Arafoo Kenja No Isekai Seikatsu Nikki / Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki Chapter 6

Arafoo Isakei Chapter 06

Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax

「Ossan, The Training Begins」

The second day of Selestina’s magic training began early in the morning.

Golems for her to practice on had been prepared in the garden.

The 【Mud Golems】, as Zeros called them, had stats equal to those of a level three monster.

As for the content of this training session……

“There’s no point in being a magician if you don’t know your way around melee combat. You’ll be easy pickings if you’re cut from your mana otherwise.”

That was the lesson.

That opinion wasn’t wrong, it was common knowledge that a magician without mana was nothing but a burden.

In fact, no non-magician in this world would dare to challenge a magician at their full strength.

On the battlefield magicians were cowardly weapons that bombarded the enemy with magic until they ran out of mana.

In the Solisthea Kingdom, the magicians’ status had led to a dangerous amount of friction between them and the knights.

When the knight commander and the leader of the magicians passed each other in the royal palace shouts of, “Your mere presence obstructs my movements!” and “You couldn’t beat a scarecrow without you magic”, could be heard throughout the halls.

Rumors of an impending civil war ran rampant in certain circles.

The royal family didn’t take sides, and the grand duke has remained neutral so far.

Under these circumstances, the other nobles split into factions and quarreled with each other.

Its reached the point any action taken would only add oil to the fire.

Nevertheless, the royal family had no choice but paying attention to the conflict, and both sides were acting in the shadows to get them to join their camp.

The fact the magician factions were dragged along with their masters only complicated matters further.

“Fighting is a fundamental element of war. If you neglect it, you’ll not only die, but you’ll expose your allies to danger. Being mindful of your mana is a must, but only spoiled fools believe that they can always cast spells from a safe distance.  In the first place, magicians are seekers of wisdom, not those that drown in their own power. Treating knights and soldiers as human shields is an outrageous notion in it of itself. Instead, those knights and soldiers are risking their lives to protect their allies and magicians should support them and create advantageous situations. Factional struggles over a difference in position is utter nonsense. Depending on the battlefield, enemy, or other circumstances magicians may be forced to fight on the frontlines.”

“As expected of you, Sensei. You already well versed in actual warfare.”

“Um…… It’s impossible for the knight order and magic forces can’t be sustained if there are hostilities between them.”

Because this lesson involved actual combat, Creston had decided to monitor his granddaughter’s training.

“Since this is a weak golem, it’s perfect for you to hone your magic and fighting skills at the same time. As the ancient saying goes ‘A magician is just a regular person without magic’, this training is to prevent you from being caught and killed without being able to do anything, you understand? Even if the enemy is weak, they can outnumber you, that’s why you need to be aware of distance as you cast your spells.”

“This is the first time I’ve been given such a comprehensive lesson. I never thought of using a golem.”

“It’s a nuisance in group combat, but your fighting abilities should rise if you overcome it. Moreover, even though the golem is artificially created, it’s still limited by the magician handling it.”

You gained experience points from battle by absorbing the stored up mana from defeated monsters.

When you amass enough of that mana, you experienced a “level up”, which vastly raised personal and physical skills. Furthermore, one could increase their mana pool by repeatedly expending their mana, but the results of doing so were minimum.

In any case, there needed to be a significant level difference between the creator and the golems to produce them in large quantities.

In that respect, Zeros had significant enough magic and a high enough level to produce any number and level of golems with ease.

Of course, because this was a real fight, Selestina was dress in an academy issued robe with designated armor on top.

Her weapon was a short single-handed mace magicians typically carried.

“Then, we’ll begin the lesson. Even though it’s weak, you can still be injured, so please keep your guard up. Also, since warfare is a drawn-out affair, please ration your mana accordingly.”

Keeping track of one’s mana pool was essential because neglecting to do so would result in prematurely expending your mana and your defeat.

Though this was merely training, it would conditioner her for when she was in actual life or death situations.

Selestina remained highly motivated, despite the harsh training  she was about to endure.

Since she couldn’t use magic until now, she was forced to sit on the sidelines during these types of lessons.

This training was a testimony to Selestina’s desire to become a magician.

Of course, she would be enthusiastic about this.

The mud golems began to move all at once.

Because the golems were abiotic, they’d shatter once the nucleus was destroyed.

