Arafoo Kenja No Isekai Seikatsu Nikki / Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki Chapter 4

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「Ossan, Becoming a Freeloader」

After three days of traveling along the highway.

Zeros’ heart started to soar when he caught sight of the town through the carriage’s window.

Surviving in a forest for one week. Bumping into the bandits.

Then he came into contact with Creston and Selestina and their pair of knights.

The first signs of human society Zeros had come across in this world laid at the foot of the mountain.

“This is… Santol? It’s larger than I expected.”

“Well, it’s the largest city within our territory, and an important trading hub. In terms of scale, it matches the capital.”

“Is that a river? It seems that ship distribution is prosperous as well.”

“You’ll reach the capital in two weeks if you sail on the Auras River. Thanks to the wind currents, it’s faster than the overland trip.”

Santol prospered as a trading hub because it rested in a valley between the mountains and was situated next to a thriving river.

In addition to its natural fortifications, the city could be said to be an impregnable fortress.

Even though many battles had been fought over the city, it had never been captured. On the contrary: so much enemy blood had been spilled here that another name for the city was 【Blood Stained City】.

Of course, as the city was invaluable to the country’s merchants, allowing it to fall was too much of a risk.

In addition, all the kings who decided to attack Santol were labeled incompetent for failing to capture the city despite their losses, as the saying goes 『Only foolish kings attacked Santol』.

However, the inhabitants of the city emphasized security and order, and the city itself was famous for being the safest place in the world.

Such was the dual fame and infamy of the city 【Santol】.

“The city gate is at the foot of this mountain, then we will head to my villa.”

“You’re retired? Won’t I have to meet the current duke?”

“What? Such a wondrous magician as yourself wishes to bow before a duke?”

“Honestly, I don’t really want to meet him. I’d like to avoid catching too much attention.”

“You really don’t seem to like those in power. Rather, it seems that you detest them.”

“It’s only natural for people to fulfill their duties, but those who force others to act while being far away are the ones I detest. Wouldn’t you be resentful if the one forcing you to act didn’t even reveal themselves?”

“My son is like that. I see…… it is for the best that you don’t meet him. This city may be destroyed if things are handled poorly.”

He didn’t want to make a careless move when he couldn’t even grasp Zeros’ full capabilities.

Above all else, he needed this magician to be his granddaughter’s tutor. It wasn’t a good idea to make him run away by applying unnecessary shackles.

As long as Zeros was with them, Selestina would smile. The old man couldn’t ask for anything more in his retirement.

Everything was for the sake of his grandchild.

“Okay…… reduce the fire a little more……”

Selestina was seriously training her mana operation with the 『Torch』spell.

For the sake of controlling large fireballs, she was weakening the flame while simultaneously sustaining it.

It was as if her shackles had been cast off, and she was now absorbed by the magic that had once been impossible for her.

She seemed determined to catch up on all the things she missed out on, but there was an earnest feeling of happiness in her expression.

“Speaking of which, there is the land I promised you. It’s quite the lovely place…”

“Since I will be doing magic research, the basics necessary for self-sufficiency should be fine. A commutable distance from the town is desirable, but I understand if that is a bit selfish on my part……”

“What? Even though I am retired, you did save an archduke, you know? I don’t mind if it is merely that much.”

Although it was a reward, Zeros still felt like he was pushing it. On the other hand, he needed that land.

Though he was an uprooted person, he wanted enough land to support a decent-sized family.

“By the way, where can I sell a large number of magic stones? I inadvertently wandered into a goblin village and had to annihilate it……”

“Sensei…… did the place you got lost in happen to be  the 【Dark Forest of Fafuran】?”

“The forest was also filled with orcs. No matter how many I slew, more just kept popping up. Hahaha.”

“To survive in such a miasma ridden place and come back alive…… Obviously, you’re on a completely different level than those of this country… I’m speechless.”

The dark forest sprawled along the Fafuran highway.

The number of monsters inhabiting the forest and the potent miasma diminished one’s chance of survival.

It was a dangerous area people were said to never return from.

“It would be best to sell the magic stones to a specialty shop I’m acquainted with, how many do you have?”

“Hmm? There are far too many to count? Let’s say more than a hundred of them.”

“A hundred? You can’t get that many from the goblins around here.”

