An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 31

Held Between Beautiful Flowers1

“What’s the matter?”

Egil-san curiously lifted his upper body and looked at me.

“I……um, uh”

You’re a hindrance.
I wonder if I’ll be told something like that.
If I’m told that, I’ll be sad.

“I also want to become an Adventurer……I want to fight, together with the two of you”

I don’t want to be alone.
I want to be together, even if I’m told that I’m a hindrance.
I, timidly looked at Egil-san.

“Are you, really fine with it?”
“Yes. I want to be together with the two of you as well”
“I see”

A brief silence.
And then, Egil-san nodded his head once.

“I understand. In that case, tomorrow, how about we go to the General Registration Building we went today”
“Eh, is it fine……? Am I not a hindrance?”
“You’re not a hindrance. Rather, since we didn’t want to leave you alone, I’m sure Eleanor will be delighted about it, and of course, I am as well”
“I, I see. I’m glad……”
“I’ll teach you how to fight. I’ll also protect you during quests, so you don’t have to be afraid”

Aah, as I thought, he’s gentle.
I lifted up my hips and moved just a little bit closer to Egil-san.

“Thank you very much. And……I have one more thing, to talk about”
“Nn, what is it?”
“I, seem to have fallen for Egil-san”
“But, isn’t Serina androphobic……”
“……Yes, I’m still afraid of men. Even now, my hands are trembling just a little. However, this isn’t because Egil-san is scary. This is my emotional scars, making it so……. In my heart, I want to talk to Egil-san more. I want to come in contact more. That’s what I’m thinking”
“I think, if, I were to found somebody who I can really love, I’m sure, it’s none other than Egil-san. So, I want to be by Egil-san’s side from now on as well. And then one dayーー”

I stopped my words there.
What am I planning to say? What am I planning to vow?
Am I stupid? Am I planning to say such things and trouble him?

However, I let my face turn crimson red from the embarrassment, let my lips tremble, and continued my words.

“Love each other with Egil-san. Heartーーas well as body”
“That means……”

I wonder if he’s put off by me suddenly making a perverted remark.
But no words are coming to mind, I’m not even able to cover up these words.
So I waited. For Egil-san’s answer.

“If Serina says so, I won’t refuse. If that time comes, I will embrace that trembling body close to me”

I said it. And then I also received a response.
I wonder, what kind of a face am I making right now.
But surely, I’m looking way more embarrassed than Egil-san who’s bashfully scratching his head huh.

“Well, because of Eleanor’s passionate recommendation, Serina has been on my mind since some time ago”
“Eleanor’s, is it……?”
“Aah. It’s because Eleanor was thinking that it’ll be great if Serina and I got together”
“That girl, she was saying something like that huh……”
“I don’t really understand it though, to wish for someone you like to hook up with someone else”
“Well, I guess……”

That girl wants to do 3P, is something I can’t say huh.
I have to be grateful to that pervert for now.

“Will you fall for me, as much as you do Eleanor?”
“I’ll do just that if you’re fine with me. After all……”

Egil-san was being bashful.

“Serina is, um……tremendously beautiful”

It was very child-like when he bashfully said the compliment that I unintentionally laughed out.

“Wai, why are you laughing”
“Ahahaa……no, I unintentionally thought that you’re a little child-like”
“Egil-san, although your appearance is scary, you have child-like aspects every now and then. Well, I fell in love with those parts though”
“Those parts……”

Egil-san who’s slightly displeased.
I thought that it’s precisely because he’s a late bloomer at romance that he’ll cherish me, not as the slave me, but as Serina・Maverick.
So, I slowly reduce our distance.

“Is it fine for me to sleep here, today?”
“Eh, but……”
“Ah, I’m still, um……unable to do lewd things, like you’ve done with Eleanor”
“Th, those things don’t particularly matter……but, aren’t you scared?”