However, unless she destroyed the nucleus Zeros would continue restoring them, ensuring that the fight never ended.

Simultaneously learning how to use weapons, wield magic, and raise magical and physical skills was a strenuous task.


Selestina smashed one of the golems with her mace.

Contrary to her cute cries, she brutally swung her weapons and reduced the golem to lumps of clay.

She cut down the golems approached from the left, boldly leaping into the fray of things.

“Huh… it seems that she’s already familiar with melee combat.”

“She’s spent a lot of time watching others training for actual combat, perhaps she’s replicating what she saw? Her footwork is a bit off…… but, she seems to have memorized the proper movements.”

“Is this even a workout? To think she’d have this hidden talent. Should we aim for a magical swordsman?”

“Hmm… that doesn’t sound bad. However, isn’t she set on becoming a magician?”

“Is she good with her fist as well? Even I’d lose to a swordsman of equal skill.”

“Then, no one can defeat you in this country. You are as skilled a warrior as you are a magician.”

Selestina easily struck down the golems for a while.

But, it didn’t last for long.

After ten minutes of fighting her movements gradually began to slow down.

For her, who hadn’t received proper training in swordsmanship, she didn’t have the mindset to pace herself.

Eventually, her fatigue allowed a golem to get a hit in.

“Here’s the crucial moment. How you overcome this predicament is the true measure of a magician and will determine their position on the battlefield.”

“Such things can only be learned through actual combat. She’s gonna have a hard time.”

“However, if we keep this up her skills will gradually raise.”

“Won’t she be immobilized by muscle pain beforehand?”

Muscle pain was the cost of acquiring a stronger body.

Now was the time to develop the situational awareness and quick reaction time required of magicians.

No matter how strong a person was, they would eventually be overwhelmed by numbers.

A man drowning in his own power creates his own downfall.

Even the most powerful monsters are slain by those with numbers on their side.

Depending on the circumstances, a crucial decision at the right moment can overturn a bleak situation.

This training would teach her to find and act upon that moment.

“This… is rather difficult…”

Selestina had recognized the flaw of her overly optimistic outlook.

There was no simple solution when you’re surrounded by a never-ending stream of golems.

Even if you used enough magic to retreat, the golems would pursue you without end.

Blindly attacking the golems just because you assumed they were lesser that you had been a mistake.

Since the golems revived unless you destroyed the nucleus, she was at a massive disadvantage.

This was a dangerous place to be in, as the physically weaker opposites would endlessly attack you.

Honestly, it was a disheartening form of training.

“I have to overcome this. I have to create an opening to retreat…”

While avoiding the golems’ attacks and occasionally landing a blow with her mace, Selestina began searching for a way to escape the encirclement.

She began incorporating magic into her offense as she gradually grew impatient.

Because she’d heard the meaning behind this training beforehand, she’d gone in with some expectations, but this far exceeded any those.

Because the golems were slow, randomly casting spells was an excellent way to eat through your own mana reserves rapidly.

She attempted to raise her mace, but her arms felt heavier after her earlier onslaught.

She had buckler attached to her hand, a small shield used during sword combat, to prevent fatal injury.

Moving without much effort is easy.

A golem suddenly threw a punch at her.


She managed to block the punch with her buckler, but it would’ve been a fatal blow had it been from a stone golem.

Dread washed over her when that thought crossed her mind.

She pushed the golem back and smashed it with her mace.

Mud splatted over Selestina and her clothes.

Since the golems were made of mud, their hits didn’t have much impact.

However, the golems had managed to tighten their encirclement due to the opening the attack created.

She raised her mace and destroyed another couple of golems.

“Calm down…… I need an opening…… magic is the best option……”

Because their movements were slow, Selestina decided to force her way through the right side.

The mud golems were somewhat fragile, so she just needed to survive long enough to find and destroy their cores.

Acting on that line of reasoning, she performed a technique she saw performed multiple time in the academy.

Although she hated those days of being a simple observer, thanks to them she was able to move better than anyone had anticipated.

Sometimes reality created unexpected benefits.

“Flow mana, and become my strength…… 『Power Boost』.”

She used her magic to raise her physical strength and boost her combat abilities temporarily.

Selestina forced her way through the golems and created a small buffer zone.

