Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 13 Chapter 2

SPACE 2. Sudden Attack (PART : 2)


Ark’s eyes flashed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

At the same time, a continuous roar rattled his ears. Red lights were flashing around him.

“The right side armour has been shot! Fire has occurred around the power control system due to the impact!”

“Damn! Kurakan, Ellain, engine room!”

“F-fire extinguisher?”

“There are no spares in the bridge! Take the fire extinguisher from the infirmary!”

“Rapid, the passage has caught on fire!”

“Then please go to the right gun turrets and support Cupa and Hedro. A lot of the armour is damaged and air is leaking. If we don’t stop it quickly then the right gun turrets won’t be able to rotate anymore. In such a situation, it is the end if our turrets don’t work. Take any necessary repair materials from the warehouse!”

“But we don’t have the skill to repair it.”

“It can’t be helped. Right now Tori and Hegel is needed in the cockpit. Milan and Park are at the left gun turrets. If you can’t repair it then just give first aid!”

Rapid was crying out in a loud voice near him. Kaya and Sadain were cursing while running away from the bridge and Berad and Melina were using emergency fire extinguishers on a corner of the bridge. Ark watched the scene with dumbfounded eyes before grabbing Rapid’s arm and saying.

“Rapid, what is the uproar?”


Rapid flinched and turned his head. He frowned as he looked at Ark’s face and exclaimed.

“Stupid bastard! What have you been doing in the meantime?”

“Me? I-I…..”

Ark stuttered.

As soon as the fleets from the 3 powers advanced, Ark had tried to fight when he felt short of breath and the scene disappeared around him. He didn’t know then but the reason Ark disappeared from Galaxian wasn’t due to a problem. Ark couldn’t imagine that it was because of a person.

Ark became short of breath because ‘he’ had dragged Ark out of the capsule by the neck. And it took him 10 minutes to connect again. Ark had experienced many things in those 10 minutes.

Really a lot of experiences…..

And things weren’t put in order yet. Ark desperately convinced ‘him’ before he was allowed to come back to Galaxian. He didn’t know what was going on! He still didn’t know why ‘he’ pulled Ark out of the capsule with a bloodthirsty expression. If he made a mistake then he would unconditionally have to pay it back 2 or 3 times. No, Ark begged that he would pay it pay 10 times before ‘he’ would agree. And he quickly logged into this mess.

Ark organized his thoughts and simply replied.

“There were circumstances! Rather…..”

Wiiiing-! Pepepepeng!

At that moment the Silver Star started shaking. Ark turned and a passing scene caught his eye. There was a flying spherical object with four light wings attached.

“…..What, this is?”

“That is a small fighter aircraft.”

Rapid growled as he looked out the flashing window.

“The battle with the 3 fleets was proceeding profitably. After you disappeared, the 3 fleets did a one sided bombardment. However we started to become overwhelmed form the offensive of the small fighters.”

Once again, spaceships for long distance travel weren’t the only ones available in Galaxian. Smalls ships designed for battle that could only fit one person also existed. However, the duration of their flights was short and the weapon capacity was limited so they couldn’t act independently.

In most cases, the small fighters were mounted on spaceships and used for mobile manoeuvres.  The small fighter that Ark witness was called the Hornet.

And the situation changed 180 degrees with the Hornet’s appearance.

“This is my first time seeing a Hornet. It has weak defense so the guns should shoot it down straight away. But the acceleration and turning power is faster than general spaceships. It is also small so it is difficult to catch. At least 100 of them poured out…..”

It was natural that the advance of the 3 fleets would be stopped. The Hornets aggressively rushed towards the 3 fleets and the situation turned out like this. Of course, the combat power of the Hornets couldn’t compare to that of the 3 fleets.

One shot would only do 1~2% damage at most. But all clothes would get wet in the rain. The damage piled up and couldn’t be ignored. Thus the Hornets were able to overwhelm the brute force of the 3 fleets!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The 3 fleets started to receive deadly damage. Ark could check the result with his eyes.

The Hornets flew around the 3 fleets attacking, causing flames to rise and the wreckage of spaceships to float through space.

“I took over the role of Captain while you were knocked out and 4 spaceships from the investigation team has sunk. There are at least 10 spaceships on the Rama and Aschulat side. And the Silver Star is in this state.”