Magic stones could be acquired from monsters living in areas of high mana concentrations.

Or, by defeating a considerably powerful monster.

Monsters with magic stones were strong. Even amongst goblins, there was a difference of strength between them.

The goblins of the Fafuran were equivalent in strength to the hobgoblins of the surrounding area.

Zeros ability to single-handedly destroy an entire village of them was utterly terrifying.

“This specialty shop…… is it the kind of place to produce magical tools?”

“Yes. Magic stones are indispensable in creating magic items, so they are in constant demand.”

“Then the magic stone of a wyvern……”

“You could play around with that kind of money for quite some time. There’s an unprecedented amount of magic in them. The royal family would desire such an object.”

“……In that case it would be better to keep it for myself.”

“It’s versatile. Do you also create magic tools?”

“Sometimes. I don’t have a facility at the moment, but I intend to make a few in between tending the field.”

A great sage shouldn’t be doing dirty work.

The problem was whether or not it was possible to produce the items, whose recipes had been stored in his head, in this new world.

The metal could be manipulated on a magic square so burning things down wasn’t an issue.

The method of magic enhancement was engraved in his mind, so it was probably possible to create the items.

That way of thinking would annoy a true craftsman.

“…… Probably shouldn’t sell the stuff I make to others anyway. The other craftsmen might hang themselves……”

“Sensei…… you seem to inconvenience others.”

A great sage was a nuisance to a regular craftsman.

Zeros had always thought of things in terms of hobbies and interest, but most on the Net would consider what he has done insane.

The influence his knowledge had on this world would be unfathomable if he could replicate his work in reality.

He desired a peaceful life, so he had no desire to create a powerful magic tool.

The carriage finally entered Santol.

There was a brief check at the gate, but since the Lord’s chest was engraved on the carriage, they were allowed to pass without issues.

“Amazing…… it’s common to surround cities with walls, but this on another scale.”

“This is a key location with many people coming and going, why wouldn’t we protect it? Nobles such as myself must protect the people.”

“Just how many nobles share that opinion…… Some incorporate a night tax or sleep with other people’s wives……”

“There are cases like that in our country. The leader of the court mages and our country’s most influential magician…… such deplorable acts.”

“Scumbags. Why doesn’t the country do anything? Can the people not live without the royal family or the nobility?”

“It is because they are extraordinary. Or at least, that’s what I thought before I met you, sensei. They are just selfish and simple-minded people.”

When Creston had been looking for an excellent magic tutor for Selestina, the first magician who appeared asked for a considerable amount of money only to declare that she was incapable of using magic.

It’d been a nondescript, nameless magician who had managed to save Selestina when all others had failed.

Moreover, said magician was extremely talented and hadn’t demanded any power in return.

It may have been wrong to make the observation, but snobs that cling to the powerful while trumpeting their own importance could only be laughed at when compared to the nobility of a mage who had reached heights they could only dream of.

“I wonder if Tina can reach such heights as well……”

“It will take a considerable amount of effort and talent. Can one hold on to that passion, until they die?”

“I see. However, her efforts won’t be in vain, will they?”

“Naturally. At least, she will become better than the incompetent magician who wrote that textbook.”

Zeros and Creston continued to think about Selestina’s future as the carriage travelled through the town.

All the streets were made of brick and plaster and the citizen went about their daily routine.

Occasionally, a merchant’s carriage accompanied by mercenaries would pass by.

It was a large city, but the was carriage heading towards a forested area for some reason.

“There’s a forest in this city?”

“Ahead is a steep, rocky cliff. The forest surrounds this area…… with my villa being in the center of it.”

“A natural fortress…… Protected by two barriers, the rear is protected by a steep cliff and the distance from the river makes a frontal attack is too risky. What about the merchandise that comes by ship?”

“The ships are lifted with a pulley and then led along a designated passage afterwards. The merchants are making the important gold flow through this land after all.”

“It seems that the poor would rebel if you raised their taxes.”

“It’s fine so long as I don’t succumb to greed. I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Many among the nobility considered the tax money their own.

There were also a few savvy merchants who managed to obtain power and a life of luxury.

In any case, it appeared that Solisthea’s Archduke was operating a healthy province.

“The problem is that my son is drowning in his power. It has allowed his more tasteless traits to flourish…… such as laying his hands on his servants’ daughters.”

