Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 16 Chapter 8

Space 8. Damian.


“What, what is this?”

“That kid’s identity…..!”

“Good God! What do we call that thing?”

The team members, all, had a ‘ㅇ ㅁ ㅇ’ this kind of face as they expressed bafflement.

In its middle, ‘that’ was it.

The ‘it’ had an appearance of liquid, but at the same time it had liquidy tissue, as well as, the innards that looked like hardened jelly.  All in all, it was a big chunk of serum jelly.  Its face, which looked like bits and parts of unknown beasts that mix-matched into one, had dark-red light that pulsated while the surface muscles wiggled like worms.  It really gave everyone a strange and unpleasant stimulation.

While everyone utterly stunned due to the scare, after looking at the monstrosity, “Commence Fire!”  Very first one to shout was Clem.

Consequently, Silverhand members woke up, real quick like, and took out their weapons.

Behind Clem, who was pulling out 25mm, large diameter rifle, was Pedro lead, attack squad armed with the machine guns.  Hex’s team of scavengers was readying electromagnetic minds and C-6 explosives!

ToongTooong! Tututututu! Pung! Kageegee!

Flames, thunder and lightning caused a vortex to spread everywhere!  It looked as if the entire area disappeared through the thick black smoke.

This was the Silverhand! This was the strength of the team that traveled around the Istana system for 10s of years collecting experiences.  However….

-Kekekekeke. You guys are funny.  With a low snicker, smoke started to spread outward.

Within the clearing was the ever permeating shine of the chunk of slime.  As if the focused attack from the Silverhand was a figment of imagination, there was no visible damage seen anywhere on that monster.

This is it!  This is the ultimate serum that Alkan race produced thinking about delivering revenge to the Murat race.

-Humanoid weapons do not change even after many hundreds of years.  No, actually, compared to in the past, there was a bit more warmth, suggesting a slight improvement?  However, it is useless.  No matter how much sheep was to evolve, it can’t possibly become a wolf.  Prey will always remain prey, no matter the effort.  For it to be eaten by a predator is the providence of the universe.  I am a being that was born to sit at the highest predator’s seat.  Insignificant preys, present yourselves as my meal!  Red light emitted from Damian.

Then, all of a sudden, guard members, Silverhands, and attack team’s NPCs all moved in concert with dim facial expression toward Damian like zombies.  No, NPC’s weren’t the only one.  Kurakan, Ferguson, A, and B also!

Then the message popped up!

-Damian used ‘Predator’s Seduction’ skill.


Predator’s Seduction!

If wisdom, luck, and intelligence must be higher than 350 in order to not be under the influence, then NPC and some users will definitely be under mind control.  That means, if a soldier is under specifically defined level, it won’t matter how many soldiers there are, they all will fall under the mind control!

This was really a cheating skill, but…..

“Force Explosion!”

Pupupupung! Pupupupung! Pupuupung!  Following a booming voice, an explosive, and yet, ill-defined light force spread out like chain reaction.

Once under the influence of that light force, the mind controlled members regained control of their minds and hastily retreated.  Force explosion was a skill that utilized collision of two properties of forces to burn away the influence of the dark power.

“What do you think, you chunk of gelatin?  Thing won’t go the way you want!”  Ark looked on in the middle of the spreading light with a provocative smile.  This was the power of Murat’s lineage that was passed on to Ark, the Elim!  Thanks to him, everyone was able to avoid sacrificing themselves to be Damian’s food, but….

“It’s you again?”  Ark just became Damian’s target.

-Also, this power is that of a Murat.  Murat! The race that forced Alkan race to an extinction!  Yes, are you that Murat?  Well, Alkan race’s revenge has nothing to do with me, but even though they were inferior race, I can’t deny that they were my creators.  It is not a bad idea to grant their revenge as a gesture of thanks.  Be happy, you alone will be chewed and digested well,” said Damian with growling voice!

All of a sudden, Damian’s body elongated straight toward Ark.


From Damian, a big chunk of slime, 3-4 separate chunks fell out and changed into different shaped monsters.  The resulting shape was that of a T-rex!

The three chunks changed into 3 dark red T-rex and ran toward Ark with their mouths opened wide.

‘Hmmpf! Just T-rex!’

Though he was surprised at the unimaginable event, T-rex was something that he had killed plenty of while in the forest of maze.  3 or 4 of them weren’t enough to scare him.

