefore, until we return to the Quest House and hand it over, we have to carry around the things that are proofs and because for this time, the dragon’s head and whatnot are heavy so, in the case of us doing an Area Order, the baggage becomes quite heavy.

“This will do for the baggage”

For the ghoul subjugation, because the reward increases with the number of ghouls defeated, I decided to clear up the other quests first and then do a whole lot of it during seven days period.
Although there are also ingredients that can be procured on-site, nevertheless, as one would expect, we have to bring the flavouring, water, and whatnot.
In the case of an Area Order, because there will be a lot of the things that are proofs and baggage, the bag always gets large.

“Alright then, are you prepared?”
“Eeh, shall I carry the bag?”
“No, we’ll go by horse all the way to the area so it’s fine”

I carry the large bag on my back and stand in front of the horse that is our mode of transport.

“Hora, you can sit in front”
“Understood. It is fine for me to face the side, right?”
“Well, since it’s a dress”

I make Eleanor sit in front and I make the horse run.
Even if we hurry now, I guess it’ll probably become night just from the travelling.

“We’ll make the adventurer-use camp area our objective today, it’ll be the end when we arrive there”
“Okay. Are there other Adventurers there?”
“Well, since it’s a free space. But I’ll set up a tent so nobody will get near so don’t worry”

I make the horse run while I’m embracing Eleanor’s slim waist.

There’s a faint sweet scent of shampoo from her golden hair.
This is bad. Eleanor’s naked apron appearance came to my mind.
As I thought, I should’ve assaulted her then huh……. But I can’t let the food she went through the trouble to make for me go to waste.

“What is the matter?”
“No, it’s nothing”

Don’t think about weird things.
As I was thinking that, Eleanor’s hand smoothly reached for my lower body.

“If it is nothing then why is this fiendish thing becoming hard, I wonder?”

Eleanor who touches my penis while grinning.
Guu, idiot me. All because I had strange delusions…….

“This is, um……that’s right, there are times it gets up by itself when a man gets sleepy”
“Heh, I see. But Egil-sama is the one holding the reins so it is dangerous, you know?”
“It’s fine, I’m no longer sleepy”
“Really? I am worried”
“No, I’m fine soーーu!”
“I will stimulate you so that you will not become sleepy”

Eleanor’s hand that was only caressing from above the trousers, suddenly went into the trousers and started to stroke my penis raw.
Moreover, Eleanor’s face is close, occasionally, she breathes her saccharine breath at me.

As I thought, Eleanor is erotic……is a ‘Princess’, supposed to be this erotic?

“No, it hinders the driving if you do that to me……”
“No, is it? Is my kindness a hindrance?”
“Th, that’s not what I……”

She moistens her blue eyes and looks up at me.
I shake up and down whenever the horse gallops so the stimulation given by Eleanor’s left hand is terrible.
I want to kiss her. I want to push her down. I want toーーstick it inside Eleanor!

However, I weigh the two options in my head.

Whether I should preserve my dignity as a man and endure it here.
Whether I should finish with the pleasure given by Eleanor’s hand.

I who finished considering, said in a soft voice.

“……If possible, I don’t want to dirty the inside of the trousers”
“Then, shall we open the zipper and feel good outside?”

My dignity, crumbled because of the erotic slave who sits before my eyes.
And then Eleanor who has a happy and also triumphant expression, gently invited me towards pleasure with her left hand while licking my neck.

“ーーEgil-sama’s smell, is still remaining on my hand. Manly, sticky, and indecent smell”

It was pitch-black when Eleanor and I arrived at the camp area.

Outcome. I finished with Eleanor’s hand.
I was made to let out all the semen on Eleanor’s hand, and now, Eleanor is smelling before my eyes the smell of her hand that had had the semen that she licked off.

You erotic erotic slave, what do you take your master as!

“Hora, quickly pitch the tent and we’ll have our meal”
“You are right. The night is long, it is better to hurry”
“The night is long……?”

Hearing those words, I realized that Eleanor intends to do it.

“Don’t tell me, you won’t say to do it here or something like that, right!?”
“Egil-sama, your voice is loud, you know? There are people around”
“Guu…….you won’t say that, right?”
“Fufu, I am not a lewd woman who will ask for it by herself, you know?”

A slave who’s not a lewd woman who will ask for it by herself, won’t give me a handjob by herself while we’re travelling!

“I’m telling you, I won’t invite you by myself”
“Eeh, but if, when Egil-sama says he wants to do it with me, I plan to hold the voice that leaks out from pleasure in and receive Egil-sama so please do not worry”
“……I definitely won’t say it so you don’t worry instead”

No way I’ll assault her in this situation where there are people around.

was, what I had thought but…….

“What is the matter, Egil-sama?”
“N, nothing”

From outside the tent are voices of other Adventurers drinking alcohol and making a racket. Although it’s noisy, only now do I not feel irritated.

I had planned to quickly sleep after eating Eleanor’s cooking but……my body is hot for some reason.
It’s not just me, I can tell that Eleanor whose face is flushing is the same.

“Nevertheless, the inside of the tent is hot huh……”

Eleanor who’s wearing a dress that has a large opening at her breasts, is pinching her dress with her fingers and ventilating.
Each time the female’s smell that enveloped the place enters my nose, my penis becomes rock solid and I can tell that there is likely transparent fluid coming out from the tip.

“What shall we do about it? Shall we go outside?”
“N, no, it’s fine to not go outside”

The inside of the tent is being illuminated by an orange light.
If I leave here, me having an erection will be exposed.

And then, Eleanor crawled on all fours closer to me.

“Well then, shall we sleep together?”
“No, but……”

I don’t know why but, I want to do it very much when I look at Eleanor.
So even though it’s no good if she gets close to meーーEleanor lies next to me.
Both of us who lie in the not that spacious tent, my penis is erected and it shows no sign of calming down.
Despite so, Eleanor entwines her own legs with mine, and just a little, she stimulates my penis.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t invite me”
“Eh, I did not invite though? Yesterday as well, we slept like this, didn’t we. This is normal, normal……it is just that the both of us, are abnormally horny, that is all. Both of us, just, wants each other. Egil-samaーー”

And then, Eleanor who moved her face so close that she’s about to touch my lips,

“can you, endure it?”

paused and said that.
putsun. Something snapped.
I, couldn’t endure it anymore.

“Aa, Egil, samaa……chu, chupaa…..aa, what is the matter? You were not going to do it, no?”

I pushed Eleanor down and made her open her crotch.
Her crimson red underwear that’s soaked through with love juice, is stirring up my sexual desire even more.

“I’m, already going to put it in. Don’t let your voice out”
“Fufu, I will put in the effort to bear with it but, if I am being intensely penetrated by Egil-sama’s fiendish cock, I cannot promise anything”
“Guu, I can’t take it anymoree!”

Love juice that leaked from her sticky and wet vagina, drips all the way to her anus, and even her pale-black pubic hair is stickily soaked.

And then, when my penis penetrates into Eleanor’s soft insides, Eleanor who held her mouth with both hands gave out soft moans, blissfully.

“Aa, nn aa……Egil-samaa, nnn……bigg”
“Eleanor, Eleanorr”
“aa, AAa, intense, so intensee! Aann”

I could no longer tell whether she is holding her voice back or not.

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