“I have no right to judge the worth of another man…… but high-ranking people seem to have strong desires.”

“Honestly, I have no idea how many grandchildren I actually have. Even with just the fifty cases I know of, it is getting out of hand.”

“I see bloodshed in that inheritance dispute……  Shouldn’t his will declare a successor? Things will become rather messy otherwise.”

“I don’t know who they are, but occasionally people come asking for money. It’s been a blessing that I’ve managed to take care of things without leaving any evidence behind.”

The current duke was a player in another sense.

Alarms were going off in Zeros’ head about getting involved in that domestic conflict.

“The villa is coming into view.”

“Oh…… a medieval-style building. I never thought the day would come when I’d be staying in a noble’s mansion.”

Creston’s villa resembled a small castle.

You could make out a balcony or two, but there were no decorative sculptures or golden pieces to be seen.

Crossing the drawbridge over the moat was like stepping into another world.

The calm atmosphere appropriate for a castle in a forest blanketed the area.

“Is that a gard…… no, it’s a field?”

“Most of the vegetable are grown self-sufficiently. We purchase most of the meat from outside, but chickens are raised in another location.”

“Impressive. Luxurious meals are a waste of money, and this must certainly improve the commoners’ opinion of you. The avaricious should emulate these practices.”

“The lifestyle of an aristocrat is rather expensive.  You need a lot of money to maintain a territory and even more to keep up appearances.”

“I’d really like to show this place to the people who keep saying ‘hand over your gold immediately’.”

The castle wasn’t very large despite what the duke said, and most of the garden was taken up by the field.

Zeros found this place desirable.

There was a certain virtue in not being tied up in power plays until you die.

“Tina, we’ve arrived.”

“Huh? Already? But I still have some mana left…”

“Can you carry your luggage yourself? The servants seem rather busy.”

“I understand, grandfather.”

His discipline was surprisingly harsh.

However, it was rather funny to watch, considering he was a former archduke.

“We shall prepare a room for you. We need to discuss your future.”

“As a tutor? I’ll teach her as much as I can, but it’s up to her whether or not she follows my instructions.”

“It will be fine. You don’t appear to be hostile, and I have no intentions to bind you.”

“That is a situation I would like to avoid.”

A magician capable of single-handedly killing a wyvern was unheard of and would be a valuable military asset.

A magician of such power only sought to live freely.

Pressuring him needed to be avoided at all cost, lest he was pushed to join an enemy country.

Creston himself desired a peaceful friendship, so speaking of their power balance was taboo.

“Speaking of which, you don’t seem to carry a wand, do you?”

“I do not, this ring acts as a medium so I have no need for one. I can also use a sword if necessary.”

“With a ring…… Is that ring made of mythril?”

“No, from【Metalgrads】. It’s stronger than mythril and it’s metallic properties make it easier to process. It magic conductivity is the highest among all materials.

Well, since it is just mythril that has been altered in the belly of a monster, referring to it as such should be alright.”


It was a metal-eating monster that lived in volcanic areas, and it was famous for the various metals within its body.

Although the ore it ate strengthened its scales and increased its resistance to weapons, the true danger it represented lied in the fact that it was a type of dragon.

In addition, it was a territorial type of monster that would kill any intruders without mercy.

It was a monster more terrifying than any wyvern.

“……Honestly, it’s frightening to think about what must have spurred you on. On the contrary, the dangers of your past make your desire for peace all the more understandable.”

“Is that what you think? To be honest, my thoughts had been too focused on combat. It could be said that my desire to live peacefully matches the ambitions of those seeking to conquer the continent.”

“I can understand being in a sad situation. I myself have grown tired of living a hectic life……”

They had a strange understanding of one another.

Though Zeros had ran rampant, in order to converse with the inhabitants of this world, his actions in the digital world were the only natural starting point.

However, the stories of battles he remembered where overwhelmingly excessive.

In fact, Zeros had already been acknowledged as a magician wary of the battlefield.

He had no idea what would happen if he mentioned having killed an evil god.

“Shisho, what happened to your luggage? It seems that you’re traveling far too lightly.”

“I can use spatial-temporal magic, so I just throw my luggage in a pocket space.”

