Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 13 Chapter 4

SPACE 4. Sudden Attack (PART : 4)


The armouries were gathered in a circular plaza. There was a dull sound as a vent fell from the ceiling. A soldier inside the plaza reflexively turned around as the vent fell.

“W-who are you?”


The one who shot the soldier was Ark! Ark rushed towards 3 soldiers that were nearby. The soldiers were dressed similarly. They wore helmets, bulletproof armour and a large shield made of reinforced plastic. The only thing different was that some were holding machine guns and others rods. An intruder was identified so they immediately formed a barrier and lifted their machine guns.

And the moment the muzzle aimed at Ark!


Ark raised his left arm and shouted. The crystal wrapped around his wrist turned to liquid and flew forward. It rose into the form of the Baius Golem. Shortened to Bao!

–Uh! Master, did you need my power?

Bao folded its arm in a proud stance after appearing.

Its appearance reminded him of the atmosphere whenever he looked at the magic lamp. However it didn’t have the invincibility of the magic lamp. Bao was just a walking and talking piece of crystal. It wasn’t polite and had the habit of complaining to its owner.

‘Is it really necessary to raise a guy like this?’

It wasn’t the only time he felt sceptical as he looked at Bao. But Bao’s growth wasn’t a choice to Ark. Bao was the Baius Shield and also a growth type item. And the Baius Shield would level up as Bao did. Therefore he tearfully raised it.


It felt different from before. The Casain warrior Basak who adventured with Ark on Muratio Star! Bao started to become softer after Basak’s sacrifice. It wasn’t only the emotions that changed. Ark checked his equipment once he used the Fairy to return from Muratio Star but he never summoned Bao.

–Master, it is slightly strange.

Bao felt like the atmosphere was different from usual and looked at Ark.

–I made it clear already that I don’t like Master. It is clear even now! You are just like my least favourite drink!

But now something is different. All of a sudden I have a good impression of you? No, it is like I remembered something I forgot. I don’t know why but it feels like I met Master a long time ago and have been waiting for you. Why? Huh? Why is this? Do you know?

The events that Ark experienced on Muratio Star had an impact on Bao’s spirit. No, it wasn’t just the spirit.

–Ah! Am I thinking too much? Why is my head so itchy? Something….

Bao scratched its crystal head. Then the moment Bao scratched its head!


Bao threw its body in front of Ark. And it jumped over the barrier towards the soldiers. The soldiers who were shooting at Ark changed to a shield. No, just before they were about to change!

“Bao, now! Blast!”

Bao hit both arms on the ground at Ark’s cry. Projectiles shot from Bao’s head towards the soldiers. This change occurred shortly after Bao scratched its head. Something fang like had popped out from its head. At the same time a message appeared!

-The crystal golem as acquired a new special ability!


Blast (Users, Active): The head will turn soft like tofu and blast awls towards the enemy. The awls contain double the Baius Golem’s attack power. However, the golem becomes lighter and can be easily pushed back.

Force consumption: 100

A technique that could be used when Basak transformed into a golem! That technique was registered with Bao.

Syu syu syu syu! Pepeng!

The crystal projectiles hit the shields, making them shake. Bao became half its size but was still made of crystal and stone. One soldier whose shield was hit by the awls was pushed back towards Ark.

A light ray was thrust from Ark’s hand into the soldier. The crisp, white light showed even under the bright lighting. It was the sword Equalizer that he received on Muratio Star.

“One guy down!”

Wiing! Wiing! Buuuuong! Wiing!

The white light moved in a complicated pattern. The following soldiers were pushed towards Ark by Bao. The soldiers were completed exposed to Ark. The white sword hit the back of the soldier heading towards him and a message popped up.






The backstab effect that occurred when attacked from behind! If he used Stealth and stabbed the enemy when he was undetected then x4 the damage would be applied. However, continuous attacks couldn’t be dealt with Stealth. He had to be satisfied with that much.

