An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 16

The Twins Who Want Strength

“No, since it’s not our quests’ target. To begin with, it’s a monster that you guys were chasing, right? If that’s the case, isn’t it fine if you guys just finish it off”
“Guu……we, we also, didn’t accept any quest to subjugate this fellow! We just wanted to, defeat this fellow”
“Er, in that case, defeat it then?”
“That is”

Both of them who are somehow afraid.
It’s always like this. Because my face is scary, is not affable, the eyes of the women who look at me are always afraid.
In this situation, it’s better for me to quickly make off.

“Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with us. Whether to defeat it or to leave it be, you guys can do as you like”

As I say that and is about to turn my back towards them, Eleanor grabs my arm going ‘Please wait a minute’, and asks the two of them with a gentle Virgin Mary-like expression.

“Why, do the two of you dislike finishing that monster off so much? Even if it is unrelated to the quest, you can receive some gold from the Quest House and even receive the points that are necessary to raise one’s Adventurer Rank if you subjugate a monster, you know?”

It’s exactly as Eleanor’s said, it’s better to just subjugate the monster even if it’s unrelated to the quest that you’ve accepted. Nonetheless, since you have to bring back a part of the body to serve as proof, it’s something only relevant if you have enough room in your baggage.
Besides, if they’re wanting to raise their Adventurer Rank, they should welcome having an unmoving opponent handed over to them.

However, both of them answer with a slightly troubled expression.

“We, wanted to have a fair and square match against this fellow and win”
“Fair and square match, is it?”
“That’s right. So even if we defeat this fellow that can’t move, we can’t think that we became strong”
“Hence, we will not defeat it”
“In short, the two of you want to ascertain your own strength and are subjugating the monster without any relations to quest or reward, right?”

Both of them nod vigorously.
Nothing to do with quests, they’re trying to subjugate a monster because they want to know their own strength, what an extremely rare pair.

“Oi, both your Adventurer Ranks are?”
“What, you can’t say it?”

They won’t answer for some reason.
Thereupon, Eleanor looks at me while giving a bitter smile.

“Egil-sama, with such an oppressive attitude, they are too frightened to answer, you know?”
“That’s not my intention though……”
“Although this person’s face is slightly scary, he is a kind person by nature so please do not worry”

How cruel.
And then the ponytail girl answered after squinting her eyes and pondering.

“Our Adventurer Ranks are E”

The lowest rank huh.

“I don’t mean to say that ranks are everything but, even so, a rank displays that Adventurer’s capabilities to a certain extent. So it’s reckless to challenge a Greycent at Rank E”
“That is, well……even we, understand that it is a reckless challenge. However, we thought that we will be able to prove that we have capabilities if we subjugate the strongest monster here”
“Hence, we want to defeat it”

It’s exactly as the two of them have said, they’ll be able to prove that they have the capabilities befitting of a B Rank if they subjugate the Greycent.
However, even if they proved that to the Quest House, it’s not like they will suddenly jump to B Rank.

In that case, who do they want to prove their capabilities to?

However, I suppose that’s not something for me to ask.
Besides, I can’t imagine these two letting their guards down towards someone they met for the first time and talking about it.

“Although our occupations are different, if you don’t mind, shall I teach you?”

However, if we part with these two like this, they’ll challenge an enemy out of their league againーーand probably die, I suppose.
So I told that to the two of them and they’re so surprised their eyes popping out but, the ponytail girl immediately shakes her head whirringly.

“It, it’s finee! We’re fine!”
“Although I’ve only seen a bit of the way you fight, both of you, you weren’t taught how to fight by anyone, right?”
“Uu, that is right but……”

The way to fight is taught to a slight extent when one acquires their occupation but, that’s really just a slight extentーーsimply put, it’s just how to use the occupation’s powers.
If the monster moves like this then I do this and whatnot, the fundamentals of battle aren’t taught to you.

“Learning how to fight by experiencing it yourselves is viable as well but, things like the bare minimum knowledge and the way to fight, it’s better to be taught by a veteran”
“You are right but. Wh, what do we do, Sana”

Both of them turn their backs towards Eleanor and I and started their strategy meeting whisperingly.

“Listen up, Runa. That person is totally suspicious. Do you think that someone who says that they’ll teach someone they met for the first time how to fight, exists in this world?”
“Indeed, they do not”
“Yeah. Therefore, his objective is surely money. He plans to teach us some half-baked stuff and rip us off”
“I see, that’s why he suddenly became so kind huh. But we don’t have the money to get ripped off though?”
“If you don’t have the money then pay with your body. It’s been the norm since the past”
“I see. That’s very scary!”
“In the first place, even though he stopped the Greycent’s movement with a single attack, we don’t even know whether if that person’s a strong Adventurer. So there’s no way we can trust him. Aight?”
“Un, I got it”

And then the two of them smiled when they turned around.