Yes, there weren’t any reason to be afraid, but!


“Woah! Hick! Ohohoh? Woaht?”  Ark ran, jumped, rolled while he screamed.

Rapid, who was looking on with a obtuse eyes, yelled at Ark in irritation.

“What are you doing you dummy?”

“Crap!  Do you think I am doing this because I want to? Hick! Ooodadada! This is all your fault!  Because of you, I used up all of my mana force, and running away is all I can do right now!  Hey you jerk! What are you doing, just looking around for?  If you have time to say that, do something!”


“I can’t use my skills you jerk!”  Ark yelled back to Rapid while running away from T-rex.

This was Ark’s biggest problem.  Due to, having ridden the hell hound for 5 Km, he had practically emptied out his mana.  What little force that was recovered while reading Izarion’s journal had been spent to drive away the darkness from Damian with Force Explosion.  Not only that, because he used battle suit to fight pterosaurs he couldn’t even use his armor at the moment.

Of course even without a utilization of a skill, he still had sword skills, but it was impossible to take on 3 T-rexes with just sword skill.  With that said, what else could he do but run?

“That’s right!  Right now, Arknim is, now, …..without an armor!”  Now that she remembered Ark’s situation, Irina rapidly raised her head and yelled.

At the same time, from her backpack, her battle suit came out and enveloped her!

‘……This is my chance!’  A sparkle from her eyes shot through her helmet.

Throughout the all of their travel, she constantly received his help.  Of course that was not a bad thing, but she wanted to be of help to Ark.  And now!  She was given the opportunity to save Ark for a change!

So it was while she was earnestly charging.

“Arknim! Ha-yat! Phantom Dance!”  A humanoid shadow shot through the space like a dark light.  (TL: for the readers, this used to be “welcome alter ego.”  Due to there being so many different meanings to Korean words, which have its origin from Chinese, it would be very difficult for someone using machine translation to correctly name this skill.  In this case, the skill talks of a chaotic shadow-like dance)

Following the yell, the humanoid shadow split into 5 and they all smothered the T-rex that was attacking Ark.  The result was a T-rex being cut into pieces and the pieces into smog of blood.

“Extinction!”  5 shadows merged into one and crescent shaped sword was unsheathed, and as T-rex, which was being attacked from all sides, retreated with a wobble, human shadow returned next to Ark’s side as a normal human portrait.

The identity of the humanoid shadow was Ellain!  It was Ark’s faithful follower, Kusan race’s greatest warrior.

Ellain’s performance was the result of hours of training under the waterfall.  And thus,….

‘Hooek! I even lost to the NPC!’  Nobody knew what was going on inside Irina right now.

Though Ark became Damian’s target, he wasn’t just attacking Ark.  With the beginning of the first few chunks that flew out of Damian, more chunks continuously came out and morphed into various forms of dinosaurs, such as T-rex, Triceratop, Pterosaur, and Dilophosaurus as well!  Every form of dinosaurs that were present in the Jurassic World started to attack everyone.  The final count was 40 dinosaurs!

“What is happening here…..?”

“That guy is the Serum, a product of the race that used to live here.”  Ark looked at hurried Rapid and yelled at him.

“I can’t explain in detail, but all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World were just ingredients that were used to produce that monstrosity, and Damian is, a serum that combined all of the strong traits of these dinosaurs.  Not only that, he has the means of morphing into whatever he likes.  Therefore, he can use his own body to produce the dinosaurs.  Don’t let your guard down.  This guy is the strongest monster that was made by the race that used to live here.

“Do you have time to be telling me not to let my guard down?”  Rapid looked at Ark unbelievably.

“Someone that had wasted away all of his power, and thus, ended up being chased away by just a few T-rex has the gall to tell me not to let my guard down?  Are you somebody, now that you are able to relay this apparent situation?”

“What, you jerk?  Whose fault do you think that was?”

“What do you mean whose fault?  Did you waste away my power or yours?”

“Ha! Look at this jerk!?  I have been quiet because we didn’t have time for argument, but it don’t look good if you come out like this.  First of all, the message that you left on that rock!”

Rapid suddenly laughed.  “So you saw it!”