“That’s convenient.  I heard spatial-temporal magic was just a myth though……”

“Well, I can only store my personal luggage. It’s convenient for travel, but it’s also a little inefficient.”

“Is there no way to fix that?”

“Since it’s an ancient spell, its impossible to completely decode it. I thought I’d spend the rest of my life researching this spell.”

“Ancient magic…… to find such a thing in one’s lifetime.”

Of course, he had no idea how the inventory actually worked.

That’s why Zeros referred to it as ancient magic.

“Can you replicate the spell?”

“Unfortunately, it’s an extremely dense magic formation and I am incapable of deciphering it beyond the stage that I have.

There seems to be some kind of defense mechanism that prevents me from duplicating the symbols.”

“Seriously, where did you even find something like that?”

“While I was fighting on a certain battlefield, the ground fell out from underneath us and I found it in a small room after wandering around for a bit. Following that, I undertook a life-threatening escape from inside the mountain. After that, I was bedridden for a week and I was jolted awake in my friends’ carriage, already heading towards another battlefield.”

“I shouldn’t have asked. How cruel of a world did you live in……”

An unattended remark left his mouth.

It was better not to dwell on what was spoken for too long.

On the contrary, Selestina’s eye brightened with respect.

Innocent gazes pierced deep.

If a sensible person were listening, it would be a good example of differing perspectives.

After that, the conversation moved towards the magic symbols that were the basis for spells.

When they entered the castle, there was a large chandelier hanging from the high ceiling.

The pictures hanging on the wall and the flowers displayed in the decorated vase were befitting of a lord’s manor.

Excess furniture was unnecessary.

The furniture that was present aesthetically matched the restrained atmosphere of the forest castle.

“We need to take care of our luggage so I’ll have a servant show you to your room.”

“Thank you.”

“What else is to be expected for our savior? Please relax without worry.”

“I’ll take you up on that. It has been quite a while since I slept with a roof over my head, and your offer is too tempting to pass up.”

“Having suffered such hardship……”

For some reason, Zeros was being pitied.

“I will prepare a change of clothes for you. Would you like to be led to your room first?”

“I’m grateful so long as there is a solid roof. After such a long time, I can finally sleep without any worries.

“……Sensei,  you lived quite an eventful life, didn’t you? Just what is it that drives you……”

“Huh? I’ve been surrounded by monsters quite often, so I’ve never really considered it.”

“Truly, a life filled with hardship…… Even as a trial by the Goddess, this is too cruel.”

“Maybe I incurred someone’s ire and this is some sort of divine punishment?”

In fact, since I killed a God I was definitely their enemy.

“Will you excuse my impoliteness for a moment? You’re still working despite being retired.”

“Yes, there is much to be taken care of.”

“Shishoui. May I thank you in advance?”

“Well… I shall teach you the basics of what I know. It’s up to you whether or you will improve.”

“I will surely thrive! I shall not allow the blessing of meeting you go to waste, shishou!”

“Your enthusiasm is good, but let’s take things slowly. Nothing good will come from being impatient.”


Selestina cheerfully pumped her fist before running off.

Zeros was at a loss about what he should do.

(Well…… what should I do after this?)

The Ossan had no choice but to look around.

Zeros insecurities about being in an unknown place began to crop up.

He was a timid person at heart.

“Zeros-sama, I’ve come to pick you up. This way, please.”

“Ah? Yes…… sorry for causing you trouble.”

A middle-aged butler appeared and motioned for him to move.

He was led up the stairway and towards the leftern-most room.

The room was a bit small, but filled with the necessary amenities to house a guest.

Was there such always such delight in having a bed? Camping out couldn’t compare to the softness of a bed.

This room seemed to be special, given the impressive view it had.

“This is a good room. The view is idyllic and quite beautiful……”

“Thank you for the compliment. This is the best viewing room in the entire manor and it is reserved for only the most important of guests.”

“Important? Me?”

Yes, in addition to saving the master’s life, you were able to solve the young lady’s problem. This much is to be expected.

“Such exceptional treatment?! All I did was handle a few bandits!”

Zeros became slightly flustered by the unexpected treatment.

“What are you saying? How can we not treat you to this degree, honorable magician? Rather, it would be a disgrace to the archduke’s family if we didn’t offer you our hospitality.”

