An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 3


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Eleanor’s Thoughts

“Set up by your childhood friend and Onee-san1?”
“Ee, that is right”

Eleanor touched the iron collar that is on her own neck,

“Do you know what is this collar?”

and asked me.
I have heard the explanation to that from the slave trader.

“If a slave tries to kill the master, the collar prevents that by magic and instead constrict on the slave’s neck. I heard it from the slave trader just now.”
“Yes. From the moment this was put on me, I who is a slave, cannot kill the trader who has ownership over me no matter how much I hated him. Because if I try to kill the owner, this collar will constrict and I will die. However, I was about to have my body touched so I resisted though”
“Eh, was that alright?”
“Ee, it is alright if I disobey without going as far as to kill him. After that, the slave trader no longer lay his hands on me”

She’s laughing ‘Fufu’ but, it won’t go that way for an ordinary slave.
Once the slave tool has been put on, the collar constricts and they lose their lives in the case where they try to kill the owner.
Besides, they don’t know what might be done to them if they disobeyーーit doesn’t have the strength to force them to do something but, I guess it can give them fear.
Which is why many slaves obey their owner even if they are reluctant.

But she disobeyed him. However, I guess it was because she has a resolve that is unafraid of death that she arrived at such a thought.

I’d rather die than to be touched. It’s because she has that strong will that the slave trader weighed between『money』and 『lust』.
It’s not a nice way of putting it but, he will lose the merchandise which is her if she dies. Which is why the slave trader sold Eleanor without laying hands on her huh.

“And, why was Eleanor set up?”
“Ah, yes. One typically cannot obtain a slave tool. And then, that day was my birthdayーー”

Eleanor talked to me about the details on why she was sold off as a slave.

Although Eleanor has two elder sisters, both her parents wanted a boy. So in order to let the kingdom continue existing, it seems there was the need to let the three daughters including Eleanor engage to nobles somewhere and make an heir.
And then both her parents thought about making Eleanor who’s the number one candidate to engage to someone.
Eleanor was also unclear about the reason but, from the rumours, it seems it’s the problem with the appearances of the two elder sisters.
No matter what kind of man it is, they all desire a beautiful woman. So in this world where it’s a given for the child who’s born first to inherit the legacy, something like letting the fiance of Eleanor who’s the third daughter inherit the legacy is strange.

It’s because Eleanor understood that as well that she also backed off.
Becoming the Adventurer that she wanted to be originally, she told her parents that she has no intention to be engaged and to inherit.
And then those Adventurers companionsーーthose who formed a guild together were, the sons and daughters of soldiers who were serving the Cornelia Kingdom, and those who were Eleanor’s childhood friends.

However, the problem occurred on Eleanor’s birthday.

There is a surprise present. Eleanor who was told that by the guild members was blindfolded.

And then the collarーーthe slave tool was put on her.

She doesn’t know how they got their hands on a slave tool. However, it’s easy to put it on. Moreover, she has not the slightest reluctance to the surprise present that is from the people she trusts.
An absolute compliance slave tool that is unable to go against the owner. Eleanor who doesn’t understand why looks at the guild members but, nobody answered her.

But one way or another, even Eleanor is also able to at least speculate it.
In the end, both her parents probably didn’t change the decision to leave the kingdom to some noble who’s attracted to Eleanor’s good looks and let them inherit it.
ーーTherefore, her two elder sisters probably thought that the Cornelia Kingdom would be either one of theirs if Eleanor wasn’t around and acted on it.

“ーーThose guild members who I was close with, whether they were threatened by Onee-sama or whether they were hired with money……I do not know the reason but, either way, the fact that I was set up does not change”

Eleanor finished with that and became silent.
Even though I was just listening to the story of her past, it was a story that got me awfully irritated.

“Such things, it has nothing to do with Eleanor. It’s something both your parents decided on their own and you were only dragged into it, right?”
“Ee, but……in the end, I guess that is the extent of our relationship. Onee-sama as well, the guild members who were my childhood friends as well”

And then, Eleanor stares fixedly at my face.

