Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 14 Chapter 7

SPACE 7. Fight for the Slaves’ Liberation


Ark couldn’t stop laughing. He had finished his task in Soul City. And he didn’t understand it that well but he obtained that Xanax was investigating.

But that was a minor issue at the moment. He had travelled to Soul City. He received quite a bit of compensation.

The 3rd Divine Artefact the Phantom Boots and the Solid Armour. However, that wasn’t the only thing obtained from Soul City. After fighting with the boss and equipping the Phantom Boots, an information window rose.

-The set items’ effect has been applied.


Galaxian has a number of items that are closely related to each other throughout history. The items are associated with a famous event, legendary hero, etc. Once you have a certain number of these sets of items, an additional bonus will appear. When investigating the history and legends of Galaxian, there is a change to obtain set items.

* Currently equipped set items: Legendary Warrior

, , , ,

3 items in the Legendary Warrior set has been equipped and one effect applied.

Set items effect!

A bonus was given when collecting a series of items. An original set of items would have some type of effect.

No matter how good an equipment was, it wouldn’t be as effective when reaching higher levels like level 50, 100 and 150. A level 50 unique item would be equivalent to a level 100 magic item and a level 150 general item. If a person insisted on staying with one particular equipment then their performance would suffer.

On the other hand, set items could be used for a significant amount of time. It was hard to find set items since they were often discarded as a person’s level rose. That’s why an effect was given as compensation for the set items. The additional bonus was given to maintain the value of the item series.

Of course, Ark’s case was a little different.

Ark found that the performance of the Divine Artefacts were still superior compared to that of level 150 rare items. And now there was a further set effect added. Strength, Stamina and Agility +10 and Defense +20!

‘The bonus isn’t that high compared to my level now but…’

There were still 2 Divine Artefacts remaining. It meant the set item bonuses still had room to grow.

And that wasn’t all. The set item bonus came with the Phantom Bots. It wasn’t the only bonus.

It was what happened next! He continued reading Xanax’s message after taking care of the Reject.

Now you’re not a beginner anymore.

Your journey as an Elim’s Heir has been an easy journey up to here.

Sanctuary’s training centre, Rakunka and Soul City. The fact that you pushed through many difficulties and reached here is proof that you are already a warrior.

It proves that you are qualified and talented. As a reward, I will give you an Elim Khafra fighting skill.

The message ended here. The screen changed into a video. It was a first person video similar to when he learnt Psychokinesis.

The first was a rushing attack. Once 10 people holding shields were gathered, Xanax directed the exciting scene where he shot though them like an arrow while wielding his sword.

The second attack was a little unusual.

Xanax was engaged in a melee fight with enemies flocking from all sides. But whenever Xanax was hit by an attack, a chain of blue light would link the people together. If two people attacked then there were two and if three people attacked then there were three chains.  Once five people were connected with the chain, Xanax would grip his fist tightly. Then the chain exploded and 5 people fell at the same time.

And the information window that appeared!

-A new skill (Occupation Restricted ☆☆☆☆) has been learnt.


A total of 9 fighting styles is present in Khafra Fighting and style 4 and 5 has been learnt.

-4th Style (Piercing Lv. 1): A technique that will break through the enemy with a powerful thrust.


-5th Style (Chain Attack Lv. 1):  A technique that binds 5 enemies together before exploding.


In other words, this was the end of the probationary period. He had received the techniques after becoming a formal heir.

Ark was already overflowing with skills. He had received various miscellaneous skills wandering around in the early days. However, he surprisingly didn’t have a lot of attack skills.

The body coating and Rune Carving were supplementary skills. With the exception of Sonic Sword, his remaining attacks were the Khafra Fencing skills learnt from Xanax.

Any user Ark’s level would have an average of 10 combat skills.

‘It is still fairly good but I’ve been wanting more skills to use depending on the situation.’

Now he had added two more combat skills. When he found the 4th Divine Artefact….

