An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 42

The Thing That Is Wanted Along With The Beautiful Scenery 4

I pant whenever I shove my penis into Serina and swing my hips.
My pants and Serina’s moans overlap; it feels like this place alone has a different atmosphere.

“……Isn’t it painful, Serina?”
“Nn, aah……itt, it’ss, finee! It, it feels, goodd”

I kiss Serina while holding her hands and entwining her fingers.
As our warm tongues intertwined and our breaths mingled, Serina and I instinctively and faithfully yearned for one another.

A single wild White Rabbit stares at us.

Serina, who would normally react, pays no attention to the White Rabbit; holds hands with me; her long eyelashes close from the pleasure; and her high-pitched moans that she has no intention to restrain become louder whenever I shove my hips all the way inside.

“Nn aah, aA……does it, feel goodd? Does my inside, feel goodd?”
“Aah, it feels good. It tightens whenever I move my hips. It’s like Serina’s pussy is saying that it won’t let me go”

When I convey what I thought as it is, Serina squeezes her legs that are wrapped around my waist even more.

“It doesn’t wantt, to let goo……aah, aah, ann……noo, the inside, the inside feels goodd”
“Is it here? Is this where it feels good?”

Serina who leaks a luscious voice from her half-opened mouth when I nudge the spot where the tip touches bit by bit.
She nods several times and puts strength into her fingers that are connected with mine.

“I love itt, I love it so muchh……Egil-san, I love youu so muchh!”
“I love you too, Serina!”

I answered her clearly as well when she’s overcome with emotion and confessed to me.
As we let go of each others’ hands and embrace each other, we have a feverish kiss that’s as though we’re licking each others’ lips.
I was stimulated by the vaginal insides of Serina, who raised her upper body, at a different spot from when she was lying down.

“Nn aah, Egil, sann……I, I can’t take it anymoree, I’m gonna go crazyy. It feels so good, that I, can no longer call Eleanor a pervertt! I, I’m gonna start wanting more!”
“If you want it then say you want it. There, what do you want?”

Serina who places both hands behind and supports her own body.
When I stroke her cheek while shoving my hips out, Serina licks my neck.

“Eveythingg! I want everythingg! Egil-san’s cock that makes me feel good, Egil-san’s kiss that reassures me, these massive chests, this lewd smell, I want all of itt!”

Serina who opens her mouth widely and looks up at the sky.
The more she exposes her own feelings, the warmer and softer the vaginal flesh that stimulates my penis becomes and it steadily pleasures my penis.

“Serina’s inside, it’s steadily tightening”
“Uu, uu……I’m, about to comee”

Unlike her moans, Serina softly announced that she’s about to climax.
So I speed up and help Serina with her first climax with a penis.

“Go ahead, come”
“Bu, butt, I’d like itt, together……together, I want to come togetherr”
“I want to enjoy it more. So you come first”

I said, and Serina nodded several times.
She then quivered and thrust her hips upwards.

“Aah, aah, aaah……coming, something’s comingg!”

Her slender waist trembles like she’s having convulsions; from her half-opened mouth, a loud moan that’s unlike those until now was emitted.

“aA, Haah, no noo, it’s coming out, it mustn’t come outt, fuaa, aANnn!”

When my penis came out from her pussy, from the vaginal opening of Serina, who thrusts her hips upwards using both arms as the pivot, a transparent fluid vigorously spurted out.
It’s tasteless and scentless, and then that which is transparent then flies straight up, and regardless of Serina’s intention, it covers me.


Serina, who’s breathing heavily and catching her breath, stared at me blushingly and immediately clung onto me when she caught her breath.

“Sor, sorry…I squirted, and covered you”
“This is squirting huh. Not even Eleanor has done this to me before”
“Ar, are you angry……?”

Serina who desperately wipes the fluid that she let out with her hand.
But I carry both her legs and make her straddle me.

“No way I’ll be angry, right. I’m happy that you properly came. Here, we’re going to continue”
“Ye, yess……this time, I’ll insert it from abovee……aah……my legs are shaking because I’m sensitive from having just came”

Serina who holds my penis with a backhand grip and guides it towards her inside.
Her pleasure after coming conveys from her trembling thighs. And then when I once again enter within, Serina opens her legs in a bowlegged manner and slowly moves her hips up and down.

“It’s going into Serina more smoothly than before”
“Nn, nn……Is it because it’s wet, I wonder……?”
“Probably. However, there”

I hold Serina’s hips and help Serina’s movements.

“Youu, you can’tt……if you do it that intensely, I can’t movee”

Serina, who placed her hands on my shoulder, stopped moving by herself when I help.

“Nn, as I thought, I have to be the one to move huh?”

When I said that, Serina bit down on her lower lip and lifted her hips.