Scared. I’m scared, but just for now, I want to sleep beside him.
I lie down on the opposite side of the wall.

“It’s because I think if I don’t give the permission, Egil-san won’t do anything to me”
“……Are you, trying to say that I’m a good-for-nothing?”
“Who knows. But, I want to hold hands and fall asleep, just for a little bit”
“……Well, if it’s that’s what you want. But, say it if you become scared, alright?”
“Yes, thank you very much”

The large build Egil-san lies down next to me who’s already lying down.
It’s an extremely close distance, I’m a little scared. But the hand that tightly entwines my finger, puts me at ease.
If I close my eyes, I recall a nostalgic feeling from the past.
My old memories, of holding my two sisters’ hands and sleeping.

“Egil-san’s hand, it’s warm and calming”
“Aah, so is Serina’s hand”

I’m now on the protected side.
I’m experiencing it, my sisters’ sentiment.
I can fall asleep at ease today. All the scary dreams I always see as well, I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep without seeing them todayーー.


Is what I thought, and yet, a noisy one came.

“Eleanor, what’s the matter?”
“It is not, ‘what’s the matter’! What is with that sweet and sugary conversation!”
“Sweet and sugary, it’s just an ordinary conversation, isn’t it”

I was looking motionlessly, at the two of them having a conversation.
Well, I’d also thought that it’s a sweet and sugary conversation thoughーーas though that of a new couple, an innocent conversation.

And then, the third wheel Eleanor barges in, approaches the bed, and lies down on Egil-san’s left side.

“After hearing such a saccharine conversation, I’m so turned on that I’m having trouble”
“No, you just got turned on as you pleasedーーtte, when did you start listening!?”
“When, it’s obviously from the beginning, isn’t it?”
“Wha! You, didn’t you say, today, you’ll use the bed that I’d been using, and sleep there!”
“I thought of sleeping, but I thought maybe I’ll eavesdrop the conversation for just a bit……and then, and then”

Eleanor wraps her arm around Egil-san’s arm, entwines his leg with hers, and glares at me.

“After I’m made to hear such a saccharine conversation, isn’t there no way I can fall asleep!?”
“I don’t care, if that’s the case then do it by yoursーーno, you can just do something about it, can’t you!”
“Rather than masturbating, I want Egil-san to make love to me!”

You said it plainly huh, you pervert.
And then, Eleanor said, ‘besides’, and moved her leg, that entwined Egil-san, to a man’s important place.

“Having such a saccharine conversation, isn’t there no way Egil-sama can retain his normality”
“Wha, stop it, Eleanor! Don’t touch it”
“Look, he’s already rock hard, you know?”

I follow Eleanor’s eyes
Over there, a large tent has been pitched.

“Egil-san……could it be”
“No, this isn’t it!”
“Egil-sama has a stronger lust than other people! He will inadvertently get erected even if it is just holding hands!”
“……Oi, don’t say it like I’m a child”
“You are! Look, you’ve already become this big……now then, I will set you free now”
“St, stop it!”

I stop the Eleanor who’s about to do lewd things.
If she does it here, I’ll surely smell the lewd smell and masturbate.
I still want to hide my weird fetish……

“Bear with it for today, hora, let’s quickly go to sleep like this”
“……Eeh, I mean, this part of Egil-sama, it has become this big, you know?”
“It’s because you touch it, isn’t it……. Hora, let’s quickly sleep”
“Eeh, I don’t want to”

He somehow made Eleanor, who slightly complains, bear with it.
And then, we packed tightly on the single bed and went to sleep.

Naturally, Egil-san and Eleanor had planned to do something, but I had them stop for just today.
Because just for today, I don’t want to let go of this connected right hand…….

It was an odd sentiment when I woke up in the morning.

In my left hand, I hold the golden-haired Eleanor, and in my right hand, I hold the pink-haired Serina.

