An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 47

Time To Put An End To Things

ーーIt has been, a long journey.

I was really, really.
waiting eagerly for this moment.

“There they are”

Egil-sama who muttered whisperingly.

Before my eyes is, a large-bodied monster.
It is apparently a monster called,『Ogre』, according to Egil-sama and Fi-san.

A stature that easily exceeded 2m.
Bulging muscles, along with a piece of cloth that is concealing its crotch.
Long human-like black hair along with a pair of pitch black eyes and a pair of sharp fangs.
It is not holding anything that can be called a weapon.

And those who are fighting against that ‘Ogre’ monster, are my childhood friends, Sunset’s Bond.

“Oi, what happened to you guys’ leader!?”
“Eh, reinforcements……? I, I’m glad. We got separated from Levia!”

Muslena, who has braided hair as she did in the past, conveyed to Egil-sama with a troubled expression.
Kurd, who wears spectacles, and Mordret, who is short and has red hair, looked over here for just an instant, and immediately moved their sights to the Ogre.
I suppose this is what, ‘at a disadvantage’, refers to.
I can tell that they are being pushed back. It is being conveyed over here from the three of them that they are saying that they want us to help.

ーーIf we do not save them here…….

“You three, we’re gonna lend a hand. ……Eleanor, you’ll be troubled even if it ends here, right?”

The hatred that is within me; it had been wishing for the death of the three of them.
However, Egil-sama, he considers my circumstances and says that to me.

If the three of them died in a way that does not involve me, I wonder if the story of nothing but perpetual hatred can end with that?

No. I will surely regret it.
We ought to save them hereーーbut,

“My apologies. I would like to preserve my magic power. I had expended it a little on our way here”

I declare that I will not be fighting.
If it was under normal circumstances, I think he would get mad and say to me, ‘what are you talking about’.
However, Egil-sama, he looked at me and nodded.

“I got it. I’ll be off then”
“……My apologies”

I apologise, and Serina, who is beside me, too,

“Egil-san. I will give it a miss here as well. In the coming eventuality, I want to help Eleanor”

said that.
I, who was looking down to hide my face, looked up slightly, and Serina, who likewise pulled her hood low over her eyes, looked at me and smiled pleasantly.

“Aah, I got it. Then……”
“I, can’t fight to begin with”
“……Is that so. Then the three of you will wait for me here”

Egil-sama ran off to save them.
Kurd asked, ‘What’s the matter with your other companions?’, but Egil-sama conveyed, ‘I’m the only vanguard, the three of them are the support’ and showed them his overwhelming strength.

However……as I thought, that Ogre is strange huh.

“You want to restrain your magic power’s consumption huh…… ‘Because I’m going to use it after this’, is what it means, right?”
“As I thought, you understood?”

Serina was smiling pleasantly.

My ability, it went up a bit since then.
However, those three continued to be Adventurers as well, so their abilities ought to have gone up as well.
My battle sense that diminished due to the period that I spent as a slaveーーmoreover, my magic power is still not to the extent that I can skillfully summon Saint Beasts.

I will expend it to my heart’s content hereafter, therefore, I cannot be using it here.

“It is fine, you know? Even if you do not go along with me”
“It’s because I don’t think Eleanor can win against those three, alright. I’ll help you as well”
“If I am not around, you will be able to monopolize Egil-sama, you know?”
“Even if I can monopolize him, if Eleanor isn’t around, neither Egil-san nor I will enjoy ourselves”
“……Is that so. But, I do not really want to, show the ugly side of me”
“It’s fine if it’s to me, isn’t it. I’m not Egil-san”
“……I guess, that is also true huh”

Thank you. Serina.

“And, what are we gonna do?”
“What do you mean what are we going to do?”
“From the back? From the front?”

She says some scary things for someone with an adorable face huh.

“Naturally, from the front. I have a little something that I want to ask as well after all”
“Humph, I see. And, you can’t fight?”

Serina spoke to Fi-san.
I had heard just a little bit of Fi-san’s circumstances from Egil-sama, but as I thought, she is a mysterious person.
An ice-like cold atmosphere, along with a pair of half-asleep eyes.

“If I’m told to fight, I’ll fight”

And a monotonous tone.
If I am to say it impolitely, she is a doll-like individual.

“I see, then will you lend me a hand?”
“I don’t mind. I won’t be of any help even if I follow Egil after all”
“You’re somewhat, gloomy, huh”
“Is that so? It may seem that way but I’m normal though. Well, it feels like the two of you are too cheerful despite being slaves”

with the words she muttered whisperingly, Serina stopped saying anything.
Slaves have some kind of trauma.
Serina who was androphobic. I who hide my emotions.
However, we were saved by that person from all that.

“It is because we encountered Egil-sama, that we could change”
“……Egil, is that good a person huh”
“Eeh, Egil-sama is our light. To our black-and-white world that lost its colours, Egil-sama painted lots of bright colours to it”
“What strange slaves and owner”
“Was your owner different, what was it……Fabiola, was it?”
“Fabiola is……”

It was as though Fi-san’s air, became even darker……it is difficult to tell, but that was how it felt.

“No, it isn’t limited to Fabiola, owners, they’re all the worst. Were the two of you only bought by Egil?”
“I was only bought by Egil-sama”
“I had a different owner……a worst owner”
“I see, then you understand, right? Owners, they’re all composed of the worst kind of people”
“In that case, why did you become something like a slave again?”