Rapid didn’t have to say it. The information windows that surfaced on the monitors were all tinged in red. Many features had stopped working, the shield had disappeared and 40% of the ship’s armour destroyed. But looking at the battle outside, it was fortunate that the ship hadn’t sunk yet.

“You held up well.”

“It is thanks to the help of your crew.”

Rapid replied in a testy voice. Rapid tone might be sarcastic but Ark was forced to acknowledge him.

“A Hornet is approaching from the 3 o’clock direction! Shoot! The right deck is destroyed so it is dangerous!”

“Don’t make me laugh! Damn, why am I in a place like this? Ohhhhhhh!”

Tori shrieked and tugged the joystick at Hegel’s words. The Silver Star rose vertically and spun 360 degrees as the Hornet passed below them. Hegel then hit a button on the dashboard and shouted into the microphone.

“Hornet below you at X-36, Y-10! Control the right side gun turrets!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The right side gun turrets of the Silver Star fired simultaneously with Kalliben’s answer. Then the Hornet passing below the Silver Star was engulfed in flames. Hegel’s prediction ability combined with Kalliben’s shooting skills had sunk the Hornet.

It wasn’t just them. Slayer, Melina, Kaya and Sadain were carrying fire extinguishers while the others were involved in repairs or shooting. And the one leading them on Ark’s behalf was Rapid. If it wasn’t for them then the Silver Star would be like the wreckage floating outside the window.


Rapid paused while speaking. Hegel who was looking at the monitor then shouted.

“Rapid-nim, Ensign Irina is being attacked from behind by Hornets!”

“What? Irina-nim?”

Ark and Rapid shouted at the same time. Ark looked startled at Rapid’s reaction. Irina was his girlfriend so naturally Ark was concerned. But Rapid’s reaction made no sense to Ark.

However Rapid had his own reasons.

“The Silver Star has been able to hold out so far thanks to Irina. That women, is skill at handling a spaceship is different from the other members. Her spaceship alone shot down 7 Hornets. In addition, she would protect the Silver Star despite receiving damage. I didn’t understand the reason but now I can guess from your reaction.”

“Y-you can guess?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m no interested. Anyway, I can’t pretend not to see after receiving her help. Tori, turn towards Irina’s ship!”

“I am the captain!”

“So? You don’t want to help?”

“Who doesn’t want to help? Tori, listen to Rapid and turn in that direction!”

The Silver Star circled while Hegel who had been manipulating the keyboard shouted.

“Target confirmation! 2 Hornets are approaching Irina from the 6 and 7 o’clock direction at 0.1 space speed.  Trajectory speed and Hornet speed has been calculated and strike location has been inputted!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Shells were fired from the Silver Star’s left and right turrets at the same time! The shells rushed towards the 2 Hornets on either side of Irina’s ship. They zigzagged to avoid the shells and flew towards the Silver Star.

In the ensuing bombardment, Kalliben and Leon shot down 1 Hornet. And the remaining one exploded between the Silver Star and Irina’s bombardment. However the enemy’s offensive continued without a break.

“2 Hornets are approaching from the 4 o’clock direction!”

“Damn! Turn!”

“It is shooting! 2 shots are coming from the Hornet!”

“Avoid it! Descend before it can penetrate!”

Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng!

Sparks flew on the Silver Star’s armour. The Hornet’s shots had hit. However it was possible to avoid the concentrated shooting from the 2 Hornets. And the return fire shot down 1 Hornet. The target moved to the remaining Hornet.


Another Hornet soared from behind the wreckage of a spaceship floating nearby.

“A Hornet has emerged from the rear! It is rushing at full speed towards the Silver Star!”

“W-what? Then the Hornet before was just bait? Dammit! Tori, full speed ahead!”

“No! The Silver Star’s engine hasn’t been fully repaired so our acceleration booster isn’t working properly. It is too late to avoid the Hornet!”

“Dammit! Everybody prepare for impact!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a roaring sound and the Silver Star vibrated violently. The Hornet hiding behind the wreckage crashed into the rear of the Silver Star and self-destructed. At the same time, a hopeless message floated on the monitor in front of the captain’s seat.

-The Silver Star’s engine has collided with the enemy and has been destroyed!

Engine destruction! That message was no different to a death penalty! No, it actually was a death penalty. Smoke poured out of the Silver Star and it stopped moving. Irina rushed towards the Silver Star and Irina’s voice could be heard on the screen.

–Ark-nim, danger!