Ark felt like endorphins were rushing to his head. But he couldn’t go to that place yet. He wanted to continue to marvel over the Divine Artefact but he still had work remaining. The pyramid on Inquiry.

“Okay, shall I go back now?”

The method to return to Inquiry was simple.

Shortly after killing the Reject, the wall on the opposite side split open and a chamber was revealed. An Anubis scale similar to the one on the Inquiry pyramid could be seen. Of course, he had to use Hajaska in order to see Anubis.

“I probably have to get on that scale.”

Ark approached the scale before stopping. And then he summoned Basak.

“Basak, it is sudden but it is a pleasure to meet you again.”

Basak’s soul dwelled in Bao due to the effect of Soul City. When he returned to Inquiry, the golem would probably return to its previous indifferent state.

–Yes, Hyung-nim. In fact, I was anxious. I don’t want to say farewell like this. And I’ve noticed something. My consciousness will probably disappear again soon.

“That’s why I wanted to ask you something.”

Ark sighed before asking.

“Do you know about the rude manners of the Baius Golem? If it didn’t have any ability then I wouldn’t bring it around with me.”

–Let’s see. I don’t know….

“Anyway, your will still dwells in the golem. Therefore make a little effort. It would be good if the golem is slightly affected by you.”

–That…I will make an effort.

Basak scratched his head.

But this wasn’t what he really wanted to say.

Basak chose to die on Muratio Star to save Ark’s life. It might’ve been a pre-arranged event but Basak was still a special NPC to Ark. He might be in the form of a golem but meeting Basak again was an enjoyable experience for Ark.

However, this was the last time.

Once he returned to Inquiry, he probably wouldn’t be able to meet Basak again. It wasn’t easy to leave while thinking about that. But he couldn’t say any affectionate words despite feeling sad.

“At any rate, stay focused from now on. Do you understand?”

–Yes, Hyung-nim. Be healthy.

“Yes, you too.”

Basak returned to a shield form after hearing that. Ark took off his equipment and stepped on Anubis’s scale.


Somewhere in the northern part of the galaxy.

It was a place where colourful nebula gas was congregating and black smoke rose. The smoke was rising from a tattered spaceship. And another battleship was attached to it with an anchor.

The battleship’s bridge.

“The remnants?”

“I’ve received a report from the crew that all enemy combatants have been handled. Now the combat crew is grabbing the cargo and will soon return to the ship.”

“Those naive guys.”

The bald man sitting in the captain’s chair muttered.

“The pirate occupation wouldn’t exist without riffraff like that.”

“They are pitiful for supposedly incredible bounty hunters. They are used to fleet battles so they were easily wiped out in hand to hand combat. Shouldn’t a bounty hunter show more backbone?”

“Don’t say such unreasonable words. No one is a match for the captain.”

“Aren’t I strong as well?”

“Shut up.”

The watching crew started laughing.

“Anyway, we’ve cleaned up the annoying bounty hunters. The bounty might rise but no bounty hunters will take the job for a while.”

“It is a good thing. They are annoying.”

“So what now?”

“Let’s see…shall we check on that fellow Berami?”

“Berami? Are you thinking of granting his request?”

“It isn’t a bad proposal.”


“It doesn’t matter. I know that person from before. It is okay to grant the favour. Our bad reputation has grown again so we’re not in the position to worry about it. And who knows? Maybe we might obtain something amazing? Right now Berami is excavating a Murat ruin. Even selling 4 artefacts will be enough to earn a lot of money.”

The bald person said with a smirk. Several armed soldiers entered the bridge and reported back.

“Captain-nim, the 12 people of the Peris unit has completed our task and returned.”

“What did you obtain?”

“We searched thoroughly but could only find ammunition and shells.”

“The ship?”

“The engine and major facilities have been destroyed so it isn’t even good as scrap metal.”

The bald person clicked his tongue at the report and said.

“This sometimes happens in a battle. Bounty hunters pursuing criminals won’t bring a lot of criminals. It will also be difficult to repair the battleships after winning the battle. Then let’s go see Berami and try to earn some money. Now let’s depart.”