Serina was looking curious.

“I heard about it from Egil-san, you, you voluntarily became a slave, right? Is wanting to live in comfort and being reared really your only reason?”
“If there weren’t any decent owners, you wouldn’t think of something like wanting to be a slave, right? If it was me, I’d be running away. I’d rather die than to be a slave. And yet, why are you adamant on the position of a ‘slave’?”

It became quiet for a short while.
Sounds of Egil-sama and the others fighting were audible.
However, in just this space, a deadly silence continued.
And then, it felt like Fi-san smiled just a little.

“I might’ve, wanted to look for a good person. There’s just one person; I might’ve wanted to look for somebody who’s similar to my previous owner”
“……There was huh, somebody like that for you as well”
“There was. A small and blind owner. A child who taught me the cuteness of animals”
“……Why, did you split with that child?”

I think Serina and I have both somewhat discerned the reason.
However, I think Serina asked because she wanted to know about Fi-san even if it’s just a little bit.
And Fi-san too, answered without hiding.

“Killed. In the Spuhreel Continent’s Country of Demise”
“……I see. Country of Demise, it is considerably far huh”

I have heard before that there was a country with such a name in a faraway continent.
Because we did not establish a mutually cordial relation, they do not really enter this Fezelis Continent nor do we really enter the continent on the other side, so I do not know what kind of a place it is.

“It’s because I was originally from a small village in Sphureel Continent”
“In that case, is it for revenge or something that you’re so adamant on being a slave? Revenge on the fellow who killed your owner or something like that”
“No, it’s nothing like that. Nothing will change even if I take revenge. It’s something inevitable after all since wars are frequent there”
“Between humans?”

It sounds like a whole different world from this continent huh.
It is because something like a war, it has not taken place in several tens of years.

“In that case, is it solely to look for a good person, that you are still a slave?”
“Well, I’d also hate to work at this point in time though. I’mーーno, more importantly, it looks like it ended”

I return my sight to Egil-sama and the others, and indeed, it has ended.

“Well then, we will continue this conversation next time. Fi-san, let us talk lots from now on, alright? As slaves who have the same owner”
“I also, want to have tons of conversation. Can I, Fi?”
“Well, sure”

I wonder if she is feeling slightly embarrassed.
I thought that Fi-san, who pulled her hood low over her eyes, was cute.

And then, we walk to where the four of them are.

“Myー, you’re strong, aren’t you!”
“Eeh, eeh, very strong huh”
“There’s somebody this strong huh”

All three of them were drawing closer to Egil-sama.
It disgusts me. The way that they change.
If he was weak, they probably would not have reacted to that extent.

“I’ll go on ahead first……alright?”
“Eh, then we will also accompーー”

Myriads of swords emerged underfoot of Kurd, who said that.
It is to stop the three’s movements. And the three were opening their eyes widely in astonishment.

“You guys will remain here”
“‘Remain here’……you bastard! Why did you attack us! Oi!”

Mordret who swiftly changes his attitude.
It has not changed since the past huh; the gets angry immediately when something happens, short temper part.

“Erm, why is it……? Why, did we end in such a situation?”

Muslena was trembling at that time as well huh.
It was an attitude as though to say that she is doing it unwillingly huh.

“I wonder if you mean for us to go back like this. If that is the case, we will do just that. So may we……have you undo this?”

Kurd who calmly appeals.
His demeanour of wanting to show that he is intellectual is the same as ever. But I can tell that he is trembling.

“Return to me, without fail. All three of you together”

Egil-sama said and rushed on ahead.
A White Rabbit is running and following behind him.
I wonder if Fi-san made it chase after him. With this, we will be able to grasp Egil-sama’s position.

“Eeh, after we end everythingーーwe will return to your side without fail”

The swords disappear and their bodies become free.
Now, it is time to put an end to things. It is time to put an end to the enjoyable memories of the past, and the hateful memories of the past.

ーーFor the sake of walking the bright future with Egil-sama, and everybody.

“It has been a long time huh, the three of you”

When I throw off the robe and expose my face, the three of them were surprised with their eyes wide open.

“El, Eleanor……why, are you”
“Mordret, I am glad, you remembered me huh. I was sold to a slave trader by the three of you, but I came back safely, you know? Hey, Kurd as well, Muslena as well, please be happier”
“Eh, eh……is, is that so, Eleanor. I’m glad, huhh, ehehe”

Muslena laughed.
Kurd and Mordret as well.
I am about to go insane in wrath.
However, calm down…….
With a smile to the three of them,

“What’s so funny?”

They had gotten rid of the memories of the past huh.
The memories that they sold me off to a slave trader, the memories of my existence.
They have gotten rid of everything and are still assuming the name of that『Guild』huh.

“Sunset’s Bond. In the past, you were able to establish a guild even without an A Rank Adventurer, so we, who were weak, were also able to freely establish a guild huh. Over thereーーfrom the beautiful sunset that the four of us saw, we chose that guild name huh”
“E, Eleanor…..erm, that is”
“I shall have you guys let me put an end to everything. For my new blissful future’s sake”

I start my chant.
A chant that I need to attack. A chant that is to kill my old best friends.

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