Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 14 Chapter 6

SPACE 6. The Third Divine Artefact. And?

“It really opened.”

Ark muttered in a low voice.

The thick iron doors in front of him had split in half. He was standing in front of the building in the centre of Soul City and the doors immediately opened as soon as he said ‘Open Sesame.’ Well he found the answer but….what the hell, something like this….

Ark made a bemused expression for a while before shaking his head.

‘No, I should stop thinking like this. The important thing is that I found the answer.  And it isn’t finished yet. And there is no guarantee this building will be safe.  This isn’t the time to be discouraged. Let’s relax.’

Ark took a deep breath. And he slowly entered the building.

Behind the door was a steep staircase leading down. The stairs were very long. He warily walked down the stairs but didn’t see anything for a while. He travelled hundreds of metres downwards on the seemingly never-ending stairs.


He heard the sound of something crumbling at his feet.

‘What is this? Is it due to insects? If this is an insect’s fault then they need to be a considerable size….’

It was the same leather texture like a shed piece of skin. Ark continued descending until he reached the floor of the underground space. Thick cobwebs were stuck every 1 metre and large oval objects approximate 3~4 metres large were placed everywhere.

‘This looks like an alien’s hatchery.’

Soul City had the atmosphere of an 80’s RPG while the building was like a weird 80’s movie. Well, it didn’t matter right now.

Pajajak! Pajajak! Pajajak!

Ark looked around with a tense expression. The sound of someone continuously stepping on leather could be heard. Ark reflexively grabbed his sword and swung around. However, the only one who caught his eye was Basak.

Ark shouted with a displeased expression.

“D-damn! You surprised me. What are you doing all of a sudden?”

–Huh? Ah no, there seems to be something there….

“Over there? Eh?”

He turned in the direction Basak pointed towards. Ark walked closer towards a stone statue that looked like a scarab. It also had cobwebs stuck to it but once he cleared it, the statue looked like a sarcophagus. It was common sense to open it when finding something like this in a dungeon!

Ark lifted the lid.

“Eh? P-perhaps this is?”

Ark’s eyes popped out with surprise. An item inside the sarcophagus!

They were glossy boots made of a polished, black shell. Ark sceptically picked up the boots and an information window popped up.

-Phantom Boots (Artefact)


Item Type:  Light Armor (Shoes)      Wearer Restriction: Elim’s Heir only

Defense: 70                                              Durability:  100/100

Thousands of years ago, the Murat created 5 Divine Artefacts for their Elim. This Divine Artefact is different from the others as it is made using the biological tissue of a strange organism. It is the biological tissue from the life form called Drone.

The Murat originally called the Drone ‘Scarabaeus.’ They prayed to this creature for ‘eternal life’ and were used to make protective amulets. The Scarabaeus that the Murat found in the past was a precursor to the creatures found in a space time gap.  Since then, the Murat studied the creature and used them to make the Rama battle suits. In ancient times, Kuhwen who was the Horus of the Murat studied the Drones and made the Divine Artefact Phantom Boots.

The most surprising performance of the Phantom Boots is the technique called ‘Soul Sprint.’ When Soul Sprint is used, the space around the user will distort and evasion will increase by 50%.

Special Options (Soul Sprint): The surrounding space will distort and the body’s ability to evade attacks will increase by 50% for 20 minutes. However, this effect is only applied when moving (Force Consumption: 200 Cool down time:  1 hour>

-The Divine Artefact has been acquired.

“It really is a Divine Artefact!”

He picked up the boots. He had struggled through Soul City but he didn’t expect that it would be this easy to acquire the boots.

That meant there was still something left. He was nervous since this was the 3rd Divine Artefact. It was unexpected but he had no intention of complaining.

Anyway, he had obtained the 3rd Divine Artefact! The performance of the Divine Artefact was also beyond expectations. The basic options already increased Agility by 30, Intelligence by 20 and movement speed by 20%. This was already the best options attached to footwear and there was also the additional option.

It was unnecessary to explain to people used to playing games. Options that increased speed was considered the best for footwear. Those that increased it by 10~15% could be sold for at least 1,000 gold!

However, the Phantom Boots had 20% attached. The special option Soul Sprint also increased his evasion rate by 50%.