“I feel like that is something important, but……”

“To consider what you’ve done trivial… You’ve done so much more than that.”

As far as Zeros was concerned, all he did was to correct a textbook and repel some bandits.

He didn’t think these actions merited any special treatment.

However, things looked different when seen from another viewpoint.

Selestina was finally able to use magic. He had managed to solve the problem that had plagued Creston’s lovely granddaughter.

Moreover, his granddaughter had managed to raise her level and said she wanted to accept a tutor.

Furthermore, that tutor had reached the summit of a magician’s power.

For the servants, treating him this way was natural.

These were values derived from a different upbringing

“This is still too outrageous for me. Aren’t I just a mere tutor? I……”

“For a great sage who has fought all over the continent, something of this degree should be suitable.”

“I’m just a fool that was consumed by a hobby! I consider receiving such adoration shameful.”

Zeros had been acting under a large misconception.

Most of the magic symbols for spells had yet to be decoded.

Understanding the technique, let alone optimizing existing spells was something impossible for current magicians.

The majority of magic research consisted of adding symbols to the existing spell and examining their effects.

A magician capable of understanding the meaning of the magical symbols and incorporating physical laws into spells in order to strengthen them, wasn’t someone who could be overlooked.

Since they were trying to avoid any conflict with such a powerful being, they tried to be as hospitable as possible.

There was a gap in the hospitality that a noble and a commoner could show……

Zeros’ freedom was assured, but he was not used to commanding such authority from others.

“Here is your change of clothes. Unfortunately, they’re the clothes of a servant since they were all we had on such short notice.”

“No…… thank you very much for your kindness.”

“Dinner will be soon, but…… may I suggest having a bath first?.”

“A bath? There’s a bath here?”

“Of course. Your… clothes appear rather worn out, so I assumed you would like to have a bath and clean up.”

“That’s right. It’s been three days since I bathed in the river, it is only natural that dirt would start clinging to me. May I use it immediately?”

“Do you know proper bathing etiquette…?”

“Do I know it? Washing before entering the bath is common sense.”

A bathroom was considered a luxury common for nobles, while the commoners were limited to using public bathhouses.

Knowing proper bathing etiquette was considered the mark of the rich.

At this point, Zeros was now considered born wealthy since he knew how to bathe.

“Then, I shall guide you.”

The Butler lead me to a secluded place on the first floor.

Because the master of the manor frequented this area, it was carpeted with soft rugs.

Even with the occasional glance at the displayed paintings, Zeros quickly arrived at the bathroom.

“This is the bathroom. Please enjoy washing off your weariness from traveling.”

“Thank you.”

Zeros happily went to the clothing station, stripped away his equipment and entered the bathing area with a towel in hand.

The sculptures and plants that dotted the room made it feel like a hot spring.

However, another occupant was already there.



The naked ossan had bumped into Selestina just as she was about to leave.


The was an empty silent moment……



Naturally, both of them screamed out.

“Dandy-san? What are you doing here?”

The butler who was called out to… Dandy, looked back and saw Selestina’ slightly confused maid staring at him.

“Me? I escorted our esteemed guest to the bathroom… why?”


An uneasiness began to rise within Dandy.

“D-Did I say something wrong?

“I-I was, just about to retrieve Lady Selestina from the bath……”

“What?! No way……”

It was then that they heard the screams of the young girl and the ossan.


They’d unintentionally created an awkward moment.

Two naked people ran hurriedly out of the bathroom.

After that, Dandy and the maid tried to soothe Selestina’s crying.

Eventually, her grandfather managed to calm her down, but……

Later on, Zeros would sigh and lament how tasteless that night’s dinner had been.


Hi everyone, I wanted to leave a small note here about one of the terms that came up in this chapter: メタルグラードス (Metarugurādosu)

As far as we can tell “Metalgrad” (or “Metalglados” ;)) seems to be a term invented by the author, unless someone has an idea what this could mean?

Normally I try to google unknown terms just to see what comes up, but since most of the results were redirecting me to a certain, well-known series about “Gears of Metal”, it might be possible that we are missing something.

What do our dear readers think? Can you come up with a better term for this? Or do you know something we don’t? The last one is probably true anyway, but please feel free to share your opinions about this with us, it is always cool to learn new thing!

Just look at Selestina!

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