An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 7

First Time With Eleanor 3

“Are you alright, Eleanor?”

I looked at Eleanor who’s in pain and tried to take out the penis that went into her. But,

“Please do not take it out. I am alright so……ple, please, continue on all the way in”
“Fufu, if you are to look that worried, it will be a waste of your manly face, you know? If you worry for me then please insert it all the way in and talk to me while we are connected”

Although it’s just a little, Eleanor’s forehead is sweating.
So I thrust it in deeper and deeper just as she wishes.
My penis shoves into her vagina and Eleanor puts strength into her fingers firmly on the flesh on my back.

And then when the tip was inserted in and knocked at the deepest part of Eleanor’s vagina, Eleanor desperately made a smile even while she’s having a painful expression.

“With this, am I able to have you believe that, I am a virgin?”

I smile at her while patting her head.

“Aa, you were a genuine virgin. A fairly lewd virgin”
“Geez, Egil-sama sure is rude huh. Or, do you dislike an indecent woman?”
“No. I don’t particularly dislike it”
“So, do you like it?”
“That’s of course, there is no man who dislikes a lewd woman. But I didn’t imagine that the Kingdom’s Princess was lewd”
“Ara, it is unexpected huh. Did Egil-sama not think that women are not indecent living things?”
“Well, I suppose so if it’s in comparison to men?”
“That is a mistake. Like how men are indecent, women are indecent as well. They like to have sex with and be desired by the person they love, you know?”
“Is that so. Then is Eleanor a lewd woman who likes something like this being done to her?”

When I ask laughingly, Eleanor answers while slightly giving out an adult’s sex appeal.

“Ee, I am an indecent woman. I am a woman so indecent that I have no desire to remove Egil-sama’s big cock even though it hurts when it is shoved into me”
“That’s a pervert”
“Fufu, Well then, you can move any time now, you know?”
“You’re already, alright?”
“Yes. It might still be a little painful but, Egil-sama’s posture looks tough so……but slowly, please”
“I got it, but say it if you want to stop”
“Understood. And then, if possible, in the beginning, I would like to do it while kissing please”

Answering Eleanor’s request, I move my hips as I entwine our tongues.
Her face stiffens when I move my hips slowly but, perhaps the hugging of my body tightly and the kiss of us desiring each other are alleviating the pain, Eleanor’s shrieks are becoming sweet moans bit by bit.

“Aa, aa, nn aa! Egil, samaa……a!”
“Is it still painful?”
“A, a little but……nn aa, bu, but, half of it has become, pleasurablee. Being, thrust inside knockingly feels……extremely, goodd”
“Like this?”

I knocked on the deepest spot where my penis can enter several times and Eleanor nodded several times as well.
So when I focus and torment that spot, Eleanor who’s hugging me lets out loud luscious voice by my ear.

“Egil-samaa! It, it is alright to do it more intensely!”
“It is? Is it not painful?”
“It feels good! Exceeding the painn, it feels, extremely goodd! More, I want moree”
“Then, I’ll do it more intensely”

When I hold both her legs and swing my hips intensely, Eleanor stops hugging my body and limply abandon herself to the pleasure.
Blood is no longer coming out. Instead, the glans of my penis is scraping out the love juice inside Eleanor and the sheets are soaking wet.

“Aa, aa, aann! Amazingg, thiss, is amazingg! Egil-samaa, Egil-samaaa!”
“I feel good as well! Eleanor’s insides are tightening on my penis!”
“Nn, nn aa, haa, it does not want to let go! Something that feels this good, I am alreadyーーaa nn, no, somethingg, is comingg, Egil-samaa, no!”

While Eleanor is putting strength into her hands that are grabbing the sheets, she is letting out moans that are tasting only pleasure and not a shred of pain.
I hug Eleanor’s upper body closer and convey to her that I’m at my limit.

“Eleanorr, it’s about to come out! I’m going to let it out, like this!”
“Nn, nn aa, E, Egil-samaa! Does that mean, you are letting it out insidee!?”
“Aa, do you dislike it!? I’ll let it out outside if you dislike it!?”

She who I hugged closer to me, stared at me fixedly and shook her head strongly.

“Let it out, please let it out! Egil-sama’s thick semen from before, please let it out inside me! I am also, I am also about to come!”
“Eleanorr, I’m letting it out, I’m letting everything out inside!”

I went on the last spurt and spewed everything out inside Eleanor.

“Kuaa, it’s, it’s coming outtーーaa!”
“Noo, I going to comee, even though it is my first timee, I going to comee! nn, nn aaーーaaa, it is coming……out. Nn aa, noo, inside, the semen is, no nooーーcomingg, comingg, I am comming!”

The moment I ejaculated, Eleanor thrust her hips upwards several times.
Her slender waist that moves as though her body is reacting by itself, and then to the blissful and slightly slovenly lewd face that I’ve never seen before until now, my arousal reached its climax.

“My stomach, is filled……”

The semen is still spewing out.
As the both of us are breathing heavily at each other, I let Eleanor’s upper body that I was holding, down onto the bed slowly.

“Haa, haa, haa……Egil-sama. Kiss, can I have a kiss?”
“Aa. Then, stick out your tongue.”
“Yess, like this? Aa……reroo, chupaa”

While laying our bodies that became sloppy with sweat on top of each other, our tongues are moving so vigorously that we are licking each other’s lips.

“I, let it out inside huh”
“Yes……inside of me is pleーnty of Egil-sama’s semen. Could it be, you are regretting?”
“No, I didn’t regret. What about Eleanor?”
“Of course not. Besides, I said it, right? I am Egil-sama’s slave. No matter what happens, I will not leave Egil-sama’s side. So if I get pregnant, I shall have you let me give birth to it.”
“Aa, I’ll bring it up so don’t worry. But a ‘slave wife’, it’s an odd feeling”
“Is that so? A peculiar married couple might be interesting though?”

Eleanor who giggled. I take my penis out after lightly kissing her and, from her pussy that’s slightly swollen red, the semen that I had spewed out overflows.

I lie down beside Eleanor and turn her face over here.

“We have to enter the bath again later”
“That is right. But……we may have to enter the bath again soon afterwards though?”
“Nn, why?”
“Fufu, if we enter together, you will desire for me intensely again, right? Then, we will be drenched in sweat and this place of mine here will be filled with Egil-sama’s semen again”

Eleanor giggles as she points at her own pussy.

“In that case, we’ll never get to sleep, right?”
“We will sleep when we get exhausted. Is that not fine?”
“Well, I suppose that’s also fine”
“Yes. Well then, Goshujin-sama1, can I have you princess-carry me all the way to the bathroom?”
“A slave who works her master to the bone huh”
“Fufu, I will give you service in the bathroom so do not worry……besides, my body will not move because Egil-sama did it intensely. Please take responsibility. For this bodyーーfor the life hereafter as well”

A smile came up to my face involuntarily when I see her smile impishly.
So I embrace the slave who’s lying down and bring her all the way to the bathroom.

“Princess, does it look like your life from now on will be blissful?”
“Yes, of course. ……It is, already very blissful”

I think that those words from Eleanor who smiles, are words from the bottom of her heart.


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