An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 4

To Understand Each Other’s Heart Is

“Come to think of it, Eleanor is an Adventurer, right?”
“Yes, that is right”

I asked Eleanor who’s trying on the clothes across the curtain and, there was a response.
The sounds of clothes rubbing together can be heard from within so I who’s in front of the curtain got slightly excited.

“Then, is Eleanor carrying an Adventurer Card as well? ”
“Yes, I am carrying it. Um……this is it”

A small card came out from underneath the curtain.

Adventurers always have to carry on them something called an Adventurer Card that has their rank and the guild they belong to written on it.
It’s because there are villages and towns where they cannot enter without an Adventurer Card and it is also necessary to accept quests of different difficulties.

And then the rank that’s being written on Eleanor’s Adventurer Card is C. It’s where it isn’t good nor bad.
I think this rank is high for a princess of the Cornelia Kingdomーーno, it’s impolite to her if I say something like ‘princess’ huh.


“Egil-sama. How, is it?”
“Eh, ah……”

Eleanor who opened the curtain, turned around with her face dyed red.
A black dress decorated with small sparkling jewels all around it. Although it’s covering her from her shoulder to her ankle, because she has slender legs instead of plump ones, I don’t get the impression of the clothes making her look fat.
Moreover, because there’s a large opening by her chest, Eleanor’s ample breasts are laid bare and it was even more erotic than the slave clothes she was wearing until just now.

It’s perfect. Rather, it’s getting me excited, it’s terrific.

“What is Eleanor’s occupation?”

Eleanor wished to fight together with me as Adventurers.
Because she wanted to be an Adventurer and she has done activities as an Adventurer, it seems that she’d like to do activities together as an Adventurer if I allow it.
In regards to that, there was no reason for me to turn her down. If I’m able to adventure with Eleanor, it’ll be more fun than being alone and if it’s something that she wished for herself then there was no reason for me to refuse.

But if Eleanor’s a vanguard occupation, I want to avoid having her in an outfit that is difficult to run.

“My occupation is Saint Force”
“Saint Force huh……what a rare occupation”

Sacred Beast MasterSaint Force summons the spirits of the beasts that have protected human being for many years called Sacred Beast to the present world, they call it the occupation that makes the art of borrowing power its forte. Because it consumes an abundance of magic power, a single attack is strong but it’s said that it’s difficult to attack continuously so it’s an occupation that’s not very popular.

But, Eleanor smiled sweetly.

“I like them. Sacred Beast-san, because they are very adorable”
“Adorable? Nn, well, I guess it’s fine if Eleanor is fond of it. I guess that outfit is fine then huh”
“Thank you. I will certainly return this favour”
“No, it’s fine. Then I’ll go and pay the bill”
“Yes. Erm……”

My hand was grabbed and I was startled.

“Egil-sama’s Adventurer Card as well, can you show it to me if you do not mind? I want to know the extent of the abilities of the person I serve”
“Nn, I don’t mind. Here”

I pass my Adventurer Card to Eleanor and finish the payment.
I don’t really buy my own clothes and so forth so I was surprised when I found out that it was this expensive.
And when I returned, Eleanor was making an even more surprised expression than me.

“What’s the matter?”
“Ee, um……Egil-sama, was an S Rank Adventurer?”
“Well, it seems I had talent as an Adventurer. I worked fairly hard and raised it that far”
“I wonder if it is something that one can become by working hard……moreover, the fact that a guild is not written means that, Egil-sama is solo, right? Getting to S Rank solo is……”
“……Well, it’s because I wasn’t invited to a guild”

I had entered just once though…….

“Now, rather than something like that, shall we have dinner?”
“Ah, yes. I am coming now!”

Eleanor who wore the dress that I newly bought for her, put on black shoes that are easy to move in was, really gorgeous.

“You can enter the bath first”

When we returned after we finished our meal outside, I encouraged Eleanor to enter the bath first.
There was no particular strange meaning behind it but, because there’s also the fact that Eleanor drank alcohol, while her face is slightly dyed in red,

“I can go in afterwards so, go ahead……please”

she told me to enter first.
I wonder if I made her considerate of me.

