An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 45

Origin Of The Mist

Next day morning.

When we arrived at the tent, which is the meeting place, everybody from 《Treasured Sword》 came out from the tent.

In their hands, they’re carrying their own baggage.

“Are you guys pulling out?”

Hart asked those who came out, and as the representative, Micaela answered with a bitter smile.

“Well, it’s because it’s unnecessary for us to go as far as to brave that much danger to continue this quest”
“Is, that so. Why did you come to this quest then?”
“As for our objective, we came because there were rumours that rare monsters appear at this Land of Death(Death Spot). If we obtain those materials, we might be able to create new weapons, was what we thought”
“Rare monsters? What’s that?”
“It’s the rumour of the Ogre Species’ inhabitation”
“Ogre Species, is it……?”

The three of us are listening to the pair’s conversation from behind.

Ogre Speciesーーalthough their appearances are close humans, both their height and width are larger than humans, their tough bodies are like steel, they are brutal and violent, and they have a belligerence attitude towards humans.

However, Hart, who had taken on this quest since some time ago, tilted his head.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing as the Ogres Species inhabiting this Goliath Fortress before and neither have I seen it before. In the first place, the monsters’ levels shouldn’t be that high though……?”
“Huh, is that so? Since there were eyewitness reports……in that case, they were false information huh”

Both of them were tilting their head, and their conversation immediately ended.
Hart and the others are friendlily giving each other farewell handshakes.
I was watching from a distance without going into the circle of men’s camaraderie.

And then, that also goes for Eleanor and Serina who stand beside me.

“……Egil-sama, is it fine? To not tell Hart-san what you heard yesterday”
“About what I heard, how much of it do you think I should tell Hart?”

Eleanor made a gloomy expression when I asked her back.

“……I suppose you are right. If what she said is true, it is hard to decide on how to tell Hart-san about it”
“Aah. Besides, I also want to avoid telling Hart what Fi said, have him be pointlessly disturbed, take some suspicious actions, and be noticed by traitors”
“In that case, it means we’ll carry on to keep it a secret, right?”

In response to Serina’s words, I nod.

In the end, what Fi saw happened at this Goliath Fortress was vague and I was unable to narrow down who the traitors are.

However, I somewhat understood the technique.
ーーBut, I only understood it somewhat, it’s not that I was able to conclude who’s behind it.

“Well then, it’s about time to go”

I told Hart, who wrapped up their camaraderie between men, and we entered the tent, which is the meeting place.

“ーーA lot of people remained huh”

When everybody gathered, Exvein, who wore a silver armour on his entire body, leaked a relieved voice.

I guess those who aren’t here are the ones who pulled out. If that’s the case then it’s the two guilds, Treasured Sword and Sea Dragon’s Dream(Serpent’s Dream) huh. And…….

“Are you, the only one from 《Flash of Decapitation(Ruins・Sail)》……?”

Who Exvein is looking at, is Fi who wraps her body in a black robe.

And then she, who’s expressionless, nodded,

“Everybody, is by Fabiola’s side”

and answered.

“You don’t have to?”
“I don’t”
“……Is that so”

In response to Fi’s blunt words, Exvein nodded and looked to the front.

All the respective guilds’ leaders sit on the chairs and the members stand behind their leaders.
I look at the leaders’ expressions while facing downwards, making sure I don’t expose my face.

They don’t seem very frightened.

Relic is pretty much the only one who’s coweringly making suspicious movements as usual.
Exvein was making a difficult expression, Levia was somehow laughing enjoyably, and Gale was being indifferent.

I don’t know since I’ve never talked to them much before, but these fellows’ thoughts are incomprehensible.
I don’t understand it; why they won’t pull out, and why they are here.

Even for me, I want to leave this place immediately if Eleanor and Hart’s cases are finished.
Even if we stay hereーーthere’s nothing to be gained.

Even if there’s something to be gained, it’s not something to go as far as to brave a huge risk to pursue.
What’s obtainable, isn’t proportionate to the necessary danger.

It really is a strange quest.

As I’m thinking of that, Exvein opened his mouth.

“It became difficult to group the guilds into pairs like yesterday since the number of guilds has decreased. I’d like to attack from one gate from now on butーー”
“Uh, can we stop with that plan already?”

The one who interrupted Exvein words was, Relic.

“I do not know about everybody else, but our objective, it is not particularly to clear this quest. So, we want to stop acting together already. Besides……it is dangerous. The traitor should still be, amongst us. So we want to stop acting together”

Levia, who was smiling, responses to those words.

“It is the same for us as well. Our objectives are different respectively. In that case, it is not particularly necessary to act together, no?”

I suppose Relic and Levia have other objectives.

Well, it applies to every quest, that the objective of those who take on this quest is not only to clear it. Like how the Treasured Sword’s lot, their objective was to subjugate the Ogre Species, which are rare monsters.

It’s ultimately not an infringement because it’s fine for the requester to not hand over the reward if they don’t clear the quest.
The quest is the 『bonus』and, not the『objective』. We also have the same opinion as the both of them.