“We have something up so. Bye”
“Excuse me”
“No, I won’t ask for money”
“Besides, my Adventurer Rank is S so I’m very much stronger than the both of you”

I’m yelled at for some reason.
These two, they’re the untrusting type……especially the ponytail girl.

“Then, then show us your Adventurer Card”
“Aa, here”

When I handed it over to the two of them to let them validate it, their eyes opened widely, their jaws dropped and they froze.
And then they make a short comment when they return it to me.

“What, a forged card huh”
“Oi, you. Have a little trust in me”
“Like I can trust you! No way someone who will help someone without any benefits exists in this world, right!”
“What an awful way of putting it. Eleanor, won’t you say something to them as well? It’s dangerous to let them go like this”
“I see, you are right”

Eleanor gets close to the two of them and says.

“Egil-sama, he has plenty of money even without asking for money from the two of you so please do not worry”
“Uu, is that so?”
“If so, un”
“Oi, I don’t particularly have that much, alright?”

Although the conversation is progressing as they please, one way or another, it seems the two of them understood,


, both of them who obediently lower their head after Eleanor talked to them despite the fact that they were looking at me as nothing but a suspicious fellow until just now.
They suddenly became sharp huh. Well, whatever.

“I got it. For the time being, can I ask for both your names?”
“Aa, we didn’t give our names yet huh. I’m Sana”
“I am Runa”
“Sana and Runa huh. You’re surprisingly young adventurers, when did you start?”
“It still has only been about half a year. Aa, we’re twins, sixteen years old”

As I thought, they’re twins huh.
Both of their hairs and eyes are cream-colour. Sana ties her hair at the back and it’s hanging like a horse’s tail.
Runa has long bangs that’s grown to cover her big round eyes, her hair at the back is grown all the way to her shoulders.

“For your occupations, Sana is a Priest, Runa is a Magic Archer, is it?”
“That’s right. It’s apparent, right”

Sana wears a sister-like sleeveless white material clothing that extended all the way to her ankles along with a completely transparent see-through veil.
Although her appearance is mature and neatly-dressed, I can tell that she’s got a cheerful personality when she talks and laughs.

“I wonder if mine is apparent as well?”

On the contrary, I think Runa’s personality and clothes match.
Garments that are dark hue in its entirety, clothing material that fits tightly onto her skin so that it’s easy to move. It’s like Runa’s figure will become invisible if the surrounding gets dark.

And like twins, other than their hairstyles, they are spitting images of each other.
About 15〇 in height. Round faces with cream-colour eyes. Their developing breasts, not nonexistent sizes but sizes befitting of their age.
And above all else, it’s apparent that this pair of twins gets along very well.

“For the time being, I’ll teach you while we’re fighting with monsters so come along with our quests, alright?”
“By quests, you mean subjugations?”
“Yeah. I can’t give you the rewards though, are you alright with that?”
“Of course, the rewards are fine. It’s alright if we can become stronger”
“Alright, then shall we go”

Sana and Runa ran in front.
The Greycent……well, I guess we’ll leave it be. I suppose somebody will subjugate it, bringing it to the Quest House is, heavy and tough.

And then I move my eyes to the front.
The cheerful vibe Sana drags the slightly mature vibe Runa.
I receive such an impression but, Eleanor’s looking at the two of them slightly differently.

“Somehow, the two of them, it looks like they are carrying some worries”
“Is that so? I don’t feel that though”
“How should I put it, I felt it from their expressions and behaviours. Besides, it makes me think ‘I wonder why they want to become strong that badly?’”
“Indeed, it feels like they’re pushing themselves too hard. One normally starts by challenging the weaker monsters and gradually become strong, it’s mysterious to suddenly go for this forest’s strongest fellow. Besides……I think they want to prove their strength to someone”
“Eeh. Furthermore, I get the feeling that they are feeling sad and are forcing themselves to be cheerfulーーespecially Sansan”
“Is that so?”
“I am not absolutely sure but, it feels similar to me in the past so I thought that that somehow might be the case”
“In the past you mean, the time when you were betrayed by the guildmates who were your childhood friends?”

Eleanor who walked beside me slowly nodded.

“After that, I also forced myself to behave cheerfully. Besides, my friends who were sold by the slave trader as well, all of them forced themselves to behave cheerfully. I feel extremely uncomfortable when it gets gloomy. So that is somehow what I thought because it is the same vibe”
“Is that so. But even if there’s something with the two of them, I think there’s no need to ask about it”
“Yeah, I guess. If there is anything, it is the problem of the two of them”

It’s natural to not tell us, whom they’ve met for the first time. I guess they won’t answer even if we ask, ‘is there a reason to why you want strength?’, ‘who do you want to show your strength to?’.
Therefore, without asking anything, I will just impart them the knowledge for them to be able to protect themselves.

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