But that changed once the enemy’s back was exposed due to Bao. The sword accelerated and continuously hit their backs. The soldiers can barely turn before their bodies were torn to pieces.

“W-what? That piece of stone?”

-No! Crystal! Blast!

The panicked soldiers hurriedly rushed towards Bao. And Bao delivered the soldiers over and over to Ark. Although the soldiers had already died, their colleagues nearby witnessed the situation and came rushing over. But the resistance was insignificant.

Their movements were slow and attacks weak but the shield could cover their colleagues. If one person opposed the soldiers then they would fail. But the opponent was Ark.

Wiing! Wiing! Buuuuong! Pajijiji!

Ark hurled a shower of attacks towards the shields. And subsequently killed a soldier with backstab once they were exposed.

“T-that guy?”

“Dammit! “What are you staring blankly at? Attack!”

The soldiers who were making confused faces lifted their guns. But Ark’s hand that formed a rune was faster.

“Come out, Shire! Rune Carving, Hwairam!”

In the next moment, the rune formed the shape of a giant foot and touched the ground. The ground shook and the soldiers stumbled.

Tong! Tong! Tong!

Then a continuous echo rang out from the top. Once again, Ark wasn’t the only one hiding in the vents. This was the interior of the enemy’s carrier. It was more high risk than an ordinary dungeon. Ellain, Tori and Hegel were left behind to protect the Silver Star while Rapid, Slayer, Kaya, Berad and the others were brought with him for a total of 12 team members.

However the vents were narrow so the 13 of them, including Ark couldn’t come out at once. The 13 people would just be a target for the soldiers. That’s why Ark was fighting against the enemy alone. Meanwhile the rest of the team members dispersed to the vents around the plaza. Once the gazes of the enemy was on Ark, the broke the cover and jumped down.

“Huk! What, what the?”

“Take care of him quickly! Other intruders are lurking here as well!”

12 warriors appeared at the same time! The soldiers who were distracted by Ark instantly became confused. And it was too late once they grasped the situation.

“It is too late!”

“Ohhhhhh! Destruction Hammer! Take this! Aesthetics of Destruction!”

Berad swung a hammer towards a nearby soldier holding a shield as soon as he landed. And flames emerged from the hammer, causing it to accelerate!

When it collided with the shield, 3 soldiers were pushed back at once. It was the rare Destruction Hammer with Aesthetics of Destruction attached to it that Ark found after destroying the kraken on E-2036.

In fact, there had been a conversation about who should take ownership of the Destruction Hammer. Ark had already collected the unique Belpheghor’s Pants. It was Ark’s opinion that Berad should obtain the hammer.  Ark wanted to somehow make Berad equip the Destruction Hammer.

Ark had killed some just now but he felt like a shield trooper was one of the most annoying enemies to face. A shield was made of a special alloy that could stop melee weapons as well as energy from guns. The most effective weapon against a shield was a blunt weapon like a hammer or mace. And in Dark Eden, Berad was the only one who could wield a hammer. If Berad’s attack power rose then it would cause Dark Eden’s power to increase.

It was lucky that there wasn’t anyone else on the team who could use a hammer. Slayer used blunt weapons but he couldn’t use a two handed hammer because of his shield. Thanks to that, the other team members decided to give the Destruction Hammer to Berad. And like he could see, the result was satisfying.

The solid barrier was smashed by the hammer! The shield troopers crumpled like paper dolls and went flying. Once that happened, the gun troopers were easier to attack!

“Continuous Fire! Quick Fire! Chain Fire!”

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

Rapid continuously shot the shield troopers. Ammunition was useless against bulletproof armour. The pistol revolved in his hand and shot critical wounds in gaps in the armour. Due to the occupation change to Saint Gunner in Muratio Star, the effects of all pistol skills went UP!

Blood pooled around Rapid in an instant.

“W-we can’t stop them!”

