An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 41

The Thing That Is Wanted Along With The Beautiful Scenery 3

Serina holds my penis in her mouth with an enthralled expression.
Her tongue, that doesn’t know where to go, timidly touched the tip; she was stuffing her cheeks with my penis with her eyes wide opened.

“Nn……nnn, nn”

I don’t know what she’s saying, but Serina’s eyes, that stare upwards at me, are intoxicated and feels unusually erotic.
My lower body that’s blown by the night wind is cool, but the inside of Serina’s mouth is warm.
Her tongue touches the tip and the frenulum, and whenever she moves it slowly, my penis twitches in response.

“Serina, it feels good. Do you mind, if I sit down?”

I asked, and Serina nodded her head.
Hence, I sit as it is with my penis inserted in her mouth, spread my legs and receive the service of Serina, who went on all fours.

“Hold onto the base with your hands”

As she sucks in and indents her cheeks while holding onto the base with her hands, my penis that’s pressured by the warm and soft mucous membrane feels even better.
Her saliva is held inside her warm mouth and it makes the water sounds, ‘Juboo, Juboo’, when her soft and wet lips go past the corona.

“Serina, can you take it out once?”
“……Nn. Was it, no good? Did it not feel good?”
“No, I feel like licking Serina’s as well. Remove your bottom and straddle me, will you?”
“That means……”

Serina, who wiped the saliva that dripped from the corners of her mouth to her chin, gets embarrassed.

“We can stop if you don’t want to, you know? Stop what comes after, that is”
“I don’t want to stop. ……It’s just that, it’s embarrassing”
“Is that something a fellow who’s devouring someone’s penis deliciously without a care for the surroundings says?”
“Pl, please don’t say that. I couldn’t stop”
“Did it have a lewd smell?”

Serina stares fixedly at me while squinting, but she bashfully nods when she confirms that I’m laughing.

“Is that so. In that case, let me smell Serina’s lewd smell as well”
“Uu……you won’t say, that it’s dirty or whatnot?”
“Aah, I’ll keep it a secret even if it smells like pee”

I was smacked by a crimson-red face Serina when I say that.

“I’m actually bothered by such things so please stop it!”
“I said I’m sorry. Here, I won’t say anything so straddle me”

I pacify the sulky Serina and lie down.
Thereupon, Serina stands up. After undoing the buttons on her shorts and taking it off through her voluptuous thighs, she placed it on the grass.

“Erm……my panties, as well……?”
“What do you think?”

I ask, and Serina bashfully takes off her showy panties while groaning, 「Uu」.
I smiled, at Serina, whom I made to open the buttons on her white shirt, who has nothing hiding her lower half, and who hides her well-kept black pubic hair with her hands.

“Here, bring your aroused and soaked pussy close to my face, by yourself”
“Ge, geez……Egil-san, sure is lewd”
“We can stop if you don’t want to, you know?”
“…..I got it, geez”

Serina straddles my face while putting her hand on her mouth.
As she carries on to slowly lower her waist, her left and right flaps open gapingly as though to show her pink vaginal opening, and from her vaginal opening that hasn’t had a penis inserted in it before, transparent love juice that knows very well that Serina is feeling aroused is leaking.

“Serina, my face is going to be soaked if you leak this much, isn’t it?”
“Uu……pl, please don’t say it……nn aah!”

When I place my tongue on her pussy that leaks love juice, Serina quivers her body greatly, looks up to the sky and moans.

“As I thought, this place of Serina, it tastes a little of pee”

When I try teasing her slightly, Serina falls in front and starts licking my penis

“E, Egil-san’s, cock as well, smells of pee…….aren’t you, leaking it with the transparent juice from the tip”
“Nn, but you like that smell as well, right?”
“……Well, I like it though. Geez, Egil-san sure is lewd. ……Amuu. Nn ah, nnn”

Serina holds mine in her mouth; I lick Serina’s pussy.
Although the transparent secretion is slightly salty, that also, turned me on.
Hence, I peel the clitoris, that’s above the vaginal opening that glistens glossily with the love juice, shyly covered by the skin, and stimulate the umbo with the tip of my tongue.

“Nn, nnn…….yo, you can’tt. It feels good, theree, noo, aah!”

I feel Serina letting go of my penis from her mouth and falling onto my body when I flick it with the tip of my tongue.

“Hey, I won’t make you feel good if your fellatio stops, got it?”
“Nn no, oo……I’ll make, you feel goodd. So, so……do it, moree”

Serina, whose embarrassment has paled, shakes her waist by herself and seeks for the pleasure that my tongue gives.
Her mouth holds my penis; her pussy is being played with by my tongue. In response to such pleasure that she’s feeling for the first time, Serina doesn’t stop moaning.
Her high-pitched voice resounds by the quiet lake, but that voice of hers doesn’t stop.

“Nnn, nn ah!”
“I think it’s about time for me to play with this unopened hole as well”

I tease Serina’s clitoris with my tongue and bring my fingers to the vaginal hole that she’s twitching.

“I’ll put it in slowly since you’re a virgin”
“Ye, yes……nn aah, buu, butt……I masturbated too much so……um, the hole might’ve stretched……out”

Although it’s embarassing, she honestly and readily admitted the fact that she’s masturbated.
Love juice leaks out from her hole when I inserted my finger in, and when I inserted my finger in, it went into her sticky vaginal hole smoothly.

