Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 3 Chapter 7

SPACE 7. Unauthorized Attack

Tu tu tu tung-!

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Hundreds of metres were covered in smoke.

“Multiple smoke bombs!”

“The smoke screen contains a component to stop photoelectric light. The infrared scopes are jammed!”

“The influence of the magnetic waves won’t even allow biometric scanning!”

Shouting came from everywhere. Valencia bit his lip and exclaimed.

“Put away any vision correction devices! The enemy are the Rama, not space monsters. It will be difficult to survive while depending on mechanical devices on the battlefield. Remove all vision correction equipment except for the optical filter and wait for the command to attack. Their offensive will start soon.”

Then the smoke screen flickered simultaneously and hundreds of shadows appeared within it. Monsters while sharp arms like knives approached through the snow field. They were the biological weapon of the Rama, the Carack.


Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Hundreds of guns fired at once. Hundreds of bullets, grenades and warheads fired, causing swirls of smoke and flames. The Carack became full of holes like a honeycomb and collapsed. However there were no signs of the Carack decreasing. And they moved on battle instinct so they didn’t feel fear.

Karararara! Kararararak!

The Carack just climbed over the stacked corpses. Once the Carack started their assault, the federation army became wrapped in confusion. Several soldiers were hacked and mangled by the Carack’s sharp arms. But Valencia’s face was still confident.

“Those guys intend to push forward. They want to overwhelm us with their numbers. But impatience will being misfortune on a battlefield. Pedro!”

“Yes, Leader-nim. Start!”

At the same time, dozens of smoke trails were fired.The smoke reached dozens of metres into the sky! They simultaneously exploded and hundreds of splinters flew from the sky like rain.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

An area several hundred metres wide shook and dust flew up. It was the aerial attack weapon Claymore that fired hundreds of metal splinters!  Unlike ordinary bombs, this once exploded in the sky so it was difficult to avoid. Thus it was known as the Devil’s rain! The Claymore showed overwhelming destructive power.


Once the swirling smoke and dust settle down, hundreds of Carack were smears on the ground. The blood of the Carack were also mixed with the bodies of the Rama warriors.

“Now I’m slowly starting to see the end.”

Valencia smiled slyly and murmured. It had been two days since the federation had rallied their entire army and set forth towards the Rama base. They crossed the snowy mountain border and reached 15 km of their destination. The Rama had installed barricades there and had already arranged their defensive lines.

‘Sheesh, I deliberately bypassed the border for security…..’

The advancing troops must’ve been detected by a Rama scouting unit. Initially the federation’s plan had been to advance to a distance where they could bombard the Rama base with their heavy weapons. If their tanks switched to Siege mode then the damage and range of their bombardment would rise explosively. If they switched to this mode within range of the base then they would have a chance to win.

‘But they became aware faster than I expected.’

He guessed that the Rama had large numbers of defense facilities in this area so they would be detected eventually. The problem was that it was faster than expected so the Rama’s defences were solid. So far the military situation on Beltana was 6:4, with the federation being inferior. The federation was losing so they didn’t get enough reinforcements and supplies from the galactic federation. The Rama also used the Carack while the federation had a limited number of androids. Thus the federation started to dispatch prisoners towards the Bellin constellation. However, things were different now. 200 mercenaries were dispatched once the location of the Rama base was discovered. They were also supplied with advanced weapons. Therefore their combat power had jumped! The effect was clearly proven in battle. Since the battle started 2 days ago, the federation had managed to march within 5 km of the Rama base.

‘Now it is almost finished!’

“Armoured squadrons 1,2 and 3, go! We will reach their base after this battle!”

100 soldiers shouted after hearing Valencia’s words.

“Armour armament!”

Their bags opened and a large capsule like object flew out. The capsules floated in the air and revolved like a puzzle before changing into armour. They fell like lightning and enveloped the bodies of the soldiers.

Tong-! Tong-! Tong-! Tong-!

The metal encircled the arms and legs and closed up. The parts around the head and upper body tightened and gave out steam. Once the combination of all parts were complete, the soldiers turned into robots 2 metres large. This was the federation’s battle suit. It was the original form of the armoured platoon.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The 100 people of the armoured platoon rushed towards the Rama army. The battle suits also fired various rounds of ammunition. Valencia looked at the heat wave it caused and took out his Beam Sword.

