An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 53

Choice As A Leader

“Was that person, the traitor?”
“Rather than ‘traitor’, she wasn’t an ally to begin with”
“To begin with? Erm, Egil-san, what’s that about?”

I explain to the five of them.
Levia’s matter and the matter from now on.
And all five of them reacted differently.

“In the world, something like that is going to take place huh……. Egil-sama, what will you do?”
“I haven’t decided yet. Or perhaps I should say, there’s not really anything I want to do. It’s just that……”
“It’s just that?”
“I want to protect those who care for me. Even if I can’t protect those around the world, I’ll protect those who are precious to me”

Eleanor thereupon smiled, ‘Fufu’, and said to me, ‘It is Egil-samlike huh’.
And then Serina,

“That’s the great part about him huh. It naturally includes us as well, right?”
“That’s a given, right?”
“I am glad to hear that”

and embraces my arm tightly.

“Ahaha, is it alright, for us to enter this circle?”
“Uh, I, wonder. I’m still, not used to that kind of relationship, so”
“……That goes for me as well”

The three of them, they don’t come out to the front as much as Eleanor and Serina.

“You three are precious to me as well so don’t worry about it”

I don’t intend to treat the five of them differently.

In the first place, in these 25 years that I’ve lived until now, I’ve never been popular amongst women before.
I’m happy to be liked by even a single person, and so, this current situation where I’m being surrounded by five beauties, I’m experiencing a blissfulness that I’ve not experienced before.

ーーBut on the other hand of feeling blissful, the uneasiness of whether it’s fine for it to be me and the doubt of whether the girls are truly blissful if I love the five of them simultaneously are born.

Is it blissful to be with me?

If I ask that,

it’s blissful.

, although I don’t know about Fiー, I suppose the four of them will surely answer that.
However, my past of being betrayed by my first love, it makes me uneasy. Is it their true feeling, or, is it that of a slave.
I may be mistaken to think about it that way. However, like how the girls have some kind of trauma, I have my trauma as well.

ーーI guess, I’m afraid of being betrayed.

“Oh, the rain stopped huh”

The rain that had been falling continuously stopped and the sun appeared from a gap in the cloudy sky.
It’s a beautiful sunset. I brush my wet hair backwards.

“If you’re together with me, from now on……will you be blissful?”

I probably know the answer that’ll come out.
However, I wanted to hear it from the girls’ mouths.
Thereupon, the five of them answered me clearly.

“Of course. Ever since the day I connected with Egil-sama, I have decided to follow Egil-sama for the rest of my life”
“Me too. When we did it by that lake, Egil-san told me that he’ll take responsibility, and ever since then, I have been thinking that I want to be by Egil-san’s side”
“……If you’ll rear me. Uh-uh, okay”
“Runa and me as well, we want Egil-san to let us be by his side! Isn’t that right, Runa”
“Yes, desu!”

The five of them said to me with smiles.
So I shall also resolve myself.

“I’ll protect all five of you no matter what happens. I want to protect the ones who are precious to me……although I still don’t know what I’ll protect you from, nevertheless, I want to protect you. So……concretely, well”

Huh, my words won’t come out for some reason.
Even though I want to clearly and manlily convey it to them.

All five of them are looking blankly.
Those expressions, they make me even more nervous.

“Not with the Slave Tools, um……”

I was laughed at by Eleanor.

“Even Egil-sama reacts like that huh”
“Well, even Iーー”

I’ll say something to hide my embarrassment.
The moment I thought of that, Eleanor’s lips piled onto my lips.
It’s a soft springy sensation.
Eleanor’s two arms coil around my neck and our clothes that were soaked by the rain stick together.

“We do not need anything concrete, you know? As long as we have those feelings, and these Slave Tools, that are proof that we are being bound by Egil-sama, we are satisfied”
“Hey, that’s crafty! What are you doing, suddenly kissing”

When she released me once and tried to pile her lips onto mine again, Serina let out a loud voice.
With her arms still wrapped around my neck, Eleanor sneered, ‘Funn’.

“Crafty? Good grief, I believe a man and woman’s relationship is first-come-first-serve. Serina does not have the aggressiveness huh. As I thought, Serina is going full speed down the mistress course huh”
“Like, I, saidd! I’ve told you that I’m not a mistress, didn’t I. Isn’t that right, Egil-san!?”

Serina who approaches me rapidly.
In response to her slightly scary expression, I nod multiple times.

