An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 57

Choice and Visitors

Upon hearing Fi’s『have people of a different continent live here 』talk, there’re several parts that I can agree.
It’s just that, it’s not like I’ve gone to all 4 continents before.

“If I’m not mistaken, is Spuhreel Continent the place that’s to the south after crossing the ocean?”
“Yeah. You’ve never gone there before?”
“I’ve not. In the first place, that place isn’t a continent where one can easily set foot in, isn’t it”

I’ve never set foot into another continent before. It’s because we don’t interfere with one another, put simply, it’s because we have ideologies that are akin to that of a different world respectively.

Long before I was born, wars were repeated occurrences and disputes were ceaseless around the world because of food issues and such. But ever since Fezelis Continent, where we currently are, is flooded with monsters, it stopped the disputes between humans and humans came to put in their efforts on monster subjugation. So humans no longer disputed amongst themselves.

ーーHowever, Spuhreel Continent didn’t become like that.

In that continent, disputes between humans are still ongoing.
Monsters too are in no small numbers. It would’ve been better for humans to cooperate and subjugate the monsters since the damages that monsters cause are massive.
But they don’t do that.
I think it’s because the humans there are greedier than those in this continent, many people steal from each other things such as food and money that are necessary to survive, that they don’t stop disputing amongst themselves.

A continent where barbarians live.
Is what it’s being referred. Interactions, entries and exits are all prohibited.

“It’s normally impossible to head to another continent. However, there’s a way to head to another continent. Like, how I’m here”
“Fiー, was originally from Spuhreel Continent?”
“Yeah. Various things happened, and I’m here”

I’m curious about those ‘various things’, but even after leaving a brief moment of silence, there’s no sign of her talking about those ‘various things’ to me.
It’s unnecessary to forcibly ask her about it huh.

I sigh, place both hands behind, and look up at the ceiling.

“……Even if I fret about it here, nothing will be resolved huh”

In a stalemate situation, just waiting isn’t going to resolve anything.
A new choice. It, might be what I need right now.

“I need time to consider. Not just me, everybody else as well”
“Uh-huh. Tell me when it’s time to go. I’ll go along”
“……You’re coming along?”
“Of course. You need somebody to lead the way, right?”
“Well, I’m thankful for that though……”

Traversing continents isn’t an easy matter. So I’m thankful that Fiー, who had lived there originally, is coming alongーーbut, how will it end up…….
Besides, I can’t leave the『Nameless Kingdom』 be immediately after creating it. It’d be great if I can come back immediately, but in a continent that I’ve never gone before, one that’s called the continent where the barbaric lives……I don’t know what will happen.

“As for now, I’ll try talking to everybody about it as well. They want to make this place nice to live in after all”
“Uh-huh, do that. But make sure this place doesn’t get stolen when you leave it be. Since there are a lot of people, who try to steal territories”
“Aah, thanks. Thinking about various things for me”
“It’s fine. It’s the place where I live after all, and I also know that Egil’s doing his best. ……rightt, Elizabeth”

Fiー says and once again holds Elizabeth’s both paws and swings her like jelly.
Although she’s usually emotionless, she thinks about various things and worries for me, so I’m sure she’s kind at her core.

Her personality of not showing her emotions, whether it’s her original personalityーーor perhaps, something happened and she became like that. I can’t ask the person herself that.

Since I think, there’s still just a small wall between us.

After parting from Fiー, I left for a town that’s close to the Nameless Kingdom and collected information.

Along with Gossendolf and Habrik.

“Other continents, huh……”

Us three men are boozing for the first time in ages when Gossendolf makes a grave-looking expression.
He touches his unkempt black hair, his shady expression becomes shadier, and how do I say this, he’s groaning ‘Nnー’ the entire time.

“You can’t really approve?”

When I ask,

“As an idea, I think it could be viable. It’s just that, when I take into consideration whether they’re people whom you can try heading over and talk to, and whether that information is accurate, I can’t approve it from the bottom of my heart”
“What Fiー told me?”
“But butー”

Habrik, the silky golden hair man who holds a small cask that’s filled with alcohol on his left hand and bites into a piece of bone-in meat, happily lavishes us with a cat-like smile.

“In all honesty, ain’t it bad if it carries on like this? Even if you get a large base, if there’s nobody who lives there, we can’t live there either. If you’re going to make some kind of move, I think it’s better to go for a big gamble”
“You……even Egil-sama knows that much at least. But there’s no guarantee that it’ll go well even if he rushed. You’re, way too positive”
“Eehー, Gossendolf is considering it too difficultly. You’re inflexible, way too inflexible ”

I ended up laughing slightly as I’m watching both of them argue back and forth noisily.

Both their opinions are correct.