“Then the spaceship….?”

The bald man turned his head at the crew member’s words. And he looked at the spaceship enveloped in black smoke for a moment before saying.

“Are you talking about that junk? Bomb it.”

Dozens of gunfire poured from the battleship.

The battleship was then enveloped in light and disappeared.


“Eh? What is this?”

Ark’s eyes widened. He had stepped on Anubis’s scale and returned to Inquiry.

Ark woke up and discovered himself lying down in a corner of the main hall. He wasn’t sure why he was lying down but Ark put on his equipment and went to the workshop of the octopuses. The work was in progress.

However, the Charenjok elder Hakun said some unexpected words.

–Why did you only come now?

“Why, did something happen?”

–No, the work is progressing as scheduled. We are also desperate so it will be finished in a few hours.But how can we not be jumpy when you spent the entire time lying down in the main hall and your subordinates haven’t returned yet?

‘I haven’t moved from the main hall?’

Ark naturally thought his entire character had moved to the ghost planet. But Hakun said he had been lying down in the main hall. In other words, his body had remained in a situation similar to hibernation. He was thrilled after belatedly realizing this. It meant he was never in danger of dying.

But right now he was more worried about another part. It was the disappearance of Tori and Milan.

“Did you say that Tori and Milan haven’t come back?”

-You didn’t know? In fact, there was an earthquake here before you fell asleep. We were working on the part that collapsed when a passage appeared. You hadn’t woken up yet so they said they would look in the passage.

“A passage?”

The situation wasn’t anything unusual. Ark used the Nymphe to try and communicate with them. However, it might be because they were in an underground area but the communication didn’t connect.

‘Dammit, those children….’

Ark was guided to the passage by Hakun. The traps that were turned off in the passage caught his eyes.

Milan was a fairly high level Treasure Hunter. Traps of this degree weren’t a significant problem to him. But he still couldn’t be relaxed.

Communication wasn’t working so Tori and Milan might be in danger. Or in the worst case situation, they might already be dead. Ark couldn’t shake off his anxiety as he entered the passage. And discovered the elevator at the end of it.

“Eh? Hyung-nim?”

“You woke up!”

Two people came out from the elevator.

“Tori? Milan? These brats, where the hell are you coming from?”

“That…didn’t Hakun tell you?”

“I came here because he told me. But where did you emerge from just now? Communication wasn’t working so of course I was surprised!”

“Were you worried about us?”

Milan asked while laughing. It was embarrassing. Ark blushed and scratched his head as Milan continued.

“It couldn’t be helped. Hyung-nim was suddenly lying down naked and a questionable passage was found in the workshop. Can we wait for Hyung-nim in such a situation? Besides, I am Treasure Hunter. How could I ignore a questionable passage in the ruins? So we decided to investigate until Hyung-nim woke up.”

Once again, NPCs were just like users. NPCs in virtual reality games were autonomous. They could think and act for themselves. Therefore NPCs could be entrusted with complaints or quests.

Once that autonomy was maximized, the NPC could find an occupation corresponding to it. Warrior NPCs could appear as enemies and some became treasure hunters like Milan in order to search the ruins.

From the user’s point of view, they were very easy to use. Fortunately it wasn’t a big deal this time, but if the traps installed were at a higher level then they might’ve died.

‘ It is common for NPCs to find ruins like this so I should consider furthering their education in this area in the future.’

This wasn’t an easy game.

“So? How far did you go?”

“Ah, that’s right! Hyung-nim, listen to this. Do you want to know what we found? Don’t be alarmed. This pyramid is in fact the Murat’s research facility. The most surprising thing is that they studied the ghost planet here. Ghost planet! Hyung-nim was trying to enter the ghost planet.”

Too slow.

Ark had already entered the ghost planet and returned. However, it wasn’t surprising that the pyramid was a separate research facility.

