An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 15

The Forest Twins

When I woke up in the morning and went outside, there were more than twice the numbers of tents pitched than when we first arrived at the camp zone.
And then I call out to the watchman.

“Excuse me. I’d like you to take care of this tent and horse over here”
“Yes, understood. It will cost 1000 gold daily, will you make the payment here? Or is it better for me to collect it from the bank?”
“Collect it at the bank. At Krishna’s bank please”

In the camp zone, there’s someone with a convenient occupation.
It’s the watchman that will watch over your tent and horse if you pay the money.
Although a watchman will protect your tent and belongings from thieves if you commision them, they’ll only properly protect it from human thieves, in the case that a monster’s raid occurs, they who are watchmen will escape as fast as they can.
Although it’s not that reassuring, there’s no worry of the belongings and so forth being stolen by other Adventurers if we have someone look after it so I often rely on them watchmen whenever I stay at the camp zone.

“ーーGood morning, Egil-sama. I slightly washed with water”

and over there, Eleanor who changed from yesterday’s black dress to a light blue dress, came back while drying her wet golden hair that’s slightly glossy with a towel.

In the end, yesterday night, we went another round after that.
And then I had a change of heart, or rather…..I, acquired a slightly weird fetish.

“My apologies. I am a slave thus I should address you as Goshujin-sama huh. Sadistic Goshujin-sama?”
“……I was a little strange yesterday. Forget about it”
“My my, telling me to forget about it even though you teased me that much, Goshujin-sama is a cruel person huh?”

Eleanor moved all the way in front of me and, even though there are Adventurers around, she brought her face close to me.

“I had a hard time when I woke up in the morning, you know? My legs trembled and the inside of my mouth tasted of Egil-sama’s semen. Fufu, may I have anticipations for today as well?”
“……Oi, stop fooling around. Hora, we’re going, Eleanor”
“Fufu, the embarrassed Egil-sama is fantastic as well. Then I will go and prepare”

Eleanor went back to the tent in high spirits.
This is bad. Eleanor is steadily changing. It’s not particularly in a bad way, we have a lovey-dovey vibe so it’s fine but……it feels like it’s a little too open.

“Although her tone is princess-like, half of a day she’s a pervert……”

Well, as a guy, I don’t dislike the erotic her though…….

And then Eleanor and I, headed towards the Forest of Freish where we will arrive upon walking about 3〇minutes.

Various species of monsters inhabit the Forest of Freish.
The weakest is, the Goblin which is called an ugly demon and a target this time around, and the strongest is the Greycent, its appearance is that of a human but it’s a large bodied Giant monster.

“Subjugation of goblins is a walk in the park but, bringing back Morpholr alive is well……”

A small butterfly that inhabits the Forest of Freish called Morpholr, the quest to capture 5 of that alive.
It’s a piece of cake to subjugate but, to capture means it’s no good if I kill it so it’s difficult.

“It’s because it’s said in the world that the scale that Morpholr drops when they flap their wings is good for beauty”
“Aa, they scatter their scales eternally until their life ends so I guess someone who needs that commisioned for it”

Quests that Adventurers take on can be commissioned by anyone. The client pays for the reward and because the reward changes according to the rank’s difficulty, those who commision the high-rank quests are all rich people.

“But to capture it huh……I’m poor at it”
“Egil-sama has a large body so capturing the tiny-bodied Morpholr looks to be something you would be poor at huh. Well then, I will do it when it comes to the capturingーーwhat is the matter, Egil-sama?”

I stop walking and look fixedly at the front.
‘Kacha’,’Kacha’, the sounds of the bands that secure the leather armour to the body can be heard from the front.
It’s a sound that a cheap protector makes. In that case,

“It’s probably goblins”

We get off the road and hide behind a tree with height.
And then what appeared were, goblins that wore leather armour on their pale green skin.
Their height is about that of a child and in their hands, they are holding small weapons like clubs and bows.
I suppose even Eleanor will be fine if it’s goblins.

“Three huh, what will you do, Eleanor? Are you going to try and show me your capabilities?”
“I think it will be a walk in the park if it is goblins but, I am just a little uneasy. It has been a long time since I fought with monsters. Besides, I am slightly nervous”

Indeed, her hand is faintly trembling.
So I grab her trembling hand.

“It’ll be fine, I won’t let you be hurt. I’ll be here so don’t worry and regain your senses. It’s also for the sake of hereafter”
“If Egil-sama says so, it feels stupid to be nervous huh. Well thenーー”

Eleanor stands up and reveals herself from the trees.
And when the three goblins realize, they run over simultaneously.

Bit by bit, the leather armour shakes and, holding the weapons they prefer, their movements are quick. However, Eleanor who’s a Saint Force began her aria without faltering.

“Oh baby dragon of water, albeit with a different appearance, let that tyrannical dragon’s spirit answer to my call and summon into this worldーー”

When a light blue hexagram appears below Eleanor’s feet, she carries on to bring her right hand out front.

“DesignationーーAqua Dragon!”

And then what arose were three baby dragons formed by water.

“GiJa? GiJaJaGii!”

