Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 14 Chapter 5

SPACE 5. 1 Hour 45 Minutes


The cafe doors opened and a young man entered. He stood at the entrance for a moment as he looked around at the tables.

He looked like a person meeting someone for the first time. But the person wasn’t hard to find. It was a weekday afternoon so there weren’t a lot of guests and the person looked exactly like he did in Galaxian.

The man headed towards him without hesitation.


Another young man looked back.

“Is that what you want me to call you? I…..”


The man replied in a curt voice.

The young man sitting in the chair was the Galaxian user known as Valencia. And the person sitting on the other side was Hawk. In reality he wasn’t a special youth but in Galaxian he was a member of the Seven Swords.

These two people were sitting down facing each other in real life.

“Why did you request a meeting?”

“You don’t know? Don’t we have a common interest?”

“I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Have you abandoned getting revenge on Ark?”

Hawk spoke with a mild voice.

“I’ve had my subordinates track your behaviour. Ever since Ark defeated you on Impeltus, you’ve been wandering around catching monsters. You were hired as mercenaries a few times but other than that, you didn’t meet any other users. So I thought you were trying to forget about Ark in the game….”

Hawk’s eyes shifted towards the seat next to Valencia. A black uniform was placed next to Valencia. Hawk laughed and nodded.

“I’m relieved that you’re not someone like that.”

“Did you come just to say that?”

“I came to grasp your hand.”

Valencia started feeling unpleasant after hearing Hawk talk.

“Do you think I would come here knowing nothing? When you started the team quest, you clearly promised Ark to me on Tatuine. Yes, that promise was kept. But you also sold information to the party of the Red Slaughterer. That means you didn’t believe in me from the beginning. Yet now you came for my help?”

“Based on the result, my choice wasn’t wrong. Didn’t the Red Slaughterer appear after you were already defeated by Ark? Am I wrong?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, it isn’t a problem.”

Hawk said with a resolute expression.

“I clearly told you in Tatuine. I will ally with you and Jyubel. Then I will separate Ark from the investigation team. My position is that it doesn’t matter who accomplishes my goal. I just chose the path with the highest probability of success.”

“But you still failed.”

Valencia openly laughed.

“I heard about it. In the end, Ark managed to snatch the best achievements in the investigation team. Your pride must be injured. You were the leader and still lost despite deliberately sabotaging Ark. So aren’t you filled with fear? Have you become scared of Ark?”

“I won’t deny it.”


“I misjudged Ark’s skills. As you know, I am one of the leading forces in Galaxian. So I submitted to some bleeding because I can shatter Ark at any time. But the problem isn’t that simple. Now I can admit that it wasn’t just due to luck that he obtained the top seat in New World.”

“What? What did you just say? The top seat in New World? Then he really is that….”

“You didn’t know?”

Valencia’s face became blank at Hawk’s question.

Valencia had a gaming background so of course he knew the name Ark. The gaming legend Ark who removed countless powerful enemies and dominated New World!

But the place where Valencia first met Ark was on Beltana. At that time, he had been the leader of the soldiers and Ark was just a prisoner. The prisoners were used as shields on the battlefield and starved to death if they couldn’t eat. How could he think that Ark was the legendary gamer Ark? Valencia hadn’t realized it at all.

“Is that true?” He really is that Ark?”

“It is true.”

Hawk replied in a confident voice.

“I knew it from the beginning. And I thought I watched him sufficiently. But there seems to be a gap in my mindset. I thought that he was just lucky in New World. No, I wanted to believe that was the accurate representation. But now I won’t make such a mistake. Now I won’t submit to some bleeding but will bet everything into smashing Ark.”

“So are you going to fight a war?”

“When the time comes.”

“It is not time yet?”

“Then do you know a clear way to defeat him? I will only fight when I can win.”

“Are you saying you have no confidence?”

“Even if I have confidence, there is no profit in fighting now.”

Hawk folded his arms as he sat deeply in the chair and talked in a low voice.

