An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 28


“Egil-sama, what shall we have for lunch?”
“Nn, yeah……meat dishes would be nice”
“Meat dishes huh. We had meat dishes as well yesterday, you know?”
“……Well, it’s because I like meat dishes”
“Egil-sama always eats nothing but meat huh. I guess we shall have fish today”
“Eh……but meat”
“No can do. It is decided that it will be fish today”

I stare at the backs of the two of them, not knowing who’s the master.
They really are close……they don’t look like slave and master.

“Is Serina fine with fish dishes as well?”
“Ah, un. I’m fine with anything”

I give out an awkward vibe and, looking out for me, Eleanor talks to me.
But I still can’t talk properly, to Egil-san.
I think the fact that I’m avoiding him is, probably out of the bag. It’s because I’m afraid of men…….

However, that’s not the only reason.

“……Yesterday, those two”

I look at the two of them who link their arms and walk and I recall the incident last night.
The image of the two of them intensely lusting for each other while releasing a musky and lewd smell.
Mo, moreover……they were even doing abnormal plays like blindfolding and tying of the hands.
I have a strange feeling when I’m looking at the two of them……a lewd and horny feeling.

“It’s the worst……really, it’s the worst”

I was seen smelling the smell and masturbating while watching their sex, by Eleanor……aah, it’s the worst!

“Is it fine, if we drop in here for a bit?”

I’m agonizing with a crimson red face and Egil-san who walks in front stopped walking.

This place is……if I’m not wrong, the place to acquire an adventurer’s qualification, was it?

If I’m not wrong, the name is,

“General Registration Building?”

Eleanor asked before me.

“Yeah. It’s this place where you receive the adventurer’s qualification and it’s also this place where you establish a guild. But, today’s objective is slightly different”
“That is to say?”
“I’m thinking about checking how much more until Eleanor’s rank goes up”
“Ah, that’s right. We have not checked it ever since the last round’s quest ended because we were busy with various things”

Although the two of them understand what each other is talking about, I don’t understand because I’m not an Adventurer.
As I’m looking blankly, Egil-san noticed me.

“In regards to raising a rank, it can be raised by the amount of reward that’s obtained from a quest. It’s possible to check how much more is needed and such at this place”
“I, I see. Thank you……”
“Ah, un……”

I went and did it again.
Egil-san kindly taught me and yet I immediately turned my eyes away and replied coldly.
Therefore Egil-san also gives an awkward response.

Even though Egil-san is my life saviour, if it’s like this, it wouldn’t be strange even if I’m thrown away.
But even if I’m thinking in my heart that I have to properly come in contact with him, I still end up rejecting Egil-san.
Egil-san’s not at fault. It’s just that, simply because he’s a man, the rejection response ends up coming out.

It’s an illness. This is an illness.

“Well then, shall we go in. Come on”
“Aah, yeah”

Looking out for me, Eleanor pulls Egil-san’s arm.

“Hora, Serina as well, let’s go in?”

I followed behind the two of them and was about to enter the building.


I somehow felt a gaze.
However, there’s nobody even when I turn around.

“I wonder if it’s, my imagination”

I wonder if it’s because I had been living while minding the gazes around for a long time that I’m becoming sensitive to even the slightest of gaze.
The slave tool is also out in the open from the pink dress Egil-san bought for me so……I wonder if it’s an unpleasant gaze like one that mocks a slave.
It bothers me a little bit but, well, I’m used to it so whatever.

“I’m together with the two of them so, I’ll be fine, right”

And then, I chased after the two of them and went inside as well.

“I came to check how much more reward for her to be able to promote and go up to the next rank”
“Understood. Well then, I will take charge of your Adventurer Card, alright”

Inside the spacious building, Egil-san and the lady receptionist are talking.
The surrounding is filled with a large number of people. And in addition to that, there are only people who wore equipment and whose appearances are adventurer-like.

Somehow, it feels like we’re out of place. Eleanor and I.

Because there isn’t anybody else who wore dresses, eyes are somehow being directed at us.

And in addition to that, it’s only men.
I hate it……these eyes.

But I don’t want to separate from the two of them.

As I’m thinking about those things, suddenly,

“Huh……what’s, this?”