‘Come to think of it, Xanax did say that a research laboratory was set up to study the ghost planet. I thought that the gateway to reach the ghost planet was weird. So this pyramid is the separate research facility? Then it might be different from other Murat ruins?’

It was natural to think like that. But it was real!

“I haven’t identified the way to enter the ghost planet yet. I’ve glanced at the remaining materials…it says that the Lion’s Gate system is in the main hall where Hyung-nim was sleeping but I don’t know what that means. There was nothing. But I found something else from the laboratory.”

“Something else?”

“Look here. This.”

Tori pulled out something the size of a cigarette pack. A red button was pressed and a 3D image flashed at the top of the device. Various images of machines with complex numbers and symbols behind them appeared.

An information window popped up when Ark saw it.

has been acquired.


A product that can be purchased in various stores in Galaxian but the appropriate NPC or skill is required to use it. In this case, the ability to make blueprints is required. Blueprints can be bought in the store but buying it is expensive and the end produce might be cheaper. In addition, blueprints are rarely found in ancient ruins and the item might have a special effect. However, a considerable amount of time is needed to research these blueprints.

Required Skills: Mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, invention and research.

Research Funding: 1500~2500 gold

Research Duration: 15 days or more

* The funds, research time and success rate will change according to the level and skill of the researcher. The research costs will be lost if it fails but there are no special restrictions on the blueprints so it can be used again.

Tori found a blueprint! In other words, it was an recipe to produce an item.

Usually it was something that a lot of merchants produced. Once the recipe was bought and the research finished, it was possible to make a finished item 30% cheaper. Blue collar items would normally make these items in order to get experience and profit from selling it to users.

Recipes ranged from a screw to a ship! Since the early stages, a common dream for some users was to own a factory that produced various consumables and ship parts. One of the Seven Swords had this as the target.


These recipes were necessary for merchants. And general grade recipes could be easily purchased in stores but it was rare to obtain recipes for magic or rare items. Even unidentified blueprints were expensive but….

‘I’ve obtained a long awaited blueprint but it can’t be sold.’

Normally a user would sell the blueprints at the auction house.

However, Ark was the CEO of an Agent. And his staff had two researchers, Tori and Jay. The main difference was that the blueprint was found in the Murat ruins! Money and time might be required but it was worth studying.

Now he couldn’t scold Tori and Milan.

“Well done.”

“I told you he would be happy if we find the treasure.”

Milan’s expression changed after hearing Ark’s praise.

“There wasn’t anything else?”

“Yes, we only found this blueprint. And the structure of the pyramid was already excavated so we didn’t find any place other than the laboratory.”

“Let’s go back and search again.”

Ark wouldn’t just listen to the words of a NPC. However, he rode the elevator down with Milan and Tori and couldn’t find anything despite thoroughly searching.  There were also no other structures in the area. Everything was now in ruins.

“There is no more reason to stay here.”


“We will leave at a suitable time.”

Ark grinned and nodded at Milan’s question. But there was still one problem remaining. Ark promised 50% of the proceeds to Berami. However, Ark had no intention of splitting the revenue with Berami.

Ark’s original purpose was the Divine Artefact. But it was different from sharing the items with other users. Ark intended to take 100% of the profit.

He was also aware that Berami wouldn’t keep the promise. Ark also had no intention of keeping the promise. Once again, Ark recorded a video for the Flies to be played while the octopuses carried out other tasks.

“Are you ready?”

After a while, Ark returned to the workplace and asked the octopuses. Hakun and the 100 octopuses nodded.

–We are prepared for any pain.

-For the sake of freedom!

And the operation begun.


“That is?”

“Ack, isn’t that a little bad?”

The barracks built in front of the pyramid. Berami’s henchmen A, B and C muttered as they gathered around a monitor.

In fact, Berami had been very uncomfortable over the last day. Because of Ark.

He seemed like a moderately good treasure hunter as he diligently explored but starting from the second day, he just slept in the main hall.