“Ark now has a home base in the territory of the Galactic Federation. In this situation, the only opportunity to strike is when Ark moves to the frontier. There is no meaning if I try to kill Ark and fail. Ark’s guard would just be up.”

“That just means you can’t damage Ark.”

“That’s right. There is a limit to the amount of forces I can bring into the Galactic Federation. It might be slow but Ark is bound to come out to the space frontier sometime. In Galaxian, a person is bound to head towards the frontier once they raise their power. The game is about the space frontier after all. So Ark’s base will move from the Galactic Federation towards the frontier.”

Then it would be war! However, it would be meaningless if he couldn’t strike Ark with a single blow! Hawk was going to bet everything on that war.

Naturally Hawk wouldn’t just sit back and wait until that time came. Hawk spoke like it was possible to win over Ark once the war started. He couldn’t wait for such an opportunity to come. The chance wouldn’t just come.

That was the reason Hawk visited Valencia.

“Until then I just need someone to watch Ark.”

“Are you talking about me?”

“I’m going to give you the necessary support.”

Valencia didn’t answer.

Like Hawk guessed, Valencia still hadn’t forgotten his grudge against Ark. There was no need to speak about the reason why. The important issue was the benefits. His pride had been hurt. No, his pride had already been crushed. He came because he couldn’t give him his obsession.

But Valencia also knew. No matter how many times he swung his sword or cleared the monsters, there was no bridging the gap between him and Ark as time passed.

‘Especially if he is the Ark of New World….’

Right now he couldn’t single-handedly deal with Ark. Thus it was difficult for Valencia to shrug off Hawk’s temptation. But Valencia had no intention of being used as a tool and then thrown away. Hawk was hoping to be the one who killed Ark.

“I will end Ark with my own hands.”

“That is what I also wish for.”

A smile formed on Hawk’s face.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding. I’m not asking you to hand Ark over to me. Nor am I saying that you will be my subordinate. It is good if you can bring down Ark. No, I will give you as much support as possible so you can defeat Ark. Everything you obtain in the process will be your share.”

“So what will you gain?”

“I can get many things. My talk will end here for the moment. Now it is your turn to answer. Valencia, will you accept my suggestion?”

“I don’t have anything to lose.”

“That is the key.”

Hawk replied with a smile. Valencia looked at Hawk for a moment before nodding.

“Okay. I will receive your support. Just once. But don’t expect too much. Like I said, I think I am just being used by you. And I have no intention of making the same mistakes. I will only fight Ark if I am sure I can win. I won’t move according to your will.”

“I picked the right person.”

Hawk nodded and said.

“I know you won’t blindly follow. There is no need to rush. No, you shouldn’t rush. First raise your power enough that you can at least inflict a mortal wound.”

“No, I will stop his breath.”

Valencia emphasized as he grabbed his uniform.


Kwa kwak! Kwa kwak! Kwa kwak!

A black form went flying and was driven into the rock. One man threw his body away from it. The black form with red eyes moved around the man. The one trying to veer away from the black form was Ark!

“Defense Break!”

Ark’s legs moved like lightning.

There was a ringing sound as he struck the defense pose and the black form stumbled back. The dent that Ark had made in the black shape was already gone. And a white light quickly emerged from his sword!

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword! Time!”

The light changed into swords that spread out like a fan. And the swords formed a vortex that fiercely rotated around Ark. This was a variant of the Galaxy Sword! The black shape in the area was instantly shredded and disappeared.

However, there wasn’t only one.

Wuuuuuu! Wuuuuuu!

The blank space was filled with another black form like water collecting in a cup. Dozens of hooks flew towards him!


Basak’s- Bao- arms slammed into the ground. At the same time, sharp awls shot out from his head towards the black forms. The black forms were pushed back by the pressure. Ark ran between them.

“Basak, catch! I’m jumping off!”