“This is the best Divine Artefact I’ve received so far!”

Ark was so excited that his saliva was dripping out.

–Hyung-nim, there is something else here.


Now Ark could see a memory chip. It was a memory chip in the shape of a small, circular bar.

Ark knew the purpose of the memory chip. The memory chip could be used with the Elim’s Helmet that he obtained from the training centre. Not surprisingly, letters floated in front of him after the memory chip was loaded.

–How wonderful, my heir.

The road to reach here wouldn’t have been easy.

This is an unknown space that is confidential even among the Murat. The reason is that it is a relic of a previous era.

In fact, this planet was discovered hundreds of years ago.

But it was treated as a mirage and no one could enter for hundreds of years.

The truth of this planet only recently became clear. The Murat built a research laboratory near the planet and studied the mirage until they could figure it out. And using particle conversion technology, they were able to move to this planet.

This is the transmission system inside the pyramid that you used.

The reason I came here is because it is a relic of a previous era.

According to the data of the Murat that surveyed the planet, a completely different type of galaxy used to exist it was caught in a space and time rift due to some incident and only the soul form is left.

The present galaxy is going through several different disputes. I don’t know when the conflict will end. So I came here first. The remnants of a galaxy has already disappeared. I came to this planet to discover why the previous era perished.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to achieve it.

“I guess so.”

Ark bit his lips. The NPCs in Soul City have their brains reset after one day. What could be figured out from those NPCs? Perhaps Xanax also experienced the same thing.

“Anyway, this is from an old age. It is a planet that existed in a previous galaxy? No, Soul City clearly has the atmosphere of a previous time.”

NPCs that only repeated the same words. Residents with heads double the size of their bodies.

He didn’t know about a different galaxy but they were definitely from a former era. Before virtual reality games emerged, they were like RPGs released on consoles like PlayStation or Super Nintendo. When thinking like that, it was certain this world was from a previous time….

“It is a serious situation but this is an absurd setting.”

He couldn’t say otherwise. Anyway, the message continued.

The reason I left the Divine Artefact in this place is so that you will know of its existence. But that isn’t the only reason.

The Murat discovered an unknown new creature on this planet.

The Murat found an insect similar to the Scarabaeus that has the ability to move freely through space. And this creature has the ability to react to mana like a parasite but it has the characteristic of doubling the body’s ability to absorb mana.

The Murat called this creature ‘Drone’ and created several types of freely attachable armour from it.

The Murat generously bestowed this Drone technology to the species that follow them. The Murat didn’t think the Rama would use this technology to betray them….

Of course, the Murat’s Drone technology is several generations ahead of other species.

I already knew about the technology and data before the Murat were destroyed. And the current Murat is destroyed. I travelled here in order to upgrade the performance of my equipment for my trip. However, I discovered too much time is required after coming here.

Perhaps decades.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to wait until then.

So I decided to leave it for you.

‘This is the part connected to the explanation in the Phantom Boots’ information window!’

The Murat found a species on this planet. This was why the Rama made the battle suits from the Drones. It was why Xanax came to this planet. Before the Murat perished, they used the Drones to develop a new type of battle suit and Xanax came here to complete it. But he gave up due to the time required. He left it to his heir to one day finish.

‘Then there is a way to somehow upgrade my battle suit around here?’

Ark thought up to there.

Kung! Pajajajajak!

There was the sound of something stepping on the ground again.

“Dammit! Basak, can’t you move a little more quietly?”

–Huh? I am here?

Basak’s voice was heard from close to him.

“Eh? What? Huh? Then that sound just now….”

Ark felt an ominous feeling as he slowly turned around.


“Not yet?”

“Damn, there are so many!”

A long passage stretched out in front of them.

A hamster and a human were gathered in front of a wall with a gear. Not long after the earthquake took place, the octopuses discovered a passage in the area where they were working and told Milan and Tori.

Tori and Milan then went on an adventure! Like Tori discovered when he unknowingly stepped foot in there, the passage was full of traps. Traps would fly whenever they stepped on a switch hidden in the floor. Sometimes spears would abruptly fall from the ceiling.

However, they didn’t give up.

