An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 43

The Story That Started To Progress

“I am angry. I am furious since last night”

In order to head to the quest today as well, the three of us settle our breakfast inside the tent since early in the morning.
And since the morning, Eleanor blew up her cheeks and ate her bread; she’s obviously in a bad mood.

“……Didn’t Eleanor say to, ‘Please love Serina’?”
“It is not about that! Listen here, what I am angry about is, why, did you not have sex here!”

The three of us who sit in a triangle. It is quite an awkward atmosphere for me, who is sandwiched between the two of them.
Eleanor who sits on my right-hand side is like this since the morning. Serina, who sits to my left, strokes her belly and remarks while looking at Eleanor from the corner of her eyes.

“……What a pity. Egil-san and I had sex romantically”
“……It is different from the promise, is it not”
“I didn’t make a promise, right. It doesn’t concern Eleanor where I do it with Egil-san, right”
“It very much does. How lonely I was last night……Egil-sama!”
“Wh, what?”

I jump and straighten my back when she suddenly changes her target.

“Yesterday night, Egil-sama stole my fun”
“……What fun?”
“It’s a heart-throbbing fun, in which I secretly masturbate while watching you two have sex”

It’s a perverted way to have fun huh.
I want to ignore her, but her mood won’t get better if it carries on like this.

“I’m sorry about that. And, how can I get you to forgive me?”
“Tie Serina’s body with a rope, seal her movementsーーand show her our sex!”
“Huh!? I don’t want that!”

Serina who immediately objects. If it was yesterday, she’d have at least let Eleanor’s words slide though…….

“I’ll do it with Egil-sama today as well! Actually, um……since morning, I’ve been wanting to do it……. I bore with it so……to bear with it at night as well, it’s impossible”

In response to Serina who lightly touches her index fingers together repeatedly, Eleanor angrily turns towards the outside and rejects it.

“It is your punishment for monopolizing yesterday night!”

She then grabbed my hand and complained to me.

“Or, did Egil-san forget about me after having sex with Serina?”
“No way that’ll happen, right”
“In that case, in order, today is my turn, right!?”
“We, well……that’s how it’d be”

Eleanor looks at Serina.
And then the pink-haired girl stares at me with an extremely sorrowful-looking expression.

“I don’t……I don’t wanna. Let’s do it today as well. Heyy, Egil-san?”
“Please keep to the order! Otherwise, we will have a threesome!”
“Thr, threesome is a little……”
“If so, it is too bad but Serina will bear with it today. I do not particularly mind if you masturbate while watching”
“I don’t want that either! I, can’t come with masturbation anymore. It’s already impossible for me to come, unless it’s with Egil-san’s cock. It’s painful, Egil-san……”

Serina who snuggles up to me with a honeyed voice.

“It is a no even if you let out such a honeyed voice! Please keep to the order!”

Both of them were arguing without me.
What should I do. I wonder what should I do for this to settle.
A threesome, I am interested in it as a man.
With two women whom I love at the same time, it’s just the best, isn’t it.
But, at the end of the day, I wonder if I can satisfy them with my skills. I wonder if I can love them equally. Those are the questions.

And as I’m pondering, the tent’s door opened.

“……Erm, Egil-san. We’d like to depart soon”

I suppose the voices inside were probably audible even from the outside.
Hart looked around restlessly and said apologetically with his face slightly red.

“Aah, let’s go shall we”

I stand up and put on the robe.
Thereupon, the pair, who still haven’t come to a conclusion yet, started preparing while grumbling at each other.

“In any case, Serina will be on hold for today. Please sit down and wait”
“I’m not a dog! Rather, Eleanor had been doing it the entire time so it’s fine, isn’t it! Bear with it for at least a week!”
“A week!? It is obviously impossible, is it not! Mould will grow on my pussy!”
“It won’t grow! Are you stupid!”

I ignore such an argument and we head towards the Goliath Fortress today as well.

Both of them became taciturn as always when we join up with the Treasured Sword guild.
And today again as well, we subjugate the goblins from First Gate to Second Gate while strengthening our coordination with Treasured Sword.

It went rather smoothly. Well, I suppose Adventurers who can’t hold their own against goblins probably didn’t take on this quest.

However, the monsters that appear in this Goliath Fortress are weak.

It has been two days since we came here and the fact that it’s still only goblins that come out means that there are only goblins from First Gate until Second Gate; I guess if we don’t go further, the monsters’ strength won’t change.
If it’s under normal circumstances, a quest like this will finish in a week.

ーーHowever, the traitors, who are the reason why this quest doesn’t end easilyーーstarted making their moves on the second day.

We learned about it after the guild that was attacking a different gate returned.

All guilds’ members gather in the tent.

Eksvein, the leader of the guild that’s directly under the Kingdom, opened his mouth with a solemn countenance.

“I have a piece of sad news, the traitor has shown up again”

In response to Eksvein’s words, the surroundings become noisy.
As of now, there’s one person who isn’t in this tent.
Just Fabiola, the leader of the guild 《Flash Of Decapitation(Ruins・Sail)》 that’s composed of slaves, isn’t here.
His members, who are his comrades, are making perplexed faces.

And then, Eksvein continued talking.

“As you can tell from seeing, Fabiola was the one who was assaulted. I’d like to hear about the circumstances from the members”

As the female slaves nodded, they started talking about what happened.

“Fabiolsama and us, we entered from the Eastern Gate together with everybody from 《Panacea Box(Elix・Irbeth)》 and were subjugating the goblins from First Gate until Second Gate”

It’s the same, like us.

“And today as well, we were subjugating goblins without any problemsーーbut, it was on the way back. All of a sudden, a black mist occurred in the labyrinth zone”

A couple of people reacted to those words, but Eksvein responds curiously.