Ark was grabbed by Basak who jumped down towards a large rock. 10 black forms shrieked and jumped down after him. And glanced around the ground with greasy eyes. Three or four spheres had fallen at their feet. They were grenades with the safety pins removed!

Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng!

There was an explosion and fire enveloped them. The black forms were shredded by the flames and heat. Ark then emerged from Basak’s arms where he had safely experienced the detonation and got on a disk. Ark had got on the air board, Super Board!

“Let’s penetrate a way through! Sonic Sword!”

-Ohhhhhh! Blast!

He used the Super Board to zoom through the rocky zone. The shape of the 10 black forms flew everywhere like they were bowling balls. Ark accelerated through them with Super Board. And he removed the safety pins with his mouth and dropped the grenade one by one.

Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng!

A trail of explosions followed the Super Board! The black forms were involved in the explosions one after another. After a while, 30 black shapes had disappeared but Ark didn’t relax. There were still many of them remaining in the neighbourhood.

But the problem was that they weren’t visible.

‘Damn, there will definitely be a trap.’

Right now the black forms were gathering around Ark. They were the identity of the bizarre monsters that appeared in the darkness. Ark hadn’t imagined that he would receive a surprise attack from the monsters so suddenly. Naturally he was surprised but he felt relieved after fighting them once.

There were many of them called Dreg but their level was at least 70~80. They were half Ark’s level so he didn’t need to exert himself. Of course, the battle was one-sided. It was possible to slaughter most of them. However, it didn’t take long to discover that the situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed. They came non-stop no matter how many were killed.

Infinite proliferation! That was the scary part. They came constantly pouring like ants towards honey. There were two ways to deal with bastards like this. Fight until death or….


The Super Board suddenly stopped. One of the Dregs had grabbed the Super Board with a hook. Ark and Basak flew forward due to the sudden stop. Ark quickly got up and swung the Equalizer.

Wiing! Wiing! Buuuuong! Wiing!

The white light cut off the black hook. However, it was impossible for Ark to cut all the hooks heading towards him. Several hooks scratched his body and sucked out his health. The monsters’ attacks only dealt 60~70 damage but the combined attacks rapidly reduced his health.

‘Only a bit more to go. Just a little bit more! More….’

He shouldn’t be having miscellaneous thoughts while surrounded by enemies. The only thought in his head should be survival! He just needed the will to live.

Ark penetrated through the siege with Basak and ran towards some hard rocks. And stuck his back to the wall and swung his sword relentlessly. A large number of Dregs died as Ark became covered with wounds. While he was in a trance from the fierce battle.

-Hyung-nim, it has come!

Ark then noticed something. And a light of hope filled Ark’s eyes as he lifted his head. A wave of light was quickly approaching the village! The planet had rotated and the light of dawn had come. This was the only way he could survive!

Wuuuuuu! Wuuuuuu!

The Dreg shrieked as the light approached and dispersed in every direction. However, they couldn’t avoid the light. In the end, they were engulfed in light and disappeared like sand. Hundreds of Dregs disappeared in a matter of seconds. Ark flopped down on the ground as he took a break.

“Pant pant pant! I also survived this time!”

This time too!

That’s right. This wasn’t the first time Ark fought with the Dregs. Ark was slaughtering the slimes for the quest with Basak when the surprise attack happened. Ark had been on the verge of death many times. He managed to survive and steadily raised his level and gained items.

‘It is fortunate that I packed generous supplies before leaving the Silver Star.’

Ark had packed many things before signing a contract with Berami. If he hadn’t prepared recovery ampoules and grenades then the Dregs would’ve already killed him. It once again highlighted how important preparation was. And he discovered this planet wasn’t as safe as he thought.


Ark’s spirit wasn’t normal.

‘I’ve already earned 260 Soul from the part time job. I can’t give up now. Based on my experience, the planet’s rotation period was 3 hours and 30 minutes. Day and night changed every 1 hour and 45 minutes. And at night the Dregs came out. Soul City is a place that exists in the daytime.’

