Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 14 Chapter 8

SPACE 8. In the Name of the Father

“This week’s TOP 50.”

It was the popular game scoops program on the professional gaming channel KGL. The signature KGL program got a lot of responses from the users due to their in depth analysis of the situation in various virtual reality games.

These days, it was becoming increasing popular due to the signing of the popular celebrity Jung Hye-sun and announcer Lee Ji-un. The game that attracted most of the viewers’ attention after 11 months was the game Galaxian. After having a poll questioning the viewers, they announced a weekly corner called the TOP 50.

Lee Ji-un skilfully started the corner.

“This week we’re talking about the top 7 ranking in the TOP 50. The users that occupy this place are called the Seven Swords. In the several months since the TOP 50 started, I’ve been overwhelmed with the power of the Seven Swords. But this time the rankings within the Seven Swords have fluctuated a little bit. The user Carly has risen. There was a huge difference between Carly and the other users in the Seven Swords so he stayed at rank 7. But this time he leapt all the way to rank 4. It is unusual to have such fluctuations in the Seven Swords. What on earth happened?”

“It is infamous.”

Jung Hye-sun continued.

“We can’t disclose Carly’s personal information or information about his spaceship and forces. That is because he is a pirate on the space frontier.”

“Isn’t it surprising that a member of the Seven Swords is a pirate?”

“As you know, the players who make up the TOP 50 ranking are the users with the most awareness. Anyone with an exceptionally high level, have their name spread or enough forces will be able to climb up the TOP 50 rankings. But that awareness doesn’t mean they need to have a good image.”

The important thing was how well known the user was. In other words, other people were evaluating the user’s skill.

“Carly had become notorious on the frontier and his name causes a lot of fear. But as a pirate, he didn’t disclose all his information so he received a low evaluation among the Seven Swords. When thinking about it, it is amazing that he is even included in the Seven Swords despite not making his power public.”

“In other words, infamy spread his name.”

“That’s right.”

Jung Hye-sun smiled and nodded.

“But why did Carly’s ranking suddenly rise?”

“It is probably because of the Council’s pirate clean-up operation not long ago.”

“Isn’t the Council that administration on the frontier? There was a pirate clean-up operation occurring in that place?”

“Yes, the number of pirates on the space frontier have been steadily increasing in recent years. So the Council gathered many famous bounty hunters for a joint operation to clean up the pirates. But this time the operation failed.”

“They couldn’t catch the pirates?”

“No. In the first 10 days, the joint operation managed to sink 12 pirate ships. In addition, five of the pirates were captured and brought in front of the Council for the judicial process. However, the operation failed when it came to catching the most famous pirate Carly. 6 bounty hunters were sent to get rid of Carly and they all disappeared. The effect of this incident was huge and caused Carly’s ranking to rise to 4th place.”


Lee Ji-un nodded his head. And he deliberately shuddered before continuing.

“The frontier is a scary place so users have to be more careful there. There are pirates but this is one of the elements that makes it like a game. The victims might not be satisfied but they recognized that it is part of game play. And while Carly’s rank rose, there is a user who fell.”

“Of course.”

“Who is it?”

“The user called Hawk. Carly rose and Hawk was pushed to 7th place.”

“Wasn’t Hawk a user who once rose to 2nd place and is always within the top 4 rankings? It is unexpected to hear that he dropped to 7th place in one week. What happened?”

“It is probably due to the magic circle event that occurred the other day.”

Jung Hye-sun explained in a difficult to interpret voice.

“After the incident, the 3 powers secretly dispatched an investigation team consisting of users. According to rumours, Hawk of the Seven Swords also participated in this investigation team. Most users predicted that Hawk would gain the best achievements. But Hawk became the runner up.”


Lee Ji-un nodded as he heard this. And continued talking with a grin.

“In fact, there is another interesting fact related to this incident. The person who gained the highest achievements in the magic circle even was a user called Ark. According to an investigation that we conducted, the Ark who is known as Beltana’s Hero isn’t the same Ark from New World. Rumours were spread and he almost entered the top 30 ranking but….”

“There was a backlash from some users?”

“Yes, it is from the users who participated in the quest. According to the words from those who were in the investigation team, Ark only gained the best achievements due to luck. In fact, some users revealed the video related to it. That is why Ark who was in the top 30 was pushed out of the TOP 50 this week.”

“This is the first time something like this has happened.