Tori and Milan had prepared recorded images and Ark a fake relic in advance. But Berami hadn’t hired Ark to obtain such japtem.

‘This is a ruin. There should be some things worth a lot of money!’

It was due to these expectations. At the time of the contract signing, Ark had boosted his expectations to 10,000 gold. From an employer’s point of view, he would naturally be angry after seeing Ark stay asleep.

No, he wasn’t just angry.

‘Damn, this is difficult! He was the one who pushed for the contract. ‘My position will be difficult if he continues acting like this!’

Berami didn’t intend to give any compensation to Ark. Therefore he had already set up plans to get around the ‘legal’ parts and called someone to help. Of course he would be frustrated if Ark didn’t work properly.

‘But it wasn’t necessary to worry.’

Ark had finally woken up a few hours ago. That wasn’t all. He urged the octopuses on and they started frantically digging.

‘That’s right. That Ark, maybe he was in hibernation so they he could look up information about the pyramid structure on the internet? Maybe he found a lead which is why he is digging like crazy after waking up. Huhuhu, I did well to hire a professional. Okay. Work hard. It will all be my share eventually.’

Berami relaxed and waited for the good news. But the internal situation wasn’t as relaxed as Berami thought.

Ark really was a brutal person. Once he started actively working, he was merciless to the octopuses. If they delayed digging even a little bit then he would kick or punch them. Sometimes he would step on them until they became rags.

It felt like watching a 18+ rated horror movie.

“Aren’t they really going to die?”

“Hyung-nim, that is too much no matter how you look at it. Shouldn’t we discourage it?”

“Leave it.”

Berami shook his head.

“There are only a few days remaining until the promised deadline. However, the profit we’ve received now isn’t enough to cover the costs. We need to eat so we should just watch. But keep an eye on the monitor. Make sure Ark doesn’t hide any treasures.”

….Berami leisurely said.

And after a few hours.


Henchman A burst out with confusion.

“What? Did Ark find something?”

“No, it’s just…the video of the Fly no. 1, 4 and 5 suddenly turned off.”

“The videos were turned off? Why?”

“I’m not sure. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the monitor…eh? Eh? The other cameras are sequentially turned off.  Now the only Flies remaining are those attached to Ark and the workshop.”

“What do you mean? The Flies wouldn’t fail all at once.”

“That’s…heok! W-what is this?”

The henchmen screamed as they stared at the monitor. In the remaining two monitors, an octopus was shining in one video. But there was something strange.

The head of the octopuses had 8 shapes shining on it. This was due to the Slave’s Collar. But the head of the octopus in the video was clear! It didn’t have the Slave’s Collar.

That wasn’t all. The octopus’s leg was holding a rifle! The octopus on the screen waved the rifle while shouting.

–We absolutely reject any further exploitation!

Tu tu tu tu! Pak! Jijijiji….

There was the sound of gunfire and a static noise was heard from the screen.

“What? How did the octopus take off the Slave’s Collar? And what else is there? Dammit! What the hell is happening? Ark? What is that Ark bastard doing?”

“Take a look! Ark is also under attack by the octopuses!”

Henchman B shouted as he pointed at the remaining video. It was indeed a shocking video.

All the octopuses had removed the Slave’s Collar and were brandishing a rifle. Bullets were hearing towards Ark, Tori and Milan. The three of them rolled on the ground to escape the bullets.

Tu tu tu tu! Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Pepeng!

An ensuring roar was then heard. The sound wasn’t coming from the monitor. It seemed to be coming from outside the barracks.


“Damn, what the hell is going on? It can’t be helped. Hey, prepare your weapons! We are entering the field directly. Hurry! It will become complicated if the octopuses manage to get outside!”

Berami led his henchmen towards the pyramid. And one man was staggering towards them from the entrance. It was Ark whose body was bleeding from gunshots.

“Ark, you bastard! What did you do?”

Berami ran towards Ark and gripped his collar. Ark raised his head and exclaimed.

“That’s what I want to ask, you bastard!”

“W-what the?”