“And besides. In you people’s guild, there is one person who is an A Rank Adventurer, right? In that case, at least try to protect yourself with your own strengthーーto pursue something even if it means braving the risk. That, is the existence known as an Adventurer, is it not?”

Levia’s words were the clincher.
Exvein, unable to even refute, complied to that opinion, and each of us ended up acting separately.


A new companion joined the four of us, who are heading towards the Goliath Fortress.

“Uh, Egil-san……why is a fellow from Fabiola’s around?”
“Aah, the truth isーー”

I explained simply to Hart, who’s taken aback by Fi’s addition.

About the fact that she became a companion.
About the fact that her occupation is more suited for support than battle.
About the fact that she’s able to control animals to see the other locations’ actions.

ーーAnd then, about the fact that she’s a suitable person to search for the traitor.

When I explain everything, Hart nodded several times and looked like he’s convinced in regards to her addition.

“Got it. I’ll welcome it if it increases the probability of being able to find the traitor. It’s just that……”

However, there are still things he wants to say even though he’s convinced.
Hart, who looks like he wants to say something, moves his eyes away from me.
From that expression, I somewhat sensed his feelings.

“Whether if Fi is the traitor, right?”
“……Sorry. I know full well that the probability of being able to find the traitor increases, but I don’t really trust others……”
“It’s fine for Hart to not trust her. Instead, I don’t mind if you suspect her”
“Eh? What does that mean……?”
“It means it’s fine for the three of you to not believe in Fi and be wary of her. In order to be able to deal with any unexpected situation, you guys put yourself first, and be suspicious of your surroundings”

I said, but Hart is still making a bewildered expression.
Thereupon, Eleanor giggles.

“In short, Egil wants to say,『I’m strong so I’ll believe in her, you guys are weak so be wary』”

Eleanor said words that’d ruin my image.

“Oi, Eleanor……”
“Oh, was I wrong?”
“……If you phrase it like that, it’s like I’m looking down on the three of you, isn’t it”
“But Egil-san. What you want to say, is something like that, right?”

This time, Serina interlocks her fingers and smirks at the back.

“I’ll trust her, but the three of you don’t have to trust her. Be wary”
“It’s true, but even Serina……”
“Haha, I understand. We shall be wary”

The three of them were convinced for some reason.
That wasn’t particularly my intention but……well, I guess it’s fine if they’re laughingly convinced with it.

From this point onwards, if what Fi was saying is true, it’ll be hard to protect the three of them.
I have to have the three of them protect themselvesーーand, I don’t want them to let their guards down.

I don’t know when the traitors will act again.
It’s likely, that the traitors will act by today for the sake of accomplishing their objective, is that I think though…….

“……Alright, we reached”

We reached the front of the gate.

And then, I guess it’s roughly the time the other guilds also arrived at the other gates.

We are at the Northen Gate.
At the Eastern Gate, it’s Panacea Box (Elix・Irbeth).
At the Southern Gate, it’s Felistina Chivalric Order and Fereril.
At the Western Gate, it’s Sunset’s Bond(Sunset’s Bond).

Aside from the two guilds that weren’t opposed to grouping with each other, Felistina Chivalric Order and Fereril, that Sana and Runa are in, everybody else is scattered about.
And the fact that we stopped travelling together, means that we’re not hiding our identities anymore. From here on out, we’ll pour all our strength into achieving the objective.

“Hart. We’re going to reach the Second Gate by today”
“Eh, got it. But by today, is it?”
“It’s easier to achieve our objective if we arrived at the Second Gate”
“What is that about?”

I was asked by Eleanor, who walks beside me while we’re following the red arrows that indicate the path to proceed, after passing through the First Gate.

“The First Gate is shaped like a labyrinth in this manner, right? It’s why we don’t come across the other lots that came in from the other gates; the passages are unconnected. However, from the Second Gate onwards, it’s shaped like a colosseum that all the gates are connected to”
“Huh, is that the location that’s mentioned previously, the location that’s said to have the residences of those who had lived inside the fortress a long time ago?”
“Aah, that’s right”

I nod and answer Serina’s question.
It’s our first time coming here, but Hart had said that he and the others came until the Second Gate before, so I’d asked for the information beforehand.

“Hence, so as to be able to deal with it immediately if something happens, it’s better for us to be at a spacious location. Besidesーーbefore the fellows who are Eleanor’s objective are killed by the traitor, Eleanor wants to meet and talk to them, right?”

I ask Eleanor, and I was smiled at sweetly.

“Eeh, I have something I want to ask for the last time”

A gentle smile like that of a Goddess.
But it feels ominous.

The chain of the past that’s binding Eleanor, it won’t release her.
Until she severs everything, Eleanor will probably carry on to be like this forever.
Hence, I can’t be letting it end with,『my childhood friends were killed by the traitor』.
Eleanor will talk to them properly, and perhapsーーit may end up with Eleanor ending it with her own hands.
But that’s also fine. If she can move forward, then even that is fine…….
Putting an end to the memories of the past. Bringing down the curtain on her resentful sentiments.
I want to let Eleanor take the first step forward towards a blissful tomorrow.

As one who loves herーー.