“Hyung-nim, a light ray from the carrier is going to hit us directly!”

Hegel screamed at the same time. When Ark turned around, the sight of a ray from the carrier heading straight towards the Silver Star caught his eye. But right now the Silver Star couldn’t move!

“Son of a bitch!”

Ark cursed.

A flash that covered thousands of kilometres enveloped the Silver Star.



Irina shouted with a panicked expression. The scene of the smoking Silver Star being wrapped in light was unfolding in front of her. And…..

“….The Silver Star has been destroyed, the signal is lost.”

Hajin sighed and shook his head. Irina flopped on the captain’s seat like a broken doll. She had spent four days in the vicinity of the black hole in a deadlock with the Rama and Aschulat fleets.

Four days again the grey planet collapsed and she waited for Ark. Of course, she had to think about her subordinates. But if she was by herself then her heart wouldn’t be able to abandon Ark.

So she wanted to help Ark this time. She had focused on covering the Silver Star when it was attacked by the enemy. But the result was a total failure. Ark had disappeared in front of her.

Irina felt like her pulse had stopped. But she shook her head forcefully and calmed her heart.

‘No, the ship’s signal has disappeared but there is no evidence that Ark-nim is killed. Ark-nim might still be alive. I can’t admit it before seeing it with my own eyes!’

“Hajin, the Silver Star’s location…..”

Irina raised her head and shouted.

–Ensign Irina.

Hawk floated on the screen.

–Ark’s ship signal is gone. Do you understand?


Hawk frowned at Irina’s answer. And he shook his head before starting to talk again.

-Then Ensign-nim, please join the main forces. As you know, the military situation is becoming increasingly disadvantageous. Including Ark, there have been 5 ally ships that have sunk. We’ve lost a third of our power. It was the same for the Rama and Aschulat. Yet the 3 fleets haven’t managed to deal a special blow to the carrier. The Hornets were unexpected but now we need to regroup. The Rama and Aschulat probably have the same idea. I’m going to reorganize the fleet and propose a combined action to them.

“Combined action?”

–That is the best for now. So please hurry and join us.

“But Ark-nim…..”

–Ark, why do you talk about him so much?

Hawk hesitated as he looked at Irina before speaking.

-I can guess what you’re going to say. I know that Ensign-nim has a special consideration towards Ark. But this is a battlefield. Moreover, our allies are currently being put in a corner. If one individual acts separately then the whole team will be placed in danger. Do you understand what I’m saying?

“I ….understand.”

Irina bit her lip and replied. She looked at the area where the Silver Star disappeared before saying in a spiritless voice.

“Hajin, join up with the main forces.”


“That stupid bastard!”

While Irina was moving towards the main fleet. A person 100 kilometres away was cursing. It was a Rama warrior wearing red armour, the Red Slaughterer.

The Rama fleet’s visit to the grey planet was a result of their own investigating. Just like the Galactic Federation and the Aschulat, the Rama fleet was also looking for information about antimatter.

However the Red Slaughterer had another purpose. It was to kill Ark. The situation was complicated due to the carrier’s appearance but the Red Slaughterer had every intention of seeing it through to the end.

“But now you’re dead!”

The Red Slaughterer muttered with annoyance. But the Red Slaughterer wasn’t in a position to do anything. Right now the Rama fleet he commanded, the Aschulat and the Galactic Federation were suffering considerable damage form the Hornets and the carrier. In this situation he couldn’t go look for Ark.

“Dammit! Is that the only way after all?”

The Red Slaughterer murmured as he looked at the carrier. Keiko turned around and reported.

“Captain-nim, a communication is coming from the public channel. It is the leader of the Galactic Federation fleet, Hawk.”



There was a flying sound in the darkness. And it spun around for a while.


A low voice spoke in the darkness.

“Yes, the acoustic amplifier couldn’t find anything for dozens of kilometres so it moved away.”

“Phew, somehow we managed to fool them.”

A heavy sigh flowed out. Then the eyes looked around.

“I really thought we would die this time.”

“Me too. Damn, my heart is still shaking. Isn’t this similar to a heart disease?”

“At any rate, they passed by so we can relax.”

“See I told you. You are someone embedded with unlucky genes.”

“It is scary that those words don’t sound like a joke anymore.”

The eyes were making a lot of noise. They were Melina, Kaya, Slayer and the crew of the Silver Star. And the person with the unlucky genes….