“You damn bastard! What did you do? Why are their slave collars gone?”

“Slave collars? I never took the Slave’s Collar off!”

“Don’t make me laugh! Do you think I’m a fool? You must have cancelled the operational program in the collar! If the slaves try to take it off by force then the collar will explode! And you are the person with access to the operation program! The only thing I can think of is that you turned off the program!”

“Damn! I didn’t do that!”

“Then how did they remove the collars?”

“I-I don’t know either.”


“Really! Why would I do such a thing?

“No, I….”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Then a shower of bullets poured from the opposite passage. Berami and Ark who were yelling at each other split apart and hid. Then a grenade exploded at the spot where they were standing.

The area shook and black smoke poured out.

‘T-that grenade was aiming for him….’

“My mistake. In fact, a few hours ago I mobilized the octopuses to dig somewhere. After seeing the whole structure of the pyramid, I was confident that there would be a room hidden somewhere. And I just found a hidden room. But something unexpected was there.”

“Something unexpected?”

“An armoury.”

Ping! Ping! Ping!

A sighed as a shower of bullets bounced off the corner Ark was hiding behind.

“I don’t know why there would be an armoury hidden in the ruins. Rifles, hand grenades and ammunition. Various weapons were piled up like a mountain. I expected artefacts to emerge from the ruins not weapons. But the collars were unexpectedly turned off and the octopuses picked up the weapons to attack. I managed to reach here but my subordinates….”

Ark bit his lip as he couldn’t continue. And he turned his head to look at Berami.

“I thought you planted those weapons for the octopuses in advance.”

“T-that is impossible! If I did that then the slave collars wouldn’t be necessary.”

“Yes, I realized that part. Sorry for doubting you. I was rash.”

“No, I would’ve thought the same thing if I was in your shoes.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Ark bowed with a bloody face.

He had lost his subordinates and became bloody due to the sudden attack. However, he still managed to grasp the situation objectively and admit his own mistakes. Berami thought that Ark was somehow amazing.

‘He could possibly become a real friend….’

He contemplated that thought. But now wasn’t the time to think about that.

“Hyung-nim, what should we do in this situation?”

“Damn, what else? Scare those octopuses! Do they think they can get away just before the slave collar was removed and they have weapons? They are still octopuses despite holding weapons. We don’t have to do anything. Just kill a few of them and force the collars back on!”

“No, that will be difficult.”

At that time there were loud noises.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

And a frantic shout could be heard from a nearby passage.

–Hey! There are some people hidden here! Listen carefully! We reject being slaves! We are the Charenjok! A species of the galaxy! You don’ have the right to exploit us! And we won’t accept such treatment anymore! And we’ve placed bombs all over these ruins! If you want to keep the ruins then prepare a spaceship for us! The time limit is 5 minutes! If you use force to try and subdue us then we will set off the bombs! Freedom or death!

-Ohhhhhh! Freedom or death!


“We shouldn’t blindly attack.”

Ark said as he bit his lip.

“Bombs are fairly common in armouries. The octopuses might not be experts in bombs but they will be able to set off an explosion. No, those guys really might self-destruct. Their eyes show that they aren’t joking. Of course, you can attack them if you want the artefacts in the ruins to disappear.”

“No, that will be difficult!”

Berami shouted frantically.

The 100 octopuses were armed with weapons. And there were even grenades and bombs. The octopuses might not be experienced in handling weapons but there were enough of them that they couldn’t be ignored. However, Berami was more worried about something else.

Once again, Berami wasn’t the real owner of the octopuses. ‘He’ had loaned out the slaves to excavate the ruins. If the octopuses died then Berami would be the one to pay for them. He would obtain the debt of 100 octopus slaves.

That was why he couldn’t grant the octopuses’ request.


Berami was in a state of panic. Ark thought for a while before speaking in a low voice.

“I have a way to solve it.”

“What? You? How?”