“That’s right. Whether the Ark who is Beltana’s Hero is also Ark of New World, that name has always been a hot topic. The one thing that is clear is that users are interested. This time Ark sadly didn’t enter the TOP 50. If there is a chance then the game scoop wants a word with him.”

“I hope that day comes.”

Jung Hye-sun added with a bright smile.

The broadcast lasted for more than 20 minutes. And once the broadcast ended, the staff needed to clean up. There was a busy shooting schedule but Jung Hye-sun went to find the PD in charge.

“Director-nim, are you really planning to have Ark on the show?”

“Let’s see? The viewers are curious so if there is the change then I would certainly want to. But why?”

“No, that…..”

Jung Hye-sun hesitated at the PD’s question. After a short time, her expression made it seem like she decided something.

“Then at that time, can I not cover it directly?”

“Hye-sun ssi? It isn’t good if Hye-sun doesn’t show up. The viewers will notice and react. But it is easy. He refused our request when he became Beltana’s hero.”

“I’m aware of that. This request is just in case that ever happens.”

Jung Hye-sun said in a stubborn voice.


“I’m really sorry.”

Hyun-woo sighed and put down his phone. Then Cho Min-sun who was sitting across from him asked.

“Who was on the phone?”

“The writer for the TV program called Game Scoop wants to interview me. But I rejected it.”

In fact, this wasn’t the first time he received such calls.

Reporters called him the moment he was announced as Beltana’s Hero in the Galactic Federation. But Hyun-woo declined their offers. The reason was that he hated showing his face.

He didn’t want to draw attention. This was a firm policy of Hyun-woo since his early days in New World! That idea hadn’t changed. Those in the limelight would always be bound to incite jealousy. Of course, that concern increased even further after he became famous.

So he tried not to be noticeable. That was ‘Ark’s style.’

There were other reasons.

‘Jung Hye-sun….’

She was a celebrity newly signed to the Game Scoop a few months ago. Once she was Hyun-woo’s friend. Now there wasn’t a relationship between them any longer so he wanted to avoid her.

Of course, he couldn’t possible mention this to Cho Min-sun. He wasn’t hiding it but there was no reason to talk about it.

Hyun-woo scratched his head with an awkward expression and murmured.

“I don’t have the constitution to be on television.”

“Didn’t you have an autobiography written about you?”

“It wasn’t my idea and Global Exos was the one who planned and implemented it. I was just used as propaganda for Global Exos.”


Hyun-woo mock scowled at Cho Min-sun.

However, that playful mood didn’t last long. After talking for a short time, Cho Min-sun’s face filled with tension again. She spent quite a bit of time in front of the mirror.

But Hyun-woo’s eyes were filled with laughter as he looked at her. Cho Min-sun pouted cutely and asked.

“What’s with that look?”

“Huh? My expression?”

“I don’t like self-satisfied expressions like that.”

“This is really fun. Min-sun ssi, do you know your nickname on Beltana? Shameless. A woman who wouldn’t care even if the prisoners were stabbed. Honestly, I also had that impression at first. Seeing you fidget like this is too cute.”

Hyun-woo’s smile became wider as Cho Min-sun’s face turned red.

“T-that is mean!”

“So are you feeling flustered?”

Hyun-woo was unable to stop his laughter.

“It is still a little surprising. I didn’t know Min-sun ssi would agree so easily.”

“It isn’t easy. But I couldn’t refuse after you deliberately told me about your parents. Do you understand what I’m saying? It isn’t because of Hyun-woo ssi.”

“Your boyfriend’s parents. I’m aware of that.”

“At any rate….”

Cho Min-sun scowled before sighing.

“What is it? You seem too tense. It is just meeting them properly. You don’t need to worry about offending both of them….”

There was a reason she was feeling like this.

In fact, Hyun-woo had been receiving pressure from his mother and father for a while. They found out about Cho Min-sun thanks to the rehabilitation group and his parents wanted to be formally introduced to her. However, Hyun-woo hadn’t considered reaching that point yet.

Everything had its own time. Introducing a girl to the parents had a special meaning in Korea.

Cho Min-sun felt burdened and worried due to this meaning. But to be honest, Hyun-woo was willing to formally introduce her to his parents. It might be a bit cowardly but he wanted to confirm Cho Min-sun’s heart.