After daylight came back. Soul City was reappear once he used Hajaska. There was on strange point. Once they appeared again, the store owner and farm owner didn’t recognize Ark. However, the orbs were still being sold at the store.

So Ark thought about it.

‘Now I’ve gotten the hang of butchering the slimes so I can gather the remaining 240 Souls in 1 hour. That leaves 45 minutes before it becomes night. It is enough time to obtain the key from the village!’

And he started butchering the slimes again. As expected, Ark was able to make 500 Souls after 1 hour.

has been bought.

And he finally obtained the Life Orb!

‘Health is important when fighting strong enemies. If I have a chance then I would also like to buy the mana orb….’

But he needed to struggle for another 1 hour and 45 minutes when night came again. He had gained quite a lot of recovery ampoules when protecting Kuhwen. He used at least 3 recovery ampoules in the last battle. He also three at least 7 grenades in the crisis.

‘I have to waste at least two nights to earn 500 Souls again. If I have to use that many recovery ampoules and grenades every time then it won’t be profitable.’

He had no confidence about surviving the next time. Therefore Ark decided to just find a way to enter the building and obtain the Divine Artefact. It was at that point when Ark’s calculations went awry.

-You came to visit the village mayor? Ah, I knew something was wrong. It certainly is true that I am the mayor. But now I am too old. My memory isn’t the best. So I offered the spot of village mayor to the owner of the warehouse. There is a box that was handed down through generations of mayors. I heard that a man sealed a building the centre of the village a long time ago and left a box for someone to come find it. If you want to know how to open the building then visit the warehouse manager.

The signs weren’t good. But at this point he still didn’t care.

–Warehouse? There was a warehouse in our village? No, I think there is. Where was it?

–Hey, what are you doing at a person’s home? What? Is this the village’s warehouse? You, are you trying to pick a fight? Even if I didn’t clean up, how can you treat this house as a warehouse? The warehouse is on the other side.

–This is the post office. Although letters don’t come here. The warehouse is next door.

The words of the damn NPC kept on leading him in circles! Anyway, Ark finally found the warehouse. But the situation didn’t end there.

–Hey, get out of the way! I’m busy! I need to organize this warehouse by the end of the day! I don’t have time to talk! If you want to ask something then help me put the warehouse in order!

The middle aged man shouted as he carried boxes.


You have found the mayor of Soul City at the warehouse.

However, the warehouse keeper is very busy and can’t talk. Clean up the warehouse before conversing with him.

Difficulty: –

And the information window that rose! It was a quest so he had no other choice. In the end, Ark was forced to carry the boxes and clean up the warehouse.

In fact, it actually wasn’t that easy. The size and appearance of the boxes were different and not all of them would go into the warehouse. It was like starting a tetris game from scratch.  Thanks to that, both his body and head were hurting by the time it was sunset.

-Darkness! The darkness is coming!


That was Ark’s second night.

It wasn’t as difficult as the first night since he had experienced it before. He had become used to the Dregs’ attack pattern to a certain extent so he focused and killed all the enemies within 1 hour and 45 minutes. Thanks to that, he only needed to use 2 recovery ampoules and 4 grenades.

“But this time it is really the end!”

Ark went straight to the warehouse once it became daytime. It was then that he learnt the huge twist.

-Mayor? The mayor lives in the rundown house on the outskirts of the village. Or maybe not.

“Huh? But yesterday I met him and he told me that he passed the position to you? Didn’t you also see me yesterday?”

–I don’t know anything about that.

The warehouse keeper just repeated the same things. Then Ark remembered how the NPCs didn’t remember him after the first night. This meant that the NPCs’ memories were reset!

It wasn’t only the memories of the NPCs. The situation that Ark had advanced in was also reset. Even though Ark knew the previous situation, he had to hear the same words while repeating the steps. It really was like the 2D NPCs wandering around in the 80’s RPGs.