“Dammit! RPG! Blow them up with a RPG!”

A soldier in the back immediately lifted a launcher.  However the soldier with the launcher had already been targeted by Kaya.

“Ha! I knew it! DNA transformation!”

“Huk! What, what the? My hair and body, why……Bark! Bark! Bark! Woof woof!”

He still found Kaya’s DNA conversion skill strange whenever he saw it. The soldier was suddenly turned into a puppy and run away from a hail of bullets with his tail between his legs.

Kung! Snap!

And it ran between the legs of the soldiers until he was stomped on by a giant robot. Park’s autobot was wielding a greatsword in the middle of the enemy.

It was a one-sided battle.

“Iron Wall!”

A solid shield formed in front of Slayer.

“Wuhahaha! “Come as much as you want! I’ll turn everyone into a beehive!”

Kurakan recklessly fired his gun once the battle started.

“Invincible Spear! Cry, my spear!”

Sadain’s spear shot out lightning every time it hit the enemy. They were silent but Melina and the others were supported their team members from behind. The 20 soldiers were no match against Ark’s team. Ark and his team members had gained a lot of experience in Muratio Star and even received equipment! Once Ark’s team executed a surprise attack, the soldiers could only last 10 minutes at best.


One soldier winced and retreated as others died around him. And he immediately started to run up a spiral staircase. Then 2 muzzles moved above him.

Tutung! Tutung!

2 shots rang out. The soldier’s head shook and he fell down the stairs as he died. The snipers who shot the soldier were Kalliben and Leon.

That was the last one. Once the soldier who was sniped fell down, the battle was already finished. The damage dealt by 20 people was only a 10% loss in health. Even that was restored straight away with Melina’s recovery skills.

‘They weren’t difficult opponents…..”

But they weren’t so weak that they could be ignored. If the troops organized themselves into a formation then they could become difficult. That’s why Ark was used as bait for their surprise attack. It was possible to win but he thought it wouldn’t be easy. But the result was different from his worry and they achieved an overwhelming victory!

Ark who had been watching the battle understood the reason why. There was a profession change and equipment from Muratio Star. But the major reason was their teamwork. When the team was first created, they only fought with their own skills. Naturally Ark commanded them but they were slow to respond when issued instructions. However he didn’t give any instructions in this battle. There was no need to. The team used the necessary skills to aid their colleagues even without any direction.

Their teamwork had matured after Impeltus and Muratio Star.

‘Well anyway!’

“Bao, come back.”

Ark converted Bao back to a shield and turned his body. Loot was on the floor after taking care of 20 people. However Ark was only interested in one spoils of war. And he was able to find it on the body of the soldier Kalliben and Leon sniped.

-You have acquired the

The armoury key! The reason Ark came here wasn’t to get several loot that fell to the ground. Ark’s real desire was for the supplies piled up in the Armory.

The Armory room would shortly become Ark’s treasure!

“But before that……”

Four doors were lining the circular plaza. Three of them were together while one door was isolated. He could guess the reason even if he didn’t open the door. Unlike the other three rooms with drawings of guns or amour on it, this one had a drawing of a bomb.

It wasn’t surprising that a huge amount of shells and missiles appeared once he opened the door. The Armory that Ark opened contained the artillery shells for the carrier. There were huge shells and missiles for the carrier.

Of course they couldn’t be stored in a backpack.

“This should be enough.”

But there was a satisfied smile on Ark’s face. If it was a carrier of this size, then there would be a separate Armory. The moment he had that idea, Ark expected the shells and missiles to be kept here. And he already thought of a purpose for these shells. No, the core of Ark’s plan depended on them.

“Milan, I’ll leave this place to you.”

Ark said as he left the room. And he opened the rest of the armouries with his team members who had anticipation sparkling in their eyes. Cheers burst from Slayer and Kaya’s mouths.

“Gun! Sword! There is also a real laser gun!”

