An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 2

Eleanor’s True Identity Is

“Is it really fine for you to return it to me?”

I hand over seventy per cent of the amount of money that I knocked down Eleanor for and part with the slave trader and, Eleanor returned the share that she arranged with the slave trader to me.

The amount of money is about four million. Depositing the thirty per cent which is a large amount of money to the bank, Eleanor and I headed home.

“I am Anatsama1‘s slave, you know? Thus this gold as well, is Anatsama’s possession”

“No, then……why did you make an agreement with the slave trader to split the money?”

Eleanor has made with the slave trader,『I will receive thirty per cent of the amount of money that I was knocked down. If I do not receive it, I will kill myself the instant I am knocked down』, a mysterious agreement.

So the slave trader could do nothing but obey to that mysterious agreement.

But if she returns the four million gold, I have a feeling like the agreement is pointless to begin with though…….


But Eleanor opens her pink fluffy lips and laughed.

“Ee, if it was a master that I am not fond ofーーI planned to escape and live it up with my own share”

Aa, is that so.

“However……Anatsama looks strong and is also my type so I am glad”

“Type……? I am……?”

“Ee, that is right”

Something like that, I have never been told since I was born.

It’s not something that I myself should say but, I give people a scary impression.

My upturned eyes intimidate the other party and I have a nose that extends straight out along with a large mouth. My 18○ stature is oppressive and I have a trained body that exaggerates that height.

I say while I touch my black hair that grew messily.

“Well, even if it’s flattery, I’m glad to hear that”

“No, it is not flattery”

“Is, is that so……I’m glad I live up to your expectations”

“Hence, I have a request to Anatsama”

“A request to me? What is it?”

Eleanor who was walking beside me stops and, stares fixedly at me.

“I want you to find the childhood friend who sold me off to the slave trader andーーkill that person”

“Kill, your childhood friend?”

“For now, take a seat”

“Thank you. It is spacious huh”

As soon as she enters the rented house of I who has come to the Town of Krishna for the sake of accepting quests, Eleanor was surprised and looked around.

It’s indeed spaciousーーrather, it’s unnecessarily spacious.

Although it’s true that I’m an S Rank Adventurer, I’m all by myself so it’s fine even if they don’t prepare a room that’s this spacious. Well, I guess they think I’m rich and planned to make me stay in an expensive room huh.

“Is Eleanor fine with coffee?”

“Aa, something like that let me who is a slaveーー”

“It’s fine. Besides, I like to make coffee”

It’s because I had been by myself the whole time…….

I remain as I am without being able to make such a sarcastic remark and, I hear a bright voice from Eleanor who sits on the sofa.

“Anatsama is kind huh. Come to think of it, by what name should I address with?”

“Name huh……that’s right”





Uーn, this is troubling.

I suppose it’ll be my name from now on, for a long time. In that case, I have to choose carefully……

“Erm……is something the matter?”

As I thought, it’s got to be Goshujin-sama or Dannsama if it’s a slave huh.

But it also feels regrettable if I reject being called by my name. Moreover, I’m also excited by the ‘Anatsama’ that I’m being called since just now…….

“Is something the matter?”


Before I know it, Eleanor was standing right behind me.

She has a slightly pleasant smell and I can tell that my heart is racing.

Did I, as I thought, fell in love with her appearance at first sight?

“Sor, sorry. I was thinking about what I should have you call me”

When I answer like that, Eleanor puts her hand on her mouth and laughed.

“Fufu, what a peculiar person huh. Anything is fine”

“‘Anything is fine’ is kinda……the way one is called is important”

“As I thought, you are peculiar. Such a strong-looking body with a slightly frightening face and yet……you are very gentle”

As I thought, I appear frightening at first sight huh.

I think that thoroughly trained muscles are an aspect to be proud of as an adventurer but, my face is unlike that of a handsome hunk, it’s the slightly frightening typeーーI’m frequently said to be grim and my age also often gets mistaken to be in the 30s.

“As I thought, I’m frightening?”

“……If I am to be honest, your looks might be slightly frightening”

I was told plainly.

However, she gets close to me and places my hand on her breasts.

“However, a slave will not say bad things in regard to their owner. Hence if it is a normal situation, I suppose it is a given for me who is a slave to lie that Anatsama’s looks is『not scary』. But I thought that it is fine even if I do not lie to Anatsama. I thought that you are a person who possesses a high calibre and, kindness that will forgive my true feelings. That is why……more than the looks, I think that Anatsama possesses a kind heart.”

‘Fufu’, she laughs, ‘Although it has been practically no time since we meet, it is myーーwoman’s intuition’, she adds on, ‘A gentle character that is unimaginable from the frightening looks, on the contrary, might create a pleasant contrast’ she says and wrapped it up.

I’m glad to hear something like that. It’s just that……this posture is terrible for a virgin.

Eleanor who’s at a distance where I can cling closely to her if I pull her towards me and hug her. Her breasts and such as well, if I think of contacting it, I can contact it, if I think of stealing her lips, I can steal it.

ーーSince she’s a slave, it’s fine, right?

A malicious thought like that came to mind.

“My name is Egil. So call me whatever Eleanor likes”

I turn my back on Eleanor and prepare the coffee.

She said that I’m an owner of a kind heart. So I think it’s wrong to do her forcibly.

Besides, because I’m a virgin, I have the desire of wanting to do it gently at first.

“……Understood. Then I shall call you Egil-sama”

Egil-sama huh. Un, not bad.

I get ready two persons’ portion of coffee and sit on the sofa.

“Well then, is it fine if I ask about the topic just now about taking revenge on your childhood friend”

“Yes. However, first of all, I could not say it in front of the slave trader but, I shall tell you my real name. My real name is, Eleanor・Cafon・Lunde・Cornelia”

“Cornelia……Cornelia is”

“Yes. I was Cornelia Kingdom’s Third Princess”

I have gone to Cornelia Kingdom multiple times.

It’s a kingdom that retains a considerably vast territory, the variety of quests provided to adventurers are also plentiful.

“But why’s the Cornelia Kingdom’s Third Princess-sama being sold as a slave……why is?”

“Please stop with honorific speech2. I am Egil-sama’s slave. About that, if I were to put it simply, I was set up by the childhood friend who I did activities together at the Adventurer’s Guild with and my blood-related Onee-sama3”

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