Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 16 Chapter 9.1

Investment Funds Inauguration


Ark was in the secret hideout, Elim’s Sanctum, inside the S-20.

-hmmm, Alkan race….

Tote, the ancient Elim’s master, who had been guarding – well, it was more like being stuck inside and not being able to go anywhere, but – the Elim’s Sanctum spoke out as if he was recalling a long memory.

-That’s right, Alkans were the rulers of the Estana before the Murats came.  However, Alkans were a horrible race that slaughtered various races without a care.  So Murats stopped them from killing and enslaving other races, and Alkans pretended to be intimidated by the technologically advanced Murats and listened to them.  However, when the Murat’s expedition team left the system, they showed their true colors and started a war to obliterate all the other races in Estana.  At that time, Alkans were the strongest race in Estana.

That’s right, the natives weren’t able to offer any form of resistance, and thus, were repeatedly chased from city to city.  Then, while in despair and almost in a state of extinction, it was as if their prayers had been answered, and light opened up the heaven.  The Murat’s military stepped in.

-I wasn’t there so I don’t know the exact circumstances, but I was told the war was brutal.  Then after a long war, the Alkans from all the corners of Estana were systematically eliminated and pushed to their origin, but by that time, the leader had gathered the remaining Alkans and had disappeared, never to be seen again.

Parao, the leader of the military force was worried because he didn’t think the leader of the Alkans would silently disappear without schemes for revenge.  Therefore, they couldn’t leave the system.  There were already too many that died due to their negligence, and they weren’t about to repeat the same mistake.  Ultimately, their solution was to raise a warrior that would remain to obstruct Alkan’s evil deeds.

“That warrior was….”

-Right, the Elim

Tote spoke with proud eyes.

-And the last place that the refugees of war gathered together was right here, the Pagos Mountain.  This was also the place that the Murat military came and initiated the counter offence.  That’s why the people called Pagos Mountain a Holy Mountain.  And it was at that time that the representatives of all of the races gathered together to meet here as well.  That’s why Elim’s Sanctum is located here, so that when the representatives from each race gather, and if the Alkans were to move again, it would be easy for the Elim to be on the lookout.

That was the reason for the Elim’s Sanctum in Pagos Mountain!  It was also the reason why the Galaxy Federation knew that religious people often come here for the observations.

However, in truth, the people that gathered at the Pagos Mountain were not religious, but the representatives, and they gathered here on a routine basis so that they would not forget the thankfulness that they bear in their hearts and minds toward the Murat race and to look out for any possibility of Alkans crawling out of the darkness to wreck havoc again.

-However, to think that the Alkans were hiding in such a place.  Not only that, they were obliterated by the very weapon that they built to revenge against the Murats….I can only say I pity them.  The beings that only depend on strength to solve any and all things end up like them.  I am sure you have learned a lot from this experience.  It is good that you are building strength, but you have to think deeply when using that strength.

He ended the story with off the wall moral lesson.  Of course, thinking back, Tote was considered as Elim’s moral teacher.  In other words, he was Star War’s Yoda – in reality, the Tote that Ark saw at Muratio Star was exactly like Yoda from Star Wars – like being.

This was Tote’s role.

Well, whatever!

It was true that the adventure, this time, was meaningful.

It was good that Ark could spend extended time with Irina – it was regretful that she returned to her Federation office as soon as they got out of the Jurassic World –, ultimately, there were too many that were killed, but Silverhand members were saved.  It was when they were leaving the Jurassic World on Silver Star…..

<> Title had been earned!

You were adventuring around the Estana system when you discovered the remains of the ancient race Alkans that were hiding in the middle earth, and you ended up encountering a being that was made by the Alkan race to revenge against the Murat race.  If that being were to have escaped onto the surface, the Estana natives, as well as all humanoids, would have suffered greatly.

With your crew, you were able to eliminate the being and prevented the disaster to hit the Estana system.  Unfortunately, your effort shown here, would not be recorded in the history books, but even if it would not be recorded, that does not mean that the truth will disappear.  Also, even if others would not recognize you for it, this is a prideful moment for all the members involved.

The one that defends world’s peace!  The peace maker!


+ You have earned, Fame 5000; Adventure Point 1000 (max pts)!

The message popped up in front!  It meant a new title had been earned.  What was more important was that all of the members had earned the title.  Ark, Irina, Rapid, the employees, and the Silverhand all earned +6 to their stats.  This was equivalent to having leveled up 3~4 times, but that was not all.




Serum research ingredients

Item Type: Data Disc

There are numerous data disc that are spread all across the Galaxian.  To some people, the data that are in these discs are meaningless, but to those that have the analyzing capability, these items would be very valuable.   Not only that, these provide the opportunity to raise one’s knowledge.


#Required Skill: Research Lv.2, Bioengineering Lv. 2.