“Armour! There is each type up to heavy armour!”

“Here there is ammunition! Ooh! Armour Piercing Bullets! Ceramic Bullets! Fire Bullets!”

A room filled with weapons like guns and swords! Armour in the room with the drawing of armour on the door! A room filled with all sorts of ammunition! Shelves were already empty thanks to the crew of the carrier but there were still huge amounts remaining.

Ark spread out his arms and exclaimed.



The team rushed forward like hyenas. And….there was a frenzy of items being looted.

has been acquired.
has been acquired.
has been acquired…..

The messages that continuously popped up! There was no time to check the name of every item. They were common equipment that the crew of the carrier used. But their levels were high for NPCs. And it was natural for higher levelled items to be sold for a more expensive price. One item could get dozens of gold.

‘If just one item is worth dozens of gold…..’

He couldn’t even calculate how much it would be if he added all the items. He came to the Armory to plunder it. Of course, Ark had moved everything in his backpack to the Silver Star’s warehouse beforehand. Despite that, the space in his backpack instantly became full!

It was the same for his other team members.

“Ohh! I don’t have any more spaces!”

“Ooh! I really regret not expanding my bag space!”

Slayer and the others who stuffed their backpacks were filled with regret.

“Don’t be so anxious.

Anyway, these items here…..”

Ark was speaking with a smirk.

Tu tu tu tu! Pepeng! Pepeng!

The sound of gunfire could be heard from outside.


“Damn! Did other crew members notice it? We’ll have to stop and take care of those guys!”

Ark rushed outside the Armory at Rapid’s cry. And the moment he jumped out!

Wiing! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A red flash suddenly headed towards his upper side. Ark reflexively took out Equalizer. The white light collided with the red flash and sparks flew all over the place. The red flash then moved in a complicated pattern! Ark also rotated his sword and there was a constant explosion of sparks.

Pajijijik! Pepeng!

‘What? This red lightsaber? Perhaps…..?’

Ark raised his head with a puzzled expression. He then saw the man located between the red and white sparks flying.

“Why are you here?”

–This was the correct answer.

The Rama warrior smiling was the Red Slaughterer! He wasn’t the only one. Sadain, Leon and Kurakan were already fighting against other Rama warriors. Needless to say, they were the Red Slaughterer’s subordinates. The Red Squad members. The sound of gunfire rang out in the Armory.

–I was thinking while entering the carrier. If I was you, where would I go? No, what action would I take if I was Ark? An answer naturally came out when I thought about it. It took some time to determine the exact location but luckily I wasn’t too late.

“Dammit! What the hell? If you’re here then you should help the Rama investigation team! Then shouldn’t you head to the bridge like other people?”

–Are you in the position to say that?

The Red Slaughterer smiled and continued.

–Like you said, I am a member of the Rama investigation team. But the reason I’m part of the team is different from others. You were my goal from the beginning.

“Are you a stalker?”

–I have something left to settle with you.

The Red Slaughterer replied while adjusting the position of his lightsaber.

‘What is this bastard’s secret intention? Why is he going so far?’

Ark didn’t understand why the Red Slaughterer was following him so persistently. Of course, the Red Slaughterer had an appropriate reason. Lucifer was beaten by Ark in New World and trapped in the government’s computer. Naturally he would have a grudge against Ark.

However, the challenge he presented was to reach the ultimate goal in Galaxian first. It wasn’t to kill Ark. He couldn’t understand the behaviour of putting aside the ultimate goal in order to chase after Ark. But now was the time and he wouldn’t receive an answer even if he asked.

‘Damn! His timing is horrible every time….’

Just as Ark was grasping his lightsaber and preparing to move, someone passed by him. The person gliding towards the Red Slaughterer was Rapid!

“Quick Fire! Continuous Fire! Chain Fire!”

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

The bullets aimed precisely at the vital spots! The Red Slaughter blocked the bullets with Sword Defense. But Rapid started a chain fire of short range shooting. Furthermore, the attacks weren’t wild but accurately aimed towards the vital spots.

