Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 13 Chapter 6

SPACE 6. And…..

“Excuse me……”

Hyun-woo studied a face in front of him and began to talk. The man with wild eyes in front of him was Lee Myung-ryong.

Once again, the reason Hyun-woo left the Silver Star for 10 minutes when the battle started was due to Lee Myung-ryong. He suddenly felt his breath cut off and then disappeared.

“I got you! You bastard! Kim Hyun-woo!”

The person in front of him was Lee Myung-ryong. Naturally Hyun-woo was completely puzzled. The fearful Lee Myung-ryong had appeared with an expression overflowing with a thirst for blood.

“W-why is Myung-ryong hyung here?”

“Do you have to ask?

“I don’t understand which is why I’m asking! Why else would I ask?”

“This bastard keeps on speaking nonsense! Aha, didn’t you become the director of a large corporation? So you think it is okay to ignore the police? Yes, that is a good attitude. Now you’ve succeeded at long last. But what are you going to do? I’m a guy who can’t understand things like that.”

“What are you talking about? What did I do?”

“Let’s start your beating!”

And the scene of an assault began. Hyun-woo couldn’t understand what on earth Lee Myung-ryong was talking about. This matter?  Lee Myung-ryong suddenly started talking about being a director.

Yes, it was confusing! However, the opponent was Lee Myung-ryong. Lee Myung-ryong was the type to educate through violence. It was impossible for Hyun-woo to stand up to him.

There was clearly some misunderstanding. He didn’t know what the people was but he needed to speak gradually to clear up the misunderstanding. But it wasn’t a situation where Hyun-woo could talk.

He was in the middle of a space battle.

“Yes, Hyung-nim! I was wrong! I don’t know what I did but I was unconditionally wrong! I’ll be right back! If I did something wrong then I’ll receive whatever punishment! Instead just wait for a bit! Right now I’m in an incredibly desperate situation! So I will handle it and then come back!”

Hyun-woo cried out desperately despite not knowing his mistake. Thankfully Hyun-woo was able to log in to Galaxian again after 10 minutes. And he gained many achievements and caught the ‘Sealed Box’ that was the quest item! He held his girlfriend like he was the main character in a movie as they escaped from the carrier.

‘Heok! 3 hours have passed already! I don’t know what was going on but I’ve left the angry Myung-ryong hyung waiting for 3 hours! I’m dead!’

Hyun-woo exited to face death.


‘…..I’m lucky.’

When he went outside the capsule, Lee Myung-ryong was lying down asleep. Perhaps that was the reason there wasn’t any interference during his fight. But that didn’t mean the threat had vanished. Hyun-woo knew that Lee Myung-ryong wasn’t the type to forget about something just because he went to sleep. His temperament wasn’t the type.

‘I’d rather get it over with quickly.’

Hyun-woo woke up Lee Myung-ryong while feeling like he was unsealing a devil. And he instantly fell to his knees and started to talk.

“What did I do wrong?”

“You don’t know what you did wrong?”

If he knew he wouldn’t have asked! He didn’t know! The words bubbled up in his throat but Hyun-woo pushed it down. He was scared!

“I’m not rebellious. I really don’t know. ”

“You ignored your teacher.”


What was he talking about?

“It is impossible that I would do such a thing.”

“Yes, there is no such possibility.  Nevertheless, you did do it.  You must be crazy.   That’s why I’m here. My heart really regrets having a student like you. You should be thankful towards me. Now, I’ll ask again.”

Lee Myung-ryong fist filled with ‘tremendous attack’ headed towards him.

“No! No! Wait a minute! I really can’t remember doing that!”

“Are you making excuses? I never taught you to do that!”

“Who is making excuses? I really don’t understand anything! If I did something wrong then I’ll receive whatever punishment! But it is terrible to beat me up when I don’t know the reason!”

“Then I will tell you.”

Lee Myung-ryong sighed before nodding.

“From Monday of last week to yesterday. Do you know how many times I called you? It was at least 3 times a day. Yet you didn’t pick up even once. Isn’t that ignoring me?”

“Call? When did Hyung-nim call?”

“Ha! This bastard…..”

“Really. I never received your calls. I’m not a person filled with debts that would avoid phone calls. Even if I had circumstances that didn’t allow me to pick up, I would’ve called Hyung-nim back. But I didn’t receive any calls from Hyung-nim’s number.”