“Yeah, I saw it, you jerk!  Do you know how long I was lost because of that rock?  Not only that, I know that you ordered that sniper attack from earlier!  What?  You don’t know what I was talking about?  No, yeah, fine.  Let’s talk about that later.  Whatever the case, I am the president.  Just because I ran out of my mana, you think you can slightly look down on me.”

“Slightly?  You are playing around, you useless scum!”

“This jerk!  Listen to the end!  I am the president! The president.  Just because of that fact, I am more useful than normal agents!  You understand?”

What Ark said was the truth.

It was needless to say the least, but in Galaxian, there is this thing called Agent Skill.  Every time the level of the Agent is raised, the skill learned can be used to benefit the growth of the employees that work under the agent.  Also, everyone here, excluding Silverhand, are beings that are benefiting from Ark’s Agent’s skill. That skill is Business Ownership!

-Currently being used Business Ownership-II(Private NPC) effectiveness

Milan (Treasure Hunter): party’s chance to discover hidden clues increased by 25%

Hagel (Scavenger): 18% increased chance for monster to drop items

Ellain (Speed Swordsman): party’s attack speed is increased by 8%

Bellot (Power Damage Dealer): party’s attack power increased by 8%

Caliban (Sniper): party’s accuracy increased by 15%

Kupa (Rifleman): Party’s long distance effectiveness increased by 8%

Hadro (Rifleman): Party’s long distance effectiveness increased by 8%……

This was the updated effect of the upgraded Ark’s skill!

But that was not all.

After he had solved Ikyullos problem and returned to Tatooin, Ark had accumulated enough adventure points to be used for another advancement.  While he was at the Federation HQ, he had already applied for the advancement, and the advancement was for level 4!

The registration fee was 1500 adventure points and 1500 gold.  It was not a small sum, but it was worth the cost.

Because of the increased level to level 4, total employees allowed was increased from 45 to 60.  Also, Dark Eden was promoted to the next level of operation called Company.

Because of the promotion, business capability has expanded, but that could wait until next opportune time, and what’s more important, now, is that he can learn even more powerful Company level skill as compared to Agent level skill.

And the company level skill that had cost Ark another 1000 adventure point was…..

“President’s Majesty!”

has been initiated!

Company is an entity made up of president down to the plain employees from top to bottom.  Therefore, the plain employees have no choice but to have good perception of president’s desire of them. 

You would be fired if you do something outside of what’s expected

If you get fired, it is hard to eat and sleep

Therefore, there is no doubt that the office atmosphere changes from the time that the president is present versus when is not.  If you want your employees to work properly, watch them carefully.  Their work ethic will change.  This is the President’s Majesty!  President do not have to do anything to raise employee’s skill.  But, if used too often, the employees will get stressed out and bad outcome may ensue.  You will have to remember this fact. 


#Only capable of using once per day

This is it!

“President is looking at us!”

“If we don’t show result then we will be fired!”

“Move without resting!  For the company! For the president!”

Tututututu! Tutututututu! PuPung! PuPung!

As Ark looked at them with the sparkle in his eyes, the employees’ movement changed dramatically!

Just as the word said, it was President’ Majesty.

That was not all.  Because Ark had earned many hundreds of military power from Muratio Star, skill called ‘Command’ had developed.  Also, due to the performance while at Ikyullos with Marquis Martin, this skill had increased to level 50!

-Currently Command is being utilized

Command is a skill developed in those that have experience in taking command of the military unit.  Therefore, if a party or a squad is lead by a leader with command skill, even without special skill, the leader is capable of boosting group’s moral to the point of them performing beyond their skill.


                                       Injury healing speed +10%>>

Such effectiveness!

If he was with the Dark Eden, his presence alone is considered as a buff!  This was the result of the adventure point and the gold that he worked so hard to earn.  This was the bonus given to the president that was managing the company.

Just having this kind of bonus was enough to want to brag about being a president!

“Huhuhu!  Now what?  You jerk, take a look and see.  Your skill increased as well right?  No matter how much you pretend you are better than me, your skill up was result of being under me, because you are nothing but my underling!”

“Damn!”  Rapid couldn’t deny the fact.  As compared to when he was leading the Dark Eden versus, now, when Ark was leading them, the difference in their attitude was so different.  Their skill had increased due to Ark’s skill, but even their loyalty was way different.

“Enemy number is great! Attack them one point at a time and kill them for sure!”

“Roger! Front T-rex, one point attack!”

“One point attack!”

