An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 60

With The Twins 3

Sana’s tiny body. I insert my glans into her vaginal opening, and with my left hand, I caress Runa’s vaginal opening. Viscous love juice overflows from the two’s vaginas, and they clamp tightly on my penis and finger. And then, Sana leaked a slightly pained voice.


I tear the membrane, the proof of her first-time, with my glans, and carry on to slowly proceed deep inside.


Sana grabs the hand of Runa, who lies beside her, and squeezes with her strength.

“Are you alright?”

“U, un……it’s rather, painful huhh”

Sana said and smiled in pain.
However, pulling it out won’t do her any good.
I hit something wall-like when I thrust my penis in as far as it can go. Immediately after, unlike just now, Sana moaned sharply.

“Nn, aah……over there, feels goodd, maybee”

Although it’s bleeding, her vaginal opening, which contracted tightly with her labia, squirms like it’s alive.
As it is, while letting her catch her breath and get used to it, I thoroughly enjoy Runa’s insides with my fingers this time around.
Her numerous entwining creases. It feels slightly rough when I push it upwards with my fingers, and she, who’s usually docile, leaks a faint sweet voice as she blushes.

“Aah, nnn……this, aah”

While scrapping her insides with my ring finger and middle finger, I occasionally caress her erected clitoris.
In response to her very first pleasure, Runa twists her slender hips multiple times and takes in that pleasure.

Immediately after, Sana, who put her hand on her forehead,

“E, Egil……san, move”

“It’s not painful anymore?”

“Probably. I want, you to do it more”

Implored as such, I start thrusting my hips.

When her hot and soft vagina entwines tightly with the corona of the glans, Sana gives off a mild seductiveness, even with her child-like insides.
And Runa, who’s beside her, leaks a moan so loud that she can’t entirely suppress it.
I can tell that my penis is getting even more aroused while listening to the two’s differently-toned moans.

And after a while, I smile at Runa.

“It’s about time, I put it in Runa as well”

“Ah, yes……”

I suppose it’s not too good, to change their positions.

So I place Runa on top of Sana. It’s a posture where they stared at each other. And her tiny anus was visible from her butt crack.
While staring at me, the two of them bring their bodies close and embrace each other.
The two’s legs that entwined. I go in between their legs and, this time around, I start thrusting my penis, that’d been inside Sana, into Runa.
I stretched it with my fingers, but her’s is tight as well. When I thrust and spread the gapless space with my penis, Runa leans and collapses onto Sana.

“Nn aah! Yo, you, can’tt……thiss, aah nn!”

It doesn’t appear as painful as Sana. If anything, it seems that Runa is indulging in the pleasure.

“Sa, Sanaa, thiss, feels goodd”

“Aah, you can’t, Runa’s nipples, they’re rubbingg!”

The two’s bodies, that shake whenever I’m thrusting.
I guess Sana, who’s below, is feeling it as well whenever their breasts, that squash together, rub, she leaks her voice.
While caressing Runa’s smallish butt with one hand, I’m fondling Sana’s clitoris with my finger, and try pinching it once in a while.
Both of them, their bodies, illuminated by the starry sky while they’re hugging each other tightly, appear even more erotic.

I attack Runa in doggy-style position and attack Sana in missionary position.

Slowly, and gradually aggressively.

And when I was thoroughly enjoying the two of them alternately, I reached my limit.

“Runa, I’m about to let it out!”

“Let, let it out……eh, what, are you letting outt”

“How nice, Runa. Egil-san’s is gonna come out”

Sana, who seemed jealous, whispers by Runa’s ear.
Immediately afterwards, Runa, who hugs Sana tightly, turned her head around, to look at me,

“Go, aheadd! Please, let it outt!”

and said.
Sana told her what it’s about huh.
I aggressively attack Runa, and in her unopened vaginaーーat the cervix, that’s deep inside, I spew out the cloudy semen.

“It’s coming outt, it’s gonna come outt!”

“Aah, aah, aah……Egil-san’ss, is becoming bigger again……nn aah, it’ss, bigg! Aah!”

“It’s coming out!”

‘Paann!’, I slammed my hips onto her and carried on to spew it out in her deepest spot.
When she received all the semen, that’s spewed out over multiple intervals, Runa was feeling the semen inside her stomach while lightly moving her butt.

And when Runa fall sideways as it is, she directs her gaze at me while breathing heavily.

“……Ehehe, this, feels, good……ah, inside my stomach, somehow, it is moving”

She slowly closes her somnolent cream-coloured eyes. That expression looked blissful.

“Sana, hey. It’s your turn next, you know”

“U, un……uwaa, Egil-san’s, is still so big……what should I do?”

Inquired as such, I place Sana above my lap.
When Sana’s vagina smoothly and readily takes in my penis, I hold both her small legs and stand up.