“Of course there wouldn’t be my number. I called with another phone.”

“Eh? Another phone? Why would you use another phone when your old one is fine? No, if you use another number then how would I know that Hyung-nim called?”

“I knew you would say that.”

Lee Myung-ryong said with a strange expression.

In fact, Lee Myung-ryong had also thought the same thing in the beginning. After Hyun-woo didn’t pick up for 2 days, he thought it might’ve been due to unknown phone number. Lee Myung-ryong wasn’t stupid. But he couldn’t use his own phone in the NIS. Therefore Lee Myung-ryong sent a text using the same number.

I am Lee Myung-ryong.

There are circumstances and I am unable to use my phone for the moment.

And I won’t receive it if you contact this number. So you have to save this number and pick up the next time I call. It is important that I talk to you.

This was the message. But! He made dozens of calls within a few days that didn’t connect. Thus Lee Myung-ryong was forced to think that Hyun-woo was avoiding his calls on purpose. However…..

“You sent a text?”

“Yes, I sent it 3 times. Now are you going to say you didn’t receive it?”

“No, I really didn’t see your text….”

Hyun-woo said as he looked at his phone with a confused expression. But he didn’t see such a message in his inbox. The telephone number that Lee Myung-ryong called from also wasn’t seen in his call logs. He checked Lee Myung-ryong’s phone in case there was a mistake but Hyun-woo’s phone number was correct.

‘What is this? Why….?’

It was like a lightning bolt struck him.

“Wait? You said you called several times a day?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Do you remember when you made the first phone call?”

“I just told you. Monday last week. Do you want me to tell you the time? Monday 5 p.m.!”

“5 o’clock, last Monday at 5 o’clock…..”

Hyun-woo traced up his caller list with an astounded expression.

Hyun-woo remembered last Monday. And he had a phone call from a number he couldn’t confirm.

Hyun-woo remembered it because it was shortly after the Red Slaughterer attacked him on Impeltus and he landed on E-3026. It was also the day he went to visit Alan who was known as Rapid at his home. And he had arrived at Rapid’s house at 5 p.m.

Of course Hyun-woo didn’t pick up. There was no reason to after he checked the caller ID. But the problem was the same person with caller ID disabled phoned him many times. So the irritated Hyun-woo…..

-This number has been classified as spam.

That’s why Hyun-woo didn’t receive the message! The 3 text messages had been sent to the spam folder. So Lee Myung-ryong wasn’t able to get in contact with him using that phone number.

The mystery was solved!


Hyun-woo peeked at Lee Myung-ryong who asked him.

“Why are you blaming me?”

“Eh? T-that is……”

“You don’t have an idea? You don’t? Didn’t Hyung-nim see the news? Do you know how many news about telephone scams is being broadcasted on television these days? You should’ve sent a text before calling the first time instead of spamming my phone! It that my fault? Huh? Is that my fault?”

“Why is this brat shouting?”

“I’m not yelling, just talking loudly. Okay. Yes, I didn’t pick up your calls so you’re upset. But does that allow you to run in excessively to beat me up?”

“No, that….I’m sorry.”

Lee Myung-ryong replied while looking out into the distance.

He randomly started beating someone and now he was saying sorry? While looking at a far off place? Of course Hyun-woo was angry. But what could he do? The person was Lee Myung-ryong.

‘Hah, this is the grief of the weak. It makes sense when I think back. Ferguson was like this on Muratio Star. It was Ferguson’s fault but I should refrain from violence from now on.’

He understood such grief. Anyway, the mystery of the missing message was solved and Hyun-woo escaped from the crisis.

“By the way, why were you calling with a different phone? These days phones can be repaired when they’re broken. There is also the phone at the police station. So why isn’t the caller ID displayed? No, why were you calling so much?”

“Ah! That’s right!”

Lee Myung-ryong suddenly raised his head at Hyun-woo’s question.


And Hyun-woo’s head was slapped.

“Ack! W-What is that? I explained everything! So why are you hitting me?”

“I forgot because of the phone! You brat, you should say something to me!”

“Something? What do you mean?”


“Eh? Lucifer?”

Hyun-woo asked with surprise. Lee Myung-ryong’s face contorted and he started talking.

“Yes, that’s right! I heard it all. Lucifer is still alive? Furthermore, he escaped the government’s computers to occupy a nuclear power plant. Then he used that to threaten the government unless they defeated him in the game called Galaxian. That’s why the government rallied gamers like you to catch Lucifer.”