I can’t imagine it going well even if I rush into a decision, having said that, it’s no different from now even if I don’t do anything.
Taking just the good parts of both opinions. I guess that’s the best.

It’s just that, as Habrik said, this choice is no more than a gamble.
In a continent that I’ve never gone before, to the people whom I’ve never spoken to before, I’m worried about things like whether they’ll listen to my request, in the first place, whether they’ll listen to me, and whether I’ll be attacked.
Although Fiー was saying that it’s her birthplace, I don’t know what kinds of people are awaiting.

Besides, leaving everybody behind and going is also…….

“Well, it’s Sir who decides”
“Exactly. What does Egil-sama want to do? ”

That’s right.

“I want to take action. Instead of carrying on like this waiting for the possibility that I don’t know will visit or not, I want to grab it with my own hands”

I told them that, and both of them grinned.

“In that case, you can do just that. We’ll be waiting in anticipation for your good news”
“We’ll protect the place where Egil-sama comes back to without fail so please don’t worry”
“You guys……”

Both of them said to me.
If that’s the case, I don’t have to worry about the 『Protect the Nameless Kingdom』that I should be concerned about.

“It’s a great help. I’ll come back immediately so I’ll leave the house-sitting to you guys”

Both of them nodded at me.

It’s late at night when I returned to the Nameless Kingdom.
Gossendolf and Habrik are in the Nameless Kingdom, we’re living in the empty houses that we took fancy to and we returned straight there.

As I thought, I’m not used to living in a massive place.

It suddenly came to my mind when I’m walking down the long corridor, in the middle of returning to my room. Now that I think of it, I’m not somebody of the status to live at such a place. I might be suited for camping outdoors and such.
So even if I walked down the corridor, opened the large room’s door, and entered the bedroom, the single room that’s silent as a grave felt awfully cold.

“Eleanor and Serina……are not around huh”

They aren’t here today even though they usually sleep in my room.
What’s the matter? How rare.
The room, where both of them are, that’s noisy with the pair’s incomprehensible quarrels every night, is silent as a grave today.

Kon Kon1.

But a sound immediately reverberates in the room.
The door that I came in from just now was knocked,
Is it Eleanor? Is it Serina?

when the rusty door’s metal fixtures squeaked and the door opened, the ones who showed their faces were Sana and Runa who wore different colour pyjamas.

“Welcome home, Egil-san”
“We, welcome back home, Egil-san”

A pair of twins with identical cream colour hair, is timidly sticking only their heads from the double door and looking at me.
Perhaps their expressions are slightly nervous, the pair’s eyes are moist and their cheeks feel mildly red.

“What’s the matter, both of you?”

It’s rare for both of them to visit my room in the middle of the night.
Immediately afterwards, Sana asked me,「Can we enter?」, so I nodded. Thereupon, both of them slowly entered.

Sana is wearing pink pyjamas.
Runa is wearing light blue pyjamas.

The pair who are about 14〇 in height still appear child-like. Although they waft a sweet aroma that comes after a shower, rather than sexiness, they have an adorableness that makes me want to pat their heads.

And when they approached near me,

“Thank you very much, for letting Okasan live in the building”
“Th, thank you, very much……”

both of them quickly bowed.

“Were you able to bring her here safely?”
“Uh-huh. Although she still won’t wake up, I’m glad we can live together”

Hearing those words, I pat the heads of both of them who smiles slightly gloomily.

“……Did your father, not return?”
“……That fellow, he wasn’t around. All of the savings were gone as well. I think he returned once and probably ran off with it”
“Is that so”

Although I don’t know what kind of a fellow, Gale・Feriril, the pair’s father, is, I thought he’s a rotten fellow upon hearing their stories.
It’s no good to go and assume with just one side’s opinion. Perhaps Gale had his reasoning as well……was what I had thought, but I understood that that’s not the case from the incident this time around.
He’s a genuine scum. I think the pair and their mother are finally liberated.

“Well, let’s forget about your father for the moment. More importantly, it’s not like your Okasan’s illness can’t be treated. So it’ll take time for her to wake up but the day will certainly come, so smile”
“Uh-huh, thank you. We’ll introduce Okasan to you when she wakes up”
“Introduce her, to you!”

When I smiled sweetly and agreeably replied,「Aah」, Sana lowered her head that’s looking upwards and made a soft trembling voice.

“So, today……”

When I ask her back, Sana and Runa’s faces became even redder.
Their faces, that became red like an apple, feels like they’re being tinged with a little bit of heat.
And then Sana,「To, to, tototo!」, while making such an ambiguous voice, reached both her hands out to my body and squeezed me.

“Todayy! Runa and I will be sleeping together with youu!”

And then Runa also squeezed me,

“We, we will sleep with youu!”

and made a mysterious oath to me.

Knocking soundsSqueaking sounds

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