So after worrying about it, he decided to tell her. But unlike Hyun-woo’s anxiety, she willingly accepted. Hyun-woo felt two different things at this time. One feeling was that he was grateful she was so willing and the other was uncertainty about the serious relationship. The psychology of a man while dating was often confusing.

But Cho Min-sun ultimately arrived at the promised meeting spot. She was constantly fidgeting while waiting for his parents. It was a serious situation but Hyun-woo actually felt relieved at his attitude. It meant she was taking this seriously.

‘But it will be difficult if she stays in this state.’

Hyun-woo said with a smile.

“What is going on at the Galactic Federation’s headquarters these days?”

“The work has been rapid since I’ve been promoted. In the past, I was under Buldio but I now have a team after being promoted to Captain. So the Galactic Federation has me going to a planet or sector to investigate and sometimes I go catch thieves or monsters. It is a situation where I can’t rest due to the quests stacking up.”

This was the type of work assigned to users by the Galactic Federation.

Various incidents would occur on the planets of the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation assigned users quests and domestic complaints to handle.

This was the reason why users preferred the Galactic Federation.

The civil affairs department of the Galactic Federation. Therefore, users belonging to the Galactic Federation would have their Star Gate fees or ship maintenance costs paid for by the Galactic Federation. Any necessary equipment for quests could also be rented free of charge.

On the other hand, the quest compensation was a little small but if they could use the mileage method.

“But I’ve heard some mysterious rumours.”

“Mysterious rumours?”

“Rumours about Marquis Jyubel.”

“Marquis Jyubel? Is he doing something again?”

“No, it is the opposite. Marquis Jyubel has been too quiet since the team quest. Until now, he had always been opposing Marquis Martin but there is no movement after the investigation quest. He is the first to withdraw on any political issue he would normally oppose. So there is some talk that Marquis Martin is planning something.”

The reason Cho Min-sun mentioned Marquis Jyubel wasn’t unrelated to Hyun-woo.

Marquis Jyubel and Marquis Martin were rivals. Hyun-woo was clearly on Marquis Martin’s side so he was considered an eyesore.  And he attempted to interfere after Ark received S-20 by joining hands with the Laius Company. He also interfered in the investigation team quest with Valencia.

Thus Hyun-woo already had a hostile relationship with Marquis Jyubel. If Marquis Jyubel was planning something then Hyun-woo was likely to be embroiled.


Hyun-woo wasn’t concerned. Hyun-woo knew the whole story behind the magic circle incident.

The Tree of Life gave a fake antimatter material called Mist Uranium. However, Marquis Martin used it to reverse the situation and gain the leadership of the Galactic Federation.

‘A week has barely passed since that happened. So it is no wonder Marquis Jyubel didn’t make a move. And even if Marquis Jyubel dares to make a move, Marquis Martin monopolized all the information about the antimatter so he isn’t a threat to Marquis Martin. Marquis Martin is smart for a NPC.’

When thinking back, it was quite lucky that he met Marquis Martin on Beltana. It could also be considered good luck since he met Irina, Cho Min-sun there. Hyun-woo smiled at the thought and said.

“Are you a little less nervous now?”

“Huh? Ah……”

“Then turn around and say hello.”

“Huh? What?”

Cho Min-sun turned her head at Hyun-woo’s head. A middle aged couple was approaching her with a smile.

“Hello? This is the first time I’m meeting you. I am Hyun-woo’s mother.”

“I am the husband of Hyun-woo’s mother and father to his brother.”

The man talking was Gwon Hwa-rang. And on the other side of him was Park So-mi. Hyun-woo’s parents had arrived.

“Ah! I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know you arrived.”

Cho Min-sun quickly stood up after hearing Gwon Hwa-rang and Park So-mi’s words. The loud sound of the chair being pushed back attracted people’s attention. Cho Min-sun blushed and fidgeted while Gwon Hwa-rang laughed and spoke in a loud voice.

“Hahahah, a young lady overflowing with youthful enthusiasm.”

“Honey, don’t do that. You are embarrassing her.”

“This is nothing. Young Lady, don’t worry. I also became nervous the first time I met someone and brought down a dining table. This is charming compared to that.”

Gwon Hwa-rang said as he sat down. And he looked at Cho Min-sun sitting next to Hyun-woo and laughed.

“But this is a nice picture. Okay, pass! I approve. No, in this case shouldn’t I thank you for meeting my son? My son isn’t someone I can show off.”

