An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 5

First Time With Eleanor 1

Eleanor’s right hand that is covered with bubble gently caresses my upper body.
Because I’m in a posture where I’m being hugged from behind, her warm breath reaches my ear with ease.

“Egil-sama’s body, it is very sturdy. These old wounds as well, they are manly and it is splendid”

Each time Eleanor sees my old wounds, she crawls her fingers on the wounds.

“Does Eleanor, like such a body?”
“Yes, I love it. ……This bulky chest, these thick arms, they are very splendid”
“Is, is that so……”

I asked it myself but I didn’t think she would answer to this extent so I got slightly embarrassed.
However, Eleanor is bold. Although the way she touches has a somewhat timid feeling……it’s unthinkable that she’s a virgin with this.

“Is Eleanor, um……used to saying those sorts of things?”
“What do you mean by, those sorts of things?”
“No, um, words that please a man and such……”

What’s this, the atmosphere became slightly tense.

“I am used to flattering a man, is that what you want to say?”
“No, that’s not it”

This is bad. I felt a killing intent.
When I turn around, I’m being stared at fixedly with a smile.

“Something like this, I do not say it to anyone except Egil-sama, alright? Besides, it came from the bottom of my heart. The fact that I thought this body is splendid”

I’m hugged from behind and I felt the sensation of the large breasts again.
But just a little, my reason became strange.

“……Kohon. Well then, how long are you going to be washing from behind. It’s about time to wash from……the front”
“Understood. You want me to wash the front, right”
“No, not particularly……”

Shit, she’s got hold of my weakness!
But it’s fine. With this, I can look at Eleanor’s face while I have her wash me.

peta, peta, peta
Eleanor’s footsteps pass through my right ear from behind and stop before my eyes.
Covering her large breasts with her left hand and placing a bath bucket and a sponge to wash the body in her right hand, Eleanor got on her knees and sat.

“It is, a little bit embarrassing huh……to be seen”
“Ah, aa”
“But since it is for the sake of servicing Egil-sama, I shall wash you like this”

Stretching her upper body, Eleanor’s right hand that held the sponge reaches out to my shoulder.
Her left hand held the bath towel on her chest down as it is. Nevertheless, because her face is in front of me, I’m several times more excited than being washed from behind.
And then the act of washing the body started. Gently caressing from chest to the abdomen, and it carries on as it is to caress the arm.

“Egil-sama, please slightly raise your hand”
“Like this?”
“Yes. How is it, does it feel good?”
“Aa, it feels good”

Eleanor who smiles sweetly with her eyes closed.
As I thought, she’s beautiful.
And she’s been staring at me with longing eyes since just now. In addition to that, there’s only a slight distance between us, when our faces are about to approach, she takes a little distance and her warm breath covers the tip of my nose.
This is……is she asking for a kiss? In that case, it’s fine even if I do it. right.
But if not…….

“……Egil-sama. I, prefer someone who is a little forceful. Even if they are usually gentle, when they are with just the girl, they manlily, forcefully, intensely, and a little roughly desire for the girl, that is my type of person……”

This is a request!?
As I thought, Eleanor is used to it!?
……No, it’s my fault for not being assertive huh.
To make her whose face is red and feeling embarrassed say it……

“……Ah, I gave you the chance to backtrack but, you dyon……you don’t need it huh”

This is bad, I bit myself even though I acted cool.
Eleanor opens her eyes for just an instant and she continues on as it is to give a gentle smile like that of Virgin Mary to me.

“Thank you for your consideration. However, I will not backtrack. Because I think, I already want to make love with Egil-sama”

I resolved myself at last.
I bring my hand to the back of her head, put my lips on top of her lips and embrace her closer.
The soft ‘punyu’ sensation, transmits from my lips to my entire body.
And then the bath towel that was covering Eleanor’s body dropped loudly onto the ground.

“Nchu……e, Egil, samaa……haaa”

While our lips are on top of each other, we move it slightly.
Is this fine? Is this correct!?
I don’t know but, Eleanor who closes her eyes and is accepting me was, making the face of a woman and her face is even redder than before.
I inevitably, bring my line of sight directly below.
That’s right, to the large breasts that are no longer hidden by the bath towel.

But at that momentーーmy eyes met with Eleanor’s.

“Do you like, large breasts?”
“We, well. I don’t hate it”

I love it!
I wanted to shout that out but, the ego of wanting to act cool was still remaining.
Thereupon, Eleanor separates from me and,

“Is it fine if I straddle on top?”

she asked me.
It’s impossible for me to refuse. So I place Eleanor atop my lap. And then she carries on as it is to bring both hands around my neck.
Eleanor’s secret part is very close to touching my erected penis.
If it touches with this……this is bad.

“Please touch freely. Egil-sama”
“I get it……”

When I touch her gently with both hands, her squishy breasts were softer than anything.
There’s nothing to compare. This is a sensation that I experienced for the first time.
And then in the middle of her soft breasts are beautiful pink areolas, over there are erected nipples.

“Eleanor, I’m going to lick it”

Before I got the permission from Eleanor who’s feeling it from being touched, I have already stuck my tongue out towards her right nipple.

“Fua……aAa, Nnn……Egil-sama, it feels, good, hyann”

If I roll her nipple with the tip of my tongue, her moans get even louder.

“E, Egil-sama……has plenty, of experience huh”
“You are terribly used to it. The way you touch, the way you lick……because it is my first time, something like this is my first time, nn!”

What do I do. Should I tell her honestly that I’m a virgin? But my dignity as a master is…….

“I’mーーa virgin!”
“Eh……aa, chu, fuaa, nnn”

I forcibly steal her lips and insert my tongue into Eleanor’s half-opened mouth.
I’m glad I had Gossendorf teach me by words how to do a deep kiss……even that sort of shady fellow is useful sometimes.

And when I take out my tongue, Eleanor who has intoxicated eyes,

“Then, it is the first time for the both of us huh”

was delighted.

“Aa, so I don’t know how to go about it……sorry”
“No, I am glad that I can have Egil-sama’s first time. Then……this frenzied thing as well, nobody has touched it, right?”

Eleanor who’s straddled on me moved her right hand to my penis that’s hidden by the towel.
I’m being touchedーーby Eleanor!

“Is it fine, to let me service you with all my might?”
“Pl, please do……”

I wonder if I can retain my dignity as a master as it goes on like this. I feel nothing but uneasiness.

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