An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 40

The Thing That Is Wanted Along With The Beautiful Scenery 2

“Serina, can you lie down here”

Countless stars sparkle in the pitch black sky.
Instead of gazing at the beautiful sky and chatting, for both Serina and I, the sentiments of wanting the person before our eyes are stronger.

A lake, that people don’t get close to. Serina and I, who moved over to the opposite side of that camp zone.
And then, Serina lay down on the soft grass while looking around nervously.

“Are you sure, that nobody will come?”
“It’ll probably be fine. Is it embarassing?”
“Of course it is. If I was seen……I would, hate it”

Serina grabs my arm tightly.
I hang over her as it is and stroke her pink hair that the starry sky faintly illuminates.

“Don’t worry, I won’t show Serina’s body to anyone. I’m the only one who can see this beautiful body, right?”
“Exactly so. Egil-san……”

I’m stared at by those enthralling eyes.
I won’t tease her any more than this. I entwined my fingers with Serina’s slender and graceful fingers and kissed her as it is.
I place my lips on top of hers, and I let her lips go. I place my lips on top of hers again, and I let her lips go again.

“Can you stick your tongue out ?”
“Nn……yes……aa, fuaa”

I switch from a gentle kiss to an intensively desireful kiss.
I pry open Serina’s mouth, that’s still only half-opened from her nervousness, and steal Serina’s tongue.
Saliva that comes out from the within my mouth passes through our tongue and goes inside Serina’s mouth.
She closes her mouth and accepts that saliva, and as though she desires for more, this time around, she invades her tongue into my mouth by herself.

“Egil-san’s kiss……it’s somewhat, lewd huh”
“Do you hate it?”
“I love it”

When we let go our connected hands, both Serina’s arms reach for my back.
The more intense our tongues become, the more the arms that went around my back move about freely.
Hence, I also proceed to undo the front buttons of her pure white shirt.
Starting from the top, one button, two buttons. I undo the buttons of that seductive cleavage.
Her tight waist, glossy white skin, along with her cute belly button.
Serina who then leaks a bewitching breath. The bra that hides those developed D Cup breasts revealed itself.

“Are you scared?”
“No, I’m fine……it’s just, fufu”
“You’re suddenly laughing, what’s the matter?”

All of a sudden, Serina held onto her mouth and laughed.

“Egil-san, your face when you saw my breasts, was somewhat serious so it was funny……were you, aroused by my breasts?”

I was asked with delightful expression.
It was a lovely expression; I gently fondle her breasts above the bra and slightly started wanting to look at her sheepish face.

“Any man would get aroused if they’re showed such an erotic body, right?”
“Ah, wai……Egil, san……uu! You can’t, if you touched that lewdlyy……nn aa!”

Serina, who took a cheeky attitude, hides her eyes with her own arms and moans bit by bit when I gently fondle her breasts.

“Does it feel good? Here, I’m gonna touch it directly”

Serina’s D Cup breasts were laid bare when I remove the bra’s hook that’s connected at the back.
In the middle of her areolas that are slightly more reddish than her hair colour, there were slightly unusual nipples that are unlike Eleanor’s.

“Serina, are you feeling embarrassed about this place as well?”
“Noo, please, don’t look……it’s embarrassingg”

Nipples that aren’t sticking out.
As I’m fondling her breasts upwards from below and staring at the nipples that hid in the areolas, Serina’s face turns red in embarrassment.

“I’m bothered by it……that my nipples, don’t come out”
“You were bothered by something like that huh. In that case, I’ll get it out”

I suck on her shy nipples while fondling her breasts with my hands.
As I stimulate her nipples with my tongue and try to suck her nipples out, little by little, Serina puts strength into her legs, that she bends and holds my body with.

“Ah, aah……you can’t, be that aggressive, my nipples are weakk, you can’t, you can’tt!”
“Despite being shy, Serina’s nipples are feeling it quite a bit huh?”

Serina’s shy nipples surface when I attack her left and right nipple alternatively.
As I attack even more aggressively because I’m happy about that, Serina’s body desires for me and her moans gradually increase in intensity.

“Here, does it feel good?”
“Uu……uuu……it feels, good. Egil-san’s tongue, feels good!”

My head was hugged tightly by Serina, I attack both breasts and nipple without being able to move away.

There’s a faint scent of rose body soap from Serina’s body.
I’ve always been thinking; Serina puts in effort on her own body’s smell.
I guess it’s probably because she regards smell as important.

At the end of the day, I wonder if I stink…….