“Anyway we’re alive. What are you complaining about?”

Ark snapped at his team mates. But Ark’s heart was still thumping quickly from the last few minutes.

A few minutes ago, the Silver Star’s engine had been completely smashed by the Hornet’s self-destruct. And the carrier’s light ray aimed towards the ship.  At the time Ark really thought it was the end.

However Ark didn’t give up. It was impossible for him to give up. He suddenly fell onto Muratio Star and returned after four days. Ark wasn’t idle in the meantime and gained many skills and experience. But 90% of the reason for not wanting to die was due to the Silver Star. He had reclaimed the Silver Star.

Yet it was going to explode not 1 hour after he reclaimed it? He couldn’t accept such an empty ending.

‘I barely slept for the last four days so I can’t die here! No! I won’t die!’

Then Ark saw the wreckage of the spaceship that the Hornet had been hiding in.

Ark was able to avoid the carrier’s bombardment due to that wreckage. Just before the light ray had hit him, Ark launched the anchor and pulled the wreckage in front of the Silver Star to act as a shield. It was a movement that was more instinctual than base on his judgement.

Pepeng! Chwajijijijijik!

The light ray was stopped thanks to that. The shockwave pushed the ship back several kilometres but they were able to receive no damage from the bombardment. However, he still couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief. A 3rd Hornet flying towards them had witnessed the scene.

‘The Silver Star lost an engine. The main gun and turrets are good but it is useless if the ship can’t move. In this state we can’t even deal with 1 Hornet.’

So Ark decided to try a gamble. He shut off the Silver Star’s power. This was why Irina, Hawk and the Red Slaughterer thought he was dead. If the ship’s power was turned off then the identification signal to distinguish between enemy and friends as well as communication and energy reactions were shut off. The energy reaction was gone so everyone thought the Silver Star had sunk.

This was what Ark had aimed for. The Hornet thought the same as Irina, Hawk and the Red Slaughterer. It was a gamble that saved Ark’s life. Once the power supply was turned off, the Hornet who caught up to the Silver Star wandered around the area for a while before going back.

An engine had been destroyed. A few minutes would mean the different between life or death. And it was 100% due to Ark that they could survive.

Yet Slayer kept on talking about his unlucky genes. No, Ark also started to become suspicious that he had the unlucky genes. The Silver Star and team members were able to survive thanks to Ark’s concentration. But these circumstances weren’t excellent.

‘Our lives were saved for the moment but…..’

“What are we going to do?”

Rapid looked at Ark and asked.

……That was the problem.

-Ship-related information:


According to the classification of the ship’s damage….

If the damage is low and there is only a functional problem then it can self-recover depending on the level of the ship.

The rapture of the hull means that the function is seriously compromised and it needs to be repaired directly.

If the part is completely destroyed then it is best to go to the nearest repair shop. An engineer in the crew with expertise in repair can fix it but spare parts are required>

There were different types of damage. And the current Silver Star had dozens of areas damaged. But as described in the information window, the damage could be recovered. If the crew repaired it then it could be restored or over time it would return to its original state.

The problem was the damage received by the Hornet’s self-destruction.

Destruction! That part was impossible to restore. Furthermore, the engine destroyed could be called the life of the spaceship! They pretended to be dead to avoid the Hornet’s attack but being devoid of the engine in outer space was just like death.

“Perhaps a spare engine in the warehouse…..”

Rapid sighed as he confirmed Ark’s expression.

“…..I knew it.”

“Damn, what the? That look? Do you think spare parts are easy? They cost money! Furthermore, an engine is worth thousands of gold. I don’t have the money for something unnecessary like a spare engine!”

“What did you say just now?”

“You heard what I said!”

Ark and Rapid snapped at each other. Then Kaya interjected before Ark and Rapid could launch at each other.

“Hey, you! Why are you talking about something unrelated Rapid? Rapid what is wrong with you? Does it make sense to argue about something like a spare tire? And a captain should be prepared for such a situation with a spare engine! Does it make sense not to buy one because it is expensive?”

“Kaya unni, your words are a bit intense.”

At this time Melina stood up and showed partiality towards Ark.

“You’re making it sound like everything is Ark’s mistake. It isn’t Ark’s fault that the engine broke. Rather, it was thanks to Ark that the hornet didn’t kill us after the light ray attack. Yes there is no spare engine. Poverty isn’t a sin.”

“I agree.”