Afterward, she began attacking the encirclement’s thinnest side.

“Flowing water become my spear… 『Aqua Jet』.”

The power was weak, but at point-blank range, the water spell pierced thought the low-level golems, Selestina immediately capitalized on the opening and began running.

Ordinarily, the spell only targeted a single opponent, but with a bit of alteration, it could hit multiple targets.

With the encirclement partially collapsed, Selestina ran towards the open space.

“Yes!! I escaped!”

“Isn’t that sweet?”


Something suddenly latched onto her leg when Zeros’ spoke up.

She was stuck, her forward momentum causing her to fall over.



Selestina fell into the very mud puddle she created.

“Tsu…… what……

When she looked down, she saw the arm of a mud golem attached to her leg.

It was strangely elongated.


“So, it didn’t matter. One of them managed to survive the aqua jet.”

“Th-That is so〜〜〜.”

“Don’t be too disappointed. She did well for her first combat session, didn’t she? Your level will, and you’ll be a more well-rounded person.”

“Umm…… It’s still annoying……”

Her pride had taken a severe hit.

“Overexerting yourself in the early stages was a fatal mistake. If you fought while managing your stamina, you could’ve lasted longer.”

“I realized that too late…… I was too excited.”

“Why were you so excited? Because you were taking part in the training?”

“Yes! I was always mocked by my classmates because I could only sit on the sidelines……”

“Well, it was a good effort. Though you barely received passing marks.”

“Barely…… The road is long.”

It seemed as if she couldn’t see beyond her frustration.

However, Zeros thought Selestina didn’t have as long to go as she thought she did.

Given the way she broke through the mud golems encirclement and her potential, she’ll make impressive strides within a month or so.

She’ll be able to endure the real training by then.

“Would you like to attempt this lesson tomorrow? We have a lecture on magic systems this afternoon.”

“Really! Please, by all means.”

“Understood. Reflect upon what you experienced today for tomorrow’s lesson. I won’t say anything, because no one can truly teach others how to fight in an actual battle, only you can form your battle style.”

“Um…… Sensei is rather stern. This is combat……”

“Is that so? It’s a good thing you don’t risk dying during training. After all, you can prepare before having to fight.”

At the Istal Magic Academy, all students were taught the same basic combat style.

However, there were always differences in individual training, and the style didn’t fit every student.

Some fought with swords, while others favored axes or spears.

Therefore, it seemed premature to utilize a fixed mold style.

“This training will help you find your unique combat style. Why is the occasional failure acceptable when trying different methods? Because the experience each failure passes on accumulates. Simply put, if you’re forced to use one strict method, the best you can become is a lackluster person.”

“Failure isn’t just tolerable…… it can be a good thing.”

“Yes…… I’ve failed at various things throughout my life, I take no shame in that.”

Zeros had failed in his previous life.

While it was a story from his original world, his words had weight to them.

By the way, what kind of combat drills does the academy have you perform? I don’t know much about the facilities, so I’d like to hear your input?”

“They collect goblins and have the students fight them on the training grounds. I usually watched from the sideline……”

“・・・・・ That’s rather luxurious isn’t it?”

Zeros unintentionally replied in a youthful manner.

Wasn’t using magic to create and maintain golems the more luxurious than using goblins?

Given all the trouble of catching the goblins, caging them, and transporting them back to campus, using golems was the far better option. The golems only needed an ample supply of magic to function.

However, there weren’t many magicians that could produce endless regenerating golems, high ranking magicians might be able to create 1-6 of them. Moreover, the golems would stop moving once the teachers ran out of mana.

Perhaps if several magicians collaborated, they could create a small army of golems, but the factions weren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment.

Taking this factors into consideration, it was more cost efficient to capture live monsters.

When you included labor cost, request commissions, transportation cost, remuneration the academy would go into the red if they tried to incorporate golems.

“Istal  Magic Academy…… Is something wrong with your budget? Perhaps they collect donations from various sources, but if they still run the risk of falling into the red…”

“Every year a large amount of gold comes in every year. I see… Having the magicians taking part in a group combat exercise against golems is a good idea, but the factions would interfere.”

“Is the conflict that terrible? Even without funds, you can do a great deal of research.”

Magicians who couldn’t decipher magic symbols could improve by fumbling along.