‘No one can stop me! This is my battlefield!’

“I arrived just in time.”

Ark smiled and muttered. Flames and smoke soared on the horizon. And the sound of gunshots was audible. It was several kilometre away but he didn’t need to see it with his own eyes. There was a battle going on between the federation and the Rama.

“That Valencia, he seems to be making quite an effort.”

The battle was taking place 5 km away from the Rama base. The Rama weren’t blind so they would know that the federation was approaching. Clearly they would form a defense line further away from the base. Yet the federation managed to push it back to 5 km from the base. And one of the leaders of the allied forces was Valencia! Valencia was fighting extremely hard.

‘It is natural. He knows the location of the Rama base and even received command of the federation army. If he shattered the Rama base with this strategy then he will monopolize all the achievements. He will become a hero and receive colossal bonuses. But……’

Ark lowered his eyes and winced. Ark was currently hiding on a hill near a military garrison. There was a large dome in the middle of the garrison and were surrounded by many buildings and tents. The scale made it clear that it was the Rama central base.

“I’m sorry but this is mine.”

This was the Rama base Valencia was trying to get to. But Ark was on a hill several hundred metres from it. Ark arrived here before the federation’s army……

‘The federation rallied their forces for a surprise attack. The Rama will soon find out about the attack. Obviously they will build a defense line to prevent the advance of the federation army. In this situation they had to rally all their troops. Then the Rama’s base will be empty!’

It was the first thing that popped into Ark’s head when hearing about the federation’s strategy. Then a path naturally emerged.

Crevasse  → Pyramid  → Warp from the Pharaoh’s room  → the ground  → Rama’s main base.

This was the path Ark had taken while experiencing various hardships. His only idea had been to return to the federation base. When he thought about it, there was a shortcut to safely return to the Rama base. Ark arrived here before the federation’s army thanks to the shortcut. No, he arrived when there was a lot of time left.

‘They had a lot of people so there is a limit to how fast the main army can move. In addition, they had to fight the Rama so they would take at least four days to arrive. If I utilize the pyramid then I can arrive the Rama base within a day. There is plenty of time while the Rama and federation fight so there is no need to hurry.’

So Ark had plenty of time to kill. He could gain some experience from the Anubis. He intentionally fell into a trap and wandered around the infinite rooms. This was because he already knew a way to defeat the traps.  Moreover, this time he wasn’t alone. There were the 20 Silver Hand and 10 Royal Guards so that was 30 people.

“Concentrate and shoot!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tang! Tang!

Ark gave a command and dozens of bullets crossed through the air into the eye. The Anubis turned into a pile of stone. At this time, the average level of the Royal Guards was level 25.  They swept through the level 35 Anubis with the 30 troops and the Royal Guards gained 3 levels! The Silver Hand and Ark who were level 40 also gained 1 level.

Character Information Window
Ark (R-02788)
 900 (+90)
Mental Power
105 (+23)
175 (+18)
* Title: Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)
* Body Coating: Prisoner


+ The Prisoner coating is limited to the region of Beltana.

+ Your body information will belong to the galactic federation after receiving the Prisoner coating.

+ You are unable to receive any other body coating until the Prisoner coating is removed.

Fortunately he was able to reach level 45 despite his prisoner status. The Anubis also dropped 300 Zaliman ores. In the past he would’ve have been able to obtain this loot but the bag spaces had increased with the number of members. Of course, he had to share the loot among the people but it was better than nothing. But the happy hunting didn’t last long. There was also an end to the rooms that he thought went on for infinity. Once they destroyed hundreds of years, the remaining rooms only contained piles of broken stone.

‘It is impossible to gain experience and loot like this forever.’

Ark sighed with disappointment when a message appeared.

-You have destroyed 100% of the Murat’s traps and obtained the title.


The Murat is a race that values wisdom above all. Because they are wise, they even respect the thieves who robbed their graves. That is the reason the Murat designed the traps where having wisdom would allow the thieves to escape.

However, there is another way to release the traps. If you can’t solve the secret then destroying 1,000 rooms will release the trap. You must be a very ignorant person. However, you didn’t give up so your patience is just as admirable as wisdom.

It was a new title.

‘But Ignorant Destroyer…..’

