An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 19

Guidance And Disappearance

“Will I, be able to become strong from now on?”

I was asked by Sana who’s lying down.
She with her green eyes who stares fixedly at me, unlike her usual cheerful and energetic expression, is as though declaring, ‘tell me the truth seriously’.

“I suppose if you continue working hard like you are now, your abilities will improve. ……But if you continue with Runa alone as Adventurers, I suppose you’ll surely reach your limit one day……”
“Is that so……”
“I’ll ask again, don’t either of you have any intention to change your occupation?”

Thereupon, Sana immediately answered.

“Nope. That’s not something Runa and I can decide by ourselves. Until the time comes, Runa and I won’t change. We can’t change”
“What’s that ‘time’, won’t you tell me about it?”

Sana hanged her head and softly apologised, ‘Sorry’.

“Is that so. Well, I won’t ask then”
“……You won’t get angry?”
“Why would I get angry?”
“Even though you’re treating us so well, we’re keeping secrets from you”
“Well, I’m curious about what you and Runa are keeping a secret but, I don’t intend to forcibly ask about it. Even I have secrets of my own, even Eleanor has secrets of her own. I suppose no matter who it is, everybody has some things they want to keep a secret. It’s fine for you to tell me about it when you want to talk about it”

It’ll amount to nothing even if I forcibly ask about it.
We’ve only known each other for a couple of days, I don’t believe she trusts me from the bottom of her heart.
So it’s fine for her to tell me about it when she’s able to trust me from the bottom of her heart, even if that’s some burden that’s tormenting them…….

“If anything happens to the two of you and it comes the time when you can’t do anything about it by yourselves, discuss it with us”

I conveyed to her in a roundabout way, ‘Rely on us before it turns into a worst-case scenario’ and, Sana looked up into the sky and laughed.

“Ahahahaa! What’s that, it’s as though, you’re saying that Runa and I are being troubled by something!”
“……Haha. Now, who knows”

Sana said in a low and unfeeling voice.
However, her expression immediately changed into her usual cheerful expression.

“Hey, is Egil-san, going out with Eleanor-san?”
“That came out of the blue. Well, yeah”
“Even though Eleanor-san is a slave?”

Because Eleanor didn’t hide the Slave Tool that she’s wearing on her neck at all, the fact that Eleanor is a slave is even spread throughout this camp zone.
She’s hit on by some and told by some Adventurers to let them have sex with her but, I resolved it by either ignoring those guys or punching them.
That’s why both Eleanor and I knew the fact that Sana and Runa didn’t say anything even though they have realised it.

“It doesn’t matter if she’s a slave. She wishes to be my slave, that’s all there is to it”
“What’s that, isn’t that a pervert”
“Aah, I think so too. However, it’s the sensation like that of an ordinary pair of lovers to us”
“Huーmph, that’s why last night, you guys were doing lewd things by the lake huh”

……Eh, what did she just say?

“……Wha, what are you talking about?”
“Nn, that’s why, both of you were doing lewd things by the lake last night, right?”
“……Were you watching?”
“Well. It’s too stimulating for Runa so I didn’t show her but, I watched every little bit of it”
“Don’t worry, there’s nobody besides me. Still……that sort of SM play, I’m not really into it”

Sana who places her hand on her mouth and laughs softly.
She’s even saw something that embarassing huh.
And then Sana went, ‘However’, and continued talking.

“Eleanor-san is the slave and Egil-san is the master, right?”
“Well, yeah”
“In that case, why is she taking the lead to that extent?”
“Hah? What are you saying, I was taking the lead, wasn’t I”

Sana sighed, ‘Haaー’, very deeply.

“I’ve watched from the start till the end and you know……”

You were watching the entire time!?

“You know that Eleanor-san is so masochistic there’s a ‘super-‘ in front of it, right?”
“We, well, I guess. But what about that?”
“From the start till the end, you were incited by Eleanor to do what you want, right?”
“No, that’s……”

I stop my words there.
Indeed, Eleanor had often said things like, ‘Please do this’, before I’m about do something.

“Moreover, although I think Egil-san can become an amazing sadist, it’s somewhat lacking. It’s, how do I put it……there’s no sensation of a burning desire”
“I, I’m burning with desire!”
“Geeー, don’t raise your voice! I’m still not fully recovered yet”
“Aa, my bad……”
“Geez, just like that, you immediately apologise. It’s because although Egil-san has a manly and slightly scary face, you’re kind in essence……isn’t it because your gentle side comes out even during that kind of play? For exampleーー’I want to do it more intensely but I wonder if it’ll hurt?’ or, ‘I want to do it more forcefully but I wonder if she’ll hate me for it?’, didn’t you think of these?”
“Bullseye, right?”