Naturally, since they didn’t know the things Zeros did, it’d take a bit of time to translate the symbols.

“That may have worked for you shisho, but other people have lives of their own. Research requires money, but most of it is pocketed.”

“Your faction considers you a failure if you don’t produce results. Things would be simpler if those standards were lowered, right?

“Hmm…… that’s something to consider. Your improvement to the textbook may serve as a good foundation……”

“Please don’t use my name. I’d like to avoid troublesome situations.”

“I’ll do my best, but you know its possible for the information to leak, right? You’re too conspicuous.”

“I only wish for a simple life……”

Even if his appearance was plain his actions were over the top.

In a world whose magic was based off the game’s basic spells, Zeros’ original magic was bound to attract attention.

“Even combat spells have a degree of utility to them with proper mana control. Transportation would be faster if you speed up ships with wind magic, process sewage with water magic, or mitigate the weight with earth magic.”

“Hum, so magic can be unitalicized in that manner? When I hear combat spells, I can only think of their battle applications, but even novice magicians can make a substantial income using those methods. That would be helpful.”

“How you use magic is important. Other viewpoints become obscured if we only focus one thing. That’s probably the only thing all magicians can agree on.”

“Certainly. There’s a flood of criticism against those in power, a travel reform might prevent a riot.”

『Isn’t it already to late?』 the thought didn’t make it past Zeros lips.

The conversation was heading in the direction of politics, and he wasn’t sure if he would ever come back if he stepped into that area.

This single tutoring job carried a heavy burden.

“It would be nice to create a magician mediation organization, but there as so few magicians.”

“The problem is that it takes so long to training them, and most magician are trained for combat.”

“But, isn’t a well-rounded magician better? They can find employment as mercenaries and focus on their research.”

“Mercenary mages…… they must be of poor quality.”

Magicians are considered essential assists during warfare, and mercenary mages were considered weaker by default.

After all, mercenary mages had to continuously place their lives on the line to make up for the experience and knowledge gap.

It was only after such power-hungry magicians amassed enough battle experience could they be considered useful to their allies.

“While mercenary mages lack formal training, they have keen tactical senses. Who better to change the course of the country?”

“So you can negligent the research aspect without losing the war potential?”

“Its better than using uncooperative magicians. Cooperation between the knights and mages is important in the long run.”

“Here…… This is a magical nation, right?”

“I feel that our magicians are too useless. What do you do in search of power?”

Though called a magical kingdom, this country was a militant nation.

Magic research is mostly related to strengthening the military and rarely benefited the people.

The focus is entirely focused on increasing the destructive power of spells through a trial and error approach.

An easier to control, safer, and lucrative option would be to create beneficial magics for farmers and merchants.

However, the widespread use of such magic would only decrease the value of magicians and make it difficult for them to maintain their power. As the number of capable people increases, the number of dependent people falls. A system that contributes to the general public is useful, but it would also interfere with the desires of power-hungry magicians.

In fact, the incompetently put together textbook may have been intentionally released so people with small mana reserves, like Selestina, were dropped immediately. Moreover, most educators were biased parties that acted in the best interest of their factions.

Such a system could only mass-produce incompetence while potentially capable magicians slip through the cracks.

“Well, there’s no point in contemplating this any further. I’m just a tutor, after all.”

“Isn’t that irresponsible? Won’t thing improve if you take charge?”

“Being irresponsible allows me to speak objectively. If you serve a country, you have to be careful with your words. Death awaits the reckless speakers. I gracefully decline.”

Something clicked in his employer mind.

Zeros reluctance resulted in him living as an irresponsible vagabond.

He wasn’t suited for the hardships an organization leader faced.

“By the way, Selestinsan has been rather quiet, hasn’t she? What……”

Zeros looked back to see his student seriously analyzing the previous battle.

She muttered to herself as she reflected on her shortcomings and thought of ways to revise her strategy for next time.

Thought she was born to an archduke’s house, she had a sharp mind and seemed to have the qualities of an adventurer.

“She isn’t concerned about being dirty? As a noble girl, being a researcher would be good enough.”

“Does my Tina have talent?”

“A sufficient amount of it. Depending on her efforts, she might bloom into a tremendous talent.”

“That’s good to hear. I cherish my grandchild’s growth more than anything.”