“H-how does Hyung-nim know that?”

“Of course I know. Because I am the advisor for the Lucifer Countermeasures Team.”

“Lucifer Countermeasures Team?”

“The government can’t leave something like this to gamers. Naturally they created a team to take measures against Lucifer. That is the Lucifer hunting team. They are a team created of special agents designed to beat Lucifer in Galaxian. And not long ago, I became a consultant for the team. That’s why I can’t use my phone. I’m residing in the NIS with the other team members so I can’t bring my own phone in.”

Hyun-woo was puzzled.

The government wouldn’t rely on just on the gamers. Hyun-woo had already guessed that. But he never imagined Lee Myung-ryong would be involved.

Hyun-woo had a dumb expression on his face so Lee Myung-ryong spoke with irritation.

“Don’t make such an expression. I’m not in charge. Aren’t I a public servant? Anyway, I didn’t come to talk about hat.  It doesn’t matter. I came here for a specific reason.”


“Lucifer is Lucifer but….”

Lee Myung-ryong bit his lip before explaining.

Lucifer was threatening South Korea’s safety by holding the nuclear power plant hostage. Naturally the government should unite together to deal with it. Yet the Prime Minister’s office and the Department of Defence were fighting like children with each other. That also affected the team members that were from both departments as they interfered with each other…..

“The different teams have no interest in Lucifer hunting. I want to break the idea of different teams. But they won’t listen to me above their superiors. If I try to do such a thing, they will just make me quit.”

Lee Myung-ryong sighed and continued.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to give up. But I can’t do nothing. The same thing will just happen again.”

Hyun-woo felt some compassion for the Lucifer hunting members being beaten by Lee Myung-ryong. And he felt admiration that they didn’t yield and kept repeating the same behaviour.

But Hyun-woo also knew. That courage wasn’t caused by willpower.

“Yes, it is like that. But those guys are innocent. They are soldiers so they have no choice when giving an order but a superior officer. However they are the Prime Minister’s Office and Department of Defence so I can’t do anything. So something needs to be done in the game. That’s why I contacted you. I don’t know a lot but I know that you’re playing the game. And now you are in Galaxian. How about it? Isn’t there a way to stop that team of children?”

“Saying that all of a sudden…..”

Hyun-woo couldn’t think of a good idea. Hyun-woo made an uneasy expression and Lee Myung-ryong started urging him.

“Damn, think of something. You’re the only person I can believe in now.”

“But how will I prevent all the team members from acting independently? In Galaxian, there are video cameras that records a person’s actions. But there isn’t just one or two members. Hyung-nim alone can’t check all the videos to determine what happened. Even if you do notice, something similar would just happen again. If Hyung-nim doesn’t connect to the game and watch them directly then there is no way to stop it.”


Lee Myung-ryong’s eyes widened.

“There is no way for Hyung-nim to monitor them directly.”


And after Hyun-woo spoke once again. Lee Myung-ryong made a stupid expression before exclaiming.

“There is that method! I should enter the game and watch them directly!”

“Eh eh? What? Then Hyung-nim can connect to the game? I thought there were circumstances that meant Hyung-nim couldn’t play the game so I was looking for other methods. But you hadn’t thought about it at all?”

It was ridiculous if they hadn’t played a virtual reality game. But Lee Myung-ryong had once used a virtual reality game to catch criminals playing New World. He gained considerable achievements and was promoted to leader of the cyber team. It was strange that he never thought about entering the game himself.

“I, I….I told you. I was only thinking about stopping this! So I didn’t think about playing the game directly. But……”

Lee Myung-ryong blushed before laughing.

“This changes things. Yes, there is that method. I should watch them directly. Huhuhu! The game, why didn’t I think about that before? My predecessor unexpectedly made a merchant in New World so I couldn’t play the game directly. But this time I can create my own character. Furthermore, isn’t Galaxian a game where you can use guns and grenades? A bloody battle! That is my specialty. Huhuhu! My gamer’s blood is boiling.”

Hyun-woo wanted to cry. The system was many times more complicated than New World. It would be hard for stupid people.

However, he didn’t speak that idea out loud. Hyun-woo wasn’t so stupid that he didn’t know what would happen afterwards. And realistically there was no other way.

“Then the problem is solved now?”

“No, not yet.”

“What else is left?”