The goblins looked at the baby dragons that are smaller than themselves and laughed scornfully.
However, even if its appearance is a baby dragon, its power is more frenzied than its appearance, it’s a Sacred Beast that kills the enemy with a cruel method.

Goblin A and B that held clubs begin running to Eleanor, Goblin C that steady its aim with a small bow like that a child uses is on standby from afar.

“Eliminate the enemies, Aqua Dragon-chan”

The Aqua Dragons that responded to Eleanor’s voice, way faster than A and B swing their clubs down, way faster than C shoots the arrow, swallowed the body of the three of them.
The goblins that were swallowed whole were assimilated with the clear water appearance Aqua Dragons and although they’re struggling, they couldn’t get out from inside the body and after a couple of seconds, they suddenly stopped moving.

“No matter how many times I see it, the way the Aqua Dragon kills is cruel”
“Ara, is that so? Apprehending and suffocating them with the body made out of water. I think it is a clever way of killing though?”
“Well, it’s clever but nevertheless”

Eleanor giggles but, her shaky legs are unsteady.
I support Eleanor’s body.

“It’s been a long time so it’s difficult to adjust the magic power’s consumption amount?”
“Ye, yes……it is pathetic to get lightheaded just from summoning the Sacred Beast once huh”
“It’ll be a piece of cake once you regain your senses. Take it easy, alright?”
“Yes. Thank you”

Saint Forces consume magic power when they summon Sacred Beasts and I’ve heard from a Saint Force fellow before that the adjustment for that is difficult.
If it’s too little, the Sacred Beast will be unable to maintain its form and disappear, if it’s too much, the magic power that summoner has will be insufficient, it’ll feel like they are having blood drawn from them.
This is not something that I can help her withーーshe can only regain her previous experiences and grow from now on.

ーーIt was during that time.

“ーーRuna, it ran over there!”
“ーーUn, I got it”

Voices of two females can be heard from afar.

“Other Adventurers?”
“Yeah……I guess they are chasing after a monster……that is”

Rather than chasing, they were battling while running.
The monster is the Greycent that is said to be strongest in this Forest of Freish.
Greycent, while going “Ofuu Ofuu” in a low voice, swings its large hand at the two people who are running slightly behind it.
And then the two young girls who are fighting noticed us.

“Geh, other Adventurers. You guys, this fellow is our prey so don’t make a move on it!”
“It is a prey that we found. So snatching it is, nay!”

It seems they’re thinking whether or not their prey will be taken but, I have no interest in the Greycent that has nothing to do with the quests.

“We have no interest in that fellow. But if it carries on like this and doesn’t stop, it’s going to crash into us. Eleanor expended her magic power and can’t moveーーso if it endangers her, I’ll make a move”
“Shitt. Oi, stop you Giant scumーーーーAngel・Nova!”

It’s one of the Holy Magic that summons a sphere of light, crashes it into the target and explodes it.
I guess these two are probably twins.

I suppose the occupation of the one with a cream colour ponytail is a Priest.
But the Priest is an occupation skilled at healing their comrades’ wounds from the rearguard, by no means is it suitable for battle.
Why, is she nevertheless taking the initiative and attacking using offensive magic?

And then the light’s Holy Magic passed through the side of Greycent’s face and missed.

“I’ll do it! StrikeーーSky Rain!”

It’s an area of effect skill whereby adding a tiny amount of magic power into a single arrow and releasing it into the sky, it turns into countless arrows when it returns to the ground.
She who leaves a heavy impression with her cream colour bangs that covered all the way to her eyes and the back of her hair that extended all the way to her shoulder, her occupation is Magic Archer huh.
However, to use an area of effect skill on a single monster, what’s that about?

And then, of course, the low potency skill does no damage.

“It seems they’re a pair of incapable twin Adventurers huh. Eleanor, can you stand by yourself?”
“Yes, I am fine”

When Eleanor moves away from me, I take a step forward

“1〇〇……no, about 2○○ huh”
“Oi, I said this fellow is our preyーー”
“ーーIf it’s your prey then don’t let it escape, I’m just stopping its movements for the sake of protecting Eleanor”

My occupation, Sword Dancer, has neither the need to get close nor the need for an aria in order to use magic.
I just decide on the locationーーand let out the swords that I’ve prepared in another location beforehand.

“Stop its movementsーーEndless Sword”

I materialize swords one after another from the bottom of the Giant, Greycent’s feet that’s running over stompingly.


Swords appear and stab it from the ground, and from empty spaces. When I increase the number of it, the Greycent stops both its legs while letting out an agonizing roar.

“I stopped its movements so do as you like. Eleanor, can you move already?”
“Ye, yes”

My occupation that’s called Sword Dancer, is able to store backup swords in a different dimension, freely bring it out, and control it.
Bring it out. Return it. That’s the power of the Sword Dancer.

I walk as I support Eleanor who slightly recovered and,

“This is Egil-sama’s power huh”
“Aa, it’s the first time I showed it”
“I was surprised. There is such a powerful occupation huh……I have fallen in love with you even more”
“How simplisticーー”
“O, oi, you!”

I’m about to leave this place with Eleanor and, in all likelihood, the twins ignored the Greycent and came behind us.

“It wasn’t us who stopped this fellow’s movements! So, you finish it off!”

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