“Damn! It is dangerous. Dangerous!”

Tori cried out fearfully every time a trap was operated.

“How can we just go back after receiving this opportunity? Do you think an opportunity like this is common? Besides, Hyung-nim is still sleeping. Obviously he must be overworked. Then shouldn’t we take care of this?”

“Something like this? Life is dangerous!”

“You don’t need to worry about it. Didn’t I tell you? I don’t have a lot of chances this day but I am a Treasure Hunter. This sort of thing is originally my expertise. I am more of an expert in traps in ancient ruins then Hyung-nim is. We should continue onwards while waiting for Hyung-nim to wake up.”

“Then you go by yourself!”

“It will be difficult for you to leave.”

“Is that why I have to risk my life?”

“Hey, you don’t need to worry so much. And we might even find treasures. Isn’that worth it? The two of us will thoroughly search for it. Then the other people won’t treat you the same. No, there might be respect in their eyes.”

“E-eyes of respect?”

“Yes, so you should believe in this Milan who is called the Indiana Jones of space.”

“Who is Indiana Jones?”

“I am such a person.”

Milan didn’t persist in this. And Tori was a hamster so his ears were thin.

Thanks to the traps, they were stuck in the passage for 16 hours.

Milan didn’t show frustration as he dismantled the traps and reached the end of the passage. However, the end wasn’t just another wall. Situated at the end of the passage was an elevator.

“The door isn’t opening?”

“Sheesh, it can’t be helped. Hey, get out of the way.”

Tori pushed Milan and connected his Nymphe to the elevator.

The combination of Milan and Tori was a surprisingly good fit. Milan was a Treasure Hunter who specialized in dismantling traps in ruins. And Tori was an expert in machines and hacking. The combination of ancient and modern technology wasn’t a problem for them. This was the reason Ark had Milan and Tori accompany him on adventures.


“Heh, this is no big deal. That’s it!”

Tori laughed and raised his body. The firmly closed elevator doors opened.

“Ohh, that’s it, that’s it. Tori, you’re not ordinary either.”

“Sheesh, you only realise that now? Life has become messy since working for Hyung-nim but I am still a hamster of the galaxy. Hey, are you listening?  Eh? Why are you pressing the button? Hey, you! My mind isn’t prepared yet! No, I don’t want to enter! Ya! Dammit!”

Milan pushed the yelling Tori into the elevator and pressed the button.

At the same time, the elevator descended to an unknown place! And the doors opened once again.

Tori looked uneasily at Milan’s back. And his mouth opened absent-mindedly as he stepped out of the elevator and saw his surroundings.

“T-this place….!”


Kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a chain of explosions and smoke soared. A man rolled through the smoke. Then three or four tentacles flew out of the darkness towards the man.


The man cursed as he turned his body. A white light rotated and cut off the strands of tentacles. The man taking a fighting stance was none other than Ark.

“Pant pant pant! What is this?”

Ark breathed harshly as he looked in front of him.

Hazy smoke was flowing around a black crustacean. The crustacean seemed to be the same material that the Hyper Drone was made out of. However, the thing wasn’t wearing a battle suit like Ark.

The shell was just the upper body armour. The thing that attacked Ark just now was covered in the black shell.

-The Elite grade monster ‘Reject’ has appeared.

The fellow had appeared when Ark turned his head at the sound.

‘Dammit! I knew it! I knew it!’

Ark immediately understood the situation. The Divine Artefact wasn’t going to be just given to him. It wasn’t surprising that a boss monster was hiding.

But Ark wasn’t worried about it. He was slightly surprised when it appeared but he judged it wouldn’t be that difficult.

High position monster. If it was a boss level monster then the ranking would have Titan attached to it. This meant that a Titan class monster had the attack power of a boss monster.

Reject had an Elite rating. This meant that it was slightly stronger than a general monster.

Of course, the level wasn’t visible so he couldn’t be careless. However, an average region existed in a game. A level 200~300 boss monster wouldn’t suddenly appear in a level 50 area. The highest possible level was 80~100?

‘If I use such a formula….’

The Dregs that appeared at night was level 70~80. So Reject would be between level 120~140.