“When I think about it, I alone am insufficient. As I said, the Lucifer hunting team is divided into two factions. Therefore they had split into two groups from the beginning. And several months had passed since starting the game so they have their own areas. It will be hard to join them together.”

“You need someone you can trust.”

“That is true however….”

Lee Myung-ryong said with an ambiguous expression.

The first person he thought of was Kang Ho-cheol. However Kang Ho-cheol belonged to the NIS. He couldn’t disobey orders. He wouldn’t be prepared to be fired for something like this.

Lee Myung-ryong worried about this for a while before looking at Hyun-woo and speaking quickly.

“How about you? You are already playing Galaxian and know about Lucifer.”

“It is difficult.”

“What? You shouldn’t decline so quickly! This is for the country! It isn’t something between you and I! I’m not asking you to become my guarantor!”

“You expect me to suddenly watch the team? I don’t belong to the NIS but am fighting Lucifer directly in Galaxian. I’ve obtained my own achievements. Does it make sense that I have to supervise the NIS agents? Hyung-nim will understand if you play the game. I have my own base. I can’t spend my time watching over all those people.”

“You really can’t?”

“It won’t work.”

Hyun-woo bluntly replied.

“Damn, where are all the decent people?”

Lee Myung-ryong sighed. Then someone suddenly ran in.


The man who jumped in out of the blue and yelled was Hyun-woo’s father, Gwon Hwa-rang. Hyun-woo was puzzled by his father’s sudden visit and asked.

“What? No contact? What surprise?”

“I came as well.”

The person who answered was his mother who came in later. When his mother entered, Lee Myung-ryong quickly lowered his head.

“Ah, Sister-in-law, it has been a while.”

“Yes, it has been a long time.”

His mother smiled before walking to Hyun-woo.

“There was no contact for a while before your father suddenly received a telephone call from Myung-ryong ssi. He wanted the password of your house to surprise you. It seemed like something worthy of celebration happened. Your father also had something to discuss with Myung-ryong ssi. So? What’s the surprise?”


Hyun-woo gazed at Lee Myung-ryong with amazement at his mother’s words. Lee Myung-ryong blushed as he scratched his head before bursting into laughter.

“Hat hat hat! It’s not a big deal. In fact, I’ve been really busy these days so I couldn’t contact Hyun-woo. After a long time, I asked for the password to surprise him.”

“Ah, is that so? Hohoho, it is nice that you’re so friendly.”

“Are you okay?”

Hyun-woo looked at Lee Myung-ryong once again. But Lee Myung-ryong placed his arm around Hyun-woo’s shoulder and laughed.

“Hat hat hat! Of course. Isn’t he like a nephew to me? If I don’t take care of him then who will? Today I bought rice and decided to drop in.”

-Nephew? Take care? I almost died because of you!

Hyun-woo sent that message with his eyes towards the shameless Lee Myung-ryong. Then Lee Myung-ryong poked him in the side and replied.

–Shut up! I’ll buy you meat, meat! So that’s it!

Hyun-woo and Lee Myung-ryong communicated with their eyes. The two of them were on good terms. Then Gwon Hwa-rang asked Lee Myung-ryong.

“What? That is the surprise?”

“Hey, I am his Hyung-nim. What surprise at this age?”

“You’re the one who told me it was a surprise first!”


Lee Myung-ryong flinched and closed his mouth. And he looked at Gwon Hwa-rang absentmindedly before exclaiming.

“Yes! Why didn’t I think of it before?”

“What? Why are you looking at my face like that?”

“Hyung-nim, I want to talk to you for a moment. Hyun-woo, you come as well.”

“Omo? What? Taking all the boys, perhaps this is bullying?”

“I’m sorry Sister-in-law. It will just take a moment.”

“Hohoho, it is just a joke. Take your time speaking. I’ll be in Hyun-woo’s room.”

“Thank you!”

Lee Myung-ryong pulled Gwon Hwa-rang and Hyun-woo out of the room. And Gwon Hwa-rang spoke in a low voice once they entered the next room.

“Why are you making a fuss? Is it the real estate problem I asked you to investigate previously?”

Shortly after he was ambushed in the hospital’s parking lot, Gwon Hwa-rang asked Lee Myung-ryong to investigate the real estate problem. Gwon Hwa-rang remembered about it after Lee Myung-ryong’s actions.

Lee Myung-ryong had expected this and shook his head.