In the end, Ark had no choice but to visit the village mayor again. And he once again received the warehouse quest. The quest wasn’t easy even if he had done it before. But he knew the tricks and was able to clean the warehouse in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Now he could talk to the warehouse keeper.

–Ohh! I never thought I would finish this by the end of the day. This is all thanks to you. Yes, did you need something from me? What is it?

“I heard that you inherited the village mayor position from the old man living on the outskirts. Didn’t you also receive a box that contained a way to enter the building in the centre of the village?”

–What? You are asking about that? Right. The previous village mayor offered the position to me. But as you can see, I am very busy. It doesn’t make sense to take the position so I transferred it to someone else. The auntie keeping the boutique shop in the village centre.

He really had to go all over the place. The damn village mayor….

However! Once again, Ark had no choice.

And when he visited the NPC that owned the boutique store. The auntie who was the owner was grabbing her head and shrieking.

-Just leave me alone! I am sensitive right now! My needles have dropped into a sandbox! I need to find it before the day ends! So I don’t want to hear anything! Damn, if you have something to say to me then find my needle!


The warehouse keeper was too busy and gave the position of village mayor to the boutique owner. However, the boutique owner is now going insane because her needles dropped into a sandbox.

Find the needles if you want to request something from her.

Difficulty: –

An information window popped up as the auntie yelled hysterically. He didn’t question it any longer. He just grinded his teeth and found 9 needles before it became the 3rd night.

And now….

“I will bring it to an end this time!”

Ark got up after recalling his memories. If he didn’t resolve everything in the daytime then he would need to start the quest again. In other words, this was the time to fight!

“Super Board! Come out, Shire! Rune Carving, Hajaska!”

Ark climbed on the Super Board before using Hajaska. And he headed straight to the old man’s house once the NPCs appeared.

-Mayor? I have already given the position…

“You gave it to the warehouse keeper? I understand! Goodbye!”

He skipped most of the words!

–Hey, get out of the way! I’m busy! I need to organize this warehouse by the end of the day!

“I’m happy to help! Basak, move the boxes to the entrance! I will arrange the warehouse!”

Ark jumped down from the Super Board after flying into the warehouse. The warehouse arrangement was still complex but he had already done it once. He used his memories to pile up the boxes. And he skipped the warehouse keeper’s lines. He had already visited the boutique owner so his mental process omitted her words!

-Just leave me alone! I am sensitive right now!

“Your needles dropped in the sand? I understand! I’ll find it!”

He instantly rushed into the sandbox! He shovelled like crazy and found a needle. Fortunately Soul City was like a 16 bit video game. The position of the warehouse boxes and the needles were still the same.

Thus he completed the needle search quest. But it was different from his expectations. No, he had already guessed to some extent….

–Hohoho! Thanks for finding my needles. I can now start working again. But what did you need me for? Mayor? Ah, that. The warehouse keeper asked me but how can a female become the village mayor? So I gave it to that guy called Hanson. It seemed like he would have to do this for a few months. This was an annoying place.

They kept on giving it up. Was the mayor position some type of bomb? In the end, the selfish NPC asked Ark to find a man called Hanson. In desperation, he entered the building and asked about the village major.

–Yes, I am the village mayor. And I also received the box.

“Huh? R-really?”

He finally heard a positive reply! Could he finally walk away from the repetitive quests? Ark asked as his heart pounded with desperation and anticipation.

“Can I see that box?”

–Well, it isn’t that difficult but….there is a problem right now. Actually, I’ve been absent from work for a few months. The cost of living went up and I borrowed 200 Soul. This box might be given to me after accepting the position of village mayor but you need Soul to borrow it. So I won’t show the box unless I’m given 200 Soul.

And a quest information window rose up.


You have finally found the village mayor Hanson. But Hanson won’t show you the box unless he is given 200 Soul. Hanson suffered difficulties for several months and couldn’t save up that money. The only possible path is to obtain 200 Soul. Soul will be available from part time jobs in the village.