“Did you come here just to say that?”

“She will discover this truth eventually.”

Gwon Hwa-rang and Hyun-woo started arguing with each other. Then his mother noticed and said to Gwon Hwa-rang.

“Act more moderately. You’re making Min-sun ssi uncomfortable.”

“Ah, no I’m fine.”

His mother shook her head with a smile after hearing Cho Min-sun.

“You should be comfortable. Coming to a place like this will be stressful for anyone. In addition, we haven’t formally met yet. We heard from Hyun-woo’s hyungs that he was acting different.  However, I am pregnant at this age. My husband is becoming more stubborn the bigger I get.”

His mother patted her large stomach. Then Gwon Hwa-rang pouted and jumped in.

“Stubborn? What are you saying? This is a blessing.”

“I agree.”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you. A person has less iron at this age.”

“It’s nothing. It is really nice to see.”

“Then I’m glad.”

His mother smiled gently. That conversation cause Cho Min-sun to become more relaxed.

“Well, the greetings are up to here. Let’s have the rest of the conversation after eating something. I’ve been waiting to eat at this buffet so I’ve only drank water. A pregnant woman should also eat well. Now, let’s go! Hyun-woo, advance towards the food!”

“Why are you trying to embarrass me? Have you been starving for a few days?”

“Shut up. What is life? It is about eating. If there is a chance then I will fill up my stomach.”

“This isn’t the 80’s….”

Hyun-woo muttered but followed behind Gwon Hwa-rang. Park So-mi stayed with Cho Min-sun.

“Is he too loud? That guy is originally like this.”

“No. I grew up as an only child so the noise is good.”

“I’m grateful that you think like that. You must have already heard about it from Hyun-woo. When Hyun-woo was young, I was in an accident so he had to live alone. And now my husband and I left to a foreign country so Hyun-woo is alone again.”

“Don’t say that.”

Cho Min-sun shook her head.

“I’ve heard about you from Hyun-woo ssi. Mother is doing volunteer work in Africa. Your volunteering work is directly helping the refugees here. I think it is amazing that Mother is donating your time.”

“It isn’t that great.”

“It is incredible from my point of view. And I’m envious of Hyun-woo for having such parents. I also know Hyun-woo has a lot of respect for his parents. Mother shouldn’t feel like you left Hyun-woo alone.  Because you are Hyun-woo’s mother.”

“Omo, isn’t that too much praise?”

“I don’t think so….”

“Hohoho. Just kidding. Indeed. Min-sun ssi is looking at Hyun-woo like that. I’m glad. In fact, I was concerned when I saw Min-sun ssi because you are so pretty.”


“Men tend to go crazy over a pretty woman. Min-sun ssi is so pretty that I wondered if you actually liked Hyun-woo. But Min-sun ssi is properly taking care of Hyun-woo. I’m glad to realize it. My husband spoke playfully just now but I also have a request. Please look after Hyun-woo. He is an unexpectedly sensitive person unlike his outer appearance.”

Park So-mi bowed her head.

Cho Min-sun was at a complete loss from her actions. She didn’t know how to react but she didn’t feel uncomfortable like when they first met. No, this was actually the first time she felt somewhat comfortable. Park So-mi created an atmosphere that she had almost forgotten and longed for.

Park So-mi caused some strange feelings.

“The basics of a buffet is meat!”

“Are you a caveman? Why are you going for the meat from the very beginning?”

Hyun-woo and Gwon Hwa-rang diligently gathered the food. And they started a full-fledged meal. While Cho Min-sun and Park So-mi were chatting, Hyun-woo and Gwon Hwa-rang started depleting the food.

The atmosphere was full of harmony. Gwon Hwa-rang and Park So-mi were the people who led the atmosphere. They wanted to increase their affinity before returning to Africa.

Gwon Hwa-rang laughed and shouted loudly while Park So-mi helped make the atmosphere comfortable. Thanks to that, Cho Min-sun who felt nervous at first ended up feeling like a family member.

Then Gwon Hwa-rang said.

“But when is the marriage?”


Hyun-woo received damage from the sudden attack.

“W-what are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Eh? You don’t want to get married?”

“That isn’t the problem!”

“So what is the problem? A man and woman meet and fall in love. Then shouldn’t the following sequence be marriage? You’ve already met two women so I don’t think you can meet a woman as good as Min-sun ssi again. And the saying that marriage is a grave is a lie. Do you know how good marriage is? It is good to enjoy time with a woman like that. So you should quickly marry the best woman when you get the chance. You can only get married once. The world will then turn pink.”