“Then, you won’t mind a carrot and a rod method?”

“What do you plan to do?”

While Creston was thankful that he managed to hire Zeros, but he felt that the training was rather severe.

Something about the way Zeros smiled made the retired duke feel uneasy.


“Ye-Yes!? What is it, Sensei?”

If you reach level 50 in two months and raise three of your skills to level 30, I’ll teach you one of my original spells.”


“Yes, it’s a safe, but explanatory useful spell.”

“What kind of spell is it?! Just a summary……

“Save those questions until you achieve your goal. It’s more fun that way isn’t it?”

Zeros magic was beyond the bounds of this world.

If Selestina could obtain even the weakest of his spells, it would mean Zeros acknowledged her as his disciple.

Many noble children with magic capabilities were disciples of famous magicians, and he received special treatment in high society.  Those among the disciples who received an original spell were considered their masters’ successors and found themselves in high positions after graduating the academy.

However, the status and acclaim paled in comparison to having the pinnacle of all magicians, Zeros, gifting her with a spell and recognizing her as his disciple.

The opportunity greatly motivated her.

“I’ll do my best! I will absolutely accomplish this task!!”

“Please do your best. Though, you should change your clothes, unless you want them permanently stained in mud?”

“Ah? That’s right. Ex-Excuse me!!”

“You bit……”

She immediately ran off to change clothes.

“What kind of spell is it? I can only think of your destructive attack magic, Shisho.”

“Is that so. Would you like to see it?”

“What? You’ll demonstrate it here?”

“Yes, please attack me with a spell. Make it something so powerful that I can’t run away.”

He was asking to be hit with his most potent spell.

Creston judged it was useless to worry given Zeros’ skill and abilities.

The old magician put up a fearless smile.

“Hmm…… don’t pull any punches.”


Their expressions turned serious.

“Flames of purgatory, become the dragon that annihilates my enemies. Ancient overlord of the netherworld…… he who reduces all to ash!! 【Drago Inferno Destruction】!!”

In his youth, Creston had been the renowned 【Purgatory Magician】.

Zeros remained perfectly still.

The ferocious flame dragons attacked Zeros from all directions.

“『God’s Silver Shell』.”

At that moment, each of the flame dragons was penetrated by some invisible force before they were dispersed.

The flame dragons had reached the tips of Zeros fingers before they were snuffed suddenly snuffed out.

“Huh?! What… I see, its a shield spell!”

“That’s correct. 『God’s Silver Shell』 is a barrier that can change its shape at the caster’s discretion.”

“That’s… it’s not a shield then, its a sword!? It a mage killing weapon.:

The silver shell was an incredibly versatile weapon in the right hands.

The mana consumption was relatively small, and it was a fantastic counter to energy-based magic.

Initially, energy-based magic required a lot of mana, but spells in that category made up for it with their destructive force and range.

Zeros dispersed the flame dragons by forming the barrier into multiple spines and attacked them with fencer-like thrust.

Even with a lousy sword arm, the barrier could be used as an invisible slashing weapon.

“That’s an excellent spell. Regular magicians can’t compete with you.”

“It useless if you’re targeted by an extensively wide-ranged spell. Against regular magic its a decent trump card to have. The mana efficiency is good, and it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to use.”

“Hassle? What kind of hassle?”

You shape the barrier into a weapon to attack the enemy with it. Your safety is assured once the enemy is defeated. However, its borderline useless without proper mana control.”

“Umm…… can you shape it into an extendable invisible blade?”

“The strength will change depending on the amount of mana used…… you can almost certainly defeat an enemy that’s never seen the spell before. A talented magician or a merely strong enough attack can deal with the spell.”

It was a complicated spell, but the retired duke couldn’t help but smile at the thought of his cute granddaughter obtaining it.

If Selestina hand that spell, certain mages will never be able to defeat her.

It was defense and offense in one.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Tina’s future. What manicure will she obtain?”

“Having two names is embarrassing. If you get a bad one, you’d be too embarrassed to get out of bed.”

“I still want to see it. These next two months are gonna be entertaining.”

“Is that a good thing?”

Creston ran on the love he had for his granddaughter.

At this rate, the old man might never get sick again.

After Zeros sighed at the old man’s behavior, the two of them returned to the mansion.

Only massive mud puddle remained in the garden……

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