An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 6

First Time With Eleanor 2

Eleanor who once again knees and sits before me, looked at the penis that thrusts up at the towel and was dumbfounded with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“It……it is big, huh”
“Is it? I don’t know about it myself”
“The one I know is, about half the length and thickness of this”
“The one Eleanor knows?”

I felt something is off so I asked her and, Eleanor’s gaze that was facing the penis suddenly turned towards me and she went on to shake her head left and right vigorously.

“N, no! It is nothing!”
“It is nothing! Is, is it fine if I, look at it directly?”

It’s a forceful dodge of the question but……well, I shan’t delve too deeply into it here.
When I nodded, Eleanor cleared her throat and touched with both hands the penis that pushes the towel up.

“Th, this is……Egil-sama’s, um……cock, huh”

I got extremely aroused from her saying the name shyly.
And then she removed the towel and my penis pointed towards the sky.
About the thickness and length, I don’t know how is it since I don’t know about other guys but, judging from how surprised Eleanor was, I guess it’s quite amazing.

“Not only the body, even this part is sturdy huh. I cannot hold it with one hand”
“I, I wonder if it’s to that extent”
“……A virgin with this, I wonder if it is true?”
“I’m bothered about it so don’t ask. It’s true that I’m a virgin”
“Even though you possess such a frenzied thing……pero1”

Eh, she licked it!?
Eleanor licked the underside of my penis!?
Even though I was only licked, I was given such an intense pleasure that I looked up at the ceiling.

“Fufu, if you are feeling it childishly then I can believe you are a virgin huh”
“Are, are you making fun of me?”
“No, I am glad. That I can give Egil-sama……my Goshujin-sama2, pleasure for the first timeーーwell then, I shall give you your first-ever fellatio, alright. Hamu3”

, Eleanor who opens her mouth wide and holds the glans in her mouth.
The warm interior of her mouth slowly swallows my penis but, she looks slightly in pain.

“I……it is too big……nn, nnn”
“You don’t have to overdo it, okay?”

When she slides all the way to the middle of the rod and holds it in her mouth, Eleanor shakes her face left and right.

“I, I cannot, hold anymore inside……I, I am sorry”
“No, I’m satisfied that I can have you hold inside this much”
“Egil-sama. Well then……jubo, jubo, jubo4”

She moves her warm lips up and down slowly from the glans to the middle.
The place her jellylike soft lips crawled is slightly glistening with her saliva.
So I stood up and fixed my eyes on that erotic face.

“E, Egil-sama?”
“Hora, try showing me more erotic faces”
“Ye, yes”

Holding her saliva in her mouth, the sound of water echoes in the bathroom each time her lips go past the corona.
I stroke her sparkly golden hair as I look up at the ceiling and continue receiving Eleanor’s service.
It’s the best. She grabs the base with both hands and her face is moving together with her hands as well.
Although it feels slightly clumsy, it in some respects feels like she’s trying out various kinds of fellatio as well.
And then, the virgin me was unable to withstand even a couple of minutes of Eleanor’s fellatio.

“Eleanor, it’s about to come out”
“Nn, nn……let it out as it is, please”

Se, seriously.
It means to let it out inside her mouth, right.
Inside Eleanor’s mouthーーmy semen.
When I thought about that, I got unnecessarily aroused.
I hold down the back of her head and spew everything out deep inside Eleanor’s throat.

“I, it’s coming out, Eleanor!”
“Jubo, jubo……nn, nnn!? Nnnnn!”

Byuku, byuku byuku5!
I thought it’ll be tough so I tried to pull my penis out the moment I spewed it out but, Eleanor holds my penis down with her hand and didn’t let go.
She who continued to stroke with her hands and mouth with her eyes wide open to make me spew it all out, held the semen that was spewed out from my penis all in her mouth.

“Nn, nnn”

And when she lets go of my penis, she places the semen that I spewed out above her tongue and shows it to me.
White cloudy semen that drips from the tip of her tongue. And then Eleanor closed her mouth while holding that semen and looked up at the sky.


After she swallows it loudly, she goes on to stare at me with a blissful expression.