This was why Rapid’s marksmanship was difficult to deal with. But the Red Slaughterer wasn’t an easy opponent. The Red Slaughterer grasped Rapid’s tactics and moved his body. The distance was zero. 1 person firing a gun and the other person avoiding it seemed like a type of dance.

The two people were tangled together until Rapid withdrew for a reload.

–Where did you come from? Don’t disturb me!

“No, I have to interrupt!”

Rapid growled like a raging beast.

“You have a lot of people you owe debts to?”

–A debt to repay?

“Yes, Red Slaughterer. No, Lucifer!”

–Lucifer? That name….you are one of them?

“I’m Alan!”

Rapid shouted as he threw his body towards the Red Slaughterer again. The pistol revolved continuously and fired a hail of bullets. Then there was a gunshot and dozens of sparks occurred in front of Rapid. When Rapid retreated, a Rama warrior narrowed the distance and blocked his way.

–You were here. I was looking for you.

The Rama warrior was grasping a dagger in one hand and a machine gun in the other. His name was Keiko and he was the leader of the Red Squad.

“Don’t interrupt!”

–Didn’t you hear Captain-nim? Why are you interfering? Captain-nim gave up the information about antimatter for this fight. It will be annoying if someone unexpected interrupts. And didn’t you and I fight on Impeltus?

“If it can’t be avoided then I’ll kill you!”

Tang! Tang! Tang!

–Come! Let’s see how much you can do.

Keiko boldly smiled towards Rapid. The exchange of gunfire between Rapid and Keiko increased as they moved away. There was no room for Ark’s team members or the Rama soldiers to interrupt. Bullets flew across a distance and even changed directions so there was no way of approaching.

While Rapid and Keiko were in ‘their own league.’

–The annoying person has gone away…..

Kwa kwang!

A white flash headed towards the Red Slaughterer. The Red Slaughterer blocked it but his knees shook and he became wobbly.

-…..This bastard!

“Why, aren’t there no fouls in a fight?”

The person who laughed was Ark. The reason why Ark had been pushed back several metres when he exited the Armory was because the Red Slaughterer was wearing a battle suit. So Ark also wore his battle suit the Hyper Drone!

When the battle was stopped for a while by Rapid’s intrusion, Ark took out the battle suit and did his specialty surprise attack.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have any time.”

–I agree.

Pajijiji! Pajijiji!

Fierce lightsaber sparks flew all over the place. The moment the red sparks reached a critical point, it revolved around the Red Slaughterer like a pinwheel. And the ensuing swirl of red light.

“Armed Mind Shield!”

Ark shouted and a clear, hexagonal shape floated above him. The battle suit skills changed once his synchronization rate changed to 100% in the Impeltus’ research centre.  It was a skill that moved 2 shields according to his will. The shield blocked the red lightsaber swirling at a high speed.

But that only lasted for a brief moment.

-Carnage Sword!

The red flashes increased and dozens poured out like an evening shower.

Armed Mind Shield was less efficient then Mind Shield that wrapped around the whole body. If dozens of swords were flying at him then the shield would be unable to stop all of them. The shield was also vulnerable to melee attacks.

Jjang! Jjang!

When the sword hit the shield, it instantly turned to powder. He had already demonstrated the skill when they fought on Impeltus. Therefore the Red Slaughterer already knew its weakness.

–Is that all? Dragon Fury!

Red lasers continuously stretched out! But Ark still had one shield remaining.

Baius Shield. It was a shield that was the Elim’s Divine Artefact. He had only raised it to level 2 so it wasn’t a great shield but it was different against energy weapons. The crystal aspect of the Baius Shield increased resistance to energy weapons by 50%.

“Hyper Booster!”