“In any case, we’ll head towards the Second Gate by today”
“I understand. ……oh, goblins huh. What do we do? What about the coordination and such?”

In front are three goblins.
Strengthening our coordination……I guess is, no longer necessary.

‘Kishaー’, they make voices of intimidation, but they don’t feel scary. As their bare feet make slapping sounds on the ground, they run over.

“No, our time is too precious to be bothering with small-fries. I’ll bury them in one attackーーInfinite Sword Dance(Endless Sword)”

1〇, no it’s 2〇 huh.
I bring my hand out in front and, like a trap, I materialize swords underfoot the path that the goblins are advancing.
Although swords are flying out from the stone on the ground, the goblins, that started running, charged at us without stopping.
‘Zusa, Zusa’, the swords stab them.

The swords that I can materialize infinitely as long as they don’t break, are effective against small-fries opponents and we also won’t waste our strength needlessly.

“Uwa, in one attack huh……”

By the time Hart leaked his surprised voice, the goblin skewers were already done.

“For goblins. It’s a waste to bother with the small-fries and use our strength”
“Somehow, because Egil-san is strong, it doesn’t look like we’ll have our turn here”

Serina makes a bitter smile boredly, and Eleanor answers back with a forced smile.

“Oh my, is it not a good thing that we do not have a turn? I am glad because when I overuse my power, I get dizzy from magic power exhaustion. Huh, but wait. ……If I collapse from magic power exhaustion, I can have Egil-sama piggyback me. It is dreadful, but well, I am nevertheless fine with that”
“……Why the hell, is it necessary to piggyback you. If you collapse from magic power exhaustion then we’ll just abandon you somewhere”

It began again. The pair’s mysterious quarrel.

“Oh my, Egil-sama is gentle to me, so I think he will not do such a thing, you know?”
“Egil-san won’t. But I will abandon you without hesitation. It’ll probably be blissful in various ways for the life hereafter that way after all”
“Muu, too bad. I am already doing the 『Lovey-Dovey Newly-Wed Life』. So what is awaiting Serina is just the 『Pitiful Lover Life』”
“Huh!? Why did I become the lover!? It’s not about who’s earlier or later, love isn’t that simple!”
“I do not want to be told about love by Serina, who was a virgin until recently! When it comes to loveーー”

Fi’s soft voice interrupted, the pair’s usual quarrel

“It began”

Fi’s flat voice, it entered my ears smoothly for some reason.
Hence, I immediately ran.

“We’re gonna quickly get through the Second Gate!”
“Eh, Egil-san!?”

Hart was making a disorientated voice, but Eleanor and Serina reacted immediately.

And then what’s surprising was, the fact that Fi is running beside me closely.

“You can run huh”
“……I’m used, to running away”
“I see. Andーーwhere did it appear?”

Fi answers after she closes her eyes like she’s diving into the animal’s sight.

“Eastern Gate”
“……Where the Relic fellow is huh”
“But, the other guilds are also strange”

Fi is just as usual.
Fear or enjoyment, she has no such feelings.
It just somehow, no, I might’ve felt like that because this situation is dangerous, but it feels like she’s just slightly more impatient than usual.

“I don’t know, but it’s strange”
“Is that so. And, is there any near us?”
“……I don’t know. Ah, the Southern Gate’s guild as well, made contact”

Southern Gate……Sana and Runa huh.

And then we finished running and opened the large and heavy Second Gate.
Dilapidated wooden houses are lining up in a row, facing the heart of this fortress, and I can tell that a large wall is encircling around the entirety of the interior from the Second Gate.
At a considerably distant location, gates, from which we could possibly join up with the lots that were advancing through the other gates, were visible.

And then, the Third Gate was visible when we got through the alleyways between the houses.
In front of that, a large castle that has been constructed before it became this monster’s den appears. Its size is oppressive, but because it’s dilapidated with the stone wall peeling and falling off here and there, I can tell that it’s not really comfortable to live in.

“Be wary of your surroundings. Both monsters’ footsteps, as well as humans’ footsteps”

We move away from the gate and stay wary of the surroundings.
And then in a soft voice, I ask Fi.

“……How are other fellows’ combat situations?”
“Their combat situations areーー”

Eleanor’s voice reverberates.

“Tsk, we’re also targeted huh”

A mist that appears out of nowhere.
It’s the same mist as the time when Fabiola was assaulted, and thenーー.

“Hart, do you recognize this mist?”

I asked Hart, before our sights become pitch black.
It was Hart who first reacted to the black mist at the camp area. I know that he recognizes this mist. But Hart, he didn’t try to touch on anything regarding this black mist after that.

However, from Hart’s current expression, along with his trembling voice, I can tell that he recognizes this mist.

“Th, this is……Dense Mist…..that, Leonard……was using”

It’s the power to produce a dense mist to delude the enemy’s sight. It’s the occupation that controls the weather to fightーーWeather Master (Element・Sorcery).
As I thought, this is an occupation’s power huh. And then,

“Leonard, is he still participating in this quest?”

And to that question, the reply that came after it became pitch black as far as the eyes can see, reached my ears.

“Leonard isーー”

A companion of my guildーーwho was killed by the traitor two weeks ago.

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