“Ge, geez……please don’t bully me. If it’s being done so intensely to me, I cant movee”
“Is that so. In that case, shall we try a different position”
“Eh, different……eh? Egil-sann?

I entwine my hands around Serina’s thighs while we’re still connected and lift her.
Although Serina, who entwines both her arms around my neck and clings onto me, is timorous, I ignore it and walk towards the lake.

“It’s nice to do it inside the lake as well, right?”
“Ann……something like that, you can’tt. If, if you do something like that……from now on, whenever I enter this lake, I’ll remember the sex with Egil-sann”

It felt slightly cold when I enter the lake.
I enter one step after another; I submerge all the way to my abdomen and the spot where we’re connected is just faintly visible.

“Are you going masturbate whenever you wash your body?”

I asked, and Serina shyly answered upwards-looking eyes.

“Geez, Egil-san, you idiot……. In that case, if I feel like doing it, will you take responsibility for it?”
“Responsibility? How should I take responsibility? Like this!?”

When I lift Serina’s light body and take my penis in and out, waves of water splash.

“Will youu, will you do this to mee!? With your cock, will you calm my aroused bodyy!?”

It’s so cute, that yearning face of hers, that I felt like teasing her a bit.

“How do you say it when you’re asking your Goshujin-sama? Here, you want me to do it like this, rightt!?”
“Aah, annn……Wi, with Goshujin-sama’s cock, please make the slave me feel goodd! Please fill my lewd pussy, with Goshujin-sama’s cockk!”

I wonder if she’s erotic from the start, Serina. I heard her loud and clear pleading and was aroused by it.
And then, Serina brings her face close to my left chest.

“……Is it alright, if I leave a kiss markk?”
“Do you want to leave one?”

When I stopped my hips and asked, Serina laughed.

“……Ehehe, it’s my declaration of war to Eleanor. Am I, not allowed to?”
“It may be overwritten if it’s discovered, you know?”
“If Eleanor says she’ll also leave one, please tell her to leave it on the opposite side”
“If that’s the case, sure”
“Yay. Well then”

When Serina placed her lips on my left chest, she sucked with all her strength.
When a red mark showed up clearly, Serina, who saw that, smiled happily.

“Fufuu, I wonder what Eleanor who saw this will say. I’m looking forward to it”
“Even though you’re having sex with me, Eleanor is on your mind?”
“Eh, are you perhaps being jealous……?”

I move Serina’s light body and move my hips.

“Look here, who’s Serina’s number one?”
“Aah, aah, my number one iss, Egil-sann! It’s been decidedd!”
“In that case, instead of a kiss mark, can I leave a mark that remains inside your body?”
“Th, that means……”

Serina stares fixedly at me.

“……Will you, take responsibility?”
“Do you think that I won’t?”
“No, I don’t think so. Rather, I won’t go away even if you say that you won’t take responsibility thoughh”

Serina who smiles sweetly.
And then, we lightly kissed.

“Please give me Egil-san’s semen inside. I’m always ready, to bear Egil-san’s child”

I intensely attacked Serina.
It didn’t matter that I was cold from the lake, my body, it’s warm with the warmth that Serina’s pussy gives and our aroused body temperatures.

And when the time to end approached, Serina realised it immediately.

“Ah, ah……the cock is becoming bigger again! Th, that, that thing just now is going to come out huhh. It’s finee, please let it outt! Please, give me lots of the thick semenn”
“Aah, I’m going to let it out!”

I attack even more intensely.
When we embrace each other tightly, her soft breasts smashed onto me and that sensation felt extremely good.
And thenーーI spewed the semen out.

“Bear my child, Serina!”
“Yess, please make me Egil-san’s wifee! I want to get give birth to Goshujin-sama’s childd, aaah, fuaa……let it outt, let it out let it outt! Let out lots of semen, inside mee!”

I dropped Serina’s body all the way to the base and spewed it out into the deepest part.

“It, it’s comingg, aaan! It, it’s coming autt……Egil-san’s semen, lots are coming autt……”

As I throbbingly spew the semen out, Serina leaks a saccharine voice and clings onto me.
Whenever my penis pulses, Serina shakes her hips and resounds a lovely voice.

And when I finished letting it all out, we kissed while we’re still breathing heavily.
A gentle kiss. And then an intense kiss.
When we released our lips, Serina laughed for some reason.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, I just thought that I’m blissful. It’s unthinkable for the me from before”
“Are you scared of me even now?”

Serina shook her head.

“No, Egil-san alone is special. I mean, you’re our husband. Please always be by our side from now on, okay?”
“Aah, of course. I love both of you, so I won’t go away no matter what happens”
“I’m glad. In that case, let’s stay like this for a while more……the semen, I hope it doesn’t flow out”

Serina, who’s completely exhausted, whispered.
We kissed while we’re still connected and went out of the lake after a while.

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