“So please. I do not have the intention to end this story nor forget about it because I am glad that I survived and neither am I that kind. Until I was sold off as a slave, I was really afraid. If I was knocked down not by Egil-sama but by a violent personーーI, would have undoubtedly refused to be violated and chose my own death. So Egil-sama, will you please assist in my revenge. I am begging you”

Eleanor who lowers her head.
Indeed, it’s because of her guts that nothing happened to her and she was only not violated by the slave trader.
But, if it was a master who gets violent with Eleanor, she will surely be pushed to choose between the two options of either to be violated or to die by the slave tool herself and then I guess she would have chosen death.
So I think that Eleanor is undoubtedly unable to forgive them. Both her sisters and as well as her childhood friends who were the guild members she trusted.

“If you’re fine with me then, I don’t mind?”
“Re, really!? But, is it alright……? Although it is something that I requested, if it got exposed to the Cornelia Kingdom, it might bring danger to Egil-sama”
“No problem. I’m an Adventurer, if I’m being chased then I’ll just move to another village or town, besides……I don’t plan on being killed”

Even if it’s the kingdom’s knight, I didn’t train myself to be killed easily. A monster is a way more formidable enemy than a knight.

“I’m certain that I may have fallen in love with Eleanor at first sight……it’s, unthinkable for me to want to refuse your request”
“Maybe I fall in love easily because I’ve always been taking on monsters but……well, I wonder what is it. I don’t know but you’re special”

It’s a little embarrassing so I play around with my black hair as I tell her and, Eleanor looks fixedly at me without moving, without saying a word.

Could it be, she thinks that I’m a frivolous guy!?

“Th, that’s not it. It’s not that I’m fine with just anybody. No, it’s true that I did say that I fall in love easily butーー”
“Fufu, that is not it. It was my first time so, I was just slightly surprised”
“To be called special face to face”
“But, if it’s someone who’s gorgeous like Eleanor, there should be a lot, no?”
“I have no intention to hide it so I will say it but, I have been told things like that a lot”

The honesty is refreshing. It gives a favourable impression instead.
But Eleanor continued on.

“However, I was not happy at all. Because I thought it was because I am Cornelia Kingdom’s Third Princess that I was told that. I think that it is probably because I myself did not believe in what others say”
“……Is that so”

I guess she has tasted more than enough those experiences that I can’t understand.

“That’s right. Shall I remove this slave tool”
“Eh, you are removing it?”
“If you want to escape then you can just escape. It’s painful isn’t it?”

There is a way to escape from the slave tool. It is to escape from the owner.
Run and run. If they get away from the owner, although they aren’t able to remove it with their own hands, they won’t die and they also won’t be made to be absolutely obedient.
And then the methods to release the slave tool are, to have the magician who created this slave tool to release the magic or, if they say『I will be a slave』 to someone who they have contracted to even once, the ownership of that slave will be transferred regardless of the owner.

Well, most slaves are confined so it’s difficult to escape though…….

And then I’ll be sad if Eleanor escapes but, that’s also something that can’t be helped.
More importantly, I’ll be sadder if she broke the rule and died. That’s what I thought and I was about to remove it but, Eleanor puts her hand on the slave tool as she twists her slender waist and escapes from my hand.

“It is alright to not remove this”
“Eh, but aren’t you scared?”
“Not at all. I believe in Egil-sama, if it is Egil-sama’s orders……I plan to obey all of them”
“That means……”

After a slight silence, our gazes overlap.
I’m thinking about erotic things.
But what about her? Her face is slightly dyed in red but, is she thinking about the same thing as well?
But she doesn’t say anything.
In that case, aren’t I suppose to push on here?
Isn’t there the need to push on and teach the slave the restーーteach the slave Goshujin-sama’s2 taste.

“Th, that’s right. Shall we go and buy some clothes instead of wearing those poor clothes”
“Eh…..ah, is it alright?”

I shake my head vertically, nodding.
I’m good for nothing. I can’t put it into actions even if I think about itーーI suppose that’s surely why I’m a virgin for 25 years.

“I want Eleanor to wear beautiful clothes. Let’s eat some delicious food as well while we’re at it”
“If Egil-sama is fine with that……I will gladfully be alongside”

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