Ark advanced with the Baius Shield. When the red lasers arrived at the shield, the light scattered all over the place. One laser hit his shoulder but only dealt 70 damage. Ark rushed through the lasers towards the Red Slaughterer.

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

Dozens of white lightsaber swirled out like a fan. The Red Slaughterer didn’t expect Ark to push through Dragon Fury so he was covered with numerous wounds from the storm of swords.

“Ha! How about it? Do you regret coming to see me now?”

–You’re welcome.

The Red Slaughterer took a deep breath and lifted his sword.

–It seems I have to fight seriously now.

“You seem to be bluffing. I don’t recommend it.”

–Let’s directly confirm if I’m bluffing or not.

Wiing! Buuuuong! Wiing!

The Red Slaughterer slowly spun his red lightsaber. But the sword sped up until it became difficult to see with his eyes. When it accelerated one more time, the afterimage of light produced a bright, red dragon in the air.

–Let’s see if you can receive this.

And he took one step towards Ark. Then Ark saw Milan run out of the Armory with the bomb drawn on it. Milan surveyed the battlefield with puzzled eyes until he saw Ark.

“Hyung-nim, it will explode soon!”

“It is time! Everybody down!”

Ark fell facedown to the ground and simultaneously shouted. Then Slayer, Kaya and the other team members facing the Red Squad lay down with their arms protecting their heads. The Red Slaughterer and Rama warriors looked befuddled for a moment.

Syu syu syu syu! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

An immense storm of heat came from inside the Armory. The Red Slaughterer and Rama soldiers were hit by the heat storm and forced into the wall. A satisfied smile spread over Ark’s face as he raised his head and looked through the smoke.

“…..That’s it!”

An explosion occurred inside the Armory. On the floor there as a huge hole that had been melted by the high temperatures. The bomb that created the hole wasn’t made spontaneously. It was an order Ark gave to Milan. A small fire bomb like a napalm had blown up a shell in the Armory.

Of course, he didn’t do this because he was bored. It was due to Ark’s hidden plan….

“Hyung-nim, there’s no time! The rest will explode in 1 minute!”

“Okay, everyone escape the area!”

Ark got up and shouted while running. At that time, the form of the Red Slaughterer blocked him.

–Ark, are you trying to escape again?

“Get out of the way! Didn’t you hear me? There is no time!”

Ark shouted and threw his Equalizer angrily. It spun like a spin top and flew towards the Red Slaughterer.

The sword was controlled with Psychokinesis. But the Red Slaughterer struck it and it fell to the ground without any power. This was a shortcoming of the sword technique.

He could steer it with his mind so it couldn’t knock out the power if there wasn’t an element of surprise. The Red Slaughterer stepped on the Equalizer that fell and yelled out.

–Do you think that technique will work after I’ve seen it once already?

“Eat this! Break Kinesis!”


There was an explosion underneath the Red Slaughterer’s nose. And the moment the Red Slaughterer flinched and moved back.

“Hyper Booster! Ink Jet!”

Ark used Hyper Booster and the octopus attached to his head spouted ink. The moment the ink covered the Red Slaughterer, Ark grabbed the Red Slaughterer. He pulled the Red Slaughterer and plunged down the hole.

“If you want to follow me until the end then follow!”

–T-this bastard! What are you doing?


There was a heavy sound as they touched the floor. The place where Ark and the Red Slaughterer fell was a huge passage dozens of metres wide.

Tori had connected to a terminal and downloaded the internal structure blueprints so Ark already knew what this structure was. It was the passage that connected two Hornet hangars. Ark’s flame shell penetrated a hole through the Armory to this place!

-Hyung-nim, are you okay?


Ark and the Red Slaughterer rolled around the ground due to the impact. Then his team members and the Rama warriors jumped down the hole. They sent cautious looks to each other. The Red Squad looked around with wary glances and started to talk.

–You….what are you intending?

“You fools.”

Ark grinned and replied.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

The passage started vibrated and light flashed from the side passages.

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