“The situation right now is quite bad. If we attempt to stamp it out forcefully then they might really self-destruct…but if the elder is taken hostage then they might not self-destruct so easily.”


“Yes, I’ve been watching them in the meantime and the elder’s influence over the octopuses is quite large. Maybe the elder is the planner behind this rebellion. So the elder should hold the key to solving the problem. Put a Slave’s Collar on him. If I threaten him with the collar then they will be forced to give up on their threats.”

“But we have these people to contend with.”

“No, I am different.”

Ark grinned and replied. Then Ark’s body turned transparent and he disappeared. The light that refracted off his body was one of the Survivor Coating skills, Stealth!

Ark revealed his body to Berami again.

“Did you see? I specialize in something like this. I once had a career as a ranger who served in the military. Anyway, right now there is no other way. Trust in me and give me the program to the slave collars. It is a risk but I can’t give up after losing two subordinates.


–There are 3 minutes remaining!

Then the octopus inside the passage could be heard gain. He couldn’t afford to think about it anymore. In the end, Berami was forced to transfer the program to Ark.

“Okay. I believe in you. Please Ark!”

“I will do my best.”

Ark disappeared again after those words.

–Now there are 2 minutes remaining!

“Just wait, you bastards! I understand! I’ll arrange a spaceship for you!”

Berami suddenly shouted.

He felt like his insides were burning. If Ark failed then everything was over! He would incur a tremendous debt thanks to the ruins and the 100 Charenjok slaves. But Berami couldn’t do anything. If Ark safely completed his task then the slave rebellion would be suppressed.

Second by second passed as it seemed like hours.

“Don’t move!”

Ark’s voice was suddenly heard from the passage.

“I’ve already captured your elder. Ah! Don’t move! There is already a Slave’s Collar on your elder’s head! I don’t know how you got them off but it won’t work this time! If I see any suspicious movements then the Slave’s Collar on the elder will explode! If anything happens then I will kill your elder! Would you like to be responsible for his death?”


Berami clenched his fists.

It wasn’t visible but he felt assured now that Ark had caught the elder as a hostage. But the most important part was from now on. These octopuses were already prepared for death! He couldn’t feel relaxed even with the elder caught.

In that respect, Ark was definitely a professional.

“I also understand your feelings. Yes, you were once free.  You became slaves because you didn’t join any of the 3 powers and resentment built up from all the cruelty. But think about it calmly. What will you do even if you escape from this planet on a spaceship? You will just continue being caught and becoming slaves on the frontier. At most, you will only be free for a few days. Is taking your lives worth being free for a few days?”

‘Ooh! Yes, that’s it! He has struck the key part! This guy, it is like when he made the contract. Okay, he should push forward like that!’

Berami passionately cheered. However, Ark’s voice stayed the same.

“But I understand your mind. And I’ve talked to Berami after reflecting. Even if you are slaves, I’ve treated you too harshly so far. I promise to improve your treatment from now on. If you discard your weapons then I will reduce your working hours, give you abundant food and enough resting time. In addition, there will be no violence.”

–Abundant food and plenty of rest…living without violence…

The octopuses started buzzing. It seemed like they were shaken.

–That is a lie!

Then an octopus shouted.

–You aren’t the one who originally made us slaves! Nor is it Berami! Berami borrowed us from someone! And once this is finished, we will return to being his slaves! What meaning does this promise have?

–That’s right! That guy won’t be able to keep the promise! If we put down the weapons then we will return to our old life!

–Mean humans!

An abrupt reversal of the atmosphere! At the same time, Berami’s Nymphe vibrated and Ark’s voice emerged from it.

–Berami! What does that mean? The octopuses said they are someone else’s slave! Then why did you make that promise to me? You offered me the octopuses if I made 10,000 gold! You bastard, you just wanted to trick me!

“N-no, that’s not….”

–Dammit, this is all wrong! They are all looking at me. Are you going to help? This plan is going wrong!I’m going to die because of you!

“S-sorry! But I really….”

Berami stuttered with a pale face.