‘Looking at it now, it is fortunate that I participated in the investigation team instead of coming here straight after finding the Baius Shield. I wouldn’t have been able to endure the Dregs if my level and equipment is the same as then. But my level increased due to the investigation team so I could withstand the Dregs’ attacks. When comparing it, this ghost planet has been easier.’

As expected, a boss appeared in front of him!

“Bring it on!”

Ark pulled out the Equalizer with a confident look.

Pushu syu syu! Syu syu syu!

The black shell floating in the air split from side to side. And 10 small missiles started pouring out? No, the shells that fell to the ground resembled insects. But their strength was the same as a missile.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

1 shell had the same destructive power as a grenade! And their didn’t have metallic bodies so Sword Defense didn’t work. To make matters worse, they had a homing function so he couldn’t use normal movements to evade it. But this was Ark!

‘Yes, it was something like this. If this is my opponent…..’

He wasn’t aware of the opponent’s style so he received injuries from the first bombardment! Ark could find a way to deal with it.

“Phantom Boots! Soul Sprint!”

Pushu syu syu! Syu syu syu!

Then 10 shells flew towards Ark again. But this time the situation was different from before. Once he used the skill and moved his feet, his body was enveloped in a transparent air current. Even if he was hit by unavoidable shells, they just passed through his body and exploded.

This was due to the 50% evasion ability of Soul Sprint!

‘I knew this skill was worth it but I never expected the effect to be this much!’

A powerful item always pleased a user! Thanks to that, Ark’s fighting spirit rose and he shouted.

“Basak, return to a shield!’

–Yes, Hyung-nim!

Basak turned into a liquid and wound around Ark’s arms. The golem state was useful when dealing with weak monsters but it was too low level to take care of a boss monster. Using a shield was more profitable for fending off the shells.

“That’s it! The preparations are complete! Baius Shield!”

Ark opened the shield and rushed towards Reject. The Reject fired 10 shells again but he just penetrated through it with Soul Sprint. Thanks to his increased evasion and the Baius Shield, it wasn’t difficult to thwart the many shells. And he arrived in front of the Reject!

“It is my turn now! Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

Dozens of swords swirled around the Reject. Ark thought that blow was a chance to win.

But shortly after that. The black shell that was split apart joined together again. And a few tentacles extended out! The tentacles hit the shield and Ark was pushed back 10 metres. Then 10 shells flew towards him again.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The effect of Soul Sprint was only applied when moving. The bombardment immediately sucked out a lot of health. But Ark wasn’t puzzled about his own health.

“I-it’s health didn’t even decrease by 1%?”

The Reject that split apart still had full health!

This situation continued to repeat. He avoided the shells and rushed many times but kept being struck by tentacles. The tentacles would counterattack straight away. Meanwhile, Ark’s health steadily reduced to 30%.

‘Dammit, I only have one recovery ampoule left after the fight against the Dregs….it is also only recover 500 health at most. The degree of bombardment is enough to blow away one room. In this context, the Life Orb won’t mean much.’

However, he couldn’t use the Life Orb. He had worked for 3 hours killing the Slimes in order to buy the recovery item. In the meantime, he encountered night time twice so the total time was actually 7 hours. How could he use such an item after only one day?

His attacks weren’t connecting so he concentrated on avoidance and healing himself with the Charenjok’s token. His health kept on decreasing due to the shells bombardment.

‘And the situation won’t become better even if I use the Life Orb. Even if my health recovers to 100%, it isn’t possible to win if I can’t deal damage. Plus….’

Ark breathed harshly as he looked at the message on the upper right hand corner.

-Applied Skill: (Soul Sprint) Remaining Time 5 minutes and 23 seconds…..

It had already been 15 minutes since the battle started. He used Soul Sprint but couldn’t properly attack. Now he only had 5 minutes left of Soul Sprint.

Once Soul Sprint was released then the damage he received would double. Even if his health recovered 100% due to the Life Orb, he wouldn’t last 10 minutes in that state.

‘I have to find a way to cause damage before that!’

An invincible monster didn’t exist. There had to be a way to damage it. It would be meaningless to have recovery ampoules and Life Orbs if he didn’t find a way.