“I’m sorry but that’s not it.”

“Why? Did you receive a case?”

“I did but it isn’t an ordinary case. Hyung-nim has heard the name Lucifer. He is the artificial intelligence created by the ones who made New World.  This talk is related to the artificial intelligence. It might be hard to believe…..”

“Myung-ryong hyung, t-this…..”

Hyun-woo interrupted frantically.

He could guess what Lee Myung-ryong was about to say. It was related to Lucifer. But that was still a state secret. Hyun-woo hadn’t even mentioned it to his father Gwon Hwa-rang. However Lee Myung-ryong just laughed and continued.

“It doesn’t matter. It is fine if he knows. Hwa-rang hyung-nim was once a police officer so he knows to keep his mouth shut. There is no reason to hide the reasons from Hyung-nim. I will take responsibility for this.”


“There seems to be something serious.”

Gwon Hwa-rang grasped the serious atmosphere.

“I don’t know what is going on. You can trust me.”

Hyun-woo couldn’t keep it from Gwon Hwa-rang any longer. Hyun-woo sighed and Lee Myung-ryong started to confess all the events related to Lucifer.

Lucifer occupied a nuclear power plant and threatened to blow it up unless they beat him in the game called Galaxian. Thus the government mobilized gamers and a Lucifer hunting team that Lee Myung-ryong and Hyun-woo were related to.

“It is hard to believe….”

Gwon Hwa-rang glanced between Lee Myung-ryong and Hyun-woo before sighing.

“But it seems to be true.”

“I didn’t want to believe it either. The government allowing themselves to be threatened by an artificial intelligence? This is why I hate machines.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell in advance.”

“No. You were worried about your own decisions. It also isn’t easy to reveal state secrets. Myung-ryong knows this as well. Nevertheless, what is the reason you’re telling me? Is there a problem?”

“I need your help.”

“Of course I will help you. But how can I help?”

“I have the right work for you Hyung-nim.”

Lee Myung-ryong smiled and began to talk.

“The Lucifer hunting team that I spoke about is divided into two factions and they are hindering each other. So now I’m going to enter the game to watch them directly. But how am I supposed to watch two teams at the same time? So it would be nice if Hyung-nim could keep an eye on one group.”

“But I’m not a member of the Lucifer hunting team. Will the team listen to me?”

“I’ll take care of it. Sister-in-law is pregnant so doesn’t that mean Hyung-nim can’t go to Africa for a minimum of 1~2 years?”

“That is true.”

Gwon Hwa-rang nodded his head.

“Okay. I don’t know what will happen but I will do it for the moment. The nuclear power plant might explode in the country that my daughter will live in so I can’t do nothing.”

Hyun-woo sighed at Gwon Hwa-rang’s agreement. He had expected this from the moment Lee Myung-ryong started talking. This was Gwon Hwa-rang. He wasn’t a person who could stay still after hearing such words. And when he thought about it, Gwon Hwa-rang was the most qualified person.

He was a person silly about his unborn child but he was also a legendary detective. He had various combat techniques and was an expert at leading people in battle. Gwon Hwa-rang showed a considerable ability in New World under the name JusticeMan.

‘Yes, this might work out well.’

In fact, Hyun-woo had also been frustrated about the matter. There were many times he wanted to tell everything to his mother and Gwon Hwa-rang but couldn’t.

But Lee Myung-ryong was the advisor to the Lucifer hunting team so he didn’t need to worry about such things. He was the type to throw his heart into everything. Lee Myung-ryong was such a man. He had no doubt about that part.

“Well, let’s talk specifics.”

Lee Myung-ryong smiled and spoke. The plan to move JusticeMan from New World to Galaxian began to proceed steadily.


–Did it work?

A voice came from a 3D image. A black form with red eyes asked the image in a low voice. A man in a hood bowed and replied.

“It proceeded with no problems.”

–It is good that I entrusted it to you.

The black shape nodded with satisfaction.

–I heard that Uranus was destroyed by the investigation teams from the 3 powers. We’ve been preparing for a long time so this loss isn’t small. But we also obtained something. The 3 powers won’t have any more concerns about antimatter. Because the antimatter they are chasing is just an illusion.

“It is what Grand Duke hoped for.”

-Yes, the valuable Uranus was lost but we’ve obtained something better. There is still lots of work to be done. Our tasks will start now. –Do you understand?

“Yes, I will put everything in order and return.”