He wanted to ask about the secret of the trap. However, he wouldn’t have received the title if he hadn’t destroyed all the rooms. Then didn’t Ignorant Destroyer fit? But what was the secret of the trap?

‘Ah, I don’t know. Anyway, I got a title so it doesn’t matter. And I don’t have any more time.’

Of course Ark wasn’t going to stay there forever. He had returned to the pyramid for a reason. Ark’s goal was something else!

‘It is this!’

The Rama’s base located at the bottom of the hill!

“Valencia has already received a lot of achievements by intercepting my information. But information is only information. It has no meaning unless the war is won. And the prerequisite for winning is to destroy the Fairy and Star Gate. Figuring out the location of the base is nothing compared to that.”

This was the reason Valencia was fighting so hard. However, Ark had already arrived at the Rama’s base with 30 people. The base was also empty because all the Rama were trying to stop the federation army.

‘I can take care of the Fairy and Star Gate before the federation gets here!’

This was Ark’s final goal.

“Are you ready?”

Ark examined the base for a while before turning around and asking. Clem bit his cigar and lifted a huge rifle.

“Who are you speaking to? We are mercenaries. We’re always ready.”

“We are also prepared.”

The Royal Guards took out their weapons and answered.

“You should know this already but this operation relies on secrecy and speed. The federation had advanced to a point several kilometres from here so most of the troops have been rallied to defend. But there will still be some troops at the base. We have to quickly take care of the Fairy and Star Gate before they notice.”

“Then we should process that first.”

Clem pointed to a watchtower in the centre of the base. Ark had already been here. The shapes were different but the arrangement of the buildings were similar to the federation’s base. The headquarters was a building in the centre with barracks around it.

‘The structure is similar so the location of the Fairy and the Star Gate should be the same.’

The Rama’s Star Gate was probably underneath the headquarters. Therefore the headquarters in the centre was one of Ark’s goals. The watchtower Clem was pointing to was in front of the headquarters. If they wanted to reach headquarters then they would have to go through the watchtower. There was another reason why they had to dispose of the watchtower.

‘The Rama’s Fairy!’

A crystal pillar was next to the watchtower. It was the Rama’s Fairy that he had seen a few times on the internet. The Rama’s Fairy was also built in the square in front of the headquarters.

‘There are two Rama warriors guarding the Fairy. One near the Fairy and one on the watchtower……’

Ark considered a while before asking Clem.

“It is possible to snipe them?”

“It is possible to secretly take care of one but two is impossible.”

“Then that’s fine. I’ll take care of the other one.”

“You alone?”

“If several people move together then the probability of being detected is higher.”

Clem scratched his beard and looked at Ark for a while. Then he laughed and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you.”

Ark descended the hill after hearing Clem’s reply. He had previously stolen a bike so Ark had experience with sneaking into the base. There were fewer troops so the risk had actually decreased.

If he used Withdrawal and hid using the terrain then he easily managed to reach the vicinity of the Fairy.

-Withdrawal has been used.


But the risk level significantly increased once he reached the vicinity of the watchtower. Ark hid behind a box near the Rama warrior guarding the Fairy. The distance was about 100 meters. After that there were no obstacles to hide behind.

‘But I just need the right timing!’

Ark quietly pulled out the Impact Blade and held his breath. And he waited for a Rama warrior patrolling the Fairy to turn the opposite way.


He jumped over the box and ran towards the Rama warrior. However, he had only ran 50 metres before the Rama warrior at the watchtower reacted.

-Eh? W-who?

The Rama warrior barely finished talking when his head bounced back. The Rama warrior staggered and grabbed the railing. The head continuously shook and he fell over the railing. The Rama warrior patrolling the Fairy flinched as a colleague suddenly fell from above. He then discovered the rapidly approaching Ark.


But his voice couldn’t continue. Ark’s hand had narrowed the distance and covered the warrior’s mouth. He then kicked the back of the knee and shoved the blade into the neck. The Rama warrior received a critical hit and his health quickly fell. If he continued fighting like this then he would definitely win but there was no time.

“Armour armament!”

Ark immediately pulled out his battle suit. He left the sword lodged in the Rama’s neck and shouted.

“18 Barrage!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

18 Barrage was the special skill attached to Hyper Drone that drained all the mana! Most of the troops had been rallied to fight against the federation’s army so the sentry was only level 30.