Rapid nodded. He looked towards Ark and smiled.

“Poverty is not a sin. Ark, don’t get me wrong. I understand now.”

What? Why did Ark feel something unpleasant deep in his chest?

But Ark didn’t question it closely. He didn’t want to get into an argument with Kaya or Rapid.

In fact, the person most frustrated right now was Ark. Like Melina said, they weren’t destroyed by the Hornet despite losing the engine was due to Ark. But it was only a temporary measure.

They were camouflaged for now but there was no guarantee how long it would fool the enemy. And if the battle continued like this then there was a 9 in 10 chance that the carrier would win.

He couldn’t be relieved even if the 3 fleets excelled. There was a huge enemy so they were cooperate now but there was no telling what would happen when the carrier disappeared. And if the Silver Star sunk then the crew would die!

There would be no point in the members escaping alive from Muratio Star. But Ark couldn’t die. Not only would Ark lost his skills and experience, he would also lost his property the Silver Star.

‘I have to find another way……’

Ark racked his brain.

“Hrmm! Any person would know a way.”

Slayer who was staring out the window muttered. Ark raised his head and exclaimed at the unexpected words.

“You know a way?”

“Yes, I know. I know a way.”

Slayer folded his arm and replied with a conceited expression. He was angry at Slayer but right now he would grasp at anything. Slayer was stupid but sometimes even stupid people could have genius thoughts.


“I was thinking alone while you guys were quarrelling futilely.  How can I escape this crisis and rescue my colleagues?”

“Stop talking nonsense and tell us!”

“This brat, be patient. Okay. I’ll explain it. Now, look there. What do you see? Yes, dozens of ships fighting against the carrier. Already the wreckage of 10 ships are floating around. Some are shattered to pieces but others are in a decent state. If we look then we can find one with a perfect engine.”

Ark smiled and nodded.

“Aha! So you’re saying we should search the wreckage for an engine for the Silver Star.”

“Huhuhu! How about it? Isn’t it clever?”

“Yes, very clever. So? How are we going to get there if we find a perfect engine?”


Slayer closed his mouth. He scratched his head and asked.

“I mean… will we get there?”

“Do you want to die?”

Ark said.

“I knew it was stupid…..”

Kaya and Sadain sighed. It was stupid to have hope for even a little bit.

Taking an engine from a sunken spaceship and mount it onto the Silver Star. Ark had thought of that as soon as the engine was destroyed. However their engine was destroyed so they couldn’t even move 1 metre.

That was the reason why Ark and Rapid were worried. Then Rapid sighed before speaking.

“There is only one way left.”

“One way left? What?”

Ark turned and asked. All of a sudden Rapid pulled out his gun and placed the muzzle against Ark’s forehead.

“W-w-what are you doing?”

“I’m helping.”

“Help? What? Commit suicide? Is this a joke? I still haven’t given up!”

“So I’m helping you. I’ve been observing you in the meantime and I’ve realized something. You’re not a smart person. There isn’t a large difference between you and Slayer. So why do you keep surpassing me? According to my judgement, it is due to the difference in timing. You managed to quickly think of something just before the light ray hit us. So you’re smart in a crisis and are just about to die.”

“Dammit! How is that going to help? It is a threat!”

“You think this is a threat?”


Rapid smiled and prepared to pull back the trigger.

“You will feel better with a hole in your head.”

“Who would feel better? I will die! A hole in my head will kill me you fool!”

What type of nonsense was he talking? They were in a crisis and Rapid wanted to drive a bullet into his head? Was that guy crazy? However Ark’s head was thinking furiously. Something had popped into his head.

“Yes! That! The air holes! Air!”

“10 seconds. Explain it to me.”

“You don’t know? It’s air, air. The air on board the Silver Star. He’s going to use the air as a propellant. This is space. There is no gravity and air resistance so air could be used to move. It is possible to move even without an engine!”

“…..Your life is saved.”

Rapid put down his gun. His expression seemed like he really would’ve shot Ark. It really was daring considering Rapid was his employee. But now wasn’t the time to admire his bravery (?). They solved the problem of how to move but an issue still remained.

“Now we have to find an engine.”

They couldn’t blindly search through the wreckage. The driving force obtained from the air injection was difficult to control. It wouldn’t be enough to search through the wreckage one by one. Even if they got close, it was impossible to check the status of the engine with their eyes alone.

“We need to use the optical scanners.”