“Are you really a virgin? It looks like it’s going to go all the way inside, you know?”
“I, I’m, a virginn……I’ve still, not let anybody touch it beforee, just Egil-sann, anybody other than Egil-sann, and I’d hate itt, aah”
“In that case, explain to me why it goes in this smoothly, will you? Look, it took in one whole finger, you know?”

I lightly stimulate the pussy that swallowed my middle finger, and Serina placed her hands on my thighs and answered bluntly.

“It stretched out, after I masturbatedd! Noo, aaah……Egil-san’ss, aah, you can’tt, it feels goodd”
“You’re already gonna admit it bluntly huh?”
“Even if I hide it, it’s already, all exposed!”
“Well, yeah. However, I’ll spread it out even more with my penis afterwards. Here, it’s making splashing sounds, you know?”
“Noo, nooo, youu……you can’tt, you can’tt, make those soundss!”

Serina, in order to hold her own moans in, holds my penis in her mouth as far as she can, but her unceasing moans leak from her opened mouth, that indecent voice and warm breath arouse my penis even more and makes me want to spew my semen out.

“Serina……it’s about to come out. Can I let it out in your mouth?”
“Nn, nnn, let it outt……please let it outt!”

Serina moves her face even more vigorously.
Inside her mouth, which is filled with her own drool and my pre-cum, she’s slurpingly pleasuring my penis.

I’m aroused just from Serina, who usually has lovely and dignified looks, holding my penis in her mouth, and yet, when I think about how I’m going to pour semen deep inside her throat, I end up getting even more aroused just from the thought of that.

And then, she licks the tip with her tongue as though to entwine it, moves her face up and down, and at the same time, held onto the shaft with both hands and move them up and down as well.
As though to suck out the semen from the baseーーand thenーーI spewed everything out, inside Serina’s mouth.

“Aah, it’s coming outt!”
“Nn, nnn……nn ah……uu!? Nnn!”

I ejaculate deep into Serina’s throat vigorously, the semen that rises from the base to the tip.
Although she was surprised and let go of her hands, she didn’t let go of the penis from her mouth, I continue to ejaculate and she continues to receive the semen.

“Is it inside your mouth?”

When I finished letting everything out, Serina, who raised her upper body, moved away from me, expanded her cheeks and nodded.
While touching her cheeks that were expanded like that of a squirrel, I smirkingly ask.

“Will you drink it?”

Serina squints and swallowed loudly.
When she stuck her tongue out, she went,「Uhee」, appealed that there’s nothing, and made an expression of having drunk something bitter.

“……If I’m asked like that, I have no choice but to drink it, right”
“Did you hate it?”

I say while stroking her head, and Serina slowly shook her head.

“Egil-san’s smell fills up the inside of my mouth, carries on to go past my throat, and is in my stomach. It somewhat……feels, amazingly good”
“Is that so. In that case, shall the both of us feel good together next?”

Serina falls backwards loudly and hides her own vaginal opening with her hands.
I think there’s no longer anything to be embarrassed about though……. I move those hands away and open her closed legs.

“Say it if it hurts, alright?”
“I won’t say it. I mean, Egil-san is gentle, so I think you’ll stop if I said it”
“I won’t stop. I’ll just simply do it slowly”

When I place the tip of my penis on her wet vaginal opening, Serina, who has collapsed limply, embraced the base of my neck.
I felt the sensation of a pair of soft breasts and Serina kissed my cheek.

“In the beginning, let’s do it while hugging, please……?”
“Aah, but before that, let’s remove our tops, shall we. It’s probably better to be naked”

I take off my top, throw it away, and proceed to take off Serina’s shirt
Although the appearance of just the front being opened is also erotic, I guess both of us being naked is also nice.
We then hugged each other tightly and strongly.

“It’s mysterious huh. Even though the wind is cool, it’s warm when we do this”
“But if we do it more like this, you can become warmer, you know?”

I inserted the tip of my penis in from the vaginal opening, and Serina giggled.

“It’s not, warm, but, hot, right?”
“Yeah. Alright then, I’m putting it in”
“Ye, yes……aah, nn aah……it’s comingg, inn……it’ss, bigg. Egil-san’s cock iss, inside mee, noo, ahh”

‘Nucha, Nucha’1, I insert it in, and Serina moans with a high-pitched voice by my ear.
Each time I insert it in, Serina’s legs wrap around my waist and she also puts strength into her hands that wrap around my neck.
The inside of her vagina that clamps tightly is warm and soft. Each time my penis plunges forward, Serina’s insides pleasure me.
Her vaginal flesh feels so good that I’m about to finish just from thrusting in once, and then when I bear with that pleasure and insert it in, Serina whispers by my ear.

“Pl, please touchh, that place of mine”

I was told so I tried touching, and the red proof of her first time was staining my finger.

“……Here, I was able to prove that it’s my first time with this, right?”
“Nn, I’d believed you from the beginning though?”
“Eehー, it somewhat reeks of a lie”
“It’s true. More importantly, isn’t it painful?”

Serina’s legs are slightly trembling and blood is also coming out, but it doesn’t seem that painful from the atmosphere.

“Although blood is coming out, it’s not painful. I wonder if I masturbated too much?”
“It’s a good thing that you’re a pervert huh”
“Aah, how rudeーーaah! Ge, geez……uu! I’m still talkingg, and yet, if you suddenly move, it’s no goodd”

I heard a sweet voice from Serina when I slowly moved my hips.


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