“Father, that….”

Hyun-woo sent Cho Min-sun an uncomfortable look.

Hyun-woo was in his mid-20’s so age wasn’t an enemy. A man of that age wouldn’t be thinking about marital problems. And he also thought about Cho Min-sun once in a while. However, Hyun-woo and Cho Min-sun had only started their relationship for a little over one month.

It wasn’t easy to introduce her to his parents and now there was a sudden mention of marriage? Wasn’t it too early? Cho Min-sun’s face also turned bright red from embarrassment. The table was enveloped in a strange, static atmosphere.

“Omo, is there no more water?”

His mother said as she raised an empty glass. Then Cho Min-sun quickly stood up.

“I have some. Ah!”

An accident occurred at that moment. Cho Min-sun happened to bump into a man passing by when she quickly got up. The plate the man was holding fell and there was a loud sound.

Cho Min-sun’s eyes widened.

“Dammit! What are you doing?”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. Are you okay?”

“Do you think I’m okay? Can’t you see with your own eyes?”

“What? This person….”

Hyun-woo was about to angrily stand up. But someone else reached the man before him.

The man standing before Cho Min-sun was Gwon Hwa-rang. Gwon Hwa-rang patted Cho Min-sun’s shoulder before turning to the man and bowing his head.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be happy to apologize.”

“Who is this mister?”

“Me? Well, I am an applicant to be this young lady’s father in law.”

“Father in law applicant? Are you joking right now?”

“That’s impossible. I’ll tell you this. This is a long awaited family’s night out to eat. Wasn’t there a good mood with everyone blushing? This child didn’t deliberately push you. I am happy to pay for the laundry fees.”

“Laundry? Do you think I am a beggar? Get lost! That woman….”


The man tried to grab Gwon Hwa-rang’s shoulder.

Gwon Hwa-rang raised his head and said.

“I am protecting this person. D.o y.o.u u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d?”

“T-this person….”

“Sir, I’m really sorry. We will put it away immediately.”

The waiters rushed over and started cleaning the food. The man glared at Gwon Hwa-rang and Cho Min-sun before returning to his spot. Cho Min-sun flopped down on her seat and said humbly.

“I’m sorry. Because of me….”

“It is okay. This type of thing occurs in life. Instead, are you hurt? That man was also in the wrong. That person didn’t need to react so strongly.”

“Why didn’t you hit him. Are you joking?”

Hyun-woo frowned. However, Gwon Hwa-rang’s expression was sincere.

“A joke? Min-sun ssi was in the mood where she would pay that man back no matter what. Isn’t that right? Huh? What’s wrong with that?”

“Father should’ve stayed back. I would’ve taken care of it.”

“Stop it, Hyun-woo. Min-sun ssi wouldn’t like that. Can’t you see her expression? Hah, what is this? I’m been talking while you have water on you….I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize.”

“It’s nothing. Something like that…no…”

Tears started flowing from Cho Min-sun’s eyes as she stuttered. She quickly shook her head in embarrassment at her reaction.

“No, this is nothing. I don’t feel bad at all. I…..”

“It is okay. You will feel better once you clean up in the bathroom. Hyun-woo, Min-sun ssi is going to the bathroom for a while. So behave. Do you understand? You too. I don’t want anything to bother Min-sun ssi while I’m gone.”

Park So-mi grabbed Cho Min-sun’s hand and led her to the bathroom. Even then the tears did not stop. But like she said, the tears weren’t due to embarrassment or alarm.

In fact, she had a reason for her tears. As a child of a mistress, she suffered a number of humiliations due to her half-siblings. Despite that, she never shed one tear.

So why were tears coming out this time? The answer didn’t appear when she asked herself. After Gwon Hwa-rang ran out in front of her and Hyun-woo and Park So-mi looked so concerned, she felt the caring of a family and tears poured out.

“I’m sorry. I….I….”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. There is no need to hide your tears. People grow closer through different methods. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become closer.”


Cho Min-sun returned to the table after 10 minutes.

But after coming out of the bathroom, she looked around with a slightly calculating expression. Park So-mi looked at Hyun-woo and Gwon Hwa-rang eating ribs. Then Park So-mi laughed and said with a deep voice.