Difficulty: –



This damn Soul City! A place he didn’t want to return to again.


Ping! Ping! Ping!

Bullets hit a rock and turned it into powder. One man was inserting bullets into a pistol.


The man complaining was Rapid. Once again, a few days Ark had incited Rapid into developing the investment fund for the planet. Rapid hadn’t thought that the problem was that serious at the time. Galaxian was a game after all. And like Ark kept on mentioning, Rapid had graduated from K University with a business degree.

‘Releasing a rough plan should be plausible.’

However, it wasn’t that simple once he actually begun. Once he started, there wasn’t just 1~2 details that he needed to pay attention to. An real life investment fund couldn’t be applied to a system like Galaxian. It needed to be transformed to fit into Galaxian’s economic system. Rapid’s disposition also played a part.

‘I’m not like other people. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t start it in the first place but now that I have, my ego won’t let me fail. No, I have pride but there is also that Ark bastard. He would continue questioning if my K University business degree is fake and if I got into the school using my father’s money. I would rather throw away my diploma then hear Ark continue talking!’

So he stayed up all night for a couple of days.

–It is wonderful but you shouldn’t overwork. You are indeed my son.

He even received the encouragement of his friend for some reason. In the end, Rapid searched through various books and formed an investment fund. He imagined a situation where Ark sighed with admiration as he accessed the game.

“Ooh! Rapid-nim, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Bain who was in charge of S-20 jumped out.

“Me? Why?”

“There are more complaints.”


“Yes, a complaint came in not long ago. A bandit group is taking action against the merchants moving in and out of S-20. And now a few of them are stranded in the Outlands while being attacked by thieves.”

Therefore Bain and Asuran dispatched their followers. But the power of the thieves were stronger than expected. The guards mostly stopped the merchants’ carriages from being destroyed but the robbers blocked them and they were also stranded.

“The atmosphere of the sector really isn’t a joke. All the merchants in the sector is paying attention to this event. If any of the merchants’ carriages are destroyed then the credit rating of the sector will fall to the bottom!”

Rapid grasped the situation. Managing a sector wasn’t a superficial thing. The higher the reputation and financial  of the sector, the more complaints would occur. As the guards’ level increased, some complaints were easily solved. But occasionally a situation with a great degree of difficulty would occur. Only the owner or the main force of the sector could deal with those complaints.

However, Ark had gone out to the universe to find the Divine Artefact. The main forces of S-20, the Royal Guards had been commissioned by the Silver Hand.  And…..

“I understand what you’re saying. But why are you telling me?”

“Isn’t Rapid-nim the director in charge of handling complaints?”


Rapid had been given the position without knowing.

“What does that mean? Why am I in charge of the Complaints Division?”

“Ark-nim appointed Rapid-nim as the Chief Director before he left. He said that Rapid-nim has a strong sense of responsibility and will take care of any trouble. He emphasized many times that you are a man who won’t neglect a mission.”

“That bastard….”

Rapid’s face crumbled like a piece of toilet paper. Ark’s ulterior motive was obvious. Rapid was going to stay in S-20 for a while so Ark intended to leave the troublesome problems to him.

Rapid couldn’t say anything. He would’ve never accepted. Instead Ark made Bain praise Rapid so many times that he couldn’t ignore it.

He really was cunning. However, Rapid wasn’t angry at Ark. No, to be exact he had completely grasped Ark’s character.

“Dammit! Why? It is bad enough that I was yanking my head making the investment fund for that Ark bastard!”


Right now Rapid was at the blockage. And he was firing at the thieves from behind a rock. It was like Ark expected. Bain was sending Rapid a look that showed absolute trust in him.   Rapid wasn’t a villain. He was irritated at Ark but it couldn’t be helped.

‘Dammit, if he hadn’t given me this pistol then I wouldn’t have bothered!’

Ark had handed him the ‘Devil Sealed Gun’ in exchange for establishing the investment funds. In fact, one of the reasons why Rapid accepted the complaint was to test out this pistol.