“Doesn’t that mean we have to start the power?”

“The air on board isn’t unlimited. We also have no choice but to turn on the power if we want to use the air as a propellant. Fortunately the 3 fleets and the Hornets are concentrating on fighting around the carrier. If we use the lowest possible power to utilize the optical scanner and air generator then we will go unnoticed.”

“Is that a risk we have to take?”

“We have no choice.”

Ark glanced towards Tori. And Tori swallowed his saliva before touching the switch to the Silver Star’s power supply. There was a small vibration as the machine turned on. The emergency red lights turned on. Ark stared out the window with a tense look.

The spaceships and carrier were congregated hundreds of kilometres away. The power was working but he couldn’t see any special reaction from the Hornets flying around. The first checkpoint had been passed.

“Optical scanners.”

Ark started to carefully take action. The doors at the bottom of the Silver Star opened and 15 sphere dropped into outer space.

“I know we’re in a rush but we shouldn’t hurry. If they move too fast then there is a risk that the Hornets will notice. Move slowly and with the minimal amount of power.”

“I know.”

Hegel replied as he operated the dashboard. He directed the optical scanners towards the wreckage floating around. The information from the optical scanners started appearing on the monitor.

-Optical Scanner Results


3- No engine in the rubble.
4- Engine in the rubble has been 80% destroyed.
8- Engine in the rubble has different specifications to the Silver Star…..

‘Damn, is my idea not going to work?’

There was a tight knot in Ark’s stomach. Right now the optical scanners were inspecting the wrecked of ships sunk by the Hornets. It would be hard to find a working engine in the wreckage. Furthermore, not every engine would be suitable to be mounted.

The engine depended on the type of spaceship, the engine output and other factors. Well, the engine could be reconstructed to fit the Silver Star but he didn’t have the equipment or time. He needed to find an engine that could be mounted on the Silver Star immediately.

‘Approximately 1….just 1 will be okay!’

After a while.

-NO. 13- An engine has been discovered in the wreckage.


Condition is good. More than 80% is working.

It was the message he hoped for!

“Hyung-nim, I’ve found it!” Scanner no. 13!”


“78 kilometres away in the 2 o’clock direction!”

“Okay. Tori, move in that direction!”

The situation developed rapidly.

Chiik! Chiik! Chiiiik!

A gas like water vapour emerged from the external jets and the Silver Star turned slowly. The moment Hegel aligned the Silver Star in the right direction, a huge amount of gas came gushing out. It was the air from inside the Silver Star! Once air was blown from the read, the Silver Star immediately flew forward. And it reached the wreckage that the NO. 13 scanner had found.

“What the, that is?”

“Isn’t that a Rama spaceship?”

“The engine from this ship fits the Silver Star’s specifications?”

Rapid and Slayer murmured with confusion. The bridge part was destroyed but almost everything else was intact.  The problem was that the spaceship didn’t belong to either the Galactic Federation or the Aschulat. The Rama spaceship had biological tissue that was wriggling like it was still alive!

Ark was also puzzled by the situation…..

‘…..Such a thing?’

Now Ark was able to understand the situation. Once again, but the Silver Star was a ship that belonged to the Murat. And according to the information he obtained so far, the Rama was a species originally ruled by the Murat. The Rama could grow quickly thanks to the technology the Murat gave them.

In other words, the Rama civilization was based on the Murat. The present spaceship had changed from the Murat standards after many years passed but the base specifications were still the same. It was the main reason why the Rama’s engine was more appropriate for the Silver Star then one belonging to the Aschulat or Galactic Federation.


“Can we separate the engine from that spaceship?”

“No, not yet.”

Ark shook his head at Slayer’s words.

“The armour of that spaceship is still intact. It will be difficult to take out the engine from outside. We should enter the interior to save time. Furthermore, the only part of that ship destroyed is the bridge. The crew were wiped out but the ship’s control system might still be functioning. If we can control the management system of the engine then this might be easily settled.”

“How can we take over the other ship’s control system?”

Ark didn’t answer. He just looked back at Tori. Tori waved his fingers and laughed.

“Huhuhu, this is the chance to show my abilities. I’ve been waiting to be brought into this conversation. This is my first time with a Rama spaceship but luckily there is no crew members. Just believe in me and wait. I will separate the engine from the spaceship in 1 minute. Launch anchor!”

Pepeng! Pepeng!