“Well done.”

The tears seemed to come back for some reason.


Cho Min-sun took a deep breath.

Hyun-woo’s family left the restaurant shortly after that happened. They had enough to eat and the atmosphere was relaxed. After sending off Gwon Hwa-rang and Park So-mi first, Hyun-woo and Cho Min-sun took a walk through the park.

They silently walked for a long time before Cho Min-sun took a deep breath and said.

“I almost died from shame. Hyun-woo’s parents must think I am a strange woman now.”

“Then I am the boyfriend of a strange woman.”


“Just kidding.”

Hyun-woo grinned.

“They aren’t people who would think that way. They believe in their son.”

“I understand that but….”

Cho Min-sun sighed and continued. After a brief moment, she shook her head and laughed brightly.

“They are good people.”


Hyun-woo scratched his head. And he laughed before facing her.

“Well, they are the best.”


“….What is this?”

The bald man asked in a low voice.

Four men were in front of the bald man. They were Berami and his henchmen A, B and C. They were the users digging at the ruins on Inquiry only to have it suddenly collapse.

Of course, they could still dig through the collapsed ruins.

But the exclusive grace period had ended. The residents of Inquiry rejoiced over this fact and sent out commercials about the unexcavated ruins. In this situation, the probability of Berami finding good items when he started digging again wasn’t very high. But Berami had a more serious problem right now.

‘Dammit, I never thought this would happen.’

Once again, Berami had ulterior motives when making the contract with Ark. The mischief he was planning involved the bald man in front of him right now. He was a professional gamer on a completely different level from Berami. Intelligent and with many strong employees, he was the most notorious pirate in the galaxy.

Berami had unearthed many ruins. His idea was to bring divide the loot with Ark before bringing in the bald man. And the bald man would loot all the artefacts found in the ruins from Ark. Naturally this secret was between Berami and the bald man. Berami would also pretend to be a victim. And after taking care of Ark, he would split the artefacts with the bald man.

But the ruins crumbled due to the rebellion of the octopuses.

“Well, as I mentioned yesterday….”

“Yes, I heard. An opportunity to gain some shares from these ruins. I was bored. The result was a loss but I won’t punish you.”

“Thank you.”

“So, where are my octopuses?”

This was the problem. The bald man was the original owner of the octopuses that Berami borrowed. However, the octopuses self-destructed and there were no traces of them left in the pyramid.

The bald man listened to the explanation with a smile.

“So you killed the octopuses you borrowed from me?”

“I-I didn’t kill them….”

“You just gave me a loss of 100 octopuses.”

The bald man was still smiling. But Berami felt an eerie feeling.

Once again, Berami knew the bald man for a long time. The nature of the bald wasn’t bad. Rather, he was a boring person with no personality. However, that would change 180 degrees when he received some damages.

He would be cutthroat and make the user pay back the price no matter what. Wasn’t that why he had the nickname of private money lender in the industry?

‘This is wrong. That expression means he had no intention of stopping. Damn, I can’t provoke a dangerous guy like this. It will be the end. There is nowhere to escape from him IN Galaxian.’

Therefore Berami had to say something.

“Ark! This is all because of that person called Ark! Yes, the octopuses rebelled because of him. The ruins exploded and the octopuses are dead due to that bastard! So he is to blame for everything!”

“I’m sorry Ark. I also want to live.’

Berami’s conscience was pricked but he had no other choice.

If he took all the responsibility then he would be robbed by the bald man! But to be honest, Berami didn’t 100% believe his words. He just thought of a random excuse.

But he had no expectations of escaping even after bringing up Ark. Berami looked up and tried to read the bald man’s expressions.


The bald man frowned. And the corners of his mouth rose as he muttered.

“How funny. Yes, this is due to Ark?”


“Here it is.”

An office filled with lavish furnishings. A man dressed in a neat suit was holding out a document.

“This is the data about the man associating with your daughter. His name is Kim Hyun-woo. His father was killed in a traffic accident a few years ago and his mother remarried.”

“It is a little late.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know the goal of the investigation so it took me a while.

“You don’t know the goal….”

“No, I wasn’t told the meaning but….”

“For example….”

A man received the piece of paper and said.

“It is my right as a father to give a trial to the man who wants to date my daughter.”


“No, it is nothing. Then please go.”

The man shook his head and sat back down in the chair. He turned his chair around and looked out the window with a slight smile.


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