Tutututu! Tutututu!

The employees started to yell status reports to each other as they swept the dinosaurs to a corner like a raging billows!  They didn’t need any kind of detailed orders.  All they needed was general guideline given to them by Ark, and they would increase their effectiveness to 120% to carry out the battle.  This type of attacking mentality became a spark that lit the fire in the Silverhand unit as well.

“Ark’s subordinates are mostly guys that have received our training.  We can’t be performing any less than them!  Use even the strength used to suck your mother’s tit to fight!”


Bafflement caused by Damian’s appearance was just about a moment.

Dark Eden and Silverhand employees established a formation and started to push back the dinosaurs that were about to overrun them.  On top of that were Irina, Ferguson, A, and B, performing to their highest level.  Irina wanted to be of help to Ark; Ferguson and his underlings didn’t want to go back to the dungeon.  Therefore, they synched with the employees and continued on with the battle.

The dinosaurs started to fall left and right.

“That’s it!  We can do it!”

“Let’s round them up together and let’s even get the original!”

It was when they started to yell in this manner.

-…..round them up? Original?  Damian, who was being silent, responded with pulsating voice.

-You are making me laugh.  You are not thinking that you are fighting with me right now do you?

“Th, thinking?”

-I have been sealed for hundreds of years.  What do you think was the most difficult for me?  Hunger? Not a chance.  It was the solitude.  But it is not the type of solitude that you are thinking about.  The solitude that I felt was that of not having any prey.  Not as food, but as toy.  So that I can have fun, but what I enjoy the most is your emotion.  Even, as perfect as I am, I do not feel such emotion. 

It was then.

The 20 dinosaurs that were fallen as a result of 10 minutes of combat.  Corps of the dinosaurs that had turned into dark red slime started to co-mingle together and started to rise up.  Then, with a spurt, they shot up to reform into a body of the original dinosaur.

It was not just the shape.  The vitality was back to the original as well!  All that work they had done 20 minutes after receiving the buff was a wasted effort.

“No, No way!”  The employee’s confidence took a direct hit.

Seeing their reaction, Damian, who was seating behind the dinosaurs, laughed.

-Kehahahaha!  That’s it!  That is exactly what I am not capable of feeling, no after having born as the ultimate being, I can’t even comprehend that!  Horror!  Despair! It was this that I wanted to see!  It is your expression that tells me just how ultimate of a being I am! I like it!  As a reward for making me this happy, I will tell you one more thing!

“It’s not needed!” It was then that Rapid ran.  Then, he twirled his gun like a top and in an instant shot 10 bullets toward the triceratop.  Surprising event unfolded at that moment.

As soon as the bullets went into the body of the dinosaur, it split from top to bottom, down the middle and changed into two dinosaurs.  With the initial split, the other dinosaurs started to divide into two as well.

The resultant total is 80!

Though 9th floor was very wide, when there were 80 dinosaurs taking up the space, there was hardly any room left.  Since the situation turned out like this, even Rapid lost the momentum and started to backtrack.

What followed was Damian’s laugh.

-Kekekeke! That’s why you should have listened when I was telling you earlier.  Now do you understand?  Your weapons do nothing to my body.  Sheep’s teeth can’t possibly penetrate wolf’s mane.  That is the difference between you guys, the prey, and me, the predator!  Imperishable! And the strongest!  That is me, strongest serum Damian!

“Ultimate Serum….”  Ark mumbled with collapsed expression.  Then he remembered Izarion’s journal entry.

Ultimate Serum!

I gave the name Damian.  No weapon works on him.  It is because his recovery rate is faster than the damage rate.  Even with that ability alone, Damian is the ultimate.  Even if all of Murat come, they won’t be able to kill him..Hahahaha!

Even the owner of the laugh died here.  After having made the Jurassic World and having controlled so many different serums, in the end they were killed by Damian.  In other words, it was a proof of Damian’s strength, that he had the capability to extinguish a whole race.  As the name said, “Eraser.”  Invincible exterminator.

However, the reason Ark recalled Izarion’s journal was not to verify Damian’s invincibility and to find a counter measure.

‘Invincible? Don’t make me laugh!’  This is a world inside of a game.  In such world, there is no such a thing as invincible being.  If such thing is possible, there is no point in having user’s level increase and to equip with ever improving equipment.