The Silver Star’s anchor was launched at the Rama’s ship. Once again, the anchor wasn’t just to catch an enemy ship. It also connected to the system and a poison could be spread to paralyze the enemy’s system. The anchor served as a type of communication cable. And once online….

“Now shall I get started?”

Tadak! Tadak! Tadak! Tatatata!

Tori’s fingers began to move at a tremendous speed over a keyboard device.



IKER(! ELLR)! EIKEKRK#$$!! #$$!


Mysterious characters flashed on the screen.

“Sheesh, there is still a firewall remaining in such a state?”

Tori clicked his tongue and muttered. The characters disappeared and the screen changed. The top part of the screen was filled with small blocks. And there was a panel moving from side to side on the bottom. A small ball appeared on the centre of the screen and started breaking the blocks.

The screen was…..

“Eh? What the?”

“Brick Breaker? Isn’t that the game Brick Breaker?”

“Is this hamster crazy? Now he is playing a game?”

Slayer, Kaya and Rapid exclaimed with dumbfounded eyes. But Ark knew that this wasn’t a simple game.

Right now Tori was hacking. He needed to hack the Rama’s system to take control of the ship’s system. The brick screen floating was a hack to overcome the Rama’s firewall! It was the firewall protecting the ship’s control system so the degree of difficulty was significant. The ball flying between the bricks and panel was at a tough level. But Tori wasn’t an ordinary hamster. He might be indebted to Ark now but he was the teacher who taught Ark hacking!

“Be quiet and don’t disturb him!”

Ark shouted while looking at the screen.

Ping pong! Ping pong! Ping pong! Ping pong!

The ball got rid of the bricks at a tremendous pace!

Some people- Slayer- watched the scene with an absurd expression, others -Ark- were watching tensely and Tori was fiercely concentrating as he got rid of the bricks one by one. And finally there was the desperate moment when only one brick was left!


“That’s it! Hyung-nim, I did it!”

Tori raised his fist and shouted as he got rid of all the bricks.

“Well done! Amazing! Okay, Tori! Now connect the system engine module….”

An unexpected problem had occurred at that moment.


The characters came back!

“Eh? W-what is this?”

“Tori, what’s going on? Why are more characters floating?”

“I-I’m not sure. The firewall is broken but data is flowing back to us!”

“The data is flowing backwards? Then is it reverse hacking?”

“The Silver Star’s firewall wasn’t activated so it doesn’t seem to be hacking. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Huh? T-this is? No way! Hyung-nim, the Silver Star is absorbing the data!”

“What does that mean? We’re not doing anything.”

“There is no doubt! The Silver Star’s system is absorbing that spaceship’s data! The place the data is entering….10! It is the Silver Star’s 10th room!”

“10th room?”

Ark burst out with confusion.

If he had to explain, the Silver Star had 10 rooms. However Ark could only access 7 of them. The cabin, infirmary, warehouse and four available rooms. There were 3 more rooms but their doors wouldn’t open. All date associated with them was blocked in the control system so he was unaware of what was inside.

‘If I upgrade the ship then I can use those rooms.’

So he had only vaguely thought about the 8th, 9th and 10th rooms. But a strange phenomenon was suddenly occurring around the 10th room.

“What is happening….?”

Just as Ark was wondering about it…..

-The sealed facilities in the Silver Start are starting up.


These facilities are usually sealed in the early stages and certain conditions need to be met before they start up.

The conditions depend on the function of the spaceship and the facilities but it can be used as a general facility once the seal is released>

-A new facility has been added to the Silver Star.


Shape Decomposition Fusion Management Office: The home planet of the Murat, Muratio Star had a harsh environment.

There was a lack of resources so the Murat developed the shape decomposition fusion technology.

Shape decomposition fusion technology is a self-growth system that will destroyed something at the end of its life and fuse it with the spaceship to upgrade it.

The Murat use this technology to absorb destroyed spaceships in combat and build a stronger fleet. However, control of the spaceship must be seized in order to use the shape decomposition fusion technology.

The information window suddenly appeared.


The biological tissue attached to the wreckage was then cut up. And it changed into skeletal mechanical components. This process created a huge oval shaped metal body.

Pajijijik! Pajijijik!

The upper doors of the Silver Star opened and the oval metal started to be drawn forward like a magnet was pulling it.  And the moment it was directly above the Silver Star!


It split apart and covered the Silver Star.


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