An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 25

I Am The Only One Who Knows That We Are Being Watched 1

“What’s with that outfit?”

Inside the dim room.
Egil-sama sat beside me and asked me that.

“Today, I want to do it with Egil-sama, as a genuine slave”
“Want to do it, you say……isn’t Serina sleeping in the room?”

Egil-sama prepared a vacant room for Serina. It was originally a room that I was given butーーI have not slept even once in that room before. Because I am always sleeping in the same bed as Egil-sama.

“Serina is already asleep. Moreover, that girl does not wake up once she falls asleep so please do not worry”
“Is that so?”
“Eeh, that is so”

Although I feel a gaze that contained anger from the inside of the closet that is in front of the bed, it seems she will not come out and get angry.
If she gets in the way here, I will not be able to have sex today.
Even though her mouth says no, I suppose she is considerably curious about what Egil-sama and I are going to do from now on.

“We are going to live with Serina from now on. Are you……going to hold it in the whole time?”
“……I guess you’re right. But, don’t raise your voice like usual, okay?”
“I cannot promise that. It feels so good that I cannot hold my voice in when I do it with Egil-sama”

Egil-sama sighed but he was not altogether displeased.
He is happy huh, to be praised. I can tell, you know.

I lay down on the bed.

“Egil-sama, thus I am a slave today. Therefore, you can do whatever you want to me”
“Whatever……huh. In that case, can you close your eyes and wait?”
“Eh, yes……”

I thought he will immediately give me a brutish kiss like always but…….
Egil-sama left the room.
I closed my eyes and waited as I was told.
As he made creaking sounds with his steps, Egil-sama returned.

I wonder if it is fine for me to open my eyes? Or is it not yet?

As I’m contemplating, my upper body was raised up.

“Can you bring both hands behind?”
“Eh, yes……may I open my eyes?”
“No, you can’t”
“Ah, yes……”

I wonder what is it. It is different from the usual Egil-sama.
I kneeled on the bed, sat on my soles, brought both hands behind, and Egil-sama, he tied those wrists of mine with something.

“E, Egil-sama!? Th, this is……”
“Nn, the perverted Eleanor would know, right? That, and this as wellーー”

Egil-sama left my wrists tied and covered my eyes with something.
I cannot see the front even when I slowly open my eyes. Only my eyes are being covered with a black cloth.

I think this is……blindfold play and, ushiro te shibari1 huh.
I’ve seen it numerous times in manga but, why such…….


A breath was suddenly blown into my ear.
I leaked out a high voice and my body trembled.
Egil-sama who I think is behind me then glides his hand on my upper body to caress it,

“You’re a slave today, right? Hora, try saying what these plays are”
“Hah, aah……th, this is……blindfold play, andd, nn ah……ushiro te, shibarii”
“As expected of a perverted slave. In that case, you know what I’m going to do from this point onwards, right?”
“Yee, yess……”

I let out a blissful voice from happiness.
Egil-sama did SM play to me by himself. This is growth, Egil-sama has grown into a sadistic Goshujin-sama with love!

And then, my body that is unable to move about is being violated along with Egil-sama’s voice.

“Looks like you’re not wearing a bra huh. Your nipples are so erected, you know?”
“Wh, when Egil-sama doess, th, these to me……I get arousedd”
“Heh, is that so. Even though you can’t see whether it’s being done by me or not. In that case, will Eleanor get aroused even if I carry on touching without saying anything?”
“That, that is not itt!”

It will not do if it is not Egil-sama!
It will not do! But…….

Egil-sama kept on touching my body silently.

“E, Egil-samaa, please say somethingg!”
“Egil-sama……Egil-samaa. Nnn, aaann”

Egil-sama will not answer me.
I am letting my voice out and moaning even though I do not know who I am being touched by.
This warmth on my back and this large body that feels as though it envelops me is Egil-sama’s warmth. But there is no response. And yet I am feeling so aroused.
Even though I want to feel it while embracing Egil-sama, my hands are tied so I cannot move.
Even though I want to feel it while looking at Egil-sama, I cannot feel it while looking at his face.

And then, the fingers moved towards my secret place.