–Charenjok! It might be vexing but now we have hope! It is better to die with freedom then spend our whole lives as slaves! Freedom or death!

-Ohhhhhhh! Freedom or death!

–We are free!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The octopuses yelled like fanatics. An explosion occurred from every direction and black smoke poured out of the passages. Thick cracks spread along the walls and the whole pyramid started shaking.

“Hyung-nim, the ruins are crumbling!”

“We must escape before it is too late!”


“There’s no time! Hey, Hyung-nim!”

Henchmen A, B and C grabbed Berami and pulled him out of the pyramid. And they hurriedly ran to the barracks. The pyramid shook and was buried in a huge cloud of dust. Berami watched blankly before flopping down and stuttering.

“D-destroyed…the ruins…”


At that time.

“Those fools.”

Ark laughed as he watched the cloud of dust from far away. Ark wasn’t in that place. Milan, Tori and even Hegel had gathered in one place while the rebellion was going on.

Gathered in front of him were more than 150 octopuses!

“How was my performance?”

“I was completely convinced.”

Milan laughed at Ark’s question.

That’s right. The rebellion of the octopuses in the pyramid had been planned by Ark Ark had mobilized 100 octopuses to dig a tunnel over the last few days. The tunnel exited to a mountain to the rear of the pyramid. It was all for hiding the octopuses.

The most difficult part was the slave collars. The slave collars were….

-Slave’s Collar


Item Type:  Binding Ring

If you enter the authentication number of your Nymphe into this ring, you can restrict the body of a monster. The collar can tighten to give pain and it will blow up if the monster leaves the designated area.

The collar was developed to train captured monsters but now it is used to capture nationless aliens not protected by the federation. Therefore it became known as the slave’s collar. It is prohibited by law to use these rings on people with a citizenship.

….It was like that.

Berami was in control of the program that could cause the rings to explode at any time to kill the octopuses. It would also automatically exploded if they moved out of a set distance.

That was why Hegel had been away. Hegel had gone back to S-20 and returned with 50 of Ark’s octopuses.

They were the rebel octopuses in the pyramid. They pretended to be slaves and caused a revolt. That was why they didn’t have the slave collars. And the octopuses with the collars….

“Okay, now you are free.”

Ark said while manipulating his Nymphe. The slave collars fell from the heads of 100 octopuses. This was due to the program he received from Berami.

–Ohh! I never thought this day would come in my entire life!

–We are free!

The octopuses were thrilled. At that moment, one of the said with an uneasy expression.

–But what Ark-nim said in the pyramid is true. We aren’t affiliated with the 3 powers or protected on the frontier by the council. The galaxy is a wide place but nowhere is safe.

“Do not worry.”

Ark smiled and said.

“I have a sector on Istana. And there are already many Charenjok living in my sector. If you like then you can live there.”


-Yes, I can guarantee it. In fact, we were once slaves of a city called Charem. We were saved by Ark.And now we are living in Ark-nim’s sector. Ark-nim is like a saviour to us.

–Ohh! Ark, you will really accept us?

Of course. If he helped the Charenjok then the elder would upgrade his token. Besides, it was more labour for his food manufacturing factory. That’s why he set up this play and used expensive bombs.

It would be hard if they didn’t come with him.

“As I said before, I consider the Charenjok to be my friends. The Charenjok are always welcome.”

–Thank you! Thank you! I’m asking you.

Hakun grabbed Ark’s arm while crying.

“We can talk more later. It would be better to get far away from the pyramid. We have to leave Inquiry or else Berami might notice something.”

–Understood. C-Charenjok! Board our saviour’s ship!

The octopuses entered the Silver Star.

Apart from Hegel and the 50 octopuses from S-20, there were now 100 new octopuses. The Silver Star was an upgraded battleship but it was still packed with octopuses.

A battleship filled with seafood! It was a literal full boat!

“Now, let’s go! To Istana!”


The Silver Star entered space. Then it was engulfed in particles of light and headed towards Istana.

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