The result was that the gun’s performance was satisfactory. The damage and hit rate was 1.2~1.3 times better than his previous weapon. However, the pistol has a serious problem.


–Ohh! It hit! It hit! Hehehe, how is it? Spectacular?


–Heh, that is another life gone. Just seeing it is understandable. You are a person like me. It might be hypocritical but you are someone who can’t live without seeing blood. So toss away your hypocrisy and kill! Widows! Mass produced orphans! Hehehe!

The Devil Sealed Pistol.

There was a real devil sealed in the pistol. And it started making noise every time the gun was shot. He felt like he was developing schizophrenia the longer the intense firefight lasted.

“You’ll see soon, Ark! I won’t leave it alone when you return this time!”

Rapid growled out angrily.

“What’s wrong with that? Sometimes you should loosen your body.”

The person avoiding the hail of bullets next to Rapid was Kaya. In fact, Kaya was someone that Alan found difficult to understand. Everyone in the investigation team had scattered after returning to S-20 but Kaya had remained.

However, she didn’t seem to have any business in S-20. She just stayed near the management office where Bain was. However, she came along as a mercenary once Rapid received the request.

Rapid looked at Kaya and said.

“I’m thankful for your help but don’t say unnecessary things. I know you are familiar with Ark but I don’t care. You will only receive damage if you stay on Ark’s side.”

“You believe that I’m on Ark’s side?”

“Aren’t you? There is no other reason for hanging around the management office.”

“Don’t make me laugh! Ark….”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not interested so there is no need to be sensitive.”


Kaya frowned. She stared at Rapid for a moment before shouting angrily.

“Aha! Is that so? A person who graduated from K University has no interest in the lives of ordinary people. Yes, you are excellent. Your biceps are thick. So what? You might have a good life but you are a dull bastard! Hey, take this. What? Why are you shooting at me? Damn bastards! Everyone turn into a dog!”

She ran into enemy lines and started randomly firing skills. Rapid’s face became bemused at Kaya’s strange behaviour.

-A stupid bastard who didn’t even notice….

The voice from the pistol murmured with a sigh.


On the one hand, back in Soul City.


“Do not say anything.”

Ark said stiffly.

Some time ago, Ark had met Hanson who finally had the box for the quest.

Raising 200 Soul! Ark felt like exploding at that moment.

He had killed slimes in order to gain 500 Soul and buy a Life Orb. But now he had to do the quest again to gain 200 Soul.

‘If it wasn’t for the Divine Artefact! If it wasn’t for the Divine Artefact! If it wasn’t for the Divine Artefact!’

He wanted to hit someone over this quest. However, he wasn’t a user who would give up on a quest.

“I’ll do it!  I gathered 500 Soul already so what is 200 Soul? I will complete this!’

Ark once again wielded his lightsaber to slice up the slimes. And after the 4th night. He was sick of fighting the Dregs.

-Your level has risen!

He killed countless level 70~80 monsters so his level had increased by 2. It meant he had killed countless enemies. Of course, he almost died many times. In the meantime, he had used 11 recovery ampoules and 20 grenades.

‘But this is really the last time!’

14 hours had passed since he entered the ghost planet.

However, Ark couldn’t close his eyes for even 1 minute and his spirit felt like he was flying to Andromeda if he had to welcomed a 5th night. That’s why he raced away on the Super Board as soon as day broke.

He instantly sliced 200 Soul and gave them to Hanson. And he finally got his hands on the box!

However, the contents of the box caused Ark’s mood to drop to the bottom. It wasn’t because the contents he desired wasn’t in the box. Elderly people. The way to open the door of the building was recorded inside the box.

A phrase written in the language of magic was recorded on the scroll!

–Open sesame!

-….Excuse me, Hyung-nim.

“Don’t say anything.”

He finally figured out the way to enter the building. Yet why was it like this? Damn 80’s RPGs!

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