“Aah, aah……Egil-sama, please say somethingg. Otherwise I, I am alreadyy, nnn, nn aah”

But he will not say anything to me.
I open my crotch atop the lap of Egil-sama who sits behind me and wet sounds are being made by my pussy from underneath the slave clothes.
It, of course, felt good usually as well. But it feels even better than usual.

And then, I move my hips back and forth by myself, in order to help Egil-sama’s fingers that came insideーーin order to taste even more pleasure, I was pleading for it indecently.

Thereupon, Egil-sama who was silent the whole time whispered by my ear.

“……You swing your hips by yourself even though you don’t know who’s doing it to you”
“That, that is not it! I know that it is Egil-samaa! My pussy ish exclusively for Egil-sama’s usee! Soo, it is aroused because it knows it is Egil-samaa!”
“Heh, is that so. But you can’t see, right?”
“Th, that is……hyaah!”
“You’re even wetter than usual. Hora, the insides are steadily making obscene sounds, you know?”

Egil-sama’s fingers get even more intense while making intensive splashing sounds.
He attacks the rough part that is at the front of my insides and curls his fingers as though to scrape my insides.
And then the thrill of not being able to see anything and my hands that are not able to resistーーand then the gaze of Serina who is probably watching, allured me towards my climax.

“Aah, aah, noo, nonoo! I’m gonna cumm, nooo, noo”

I want to look at his face and cum. But even so, I cannot tell him to stop.
More intensely, more pleasureーーmake me come.

When I thought that,

“Hora, just cum already”

Hearing Egil-sama’s voice from behind, I felt relieved and came.

“Nn aah……ye, yess, please watchh, Egil-samaa, please watchh me cumm……aah, aaah, haann!”

I came hard inside the meagre pants while thrusting forward my waist that was being lifted up.
Love juice leaked unceasingly from my soaking wet pussy, passed through my thighs, dripped to my legs, and then soaked the bed.

Haa, haa, haa.
As I’m catching my breath like that, Egil-sama moved from behind.

“Egil-sama!? I am begging youu, please remove the blindfold already. I am scared, when I think about what if Egil-sama is not there……”
“You’re a slave today, right? Are you ordering your Goshujin-sama?”
“It is not an order, th, this is……a request. Please, I want to look at your face and do it from this point onwards. Soーーー”

When the cloth that covered my eyes came off, Egil-sama faced me with a smile.

I cried the moment I saw that figure.

“I was scared……I was really scared……Egil-sama”

I was asked while he is wiping my eyes.

“My bad. But you were feeling more aroused than usual, right?”
“Th, that is……there were elements for me to feel more aroused than usual so……”
“It felt good, right?”

I was laughed at by Egil-sama when I answered honestly.

“Alright then, do you want me to give you a kiss?”
“Ye, yes!”

I cannot embrace him because my hands are being tied but I face my lower body that’s unsteady because I just came towards the front and bring my body closer to Egil-sama.

“Hora, try begging for it with an erotic face like always”
“Ye, yes……”

Today’s Egil-sama is truly wonderful.
As expected of my Goshujin-sama.

As I go all out to make a lustful expression,

“I want Egil-sama’s love-filled kiss”
“In that case, try sticking your tongue out”

I stick my tongue out as far as I can without even a shred of shame.


I stuck my tongue inside Egil-sama’s mouth and entwined with his tongue the instant we placed our lips on top of each other.
A kiss that was even more intense than usual, I wonder how many seconds we did it?
I couldn’t even tell, and even when Egil-sama tried to stop the kiss and move his face away, I refused and held onto his lips.

“Were you that scared?”
“……Yes. However, it was because that happened, that the kiss just now felt even better than usual”
“I see. Then this time, will you kiss here?”

After Egil-sama said that and stood up, he removed his pants and underwear.
His towering cock curves upwards before my eyes and a pungent smell enters my nose.

“The current me is even more intense than usual, alright?”
“Hooh. If that’s the case then you’ll take it all the way inside, right?”
“All, all the way inside, is it……Egil-sama’s is large. But, I shall try my best”

I say that, move only my face closer to the cock that I am always able to contain in my hands, and then I stick out my tongue and lick from the frenulum.

後ろ手縛り: Ushiro te shibari. A type of Japanese bondage. It basically means tying the hands behind the back. 後ろ: Back, 手: Hand, 縛り: Tie

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