An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 20


‘Both of their hairs and eyes are cream-colour’ to ‘Their hair is cream-colour and their eyes are green.’

‘About 15〇 in height. Round faces with cream-colour eyes‘ to ‘About 15〇 in height. Round faces with green eyes.’

To The Slave Auction 1

In the four days ever since Sana and Runa vanished, Eleanor and I have doing been the Ghoul Subjugation’s quest day in, day out.
Although the both of us were preoccupying ourselves with the quest with complicated feelings, we silently poured our all in the quest so we subjugated 500 of them and it appears that Eleanor’s touch has also returned.
And when we finished all our quests, we acquired a reward of 850 thousand gold and returned to our house.

“Is it fine like this, Egil-sama?”

First thing in the morning, Eleanor who hands a cup of coffee to me who sat on the sofa, carries on as it is to sit closely next to me.
I understood immediately what Eleanor is asking is fine.

“It’s something the two of them decided on so, isn’t it fine?”
“However, without even saying a word, it feels a little bit lonely huh”
“Without even saying a word huh……”

ーーI’ll pray that that doesn’t happen. See ya.

At that time, Sana might have said her farewell to me.
I didn’t understand it until now but, I’m sure that at that time, Sana has already made up her mind.

“I suppose we’ll be able to meet again someday, surely……”

is all I can say. No, it may be bad if we’re able to meet.
If we have the chance to meet the two of them hereafter, that time may be the time when they are at the end of their ropes……I wasn’t able to get her to tell me the reason, of their troubles.

For now, let’s stop thinking about the two of them.

“Leaving that aside, there’s something we have to do from now on, right?”
“……You are right. It is to successfully bid on my friend, Serina”

Eleanor’s friend, Serina, will be staked on the slave auction, at midday today.

“About 5 million gold in total……if we can’t successfully bid on herーーit’s slightly crude but, there’s no choice but to snatch her by force huh”
“Eh, that is no good! If you do such a thing, you will be exiled from this town and forbidden to enter any town that has slave auctions, you know!?”
“Well, I guess that’s definitely how it’ll end up if I did such a thing huh”

What’s decided at a slave auction is absolute.
In the first place, it’s not an overstatement to say that towns that adopt slave auctions establishments are being maintained by the trading of slaves.
After all, slave traders have to pay the town 30% of the sum the slaves were successfully bid for.
During the time I successfully bid on Eleanor as well, the enormous sum of 13 million gold that I paid was divided into three parts.
Firstly, 4 million gold was handed over to Eleanor, 4 million gold was then likely taken by the town, in the end, the amount the slave trader was able to receive was 5 million gold.
At first glance, it looks like a large sum of money but, slave traders are resented and are often killed. Therefore, they even face danger, in all honesty, I can’t really say it’s a job that pays well.

And then, it’s an offence to kill each other over slaves in towns with slave auctions, they’ll be forbidden to step into all towns that have slave auctions.

That’s the rule.

“However, I can’t be abandoning Eleanor’s friend. I said it, didn’t I, that I’ll do anything if it’s for the sake of woman I love”
“Egil-sama……you are too soft on me”
“It’s a request from the Eleanor I love so it can’t be helped, right?”

When I say that, Eleanor smiles delightedly.

“Thank you……in that case, I will request of Egil-sama for one more thing”

And then, she requested of me for one more thing.

“If you are able to successfully bid on herーーcan I have you love both Serina and me, as slaves?”
“Do you mean, as a woman?”
“Yes, that is right. Of course, Egil-sama’s preference also plays a part so I will not ask for the impossible. However, she is also the same as me, she has nowhere to return to. Thus, I want to make her Egil-sama’s woman”
“……No, but, there’s also the other party’s feelings, right?”

What will the other party sayーーor rather, such a thing isn’t something that Eleanor and I should decide as we please.
If that ‘Serina’ says it’s impossible for her to be with me, then nothing will go on from thereーーI have no confidence that I’ll be able to make her fall for me just because I saved her when I’m a virgin until just recently.

I thought but, Eleanor smiled sweetly.

“Although I have not known Serina for all that long, I know her veーry well. I am certain, that she will fall for Egil-sama, you know?”
“Where are you getting all that confidence from?”
“It is because we are both women with peculiar likings”

Does that mean……she’s a masochist?

“Is Eleanor, fine with me being in that kind of relationship with the girl called Serina……?”
“Eeh, it is because Serina is a very lovely girl”
“Does Eleanor not dislike it?”