Unless the game producer was a wacko, he would not have made such character inside of a game.  Damian is claiming that Alkan race had created him to be an invincible being, but the game producers would not allow such being.

‘If it looks to be invincible, that only means that we have not found the means of killing him yet.’

Ark recalled Izarion’s journal was for this reason.  If there is a weak point to Damian, the answer is in the journal.

It was then.

‘Hold on?  Maybe….?’

“Special Shells!  Rapid, Clem, how many Special shells do we have?”

“Damn! What do you mean any left?  Have you ever bought one before?”

As Dark Eden’s representative, Rapid responded with attitude.  Of course, Ark had never bought special shell like items for normal weapons in the past.

Only time they had used them were when they happened upon them while they were acquiring them as a harvest.  Also, such items would not be available in a world where dinosaurs existed.

“We have been stuck in this world for over a week.  There is no way we would have any of that available, now, is there?  In truth, even normal shells are nearly gone.”  This was Silverhand’s leader, Clem’s response.

Though Ark just got here today, it had been over 5 days for Rapid’s group, and Silverhand had been here over 9 days.  Even if they had it originally, those would have been used up.

Therefore, the number of special shells to be used in this battle….’0!’

‘Then what we can do is…..yeah, that is all we can do.  I don’t know if that is possible, but.  No whether it works or not, we have to try that.  If that don’t work, we have no answer but extermination!’

“Hex, Hagel, follow me!”  Ark quickly raised his head as he ran off.

While the combatants were in despair, only Ark moved, therefore the dinosaurs moved in.  Actually, even if they didn’t move, there were already 10 dinosaurs in the direction that Ark was headed, but Ark kept on going without any hesitation.

‘There is only one chance!  Before he realize it, we must penetrate!”

“Kafre Sword Skill number 3, Galaxy sword!”  It was Murat Elim’s Divine writing, Galaxy Sword!

Now that he was using the force that he had scrapped the bottom of his mana well that had been collecting mana during 20 minutes of fighting, sword’s light opened up like a fan and swept the dinosaurs.  However, that wouldn’t be enough to penetrate the wall made by the dinosaurs.

Incited with rage, the dinosaurs ran toward Ark with roar!

However, Ark was not alone.

“I will help!  Phantom Dance!”

“I am also here!  Burning Soul God! Speed Sword!”

Two glares that were streaking on either side of Ark were Ellain and battle suit wearing Irina!

“Uh? Uh? Uh? We are here too!  A and B, let’s go!  Combine!  Ooooo!”  In the back, Ferguson, A, and B combined into an armor tank with a revolver launcher on top.

Seeing the movement, Rapid followed after mumbling, ‘That guy, he’s got something planned,’ and still under the effect of President’s Majesty, Dark Eden employees also followed.  Being left to themselves, Clem and the Silverhand also took up the rear.

“Good! At least we can only die once…can it be worse?”

What resulted was a trail of line of men with Ark leading the way.  However, the wall made by 80 dinosaurs was thicker than one can imagine.

After firing in one area to kill off 2-3 dinosaurs, as soon as they died off, they recovered to block their way again.

‘Crap! If I had only figured it out sooner….’  Ark bit his lips after seeing the fallen dinosaurs getting back up again.

If he was to think again, the only and the last chance of getting through was when Damian first revealed himself when there were only 40 dinosaurs.  However, Ark didn’t know any better regarding Damian’s ability.

No matter how much effort was made to use concentrated attack on one area, the rate of recovery was quicker than the rate of fall.  However, Ark still had one last scheme.

“Ferguson! A! B!”


“Aggro them and pull them away!”

“Yes! Y? Yes?”  The three responded with motivation, but soon their eyes turned wide-eyed.

The last attempt was to use the three as a distraction.  It was a bit late to mention the flaws of their group, but in reality, Dark Eden and the Silverhand were not very balanced in terms of offense.

A well balanced team must have 5 member to a team where there is 1 tanker, 2 dealers, 1 substitute, and 1 healer, but Dark Eden and the Silverhand had mainly dealers. So what were missing were tanker and healer.

Even then, up to now, they had some luxury, and therefore, strong attackers Rapid and Ellain were able to take on the tanker role, but in desperate situation, such as this, there was a margin of deficiency.

No matter how much firepower they had access to, there were no way to dodge the attack because they didn’t have tanker’s very important skill, which was provocation.