“At that time, you did tell me that it’s fine even if I get pregnant”
“Ah, aahーー”

And then I was kissed by Serina this time around.
It’s a kiss that entangles our tongues. Although the air around is slightly cold, the tongue that enters within my mouth is warm and before I know it, I was embracing that slender hips strongly, desiring for more.

“Someーhow, we’re being overwhelmed by both of them huh”
“Wa, wawawa, that, that……”

While I’m being watched by the three of them, I kiss Eleanor and Serina alternately.

“Now then, what are we going to do from now on?”

After a while, I was asked by Eleanor.

“According to Levia’s story, it seems the world will change greatly from now on. I still don’t know how it’ll be, but I think we’ll surely be dragged into it as well”
“Us, as well?”
“Yeah. So in order to protect ourselves, we can’t carry on to be just Adventurers”

I told them that and, Fiー says whisperingly.

“……There are several Adventurers’ countries. Are you going to do the same thing as that?”
“As expected, Fiー is detailed about it huh. I think that’s the best approach to protect ourselves”
“Eh, does that mean that Egil-san will become a king?”
“‘King’, is slightly incorrect, Sana. It’s not that I want to rule a country in particular. Although I’ll get the ball rolling, I’m not the only one who’ll make it function as a country, other Adventurers will as well. In short, I was thinking, let’s make a country where Adventurers gather and protect each other”
“In order to protect oneself. However, where will you make it?”

Eleanor tilts her head.
If it’s a location then there’s one. A base that nobody owns.

“I thought of making it here, at the Goliath Fortress”
“At the Goliath Fortress? I think there is the spaciousness, but Egil-san, is it alright to use this place?”

Serina makes a curious look.

“Well, it’ll probably be alright. Almost all of the Adventurers’ countries around the world were born from locations that were occupied by monsters like this. So if we make this place the base and a large number of Adventurers live here, there’ll probably be nobody who’ll try to steal this location”
“This place is the base. It will be, our home huh. It is, a huge home”
“Wait a minute, Runa, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Egil-san is gonna be troubled, you know?”
“Ah, un. I’m, sorry”
“It doesn’t matter. But we have to first form a guild. So I guess we’ll first go back”

Even if I don’t become a king, there’s no Adventurer who’d think to make a country that a group of people, who didn’t form a guild created, their base.
So we’ll first make a guildーーwe can talk about the rest after that.

Hence, firstly, we left this Goliath Fortress behind us.

We went down the stairs and left the Goliath Fortress, that no longer has monsters.
On the way back, Eleanor, who walks beside me, says as she’s humming.

“By the way, did Egil-sama know? It seems that the title, ‘Guild’, originally meant ‘Family’”
“Is that so? It’s the first time I heard that”
“In that case, Eleanor, does that mean that these members become our family after we formed the guild?”

In response to Serina’s question, Eleanor gives a evil grin.

“Eeh, that is correct. It will be a splendid family where Egil-sama and I are spouses, and the others are mistresses”
“……Geez, how obstinate. In that case, the guild Egil-san makes is, a slave guild huh”
“Slave guild?”
“……But, both of them aren’t slaves”
“Ah, is that so. I’d thought that both of them are also slaves……ahaha, sorry”
“Ah, no, we also became slaves in name only. Isn’t that right, Runa”
“Ah, yes……Sana had said, it’d be great if we became slaves”
“……It feels like you’re taking slavery lightly……well, whatever”
“Slave guild huh”

Indeed, it’s exactly so.
Besides, they’re also family. I couldn’t put it in words in the end, but I shall firmly say it again next time.

Eleanor thereupon smiled while looking at the other four.

“Well then, shall we make the name of this guild,『Slave Only Harem Guild』?”
“Eh, so lame! Eleanor has no naming sense huh”
“Geez, it is a joーke. It is just an example”
“Isn’t your example too lame”

Both of them does their routine bickering.
Sana and Runa laugh at it; Fiー stares emotionlessly at it.

The girls who suffered trauma.

Eleanor who was made into a slave by her childhood friends.
Serina who was made into a slave and came to hate men.
Fiー who is always emotionless and does not expose what is inside her at all.
Sana and Runa who did not walk the path of ordinary lives.

A slave only guild.
I’m sure, it’s because I want to protect these girls, that these girls had gathered under me.

Levia hated God.
However, if the God or whatever really brought the five of them close to me, I’m slightly grateful to it.

As the girls are laughing, something inside my heart is being filled and saved.

We save, we’re saved; we need one another.

So in order to protect these girls who’re precious to me, I’ll construct a base where I can properly protect them.

That’s myーーthe desire to protect the weak, is my choice as a leader.

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