It wasn’t necessary to use this skill against an opponent like this but it was necessary to get the best effect. No other skill could top the speed and accuracy of the skill. The Rama warrior jumped like a freshly caught fish every time he was hit by the fist but the sword lodged in his neck meant he couldn’t scream.  And when Ark’s fist hit the chest 15 times…..

-Achievement +40.

The Rama warrior turned into a bloody rice cake.

‘Phew, the first checkpoint has been passed.’

The battle suit was peeled off and Ark removed his sword. He turned around and looked at the Rama warrior splattered on the ground.  It was the Rama warrior that had fallen from the watchtower next to the Fairy.

‘……It’s not a joke?’

Ark looked at the three holes in the Rama’s head and laughed. It wasn’t necessary to say but the Rama warrior hadn’t just fallen to his death. It was the skill of Clem who was the leader of the Silver Hand. Clem had sniped the Rama warrior from his spot on the hill. The Rama warrior couldn’t even scream with distress thanks to Clem’s skill. If this was a FPS game then the enemy would’ve died with the first shot but Galaxian was a RPG game. Unless there was a large level difference, it was hard for a sniper to kill with a headshot on the first hit. Furthermore, the sniper rifle was one of the slowest guns. It was possible to do 3 consecutive headshots because there were two more snipers apart from Clem. They were Kalliben and Beleol from the Royal Guards.

‘Not long ago they only had a 50% success rate……’

The Royal Guards hadn’t just obtained experience from the pyramid hunting. The Silver Hand were mercenaries with a lot more experience and combat skills than the Royal Guards. In addition, they also had specialized expertise so they were incomparable to the Royal Guards. Ark realized that fighting in the pyramid was a chance to narrow the gap between the two groups.

‘It is possible to learn a new skill in one or two days. Having a more experienced warrior teaching them the skill will make them learn faster!’

So Ark divided up the group. The effect definitely showed. The Silver Hand already had a good impression of the Royal Guards. When members with similar skills were paired together, the Silver Hand was taught sword skills while the Royal Guards were taught in firearms. Therefore the Royal Guards gained a lot of skill and experience. The ones who showed the most progress was Kalliben and Beleol who were taught by Clem. Now Kalliben and Beleol could shot a hole in the enemy’s head from hundreds of metres away.

“You are talented. If I teach you well then you will become a sniper who won’t lost to anyone.”

Clem was especially impressed with Kalliben’s growth. The Royal Guards’ loyalty was at the maximum after the ‘Ark eating bugs’ incident! Their growth was the same as Ark’s growth.


Ark took out a square object from his bag. He attached it to the lower part of the Fairy and a message appeared.

-C-6 has been installed.


The pre-set timer has been activated.

<60 minutes…..59 minutes 59 seconds……59 minutes 58 seconds……>

It was the C-6 bombs he obtained from the troopers not long ago! He didn’t have an explosives related skill so he couldn’t use the C-6 directly. It was difficult for him to set the timer without it exploding at the same time. However, that problem was easily solved once he joined the Silver Hand. Electromagnetic mines were used with Nakuma hunting so the Silver Hand also had an explosives expert. The member had pre-set the timer of the C-6 beforehand.

‘It will explode in 1 hour!’

He had handled the Rama warrior in the watchtower. The C-6 is installed on the Fairy so the only thing to take care of is the Star Gate in headquarters! Ark’s plan was to take care of everything in 1 hour and then escape from the base.

‘There is plenty of time but I don’t know what variables there are so I need to hurry!’

He went straight towards headquarters after installing the C-6. The detachment members were already gathered in front of headquarters.

“Now I can’t call you squirt anymore.”

Clem laughed and said warmly after Ark joined them.

“I’ve started the C-6. In order to escape the base within 1 hour, we need to go through the barracks and reach the Star Gate within at least 30 minutes. Is that possible?”

“You should ask that guy. Hey, how about it?”

“I’m almost done.”

Heksu replied with manipulating his Nymphe. Heksu was a Scavenger in the Silver Hand who went around gathering the wreckage of the Nakuma. Heksu had kept on trying to persuade Ark to become his successor but he kept on refusing. Ark didn’t realize it until they met again on Beltana but a Scavenger’s job wasn’t just to pick up japtem. Heksu’s actual work in the Silver Hand was……

“Captain, the scan has finished.”