It was a skill used in gaining monster’s attention toward itself and thus lead the monster in specified direction.  It was tanker’s core skill.

The reason Ark marked Ferguson, A, and B were for this reason.  Of course they weren’t tankers either, and if looking at their equipment, it could be seen that they are more on the heavy dealer’s side than anything else.

But Ark knew that Ferguson, A, and B earned the title of bodyguards while blocking pouring attacks with their body while they were in Muratio Star!  And bodyguards were profession that included taunting as one of the skills!

Ferguson, A, and B, against their best wishes, ended up with tanker’s trait in their skill tree.

But! But! But!

“Wa, Wait a minute!  How can we use taunting in this situation?  We can’t even take on 1 of them!  Of, of course, if it was for Arknim, we were ready to throw away our lives!  However, how are we going to provoke and lead all of them away?”

“Damn it! Something like that, you guys think of a way!”

“Th, think of a way….”

“If I say do it, then do it!  If you can’t do it you are going back to the dungeon!”  Due to Ark’s wail, faces of Ferguson, A, and B turned black and died.

Unfathomable stubbornness! But the three knew.  Ark is someone that will do what he said.  Especially if it was something related to hazing people, what he said was good as done.

Then they remembered just how bad it was for them to keep on digging in that dark and gloomy dungeon without any light.  Sleep and shoveling, eat and shoveling, fight and shoveling, sleep again and shoveling, eat and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling, shoveling….If they don’t accomplish anything, they would probably end up inside of that dungeon again.

“Ehoook! No! No! No! No!”  Ferguson yelled like a crazy person and started taunting.  There was an effect.  4 T-rexes started chasing after Ferguson, A, and B.  However, just that wasn’t enough.

If the gang were to penetrate through the wall, they had to go through 20-30 of them, but taunting is a skill that is designed to focus enemy’s attention on them.  Rather than taunting, Ferguson, A, and B instantly came at a death’s door when the 4 T-rex rushed toward them.

“No, No!  I can’t die like this.  I can’t go back to the dungeon!  Please! Please! Please! Please, come to me you damned dinosaur bastards!

At that time!

-You have learned new skill (Common Occupation ☆☆)

Wide area absolute taunting (User, Active) : Taunting is skill that protects your teammates at a cost of your life, and if done with that thought, there are no enemies that can reject your taunt.  No, in reality, all of the monsters would want to kill you, but the fact that you have the body guard skill, simply, you are able to take on all of your enemy’s beating at one time as a skill.  It is not an event to be celebrated, but please take care of your body. 


“Wi, Wide area Taunting!”  A miracle happened, and …..

Kewahhhh! Kewahhhh! Kewahhhh!

Ferguson focused charge by the dinosaurs!  They didn’t have time to do anything.  It was instant dinosaur mob that pummeled the three into the ground and they turned into three corps, but…..

“…………Oooo!  My brothers, we are, now, free!”

“……….Hyungnim, I am happy.”

There were pleasant smile in their faces.

“…..It’s done!”

And in Arks’s face was also a smiling face.

Ferguson’s wide area taunt was miracles that lead the three straight into death, and it lasted only about a few seconds.  Less than the time it takes to blink an eye was all there was, but that was more than enough.

“Time is now!  All personnel charge!”

Ark ran straight through the empty space.  He was able to penetrate a wall made by few tens of dinosaurs, but the gangs that were following ark each had ‘?” on their heads.

What was beyond the wall of dinosaur was just another wall nearby.

“What is this?  Why did you charge through here?”

“I don’t have the time to explain.  Rapid, you take the employees and make sure the dinosaurs can’t approach here.  If I am right, from now on, Damian’s attack will be much stronger.  Hagel! Hex!”

Ark took Hagel and Hex to a machine panel with bunch of pipes and stuff were bunched up everywhere, and after having explained the mission, Hex rolled up his sleeves.

“I don’t know why this is needed, but situation does not call for questioning.  Ok.  It won’t take long to do this.  3 minutes, no, 2 minutes…wait two minutes.  Hagel, help me.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Tututututut! Tututututut! PuPung!

As usual, there were no time to rest, as the battle continued.

Just as Ark had said, Damian’s attack became a bit more tenacious.  Up to now, all the attacks were left up the dinosaurs, but when he saw where they were, he also joined in with tentacles.  Of course, the situation became even more desperate.