“Serina smells really good huh”
“I’m, sensitive to smell. My own smell, as well as, other people’s smell”
“Other people’s smell as well huh. I’m getting slightly worried about my own smell”

I stopped groping her breasts, moved my face close to Serina and was about to say a little something.
I was about to say, ‘What’s the matter?’, when Serina lets out a soft voice.

“……Even if I say something weird……you won’t, hate me?”
“No way I will. What’s the matter? Is there something?”

When I say that, Serina turned her face to the side and hugged me close so that she doesn’t show her own face.

“I……um……have, a smell fetish”
“Smell fetish? Is that the one where you like nice smells and such?”
“Not nice smells……um……”

Serina who hems and haws. And then,

“I like, stinky smell”

she said.
I was slightly bewildered and my late was delayed; the face that drew close to me moved away and my eyes met with Serina, who turned unusually bright red.

“Wh, wh wh, when I say stinky, I’m not particularly talking about unpleasant smells, um, I mean I like the smell of people’s sweat and……um……stimulating, lewd smell”
“In other words, it means Serina also has a perverted kink like Eleanor, right?”
“Uu……uu! I’d like you to not lump me with Eleanor though……”
“You’re the same, right? You like the smell of sweat and lewd smell”

Serina who looks like she’s about to cry at any time.
Adorable. But, what’s ‘lewd smell’?
For example……. I stand up.

“The smell of this that’s in here, do you like it as well?”

Serina raises her upper body and looks about restlessly and hesitantly when I point to my crotch.

“So, Serina?”
“I, I like……it. I, like it, that stuffy stinky manly smell”
“What a pervert. In that case, want to try smelling it?”

I asked, and Serina nodded.
I leave it to her without lowering it by myself. Serina slowly places her hand on my pants.
She lowers my pants and lowers my underwear.
Thereupon, the penis that’s already rock hard and towering faced the sky before Serina’s eyes.
Serina, who saw that, turned her intoxicated eyes towards it and twitched her nose.

“Aah……I like, this smell……it’s packed with an indecent smell……from the tip until the base, aah……really, really, these two weeks, with just this smell, how much I’ve mastーーーn, no, it’s nothing”

She lets it slip by herself, and takes it back by herself.
However, I tug on those embarassing recollections that she took back.

“Did you perhaps, smelled the smell of the sex of Eleanor and me, and masturbated?”

Serina who opens her eyes wide in shock.

“Th, that’s……”
“If you hide it, I’ll shelve this”

When I step back so as to move my penis, which I discovered is Serina’s favourite smell, away, Serina again got on all fours and followed.
I couldn’t hold back laughing at that appearance that’s like that of a dog. Thereupon,

“Uu, uu……you’re mean. My, my body involuntarily reacts on its own”
“If that’s the case, answer honestly whether you masturbated or not”

I move my penis close to her, who became teary-eyed.
My penis that’s right by her side. Although I haven’t been that worried about the smell, I’ll be sad if I’m told that it stinks.
ーーSomehow, rather, I’m glad that it stinks, it’s probably because I discovered Serina’s perverted kink that I even end up thinking of that.

And then, she, who couldn’t bear with it anymore, honestly admits with teary eyes.

“I, I masturbatedd! I smell the smell of when the two of you have sex and masturbated numerous timess! ……I mean, it can’t be helped, can it. I sleep in the same bed after you two had sex, the smell comes into my nose even if I don’t want it to! My body just moves on its own when it becomes like thatーーI can’t bear with it! How was that, I properly admitted it, you don’t have any more complaints, right!?”

Although it’s slightly desperate, I thought that she who admitted it nevertheless was cute.

“Alright then, do you want to try feeling this smell inside your mouth?”

I ask, and her hand slowly moves closer towards my penis.

“I, can’t bear with it anymore……. Ah, it’s bigg. Furthermore, it’s hard. Is it not painful?”

Serina who gently engulfs the base and lightly start stroking.
I showed a gentle smile while stroking her head.

“Aah, it’s not painful. Here, come closer”
“Ye, yes……ah, something is coming out from the tip. It’s a transparent liquid……it’s coming out steadily when I stimulate it with my hand like this”

Serina was getting aroused by the thing that she’s seeing for the first time while staring at the Cowper’s fluid.
And then, in order to smell the transparent liquid’s smell, she moves the tip of her nose closer and snorts her nose twitchingly.

“Want to try licking it?”
“Yes……reroo. It has a smell, but it has no taste huh”
“Alright then, it’s about time I have you calm this fellow down with the inside of your mouth, alright?”

I say that and put my penis out front, and Serina swallows her saliva loudly.
And then as she licks her plump soft lips with her tongue, opens her mouth widely and invites my penis.

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