Heksu laughed and raised his head. At the same time, a map of a complicated structure appeared on Heksu’s Nymphe. Surprisingly, it was the map of the Rama’s headquarters! This was Heksu’s Scavenger ability. Heksu’s occupation was assistance since as collecting items, identifying items, repair or upgrading items, as well as determining the terrain of a dungeon or building through special technology. He still didn’t want to become Heksu’s successor but…..

‘This profession will clearly be a big help on adventures!’

So Ark listened to some of Heksu’s wishes.

“How about it, do you understand it better now?”

“Yes, a little.”

“Huhuhu, you are wise.”

Heksu gloated as he patted Hegel’s sleek head. Ark gave Hegel to Heksu who was desiring a successor. Hegel might not have any combat capability but he was clever enough to calculate the trajectory of missiles. Fortunately Heksu quite liked Hegel.

‘Once again, it truly is an excellent choice.’

He handed someone loyal over to the persistently clingy Heksu! This was how Ark managed to grow his summons in the previous game.

“Good work. Please transmit the information to the members’ Nymphes.”

“I understand.”

Heksu operated his Nymphe and the map was sent to all the members’ Nymphes.

“Now, let’s get started. Our time limit is 30 minutes. Don’t bother saving your Fire bullets or other special ammunition. If we destroy the Star Gate then we will have played the main role in the victory. The galactic federations can pay back the cost of the bullets!”


Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok!

The detachment cheered and loaded their firearms. They couldn’t make a lot of noise once they entered the headquarters. The only thing left was speed!


The crew ran into the headquarters. There were dozens of complex passages within the headquarters. However, there was no reason to get lost thanks to Heksu’s map. A 3D map rose from the Nymphe and indicated the position of the Star Gate. Ark and the detachment shot like the wind towards that location. They ran into some Rama warriors along the way but it wasn’t a problem.

-Heok! Y-you guys……?

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

It was a scary assault by 30 guns! The Rama warrior was riddled with holes and collapsed. It was truly overwhelming! One or two Rama warriors couldn’t slow down their rush.

“Pippin, Jupiter, install C-6 in 100 metre intervals. Do it quickly!”

“I understand.”

Two members obeyed Clem’s orders and installed C-6 at every corner.

-C-6 has been installed.


The pre-set timer has been activated.

<50 minutes……49 minutes 59 seconds……49 minutes and 58 seconds……>

-C-6 has been installed.


The pre-set timer has been activated.

<40 minutes……39 minutes 59 seconds……39 minutes and 58 seconds……>

The timer of Ark’s C-6 also floated in front of him. The C-6 Ark attached to the Fairy had a time limit of 1 hour.  However, the C-6 the crew attached had a limit of 50 minutes, 40 minutes……it became increasingly less.  Ark had shortened the time so that they would all blow up simultaneously. And……

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

–Heok! T-the federation! How did the federation get here?

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

–Kuack! N-no! We must defend this place!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

–Damn, there are too many of them!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

They rushed forward and fired their guns for 30 minutes. Ark and the detachment defeated 20 Rama and finally arrived at a huge underground hangar. In the centre of a hanger was a spiral shaped object with swirling blue light. And a 3D image of the galaxy was shown on the ceiling.

“W-we arrived! The Rama’s Star Gate!”

They had finally arrived at the Rama’s Star Gate.

‘By the way, did the Star Gate originally emit such an intense light?’

Ark frowned as he looked at the swirling blue lights. Ark had seen the Star Gate twice, once when he left R-14 and once when he arrived at Beltana. Back then the Star Gate emitted light but only enough for dozens of fireflies to wrap around his body. It also only flashed when Ark moved. However, the Rama’s Star Gate seemed like a huge pillar of light.

‘Well, the Rama’s Star Gate might just be a little different.’

Ark didn’t think about it too deeply. He couldn’t afford to think deeply about it.

“There is no time. 30 minutes has already passed. We have to escape the base before the C-6 explodes! Pippin, Jupiter, meticulously install the C-6 in every corner. The timer is 30 minutes. Ark, the rest of the crew will wait at the entrance in case of a surprise attack.”

And they waited a short time.