“Then, I shall enter first”

It’s better for me to enter first here huh.
I left Eleanor on the sofa and headed towards the bathroom.

I asked her while we were having our meal and Eleanor said something like she’s still 2○ years old. I’m surprised that even though she’s only 5 years different from me, she’s that adult-like.

I throw off the thick clothes that I wore for battle and head to the bathroom stark naked.
While it may be true that this room is high class, the bathroom is not that spacious. I’m just glad that the jacuzzi can heal my exhaustion I accumulated throughout the day.

Besides, it’s not particularly cramped if it’s just one person.
That’s, what I thought but.


“……Egil. I shall wash your back”

When I turn around to the entrance door, Eleanor who’s nude with a bath towel wrapped around her was there.
Her face is redder than before, her intoxicated blue eyes feel just slightly erotic.
Her well-proportioned waist and legs, even though she’s so slender that I can tell even across the bath towel, her chest alone has an impactful volume and my eyes wander off over there quite a bit.

And then, ‘petaa’, ‘petaa’, her feet makes the sounds on the wet floor as she walks all the way over here and, my heart as well, that place as well, were at the limit.

“Wh, what are you doing!? You don’t have to……”
“I am Egil-sama’s slave so please let me do something like this. Besides, I cannot bear to not do anything even though you are treating me well variously”

Is it some kind of pride or something? But this is…….
as I’m worrying about that, Eleanor has walked all the way to my back.

“Is it fine, if I have you get slightly closer to the bath?”
“……Are you drunk?”

I ask her while properly obeying her instruction.
Eleanor’s rough breath reaches the ear of me who sits on the chair.

“Just a little, drunk”
“That’s why you’re so aggressive huh. It’s fine, I’ll wash by myself soーー”
“No can do. I will wash”
“……Do you, dislike it?”

No way I dislike it!
is what I want to say but this is……my reason won’t last.

“I am Egil-sama’s personal slave. An absolutely obedient slave. And yet today, Egil did not do anything to me”
“Do I have no charm?”
“No such thing. Eleanor is an extremely lovely woman”
“……Thank you. I, no longer have a place to return to. The day I was sold to the slave trader, the I who was Eleanor・Cafon・Lunde・Cordenia disappeared and changed into the Eleanor the slave. ……It might be sly but, I, can no longer live unless it is together with Egil-sama. I am afraid to live by myself”

Both her hands are touching my back.
And when I turn just my face around, my eyes met with the slightly sorrowful Eleanor’s eyes.

“Please, let me fall in love with Egil-sama. Please make it so that I am not in anguish even if I am ordered to be absolutely obedient to Egil-sama forever”
“If Eleanor falls for me, will Eleanor able to be blissful?”
“I think I will undoubtedly be blissful. Adventuring with Egil-sama, having meals with Egil-sama……loving each other intensely, with Egil-sama. If Egil-sama loves meーーif we both love each other, I think that will undoubtedly be extremely blissful”

I think that Eleanor has surely made up her mind to be together with me always.
It might be the feeling of wanting to be protected by me because she thought I’m strong after she saw my rank as an Adventurer. However, I may be able to become a special existence to Eleanor.
Both her elder sisters are in the Kingdom so she can’t return. She doesn’t know when she might be targetted by her childhood friend and elder sisters again. If she leaves me and gets the slave tool put on her and gets sold again, and then if her next master is the worst kind of fellowーー.
I guess it’s because there’s alcohol in her that the weak Eleanor came out. I think this is genuinely her whines.


I guess Eleanor thought that if we are going to experience various things together from now on, it’ll be more blissful if we loved each other.
To that opinion, I agree as wellーーrather, I am already in love with Eleanor.
She’s unlike the slaves I have seen and prejudice against in the past

That’s why the feelings that I had been enduring the whole time, exploded.

“Is it really, fine?”
“Yes. I am Egil-sama’s slave, forever”
“A slave as well but, be my woman. Understand?”

At that moment, I could tell that a soft sensation touched my back. Even if it’s across the towel, I can tell the sensation of that ample breasts.

“Please make me, Egil-sama’s woman”
“……Then, shall I first have you wash my body clean? Eleanor”
“Yes, Egil-sama”

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