He used every method within the last 15 minutes but it was ineffective. From Ark’s point of view, everything was useless. Of course, he could use a grenade explosion but there was no guarantee it would cause damage.

It was like this planet, the Ghost Star Rock.

“….Ghost planet?”

Ark raised his head and murmured.

‘Wait? Shouldn’t it be relevant to the ghost planet? It is an older world where spirits existed. If I hadn’t used the Hajaska rune on Inquiry then I wouldn’t have been able to come here or see the Dregs. Yes, when fighting the Dregs….’

When fighting the Dregs, the effect of Hajaska had disappeared. Then Ark couldn’t properly verify the form of the Dregs. He just received the feeling of a huge, dark cloud.

Despite that, he still received damage from everywhere and almost died. So he paid attention after that but the Hajaska rune had disappeared before he found the Divine Artefact.


“Come out, Shire! Rune Carving, Hajaska!”

Ark came up with the idea of using the Hajaska rune. He avoided the tentacles and checked Reject but no special changes could be seen.

‘Damn, is this not it? No, not yet. It is too early to jump to conclusions. I don’t have a lot of time now. And there is no other way. I just have to see it through to the end!’

Pushu syu syu! Syu syu syu!

“Soul Sprint!”

Ark sprinted through the storm of shells.

And he pulled out the remaining grenades from his backpack before throwing it at the Reject. An ensuing chain of grenades exploding! The explosion caused the Reject’s body to scatter all over the place. It was no different to the previous times. However…..


A light flashed in Ark’s eyes.

The black form that scattered all over the place joined together again.

This time several faint red lines caught his eye. These lines connected to the centre of the black shell and formed balls of line like they were cells. The Reject’s body had broken apart many times but he hadn’t seen any scars until now.

He had no doubts anymore.

‘That’s it! That is his existence!’

“Sonic Sword!”

Ark threw his body forward and wielded his sword. The black shell split apart again and a ball clearly appeared. Ark narrowed the distance and the white sword danced.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Pepeng!

A ringing sound occurred as the ball was continuously cut. Then the stream of black shells couldn’t combine together again.  At the same time, the Reject lose 10% of its health.

“I’ve found it! This is the weak point!”

Kuaaaaak! Kwaaaaah!

The Reject screamed for the first time and stretched out its tentacles. He hurriedly raised the Baius Shield but his body was thrown back. His health decreased but there was a smile on Ark’s face.

“Ha! That damn bastard, it is screaming now. But it is useless. Haven’t you been treating me as a punching bag? I will pay you back by beating you up! Armour armament! Berserker!”

His attacks hadn’t connect in the beginning so he couldn’t use his battle suit or Berserker. However, he used all his power now that he had found a way to fight. That’s why he had been saving the skill!

“Lightning fast decision! Sonic Sword!”

His battle suit increased all stats by 35%! Then Berserker increased all attack skills by 1.5 times!

Sonic Sword had a different power then moment he reached perfect battle mode. The sword seemed to explode as it hit the Reject’s body. And the ball was revealed! A shower of attacks once again exploded against the ball.

But he couldn’t take the Reject’s counterattack lightly. Once Ark revealed the weak point, the opponent felt the crisis and resisted more violently. The tentacles stretched all over the place and shells continued flying at Ark.

Wiing! Wiing! Pepepepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A trail of explosions occurred between Ark and the Reject. Ark’s health fell every time. From 30% to 25%, 25% to 20% and eventually 10% until he was in a critical condition.

‘Damn, if only I found the weakness 5 minutes faster….’

He could then fight more leisurely.

But now there was only 1 minute left. Once Soul Sprint turned off, his 10% health would instantly disappear. It wasn’t a situation where he could think of various plans while fighting.

‘My health right now means that it is hard to receive an attack. But that guy still has 50% health left.’ There were 5 beads left, each representing 10% health. He couldn’t fight like he normally could. Then there was only one way left! Then I will use this attack to win!’

Ark grabbed his sword and glared at the Reject. At the same time, the shell opened to let out 10 shells.

“Recovery Ampoule! Activate the skill Ankh!”

Ark shouted as he rushed towards the shell. A recovery item and skill that healed him!