When I say that, Eleanor tilts her head and smiles sweetly.

“Well, I think I will get jealous, you know? You are the one I love so, of course. However, I have no intention of monopolizing Egil-sama. I will not blame you or whatnot for having sex with somebody elseーーafter all, I am a slave”

My lips were blocked up.
By Eleanor’s plump lips.

“For Egil-sama to have sex with someone and for that someone to be blissful, it means that other women have also realised Egil-sama’s charm. To be able to have plenty of people know my husband’s charm, I cannot be happier”
“Eleanor is, how do I say this……peculiar”
“Fufu, I wonder if this is what it originally means to be a slave?”

Eleanor got on top of my knees and kissed me multiple times.
I bring my hands around her slender waist and fondle around her body.

“Well, it’s all after we successfully bid on her”
“Yes. The continuation of this as well”

We headed towards the slave auction.

“Fuheh, this is the slave auction huh”
“I’m surprised it’s Habrik’s first time”

I wanna go to the slave auction!

We ran into the Habrik on the way here and he said he wants to go to the slave auction no matter what so we brought him along.

And then amongst the rows of seats, we sat on the chair by the entrance and waited for the auction to start.

“Has Sir been here multiple times?”
“I also only came for the first time seven days ago”
“Is that so. At any rate, Gossendorf-san sure is late huh”
“Hah, is Gossendorf also coming?”
“Eeh, rather, I am originally supposed to meet up with Gossendorf-san at the Quest House”
“……You, did you tell him you’re here?”

Thereupon, Habrik’s opened his mouth wide and looked at the faraway stage.

“I’ve forgotten. What should I do”
“Even if you ask me……did you tell anybody you’re coming here?”
“Eeh, I told everybody at the Quest House that I’m off to the slave auction with Sir. Ah, then it’s fine huh”
“……I don’t think that head of yours that boldly tells everybody at the workplace that you’re going to a slave auction is fine though”

Habrik is occasionally an idiot.
No, it’s a usual thing huh.
Hence, I slightly ignore it and look out over the hall.

The number of guests here to bid on slaves are about the same as before.
The stage was being illuminated with light and the sparkling expressions of the guests staring at the stage were like that of a child who’s excited that they’re soon able to get their hands on a new toy.

“Egil-sama, that person is……”

I was told by Eleanor and I shift my eyes to the bottom left seat.
A handsome young man who’s glaring over here and an elderly who appears to be the butler were over there.

“Is that, the Earl Sevreschaff guy?”
“……It seems it is the young one. It appears he is likely a noble”
“I see, born with a silver spoon in his mouth huh”

I don’t know whether or not he’s buying slaves with his parents’ money but, well, he’s undoubtedly the type I hate.
I suppose the conjecture that the elderly next to him is the butler, is likely to be on the mark.

At that timeーー.

“Oi, Habrik! Why didn’t you wait for me at the Quest House”
“Ah, Gossendorf-san, over here”

Gossendorf who’s slightly irritated-looking walks over here as he wiped the sweat that’s stuck on his forehead that widened from balding and bows his head when he sees me.

“It has been a while, Egil-sama”
“It’s been a while. Have a seat beside Eleanor”
“Yes. Eleanor-san, I shall take my seat beside you”
“Ah, yes”

Eleanor who’s suddenly talked to was startled.
And then the bickering of Habrik who sits at the left side and Gossendorf who sits on the right side is taking place over usーーwell, although it’s completely Habrik’s fault, Habrik is somehow bullish towards Gossendorf.

“Erm, Egil-sama”
“What’s the matter, Eleanor?”
“Why are the two of them, speaking politely to me who’s a slave?”
“Nn, why, you ask……”
“I mean, it is because Eleanor-san is Sir’s wife”
“We are always taken care of by Egil-sama. Therefore, it is a given to speak politely towards Eleanor-san who Egil-sama cares for above all else”
“But I am a slave so……”

Eleanor said apologetically and, Gossendorf laughed and answered.

“Even if you are formerly a slave, you are now Egil-sama’s partner. Therefore, we shall have you let us treat you properly”
“Yeah, yeah”
“Well, these fellows are straight as an arrow at strange things. So don’t mind it too much. More importantlyーーit’s going to start”

The light that was illuminating the hall switches off and only the stage was illuminated.

“”Thank you for waiting, I shall hereby commence the slave auction!””

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