I was assaulted by a dizziness-like sensation.
How do I say this, it’s a weird feeling……I wonder if I felt sick from people.
Is there anywhere I can sit…….

“Eleanor……is it fine if, I sit over there for a bit?”
“Eeh, I got it. However, it will not take that long so do not go away, okay?”
“Un, got it”

Since there’s space to sit at a spot that’s a little distance away, I head over there.
If it’s over here, I think I will get lesser unpleasant gazes than standing at the reception and I also have no worries of being assaulted by the strange dizziness.
I’ll give them unnecessarily worries if I told the two of them that I feel uncomfortable anyway, besides, I think I’ll be better if I sit down so I’ll keep quiet about it.

I sit at a place where the two of them can see.

Because the window is opened, the wind is cooling.
I also don’t receive any gaze from anybody since there’s nobody sitting nearby.

“Hah, I wonder if I’m a hindrance”

I think that the two of them are really well-matched.
That’s why if I’m not around, won’t they be able to be even more lovey-dovey?
Both of them, it seems they are somewhat looking out for me.

As I’m thinking about such things, a person stopped and stood before my eyes.

“Miss, may I have a moment?”

I jumped and my body trembled.
Miss? It’s me, right…….
Timidly, I look in the direction of the voice.
Over there, a hunchback white-haired old man who’s about 7〇 years old and has a smaller stature than me gives me a bright smile.

“Is this spot, free?”
“Eh, ah……this spot, huh. Yes, go ahead”

He wanted to sit beside me huh……what the heck, I was surprised.

However, huh?

I wonder why he sits beside me even though there are also other chairs that are free.
Well, it’s an old man anyway, he doesn’t seem like a dangerous person so I’m being too wary huhーー.

“It has been a while huh, Serinsan”

Why does he know my name?

“If you make any noise, the small knife will stab you. Be quiet, alright?”

The shiny small knife, is being placed on my flank.
That’s why, I slowly nod.

“Well then, my master is waiting. Shall I have you come over here”

Master……don’t tell me.

“It is okay to keep it from the two of them. Since……you will no longer meet them anymore”
“N, no……”
“You have no right to refuse. Alright, go ahead to the neighbouring building”

The old man who sticks closely behind me.
I was guided and made to walk a passage that linked to the neighbouring building.

Egil-san and Eleanor are, talking to the lady receptionist.
Escaping is……not possible.
The people who pass by me didn’t think anything of it even when they see me with a ghastly pale face.


I stay as I am, unable to voice, and,

“Yah, I missed you!”

before my eyes, the man I loathe appeared.
A gentle demeanour, a refreshing lookーーand then, an expensive attire that one can tell with just one look.

“……Sevreschaff-sama. I said to please wait in the carriage, did I not”
“My bad. I wanted to meet her immediately no matter what”
“……Is that so. I will guide Serinsan all the way to the carriage before we are discovered by those who were together with her”
“I get it, alright then, shall we go back”

Sevreschaff approaches me and brings his hand out forward.
He also gently extended his hand to me like this when we first met. And then I, who didn’t know anything, grabbed that hand.

ーーBut that hand is, the hand that punched me over and over again.

That’s why, with a stiff expression, I tried to escape from that hand. However,

“ーーOi, slave”

In an instant, his expression changed.
This face is, the face he shows when I try to escape, it’s the face when he’s angry.

That face is scary so I faced down and kept quiet without doing anything.

“Hora, we’re going”

My hand was grabbed and I was pulled.
So I instantly shook the hand loose.

Was that wrong?

“Oi slave! Are you disobeying me!?”
“St, stopp, I don’t want, painful thingss”
“It’s not ‘stop’, but ‘please stop’, right!? You fucking get cocky if I’m treating you gently……! You dare to fucking escape from me huh!?”

Sevreschaff who grabbed my hand tightly and glare at me who can’t escape.

“I thought I’ll be able to win the bid and yet I was hindered by that fellow! You… are precious to me. What I want, is only you……”
“Only, me……?”

Sevreschaff, grinned broadly.

“You don’t yield even when I punch you. You don’t yield even when I kick you. Myーー”

ーーbest toy.

At that moment, the inside of my head became pure white.

Why did I end up like this.
Was it because I came to this building?
Was it because I separated from the two of them?

No, the fact that I became a slave, was the greatest failure of my life.

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