“Black mist? Is that a substance like that of a poison?”

Eksvein asked, and Relic, who looked around restlessly, answered.

“N, no……I think that mist is probably, a mist that merely worsens the field of vision. If there’s a poison effect, I think we, who were together, would also experience abnormality……”
“I see. And, what happened after that mist occurred?”

His eyes once again move to the female slaves.

“We huddled together at a nearby wall and waited for the mist to clear away. But all of a sudden, we heard Fabiolsama’s scream”
“A scream huh……he was assaulted at that time, right?”
“……By the time the mist cleared away, Fabiolsama has already collapsed and covered in blood”

It seems Fabiola is sleeping in their own tent and his consciousness has yet to return.

“Does it look like Fabiola will be able to make a comeback after he regains consciousness?”
“Uh, uhh……judging from the emergency treatment I did, I think it’s difficult for him to make a comeback considering the wound. I think it’s better to show it to a proper physician as soon as possible”

Relic says apologetically.
It looks like Relic’s guild members also have the same opinion. I suppose Relic and the others are probably proficient in the occupations that produce healing medicines and offensive medicines. If they say so then it’s correct.

And then the topic, it moved from Fabiola’s concern to the traitors’ true identity.

“Relic-san. Did everybody, who was invading the Eastern Gate, saw the appearance of the traitor who assaulted Fabiola?”

In response to Hart’s words, Relic shook his head.

“It’s unfortunate, but by the time the mist cleared away, Fabiolsan was already assaulted and has collapsed. There wasn’t anybody suspicious either”
“In that case, it’s obvious, right?”

It was the middle-aged Adventurer, Gale, who belongs to the same guild as Sana and Runa, who opened his mouth. He grins broadly, raising the corner of his mouth, and looks at Relic.

“Everybody other than you guys had formed pairs, and in addition to that, was attacking a different gate, you know? No matter how you think about it, the fellows who were together with that Fabiola fellow are the traitors, right?”
“Wha, it, it’s not us……”
“In that case, isn’t it those slaves-chan over there? If their owner dies, they can stop being slaves”
“It’s not us! Besides……as long as there’s the Slave Tool, we cannot escape from our owner……even so, why is it necessary for us to target our owner!?”
“Well, there are various reasons, aren’t there. In any case, you guys are the suspicious ones. Am I right, the Leader-san of this quest?”

Eksvein received Gale’s words and slowly nodded.

“If we consider the current circumstances, that’s how it’ll be……”
“Wait a minute, Eksvein-san!? It is not us……there, there has to be some way! A way to kill from a faraway locationーーthat’s right, there has to be a new type of occupation!”

Relic looked over at the surroundings, but nobody agreed to that opinion.
It’s because everybody understands, there’s no such convenient occupation, there’s no such thing such as a power that can assault somebody from a faraway location.

And then, if there’s such a convenient occupation…….

“If there is such a convenient occupation, that fellow is somebody who has acquired a characteristic occupation as an S Rank Adventurer. It is an existence, that is on a different level than us”

Levia says.
Abilities of a characteristic occupation, which is grace for becoming an S Rank Adventurer, isn’t made public.
Hence, my abilities, as well as other S Rank Adventurers’ abilities, there’s probably pretty much nobody who knows all about it.

Therefore, this incomprehensible way of assault, it may be the deed of an S Rank Adventurer. And thenーー.

“Being targeted by an S Rank Adventurer……there’s no way we can win, isn’t there!”

The leader of 《Sea Dragon’s DreamSerpent’s Dream》, that’s joining for the first time, raised his voice.
He’s probably scared. I can see his clenched fists trembling. Besides, the other groups as well, although they aren’t putting it in words, it looks like quite a number of them have the same opinion.

“It’s already late today. Tomorrow morning, let’s assemble here once more before we depart. We’ll decide the objective hereafter at that time. Is that alright?”

Eksvein asks everybody, and everyone nods and leaves the tent.

“Hart. Does the traitor always use black mist to target Adventurers?”

The four of us who returned to the tent.
I then asked Hart, and he slowly shook his head.

“No, they don’t. They always target when you’re alone. It’s different this time……”
“I see. In that case, the traitors might have accomplished their goal”
“Accomplished their goal, is it?”

Eleanor tilts her head.

“Well, this is my hunch though. Before we participate, they targeted the target when they’re alone, making sure to not expose their true identity. But this time, they attacked even though another guild was around. They obviously changed their method, and it appears to have become slightly forceful. So even if it’s not because they accomplished their goal, isn’t there some kind of reason that they changed their method?”
“A reason huh. I don’t know that reason, but does that mean that the probability that they’ll target us openly from now on is high?”
“Likely. So it’s better to be more vigilant of the surroundings from tomorrow onwards……besides”
“What’s the matter?”
“No, it’s nothing”

Black mist.
I know that this is an occupation’s ability and it bothers me slightly.
Besides, the moment the words ‘Black mist’ came out, a couple of people had strange reactions…….

“Ah, the White Rabbit came in again!”

Serina’s loud voice resounds inside the tent.
In front of her eyes, the White Rabbit, that is apparently living around here, was meekly standing by the entrance.

“I wonder if it’s the White Rabbit from that time. I’ll give you corn today as well so don’t run away”
“A White Rabbit, it’s rare huh”

Three people react and turn towards the entrance.
However, the White Rabbit started running and rushed straight at me.

“Uwaa, what’s with this fellow”

I was surprised and fell backwards.
As I’m thinking, ‘Did it suddenly become feral?’, the White Rabbit comes all the way beside my face and stares at me with its crimson eyes.

And thenーーit let out a soft voice

“……Come to the lake. Egil・Voltz”

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