An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild / An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild Chapter 9

Eleanor’s Shopping And……

“If I am not wrong, it is in this vicinity……”

Since I am hiding the slave tool properly, there should not be anyone who thinks that I am a slave.
However, I do feel scrutinizing and unpleasant gazes. And in addition to that, they are only from men. I am used to these gazes so I pay it no mind.

“There it is!”

I leaked out a delighted voice as I looked up at the store’s signboard.
This place is a bookstore. There are a handful of customers. It cannot be helped, it is embarrassing but I shall purchase it.
I went into the store.


Guu, it is a sullen old man1who is tending the shop……even though it was a plump old lady2 when I had Otou-sama3 and Okasama4 bring me here previously.
But I will not lose. This is also for Egil-sama’s sake.
I head towards the deserted corner.

“There it is!”

I easily found what I was searching for by the front cover!
The drawing of a slender woman sitting on the lap of a large build man with a massive chest while they are connected as she sticks her tongue out lewdly.

『The young lady who was made love to by a brawny knight is made to come over and over again 3』

Volume 3……. Next to it isーー.

“Vo, volume 4 is also out huh!”

I knew that Volume 3 was released but, to think that even Volume 4 was released. I did not know about it at all.

At that is left is to endure being looked at lewdly by the old man who is tending the store and purchase these two books…….
Endure it. Endure it, Eleanor!

“Pl, please……”

When I placed the books before his eyes, it felt a little bit like the space between the two of us stopped moving but, it is probably my imagination.



No, it is not my imagination!? Please quickly let me pay!
When I thought that and raised my lowered face, the old man was looking at me lewdly.

And thenーーI realised something.

This person, he is doing his best to put his strength into his chest!?
Even though he does not have that much muscle, he is strangely sticking his chest out…….
Could it be…….

“Little miss, something like this, you like it, right?”
“Aa, aaa……”

‘piku’5, ‘piku’, the old man who makes his nonexistent chest react.
So I slammed the payment onto the table,

“My, my master’s is more amazing!”

said that and ran off.
Naturally, I received the merchandise and left the payment so, this is not thievery.
But, but…….

“Kuuu, it feels a little bit like I was defiled!”

I do not understand but, it was like I was violated by that old man’s eyes.
I shall quickly head back and have Egil-sama make love to me and erase it. Good grief.

“But I was able to purchase it. Fufu, fufufuu”

If I remember correctly, in Volume 2, it ended with the heroine Anna being thrust intensely by Captain Hubert of the Chivalric Order from behind and creampied. Then this time is…….
I checked the back cover and wiped my saliva that came out a little.

“Volume 3’s summary is…….”

Anna who experienced her first creampie. From that day onwards, she feels something is off inside her stomach, be it asleep or awake, all she thinks about is the intense night with Hubert.
And then on the night where everybody in the castle was asleep, Anna headed towards Hubert’s bedroom.

ーーOnce more, please ravish me.

Saying that to Hubert who was sleeping in the room that slightly reeks of sweat, Anna pushed down Hubert who has a huge physique like that of a beast.
She willingly gave a titjob to the fiendish penis and longed for it lewdly.
And then Anna realises. That she has fallen for Hubert’s large manly bodyーーand then the both of them indulged in each other until morning without sleeping…….

“Th, this is great! As expected of Author-sama, they understand huh. A situation where Anna, who did not understand her own feelings and hated being violated at first, desires for Hubert by herself. And then indulging in sex until morning without sleeping!”

Aa, as I thought, this author called Lione-san is magnificent huh. I want to slowly talk to them for once. If it is a woman, I think she surely has the same fetishes as me.

“As I thought, a man with a broad, manly body is the best huh”

Un un. That gives it a high score huh.
I want to quickly head back and look at the contents.

“However, it will be bad if Egil-sama finds out that I read something like this huh”

Looking at the sex inside the story and getting aroused. It will be embarassing if that was found out.
Therefore I want to keep it a secret but, it seems Egil-sama thinks that I am experienced.