-You guys will never leave here alive!

“Huk! Eahhhhhhh!”

Very first casualty that occurred was from Silverhand crew.

It wasn’t the attackers, but the scavengers started to sway by the attack wave and kept on dying one by one.  Then next in line were Silverhand’s attackers, and behind them were Bellot and Alf got grabbed by the tentacles and died.

The enemy was something that recovered instantly.  The longer the battle lasts, casualty will only get bigger, and it can’t be avoided.  In that fashion, the manpower slowly dwindled and the situation kept on getting worse and worse.  And finally, the dinosaurs destroyed the defense barrier and was about to penetrate the formation!


It was then that the surprising event occurred.  Dinosaurs that were rushing in with flaring nostrils were instantly frozen solid into white ice.

“It is now! Fire!”

The employees were a bit jarred by the voice, but they soon started to attack.  Just then, a dinosaur that had more than 80% vitality exploded into bits and pieces as tumbled down.  That wasn’t all.  Up to now, they quickly recovered, but once encased in white ice, they turned into slime and disappeared.

“Wh, what is happening?”

“This is Damian’s weakness.”  Ark turned to Rapid and showed his teeth of victory.

In Ark’s hand was a, what appeared to be, a fire extinguisher.  A white substance that had covered the dinosaurs was this machine!  The reason why Ark ran to this area was for this.

This machine is…..Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Item type:???

This machine was taken from the ice chamber.  Nitrogen was compressed tightly inside of a chamber, and if accessed via an injector, which aids in spreading of the liquid nitrogen around the intended area.  In such instances, temperature will drop to minus 200 degrees.  However do not think about using this like an AC.  If you touch it, then you die!

The area Ark is in is the cold chamber that had sealed Damian, and the object that looked like a fire extinguisher was a liquid nitrogen tank that Hex and Hagel took from the ice chamber.

This was Damian’s weakness that Ark remembered.


Damian was definitely the ultimate serum, to the point of the makers of Damian being extincted.  However, inside the Izarion’s journal was a note that said Damian was sealed inside of an ice chamber.  If said another way, he was not able to function in such low temperature.  Therefore, if he gets frozen, Damian’s strength gets sealed.

The reason Ark asked around for the special shell was for this reason, hoping there were still some ice type shells left, to make things a bit easier.  However, without the specialized shell, he, then, thought of the ice chamber’s ice machine instead.  The end result was dinosaurs that melted away like water!

“What do you think Damian?  Isn’t it cool?”

-You, my blood animals, Go!

Left with no alternative, Damian ordered the remaining dinosaurs to attack the group, but…


As soon as liquid nitrogen was spread on them, instant ice!

“Oooo, It’s done!  We have a means of killing them off!  Attack!  Attack!”

With this, the situation turned 180.

Ark ran around with the liquid nitrogen tank and as soon as he spread the liquid, the dinosaurs couldn’t even do anything and instantly froze, and consequently, fired upon and exploded into pieces.  Then, ignoring everyone else, Damian sent many tentacles in Ark’s direction.

Without having any more mana, there was no way for Ark to avoid all those tentacles.

-Kekekeke! I got you!

Damian yelled as he wrapped Ark with his tentacles.  However, Ark had a very relaxed facial expression as he said, “Uh, what do we do?  Nitrogen tank is not on me?”


“Right here you dummy!”


At that time, from the bottom, with Rapid’s voice, white smoke arose toward the tentacles.

Before he was wrapped by the tentacle, Ark had passed off the tank to Rapid, and Rapid fired the nitrogen toward the tentacles instantly!

Stiffly frozen tentacles were immediately fired upon by the employees and it crumbled, and thanks to that, Ark landed solidly on the floor.

“If the original body gets frozen, you can’t regenerate huh?  Isn’t this what’s called low temperature pasteurization?  It’s not like you are a parasite or anything.”  Ark was looking down at the melting tentacles.

-Shut up!  Insignificant prey!

This time, Damian turned toward Rapid and spread his tentacles, but nitrogen tank was already no in Rapid’s hands.  The one that was holding onto the tank was Ark!

In this manner, Ark and Rapid was a match made in heaven.

From that point on, Ark ran around dodging and passing nitrogen tanks as they avoided countless tentacles.


With every spray, tentacles froze solid.