The hooded man bowed again and the 3D image disappeared.

The black form turned and a wide plains area stretched before him. However, there wasn’t any grass on the plains. The plains was filled with endless bodies and blood!

“It is starting from now on…..”

And he looked around before a huge obelisk caught his eye. A large number of complex patterns were etched on the obelisk. The man looked at the obelisk for a while before muttering.

“Yes, the point of a game is to enjoy a prolonged war.”


The galaxy changed with the emergence of the magic circle.

Investigation teams from the 3 powers were formed to study this. An extremely hazardous material called antimatter was detected from the magic circle. While the investigation teams were searching for the organization behind it, the governments of the 3 powers were also seeking solutions. They immediately dispatched special envoys to the Council. These special envoys had two major purposes.

The first was to support the activities of the investigation team. The area they were investigating was the space frontier. Moreover, the identity of the organization was still unknown. Large or small problems could occur on the frontier once they started investigating. In some cases, the Council could be involved. The 3 powers knew this and dispatched special envoys beforehand.

And the second goal was to get permission for their regular troops to enter the frontier. The 3 powers planned to throw their regular troops at the frontier in order to solve this situation as quickly as possible.

But it was extremely difficult for the Council to allow regular troops to enter the frontier. The Council feared that they would lose the autonomy of the region. Therefore, the special envoys were in negotiation with the Council for 3 days.

Then shocking news was revealed to the Council.

-Antimatter reaction detected!

The antimatter reaction was detected once again. It was the antimatter reaction the investigation teams sensed from the black hole. That’s why the spaceships from the 3 powers and the Council showed up on the battlefield.

If the antimatter problem was settled then the 3 powers would have no more justification to enter the frontier. The Council had rallied its fleet and flew there as soon as the antimatter reaction was detected.

However it was too late. Ark had already eaten the quest item. But the Council had been most worried about the pressure from the 3 powers.

–Ark, I pay respect to your achievements!

The special envoy for the Galactic Federation heard the situation from the fleet and saluted before speaking.

Hawk, the Rama and the Aschulat who emerged later couldn’t do anything with the situation like this. No matter how mad they were, they couldn’t attack Ark in front of the Council’s fleet. They had no choice but to push down their anger.

Clean-up after that was very simple. Now Ark was an incredibly important person!

–Ark-nim, we will guard you until we reach the territory of the Galactic Federation.

Ark was escorted to the boundary of the frontier by the Council Fleet. A Galactic Federation fleet was notified in advance and they met him in order to escort him to Istana. The trip was enjoyable.

“This is the first time we’re flying together.”

Irina boarded the Silver Star with him. And it took a few hours to reach the boundary of the frontier and then Istana so he had plenty of time to talk to her (minus the time spent with Lee Myung-ryong).

When he thought about it, this was his first space travel with Irina. People dating in reality met in Galaxian but didn’t spend a lot of time together because of the game.

Nothing special happened. Ark was just satisfied that he could spend a relaxing amount of time with Irina.

But there was one person who wasn’t comfortable. He wasn’t sure why but Melina couldn’t hide her uncomfortable expression since Irina boarded the Silver Star.

Kaya studied Melina’s face before giving Irina a sharp glance.

“When are you returning to your spaceship? Your spaceship isn’t that far away so why are you on this ship flirting with the Captain?”

“Unni, stop it.”

“What do you mean? Did I say something wrong? If you have something to say then you should say it clearly….”

“It’s okay. It’s not like that.”

Melina entered a cabin with a grumpy expression. Kaya pouted and also left.

“What the, those people? Why are they like that when we’re finally returning after working hard? Irina-nim, don’t worry about it. Kaya is sometimes like that.”

“I don’t think Kaya-nim is the problem…..”


“Don’t worry about it.”

Irina smiled and shook her head. There was an uncomfortable feeling but he didn’t question it closely. There were numerous competitors like Hawk but he had obtained the item for the quest. Besides, he could also spend the journey back with Irina. It was a satisfactory situation so he couldn’t pay attention to minor issues.

And after 20 hours.

Chwajijijijijik! Chwajijijijijik!

Particles of light spread around the Silver Star.

It was the phenomenon caused by warp travel. There was a small vibration before the Silver Star exited near a planet that shone like jewels. And the centre of the Galactic Federation, Istana could be seen!

A smile formed on Ark’s mouth.

“I’m back!”

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