“But, I cannot say something like I studied on lewd knowledge with this book……”

Four years ago, I who was being locked up in the room like a hothouse flower, encountered this book at the bookstore that I was brought along to by Otou-sama and Okasama.
I thought it was disgusting at first. Such a story where a woman is being violated by a man……was what I thought.
But when I try reading it seriously, it was a fateful encounter where they are both attracted to each other.
Hubert who was yearning for Anna the whole time. Anna who was longing for a man with a manly body.
And then, I read all the other works of the Author-sama of this work, Lione-san.
Most of it is about having sex with a brawny man. Even though that is all there is to it, I became a captive of this Author-sama.
ーーBy a brawny man, I want to be violated intensely.
But even though I say ‘violated’, there is the good kind of violated and the bad kind of violated.
The bad kind of violated is, to be violated by someone who I am completely unable to have any fondness for. I came across it in a book before but, I wonder why after being violated by the guy that they do not like, they come to like the guy afterwards? Such a thing like falling in love with the cock……I cannot comprehend at all.
And then the good kind violated is, to be forcibly and yet intensely desired by the person I like.
Last night, my crotch was slightly hurt by my first ever sex. However, Egil-sama entered my insides. His big and hard cock penetrated all the way deep inside me.
However, I did not think nor say something like, ‘It hurts so stop it!’. Instead, I wanted to say, ‘Do it more roughly!’

I think that I undoubtedly love being violated by the person I like.

“I want him to slap my butt with all his strength. I want my hands and legs to be tied. Even if I am exhausted, I want his cock to be inserted into me the whole time. But……I wonder if Egil-sama will be turned off if I said that”

I wonder if he will accept my fetishes.

“……However, I am a slave. Fufu”

The ring of ‘slave’ is fantastic.
Unable to go against my master’s orders no matter what.
Even if his cock is crammed all the way into my throat, even if I am blindfolded and have his cock thrust into me from behind, even if I am violated against my will even though I am worn out after coming, I cannot complain no matter what.
ーーAa, I want to be given cruel orders!


As I place my hand on my red cheeks while wriggling my hips, I was being looked at by passersby with strange eyes.

“Bit by bit, I shall train my Goshujin-sama6 into a sadistic Goshujin-sama”

In order to be trained one day……now, I shall train Egil-sama.
For the sake of that, I hurriedly leave this place.

“I shall quickly buy the ingredients for lunch and head back. I am going to treat Egil-sama to my home cooking”

I cannot cook but, I think it will work out somehow with love.

And I arrived at a store that is selling lots of ingredients.
I wonder what I should make.

“I should have asked what Egil-sama likes to eat huh”

I am slightly troubled because I am shopping even though I do not know Egil-sama’s preferences.
But……for my culinary sense that does not have much variety to begin with, it does not really matter though.

And then one way or another, I buy the ingredients and leave the shop and,

“Oii! That’s my slave!”
“Ahn? It’s a slave I picked up, isn’t it”

I could hear the voices of two men arguing from a location that is a slightly away.
Slave……is it another argument that involves a slave like me.
And then at the noisy location was two men and one woman.
One person has a high-class getup that is like a noble. Another person is likely a slave trader with a sloppy attire.
And then between them, a woman who is wearing slave clothes was there.

However……I knew her.

“Could it possibly be……Serina?”
“……E, Eleanor?”

She who was caught by the same slave trader as me is Serina.
Serina stares at me with vacant eyes and brings out her hand.

“Eleanor! Please, save me!”
“Oi, goods shouldn’t be making a racket!”
“That’s my slave! Return it!”

I was able to ascertain that there are several wounds on the body of Serina who was knocked down slightly before me and parted from me.
ーーAnd then, I could tell that the master who knocked her down, was the worst kind of person.

Oji-sama in the original textObsama in the original textFatherMotherOnomatopoeia for twitching, jerkingMaster

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