“Good morning, Egil-sama”

Eleanor let out a soft voice when I casually opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling.
I guess she’s careful with her greeting because Serina is still sleeping. So I also softly return a greeting to Eleanor.

“Morning. You’ve already woken up?”
“Eeh, a little while ago though. It seems Egil-sama could not really sleep huh”
“……You can tell?”
“It is because you are looking more exhausted than usual”

I was instantly seen through by Eleanor, who giggled.

“I couldn’t calm down in this situation”
“Beautiful flowers2 of different colours in both hands. Is it not a very wonderful situation”
“Is that something you say by yourself. Well, I guess it’s a stupendous situation for a man. But……although not to the extent of Serina, I was also not good with women. Me, from a while back, wasn’t the kind of guy who would be liked by the two of you. So I can’t collect myself in this popular guy kind of situation”

Fighting monsters from morning till night. Drinking alcohol with the guys when it’s the night.
I was in no way a guy so popular that I would go to sleep surrounded by two peerless beauties.

However, Eleanor changed from a face-up posture to a face-down posture and looked at me while resting her chin on her hands.

“Like how Egil-sama is a special existence to us, are we not special existences to Egil-sama as well?”
“Yeah. But……why me? What’s good about me?”

I think there are plenty of other guys out there.
Guys who are way more handsome than someone like meーー.

“Everybody has different preferences. If there are those who like men with a refreshing aura, then there are also those who like manly men. Therefore, in short, for both Serina and I, a manly man who protects us, like Egil-sama, is our type”
“Is that so……. In that case, the two of you have an unusual preference huh”
“Is that something you say by yourself?”

I was retorted. Well, it’s because I don’t have confidence in myself.

“Will you, always be by my side?”
“Eeh, of course. I will be by Egil-sama’s side. No matter what happens”

As we stared at each other, I moved my lips close to Eleanor’s lips.
But just before anything happens,

“ーーYou can’t, do lewd things”

and Serina’s voice resounded in the room.
But even when I look to my side, Serina’s closing her long eyelashes and sleeping.

“Sleep-talking, maybe……?”
“It seems that way. Didn’t she sensed that we were about to do lewd things?”
“Fufu. In that case, shall we do it somewhere else”

Eleanor reads the flow and says.
So, I slightly teased her.

“Nope, since I was told by Serina that I can’t do lewd things. I guess I’ll go to sleep again”
“Eh, wh, why!?”
“It’s because I was told by Serina. Besides, look”

Serina was grasping my right hand tightly.

“I can’t move away if it’s like this”
“N, no way……then, if you let go of your hand quietly so that she doesn’t wake upーー”
“Alright then, good night”

Serina will probably be sad if Eleanor and I aren’t around when she wakes up. So I’ll go to sleep.

“Is, that so……”

It looks like Eleanor gave up as well, she lay down.
Or so I thoughtーー.

“Wai, Eleanor!?”
“I will make Egil-sama get into the mood for that. Look, this place, it is already this big, you know?”
“Th, that’s because it’s the morningーーaah!”

Eleanor’s soft lips stuck to my erected penis, and I was then swallowed deeply.
I won’t be able to hold it in like thisーー.

“How long will you be able to hold it in, Goshujin-sama?”

I can hear Eleanor’s voice that contained laughter from inside the futon,

“……You can’t do lewd things. You can’t, alright, Egil-san”

and Serina’s mysterious sleep-talking from my side.

Slaves have no human rights.
There is a large number of people has that kind of thinking.
Sold, bought, it’s said that it’s as though they’re like tools.

But the two who I bought have human rights, and also freedom. It’ll stay that way for now, and also from now on.
Therefore, I’m planning to love both of them and heal the wounds that the two of them sustained.
Because I think it’ll be for their sakesーーand it’ll also be for the sake of healing the wounds that I myself sustained.

花: Hana. It can mean ‘flower’ and ‘beauty’花: Hana. It can mean ‘flower’ and ‘beauty’

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