This was the item that was dropped by Damian.  Due to him being a result of numerous dinosaurs that tossed into one, what he had to drop were quite a bit.  It was regrettable that no equipment fell, but there were no reasons for disappointment.  These were all ingredients that can be used for ‘mix-up.’  Only disappointment that can be felt was the fact that these ingredients could only be used once, and there were 41 members that were working underneath Ark.  There weren’t enough for all of them.

Not only that, there was an item that Ark kept looking with mixed feelings.  It was the data disc that had the research data for the serums seen at the Jurassic World.  It was definite that, if given to the right person, there would be something to be earned, but the most eye catching part was ‘???.’  It didn’t say what can be earned from it.

It didn’t seem like it would be the kind of reward that he should have earned after having killed Damian, the ultimate boss of Jurassic World.  It was given that the drops from the monsters were random, but Damian was a boss that raised everyone’s level by 4~6.

‘Any normal monsters would drop 1~2 items, but Damian only dropped 1.  That meant that the disc would be the best drop of all of Jurassic World!  The fact that ‘???’ were shown, the potential was great that the reward was something grand!’

Ark really wanted to get the research started right away, but in order to research the disc, research and bio-engineering skill was needed, and current Dark Eden member capable of carrying out this research were Jay assisted by Tori.  They were, currently, in the middle of another research back at the S-20, and the % completion…..37%.

They were studying a design blueprint of an unknown that was found while Ark was in Inquiry.

NPCs can’t stop a current research in order to start on another research.  In such instances, the abandoned research must be discarded.  As such, the research on the data disc must be on hold.

Not only that, research for ‘mix-up’ was also Jay’s specialty, and thus must be on hold as well.  In other words, there was nothing that can be done with any of the items that were found on Jurassic World.

Same with the items found on Ikyulus.

Second research that was being done on S-20 was being done by Hagel and Hex.  They were the ‘Item Analysis’ specialists, and their current job % completion rate….47%.

All of the items found on Ikyulus were unknown items that needed to be analyzed, and Ark didn’t even have time to sort through them because he had to leave to go to the Jurassic World right after his return from Ikyulus.

Item analysis was something that could also take quite some time in completing the analysis.  Simple analysis may take few hours, but in the worst case scenario, an analysis can take more than a day.

Current item that is being analyzed by Hagel and Hex was from the Jurassic World, that they started as soon as they landed on S-20.  If it wasn’t for Hex helping Hagel, progress rate would be less than 57%.

Even then, Ark was frustrated like no other.

‘Do I need to find another researcher….’

Current research specialists in Dark Eden were Bio-engineer field Jay, Machine Maintenance field Tori, and Item analysis field Hagel, totaling 3.

3 were more than enough….no, not enough.

The problem was that there were just too many missions and too many ‘???’ that were coming in.  This time, unexpected items from Ikyulus and Jurassic World demanded so much of researcher’s time.

‘I can’t return to S-20 every time I find something that needs to be identified. Not only that, with the development of the Ikyulus about to get started, there will be too many things to do.  Also, the employees also have many tasks that they must complete, thus increasing number of unknown items.  If the unknowns are not identified quickly, their use may be long gone by the time they are identified.’

It was time to increase research personnel.

But even that was something to do later….

Hard to imagine, but Ark returned to S-20 after one week.  He had much to do and much to verify.  He need to catch up to how S-20 was progressing, and he also had to visit the Jalan race to see how the space food production was progressing.

Also, there were things to finalize with the Silverhand, but….





‘Chet, it is already this late?’  Ark clicked his tongue as he turned his face.

“I think I had better get going.”

-What, you are going out?  Didn’t you say you had a lot to ask me?

“I will have to ask them after I get back.  Sorry, I don’t have much time right at the moment.”





“HyunWoo ssi, over here!”  A woman in a glamorous dress waved her hand as she yelled.

But HyunWoo noticed her even before her voice reached him.  There were quite a bit of people that were around, but she was the only person that was enveloped by a bright light….so he felt.

Just the fact that such beauty was in a relationship with him was enough to boost his mood.  Cho MinSun, she made all other women around her look like a dried up squid!

She was HyunWoo’s woman.

“Sorry, I am a bit late right?”

“No, I just got here myself.”  As HyunWoo got close, Cho MinSun walked up to him with a bright face.  All of a sudden, there were a lot of tongue clicking noises from the audience.  They were from all the disappointed men that were staring at her before the two got together.  It would be impossible for men around Cho MinSun to not notice her.

Even with that said….

“You are exquisitely pretty today.”

“Yes, I spent a bit more time today.  That’s because today is an important day.”

“Well, it is an important day.”  Ark scratched his head as he looked around.

“But is there something going on here today?  We purposely picked an out of the way place, but there are too many people here.  I don’t know whether people will be able to find their way here, with all these people around.”