And because of Ark and Rapid, the employees whom were being ignored by Damian had all the time in the world to fire on the frozen tentacles.  This was no longer a battle.  This was a one-sided destruction.  Soon, with passage of time, the number of tentacles dwindled and soon, it completely stopped.

It was obvious conclusion.  All the dinosaurs, as well as all of the tentacles were all originated from Damian’s body.  Also, once gigantic Damian, slowly dwindled down to less than 1 meter tall.

“Now, what do we do now?”  Ark smiled really big as he approached Damian.  Then, suddenly, wiggling Damian shrunk even more and turn back into the same boy that the Silverhand and Rapid’s gang found initially.

“Pl, please save me! I am now just a pitiful being that can’t do anything!  If you let me live, I will live here quietly.  Just let me live…Think of how long I have been living in here locked up….”

“…..sit here.”  White light sword and pistol pointed at boy’s face.

“I don’t trust monster’s saying in the first place.”  This was Ark’s saying.


“You said it already right?  You have feelings that you can’t feel.  I will let you feel it now.  I will let you taste despair and horror, and in addition death.”  This was Rapid’s saying.


Damian once again turned himself into serum and ran away.  However,….. PuWhaaa!  With the shot of liquid nitrogen, the serum turned into ice instantly in its running away position!  Then lastly, sword and bullet pierced the ice into million of pieces and it melted away.

-You leveled up!

-You leveled up!…..

Not only Ark, but Irina, Rapid, and employees’ head also showed level up marks.

Due to him being an ultimate serum, experience gained was tremendous.  When he landed in Jurassic World, Ark’s level was 160, but with the death of Damian, his level soared to 164!  Therefore, the employees who were a lot lower in level had 6-7 level jumps.  However, there weren’t any happy employees.

The casualty that resulted from Damian was big.  Dark Eden employees, including Ballot and Alf, had 6 casualties.  However, these were pioneer NPC.  They had the capability to be resurrected, just like the players.  The problem was Silverhand.  None of their casualties, which included 7 scavengers and 5 attackers, were capable of resurrecting.  They had lost nearly 50% of their strength.

As such, even though they were victorious, they were immersed in gloomy state.

“Now, now, take away the gloomy faces!” Clem came and put his arms around Ark and Rapid.

“Even if you have a gloomy face on, that does not mean the dead guys will return right?  All we, the survivors, can do is to get together and drink some wine in their memory!  And if we are going to do that we must first live to leave this place!  Therefore, we must think about leaving only for now!”


“Alright, let’s cleanup!”

Then, Silverhand crew went around the place where Damian had fallen to pick up items.  They were definitely pros.







There was a woman that had lost a will to speak.

With a prostrating face, looking down a hole, was Kaya!

Not too long ago fog in the forest disappeared, and thus, Kaya was able to get to the Section B research lab following Rapid’s – though it was actually Ark – location.  She had reached Section A, but the cable car broken down!

However, it was not a problem for Kaya.  Her battle suit has the capability of flight by way of floating.  However, the weak point to her suit is that it only goes about 10Km/h.  This was a speed only slightly faster than walking.  With that speed, she had no confidence that she would be capable of going across the lava river in time.  Even then, she floated away.  She, then, found herself at Nosferatu.

“Ha-ah! It’s finally over.”

“Once I return, I must first bath first.”

“You dummy, first is the wine!”

It was Ark’s gang’s voice.  She couldn’t go out!  She could only hide and take a look at them!




Then the next day.

“What?  Are you for sure?”  A man looked at a woman with confused face.  His name was Boltear.  He was Galaxy Federation’s Director of Internal Affairs, in front of him was Irina who just returned from her trip to Jurassic World with Ark.

The reason why Boltear was confused was because of what she said.

“As soon as you return from your vacation, you want Matius Reconnaissance mission?

Do you even know what kind of place is Matius when you are saying this?  Matius is a planet that lies in between Galactic Federation and Rama’s boundary.  Because of that, at least not yet, there aren’t any battles between the two sides, but both side’s military units are stationed there.  There had many agents that died while doing reconnaissance mission there, do you know that?  Not only that, Matius is a planet with bunch of level A monsters’ habitats!

“That’s why I am going there!”

“What? Why?”

“I am….”  She paused a moment and then she made a fist, as she said, “I want to get stronger!”

“I don’t know what you are saying….”  Boltear let out a sigh as he scratched his head.

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