I can’t say anything.
Because that’s the truth.
Thereupon, Sana sits up and claps her hand.

“That’s right! Since I had Egil-san teach me how to fight against monsters, shall I teach Egil-san something nice?”
“Something nice?”
“Base on what I saw yesterday, I think it’s likely that Eleanor-san has also only tried some beginner level SM play. Like doing it forcefully, doing it forcibly. Hence, let’s have Egil-san try out the intermediate level stuff”
“Intermediate level?”

What’s Sana saying?
Rather, why does she know such things.

“Does, Sana have those kinds of experience?”
“Nn, none. However, well, plenty of lewd stuff is written in the manga I like so I learned about it there”

If I remember correctly, a manga is a form of entertainment that expresses a story with words and arts.
I’ve never seen the thing called a manga though……I wonder if a manga has that kind of erotic things written in it as well.

“Do you know about ‘bondage play’ and ‘blindfold play’?”
“Nope, no way I’d know something like that, right”
“Eehー, how old is Egil-san?”
“25 and you don’t know……”

She sighed a mocking, ‘Haaー’, at me.
No, there are things even a 25 years old doesn’t know as well, alright!?

“Eleanor-san has it tough as well huh. Yeahh, I want to have Egil-san read 『Lione-sensei』’s 『Goshujin-sama Is A Peerless Wolf』manga”
“What’s with that ‘Lione-sensei’”
“Lione-sensei is a famous author. One who has published various works”

Sana who looked astonished sat up.

“Does Egil-san well, know what kind of a person, a masochist is?”
“A person who delights from being bullied, something like that?”
“Although that’s also true, in short, it’s a person who has the mentality that gets pleasure and enjoyment when they get abusive things done to them. Hence, although what Egil-san just said, ‘delights from being bullied’, hits the mark, there are also various kinds of masochists”

Sansensei said, ‘Now, I’ll ask about Eleanor-san so tell me if I hit the mark’, brought her fingers out front and started her questions as she bent them.

“Is she always the devoted type”
“Devoted type huh……probably so”
“Hoo hoo. Then, does it feel like she wants you to do it intensely, wants love-filled teasing, in the middle of sex?”
“……Fuu, two for two huh. Heh, alright then, does it feel like she gets pleasure from a manly approach, or a cool approach?”
“……She likes being ordered”
“……Does she like, being reproached?”
“ーーIsn’t that all for all!”

Sana’s voice that carried with astonishment echoed inside the tent.
And then she says while taking several lengthy sighs.

“A complete masochist huh. Of course, she’ll come to like her status as a slave huh”
“Well, that might be so”
“Then I think Eleanor-san surely wants to move on to the next stage, you know?”
“The next stage is……the thing you were saying just now?”
“Un. If both her mind and body are tied up, I’m sure Eleanor-san will be delighted”

Although it’s a little dubious, it seems Sana is more knowledgeable than me so I’m sure she’s right.

“Well, I think for the start, it’s good to touch her body while you tie her hands and legs up and blindfold her?”
“It sure is a vague explanation”
“I’m not a masochist like Eleanor-san so I don’t know that much. Besides, masochism is different for everybody, Egil-san will do the rest while observing Eleanor-san’s reaction”
“Well, I guess you’re right huh……I got it”
“Un un. I wonder if I was able to give my thanks for having had you teach us how to fight, with this……”

Saying that, Sana stood up.

“I guess I’ll go and take a wash as well. It’s boring even if I’m alone with Egil-san”
“Oi, what do you mean by that”
“Fufuu, I’m kidding, I’m kiddingーーhey, Egil-san”

Sana who carried a change of clothes walked till the tent’s entrance and turned towards me.

“……If, I’m carrying some kind of burden, and I reached the end of the ropeーーat that time, will you save us?”
“……What’s with that all of a sudden?”
“No no, it’s just a hypothetical question, alright? Answer without thinking too seriously about it”

Although she’s laughing and fooling around, I can tell that her eyes are serious.
Therefore, I also looked into her eyes and answered seriously.

“If it comes the time when Sana can’t do anything about it, no matter what it is, I’ll help you”

I answered and, Sana who laughed, ‘Haha’, placed her hands on the entrance’s cloth.

“I’ll pray that that doesn’t happen. See ya”
“Aa, go ahead”

As I send Sana who made a sorrowful smile off, I waited in the tent by myself.

And then the next morningーーSana and Runa, were no longer in the camp.

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