The recovery ampoule loaded on his Nymphe entered the interior of his body at the same time. And Kuhwen’s Chestpiece was wrapped in light and 1,500 health was restored.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The shells poured out and filled the environment with smoke. But the smoke quickly split apart and Ark sprang out of it. Recovering his health while rushing forward! Ark received the tentacles with his shield and jumped at the main body.

A black air current flowed around the main body while the tentacles attacked. In fact, this was the most dangerous part.

If the air current touched him then his health would be sucked out. Once he entered the area of the main body, his health would start falling at a rapid rate. However, Ark kept standing up and made the Equalizer spin around.

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword! Time!”

The white swords that stretched out! Dozens of swords circulated around the Reject’s body like a typhoon. And the 5 balls that appeared! Ark used the momentum to run forward and shouted.

“18 Barrage!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Steam emerged from the shoulders of the Hyper Drone as the steel fists exploded forward. He entered the area of the Reject’s body and 4 beads were destroyed. Now the only thing left was the head. There was one single ball floating.

The black shell immediately ran away after being hit by 18 Barrage.

“Not a chance! Armed Binding Sword!”

Ark laid down on the floor and shouted.

At that moment, chains of light exploded from the Hyper Drone. And he quickly approached the black shell once it was bound.

“18 Barrage!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

His steel fists emerged once again! There was one final scream before the black shell disappeared. At the same time, his mana was exhausted and the battle suit was removed.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.

“Pant pant pant. I-I won?”

Ark stuttered as he lay down on the floor.

Ark had been almost insane from the moment he jumped at the Reject’s main body. There was no time as his health was sucked out at a rapid pace.

In addition, 18 Barrage was a skill that was hard to control so there was no guarantee he would crush the balls. In fact, the Reject almost escaped before he trapped it. So he hadn’t felt like he won until the level up messages appeared.

“If my reaction was too slow and it got away…..”

His remaining health was 3%. The Reject would be the one eating up the experience if he died first.

“What the hell…my senses seem to have fallen more than before. It was a difficult boss but….I would’ve found the weakness quicker in New World. Because in New World most bosses needed the weak point in order to be killed.”

Ark sighed and murmured while resting.

He won but he had a hard time against this opponent. His battle senses had dulled after gaining the master code in New World. He was careless and discovered another area where he was lacking.

However, the reflection ended here.

“I didn’t read it all but Xanax’s message makes it clear that a battle suit upgrade is here.”

He could already guess what it was.

Reject. The black shell had the form of an armour. It was no coincidence that it looked similar to the Hyper Drone. Not surprisingly, the form of an intact armour was on the ground.

Ark’s eyes glittered with anticipation as he picked up the shell. At the same time, the Nymphe vibrated and the information window appeared.

-New has been acquired.


A solid armour battle suit has now been registered.

Do you want to register along with the battle suit Hyper Drone? (Y/N)

“Solid Armour?”

He had previously seen a solid armour. Ferguson had used it when they were caught in Hawk’s trap on the enemy’s base.

Solid armour was simply a battle suit with additional equipment. It contained specialized equipment developed for boosting specific performances.

“But I’m not sure what will be developed….”

The Murat had developed such technologies hundreds of years ago.

Ark couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. Solid armour definitely had considerable power. Despite that, a lot of users found it difficult to operate and the energy efficiency wasn’t good so its uses plummeted over time.

The price was also incredibly expensive so it was better to raise the basic performance of a battle sui. Ark was expected the Hyper Drone’s level to rise.

However, the result was a solid armour.

“But it is still free.”

And he would like to try out a solid armour. If one was given for free then he would say thanks!

“Solid Armour register!”

-Hyper Drone has been registered.


Solid Armour (Fire Avarice): An additional armour made by combining a number of Drones together.

Solid Armour is basically wearing a battle suit.

And when equipping the Solid Armour, the performance of the battle sui will rise. However, a lot of mana will be consumed so the duration will be reduced by 30%.

But it will display the strongest firepower in a short period of time.

The Fire Avarice produces small, guided missiles that can target 12 objects at the same time.

Each shell will consume 3% of the mana that charges the battle suit. The power of the shells will depend on the level of the battle suit>

“Carpet Bombing….”

He liked the name of the technique.

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