Hearing HyunWoo’s words, Cho MinSun turned to look at him with a dumbfounded look.

“Huh?  You really don’t know?”

“What do you mean?  What do I not know?”

“All these people, all of them came here for our sake.”

“Ah, oh.  Ah? Oh?”

“Aomo, You really didn’t know it seems like?”

“That’s….but….why so many…, good if it is this many but….”  HyunWoo looked around with uneasiness.

Actually, the reason why the two met today was not for a date.  Today was the date for the investment funds initiation.  Today was the day that the investors would be explained about the investment opportunity with the Ikyulus development plan.

In truth, HyunWoo had planned to do this at S-20, but….Alan.

-Even if it is within a game, money moves back and fro between the game world and the real world.  Even 100 gold is a lot of money to an average user.  Do you think someone would invest that kind of money to someone they don’t know and have never met in person?  Most important thing in business agreement is faith, and that faith is established by meeting in person.  Therefore, it would be better for us to explain our plan in the real world, and especially in a wealthy looking establishment, unlike some darkened café, trying to explain business plan.  Such ruins a venturing mood.

… he said, and rented a college theater.

‘No wonder the rich……’

In truth, HyunWoo didn’t like this.  Business proposal was a grand idea, but it was, ultimately, something that was to be done within a game.  He understood the fact that such explanation must be done in the real world, but if people was to gather, how many would bother?  Also, even if Alan was taking charge of the fund raising, it was still HyunWoo’s business.  Ultimately, it was also HyunWoo that had to pay for the rent of the building.

‘Chet! Let’s see just how many people come for this!’ Such was the 50% motivation factor for HyunWoo to even come to this event.  But all these people are here to hear about the business plan?  His mind was being bloated.

“This is due to the TV program that aired not too long ago,” explained Cho MinSun, noticing the uneasiness in HyunWoo’s facial expression.

“Ikyulus disappeared and came back not too long ago right?  Well, coincidentally, a media member happened to have taken a video of that event, and it was aired as a Game Special recently.  Probably these people came here to hear about that issue.”

“Game Special…..”  It was something that HyunWoo does not watch.

Well there was a reason for that, but after hearing Cho MinSun’s explanation, he had a disappointed face.  Because the number of people here meant that they were here for the story rather than the investment.  It was good that many people came, but if that didn’t convert into an investment, there was very little meaning in number.

“But don’t be too disappointed.  Regardless, there has to be people for there to be an investment.  I am sure there will be some that will be convinced to invest after hearing the explanation.

“If would be nice if that was the case.”  HyunWoo nodded with half worry and half hopeful face.

No need to be explained, but this was an important event for HyunWoo.  In order for him to come out of the shadow of Hawk, he must move beyond S-20 and start to develop Ikyulus, and this business plan explanation was to gather that all important fund.  How much HyunWoo change within the game, from this point on, was dependent on how well this event unfolds.

Therefore, HyunWoo raised his aspiration.

‘At least 5W!’ (TL: for the sake of easy read, I used 5W to replace 500,000,000 Won)

This was the amount that HyunWoo wanted to earn from today’s event.  Of course, even without this much, the development can begin, but if not, it is obvious that the development will be lagging.  He knew that this was almost impossible….because even though it was easy to say it, obtaining the actual amount was not.

‘Even though, if I am gonna catch up to Hawk, I must obtain this amount!  If the investment, only, does not work, I will have to find another means!

“Ok, let’s go in.”

“Yes.”  HyunWoo walked in with determination on his face.

“If we were any later, we would not have found a seat.”

The place was filled with 70% of the capacity already.  The filling capacity was 150, so this was about 100 people.  In a moment that they sat on their seat, the other seats were also quickly filled, and some even had to stand on the back.

With the bustling of the people, the theater got darker and the noise started to mellow down.

One man walked out onto the stage.  He was slightly limping.  He was Alan!  He was the reason why HyunWoo and Cho MinSun were still seated in their seats.

This is a repeat, but this event was a very important event.  It was worrisome for HyunWoo to leave such important event to another person, but because this was a very big and heavy task, he couldn’t do it by himself.

HyunWoo’s face is already well known.  Since he came on TV quite a few times, real gamers would instantly recognize him, but he wasn’t supposed to be inside Galaxian, playing a game. For now, in real life, he couldn’t come out in the open.  Even if he could, he was not an expert in this matter.

If you don’t know, you must let those that know do it.

Not only that, it was Alan that started and finished all this.  Alan was more qualified to do the explaining.

Though the misery that Alan gave him in Jurassic World was still lingering in his mind, with this issue, he had 100% faith in Alan.

‘I can only trust in you, Alan!’

-I would like to explain the Ikyulus development plan at this time.

And so the dice has been cast.

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