“Ah, wai, Egil-sann!”

“Here, how about something like this?”

Pann, Pann, Pann!
when I thrust upwards at her smallish butt, Sana wrapped her hands around my neck and nibbled on my earlobe.

“Amuu, chu……aah, it feels goodd, nn aah……you can’tt, this is gonna reach all the way insidee! Wait, wait, Egil-sann”

“Does it feel good? Hey, move your hips by yourself as well”

When I say that, Sana tightens both her arms and skilfully uses her legs, accompanying the movements of my hips, that thrust upwards, she moves, pursuing pleasure on her own.

“Noo, noo, nooo! My bodyy, is floatingg……nnn, nn aah, Egil-sann, I’m, I’m already gonna comee!”

“Nn, you know what’s, ‘come’, huh?”

“I……I meann”

Sana, who moved her face away from my ear, stares at me blushingly.

“It’s because, I did it by myselff!”

Sana, who even revealed her embarrassing past, moans multiple times while shaking vertically.
I smile at such her.

“You did it by yourself huh, Sana sure is a pervert”

“Nn ahh, don’t say itt! Noo, it’s embarassingg!”

“Here, I’ll stop if you don’t say it, alright? What were you doing by yourself!?”

I let Sana down and starts thrusting from behind.
Sana, who places her hands on the bed and is being thrust from the back, answers embarrassedly in front of Runa.

“Byy, by myselff, I fiddled with my clitoriss……by myselff, I was inserting my fingers insidee!”

“Inside? Where’s, ‘inside’?”

“Aah, guuu……in, in my pussyy, I inserted my fingers into my pussy, and stirred aroundd!”

“Heh……so, compared to doing it by yourself, which one feels better!?”

When I grab both her hands and thrust my hips upwards intensely, Sana screams multiple times while leaking moans.

“Egil-san’ss! Egil-san’s cock feels goodd! When your cock thrusts all the way inside, the inside of my stomach tightenss!”

“What a perverted elder sister……hey, do you want me to let it out in the deepest part, where you love the most?”

“I, I wantt! I want it deep insidee! Let it out, Egil-san’s semen, let it outt!”

‘Pann Pann‘, when I slam into her intensely, Sana quivered her butt numerous times.
My desire to ejaculate then rose to the peak and I spewed it out in Sana’s deepest part.

“I’m letting it out! Everything inside Sana!”

“Aah, aah, aaah! Let it outt! I’m also coming, coming comingg, I’m gonna comee, aah, no nooーーI’m gonna go crazyy!”

‘Pann‘, when I slam into her, Sana bent her slim waist like a bow and climaxed.
Her inside tightens and pressures me, trying to wring out all of my semen.
When I spewed everything out, Sana collapsed on top of the bed as it is.

Runa, who laid her hand on the sweaty forehead of such Sana,

“Uwa, Sana, you’re sweating horribly”

“I, I meann. Something so intense, I’m gonna go crazyy”

Sana, who catches her breaths, stares at me.
Let’s rest. Was what I thought, but Runa stands up from the bed and hugs my body tightly.

“……Can I, do it, one more time?”

Asked with such upwards-looking eyes, there’s no way I can refuse.
I steal Runa’s lips and carry on to lift her smooth left leg.

“I’m sticking it in, Runa”

“Ye, yes!”

Love juice and semen drip from her thighs. I then insert it in one go, into Runa’s vagina, that thoroughly became a mould to take in my penis.

“Egil-san……I also, still want it”

As I was thrusting upwards inside Runa, I felt a plopping sensation from my back.
Sana’s nipples rub on my back. I embrace her head and bring it close,

“Can you wait for a little longer?”

“Un, I’ll be waiting”

Sana, who smiles sweetly. I then pleasure both of them alternately.

“ーーPeeking, isn’t a very commendable thing to do, you know?”

When I finished the sex with Sana and Runa and went out to cool down my mildly fevered body, Fi was outside.
Fi turns her head around while dangling her legs from the castle wall.

“……I, don’t know. White Rabbits are creatures that like to go to places that seem fun, so didn’t she went on her own accord?”

“I guess I’ll leave it at that”

I sit beside Fiー.
She was gazing at the distanced night sky the entire time.

“……It’s really like, everybody, isn’t slaves”

“Is that so? It might be because I myself didn’t think of them as slaves”

“……Weird master and slaves”

“Fiー, too, is one of them, right”

“……I, guess”

Fiー sorrowfully lets her light blue hair flutter in the wind.
And as soon as she looks at me, the emotionless her,

“……Leaving that aside, have you decided, who you’ll let accompany you to Spuhreel Continent?”

“Aah, kind of”

I’ll properly talk to everybody tomorrow, about what’s on my mind.

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