“Egil-sama’s semen……it is being caught in my throat”
“Are you alright?”
“Ye, yes……Did Egil-sama, feel good……?”
“Ah, aa. It felt extremely good”
“I am glad then. Well then”

Eleanor stands up and grabs my hand.

“Is it about time, we move to the bed? I got slightly dizzy”
“Is that so, I get it. Alright then, shall we go”
“Eh, Egil-sama!? Is, is this a princess carry?”
“You dislike it?”

I lift the light Eleanor up and carry her all the way to the bed.

“No, it was something I longed for. And so I, got happy unconsciously”
“Is that it. Alright then, shall we continue”
“Yes, Egil-sama”

After I laid Eleanor on top of the bed, I hesitated between two choices.
To insert it in as it is or, to caress her.
I can’t say that I’m skilful at caressing like Eleanorーーrather, I have no experience.
But to suddenly insert it in is……if it is really Eleanor’s first time, it’s better to let her get used to it slightly huh.

“O, open your crotch”
“Ye, yes……pl, please do not look too much”

When her glossy white legs opened, Eleanor’s pussy showed up and I leaked a delighted voice.
Labia on both sides. Pink vaginal opening. And above the vaginal opening is the clitoris that’s covered with skin.

“E, Egil-sama……if I am being looked at so thoroughly, it, it is embarassing”
“Aa, I’m sorry. Then I’ll move closer to look”
Eh……? Aa, nn aa! Yo, you ca, cannot. To lick such a placーーnn aa!”

I crawl my tongue between her labia and lick upwards.
Looking at her moaning as she covers her mouth with her hand, it looks like she’s feeling it with this.
So I peel the clitoris’ skin and stimulate the slightly puffed up bean with the tip of my tongue.

“Nn, nn aa……aann! Egil-samaa, you cannot, this feels good, over there, nn aa!”
“Does it feel good? Then, what about inside here?”

I gently insert my finger into her vagina.
It’s terribly tight. It’s hard to even put a single finger in.
From what I heard, it should be easier to put in though……she’s wet, right?
From Eleanor’s vaginal opening to her anus, her love juice is flowing non-stop.
In that case, it should go in though…….

“What is the matter……?”

To the perplexed me, Eleanor raises just her head looking worried.

“Sorry. As I thought, I don’t have experience so……”
“Egil-sama, can I have you hang over me and hug me tightly?”

With her crotch opened, Eleanor holds both hands out.
I hug her while making sure I hang over her and, Eleanor brings her mouth close to my ear.

“……It is my first time so, it is still tight. So please, spread my inside with Egil-sama’s fiendish cock. Please make my inside, the shape of Egil-sama’s cock”
“Does it not hurt?”
“Ee, I think if it is such a fiendish cock then surely, it will be terribly painful. But it is my first time so, I also want to experience that pain as well. So like this……go ahead”

I was told that so I press the tip of my penis on the vaginal opening that I had inserted my finger into until just now.

“It’s fine, right?”

When I ask that, she puts her strength into her arms that are wrapped around my neck.
I guess it’s because I looked like I’m shocked that Eleanor tried to gently receive me. But I think that she who is receiving, is the most afraid.

So, I kissed Eleanor.
Eleanor accepts my tongue and entwines it by herself as well.

“Eleanor, I love you”
“Egil-sama, I am happy. I love you too”
“I’m putting it in!”
“Ye, yes! Pl, please come! Nn, nn aa…… it, is big……Egil-sama’s big cock iss, insidee, nn aaa!”

My penis shoves into her tight insides.
When I embrace her head, both Eleanor’s legs wrap around my waist and she receives me in.
My glans fits tightly into her vaginal opening, when I go on to insert it even deeper, Eleanor puts her strength into her entire body.

“ーーAh, AAaaa! Ou, ouch! It hurts!”

When my penis enters all the way to the middle, Eleanor lets out a shriek while making a painful expression.
And then I move my gaze to Eleanor’s pussy and, from inside, the red proof of her first time was flowing out.

Onomatopoeia for lickingMasterOnomatopoeia for play biting, eating, nibblingOnomatopoeia for the fellatio soundOnomatopoeia for ejaculation

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