“Captain-nim, the installation is over!”

“Okay. Shall we leave now? Ark, let’s go!”

Clem said as he looked at Ark.


–Karam! Tu! Raminata! Irikuna bam! BK-III, BK-IV, kuram…..

Sirens started ringing and mechanical sounds emerged from the loudspeaker. Clem and the members faces inside the hanger warped.

“Dammit, is there an emergency situation in the base?”

“That’s not it.”

Ark turned around with surprise and said. Clem couldn’t understand but Ark had heard the broadcast just now.

-All workers immediately leave the hangar. In 30 seconds the experiments BK-III and BK-IV will be transferred over from the home planet. The is risk involved with the transmission so all workers should immediately leave the hanger.

“Something is being transferred here!”

Ark exclaimed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The blue light swirled and exploded violently. Ark, Clem and the members gathered at the hangar entrance were pushed back several metres. Ark rolled on the ground and raised his head. The violently swirling light gradually subsided…..and ‘it’ appeared.

‘We’ve arrived! We’re almost there!’

Valencia looked at the battlefield with a flushed face. His heart beat wildly with every step. For the last two days, the federation army had been pushing back the Rama’s defense lines with ammunition and attack. The Rama had retreated little by little from the furious attack until they were only 5 km away from the base. The last line of defense persistently resisted but……

‘No one can stop us now!’

The surprise attack of the armoured squadron was decisive. While they were resisting the firepower, Valencia led the armoured platoon down for a surprise attack.  The defense line had already suffered terrible damage and the armoured platoon managed to destroy 20 tanks with only 3 casualties. The tanks were the core of the core of the heavy weapons! The Rama suffered heavy losses to their core power and were forced to withdraw. The federation army pursued the Rama. No, they weren’t chasing the retreating Rama army. The federation’s goal from the beginning was the Fairy and Star Gate at the Rama’s base.

“Heh, it ends here. Now there are no more places for you to withdraw to.”

Finally the federation army had marched right in front of the Rama base. They had first encountered the Rama 15 km from the base. For two days the federation had suffered significant damage. Out of 700 soldiers, 400 had died while they lost 5 tanks and 2 battle suits. They lost approximately 60% of their power. However, the Rama suffered even more serious damage. The 1,000 strong army with both Rama and Carack were reduced to 100 people. Their tanks were also destroyed so they had lost 80~90% of their power. In the end, the Rama were pushed back to their base. The Rama army had nowhere left to run. They were also tattered so one more attack would wipe them out.

“Give up. The war is over.”

Valencia already felt like he was the winner. Then he heard the voice of the Rama commander who was 200 metres away.

“Baram, kum madaraka daranium, akani karamanada!”

He couldn’t understand what they were saying. Valencia turned around and a communication soldier quickly translated.

–Not yet you cheeky federation trash. No, it is just starting now!

“That foolish bastard.”

Valencia laughed at his ludicrous words. And he raised his hand to signal an attack.

Kukung! Kukung! Kukung!

There was suddenly a ringing sound from the headquarters of the Rama base. The Rama commander laughed as the headquarters started vibrating.

–Hahahaha! It came! It has arrived! Stupid federal trash! It is good that you guys came here! I’ll compliment you for managing to find this place. I’ll pay my respects to a fellow warrior. But it was a stupid thing to do. This place will be your grave. I’ll show you the fearful existence that the Rama created! Now, come out!

“A fearful existence? What does that……”

He was uncomfortable after hearing the noise. Valencia and the federation army turned and looked at the Rama’s headquarters. All the eyes of the federation and Rama army were concentrated on that building.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku! Chiiiii!

There was a roar and one wall of the headquarters split from side to side. The amazing thing that appeared……

“Huk! W-what the hell?”

–Huk, w-what the hell?

Valencia and the Rama commander said at the same time. A soldier had emerged from the split wall. Surprisingly 20 more federation soldiers appeared while covered in blood and dust. Valencia knew these soldiers!

“T-these guys?”

He muttered with a confused expression.

“What? It is the federation army. The main body already got here?”

“The Rama army is on the opposite side. Did we get the timing wrong?”

The soldiers from the headquarters said nosily as the surveyed the area.

“Now isn’t the time for that! Jump!”

“Ah! T-that’s right! Jump!”

The soldiers started running forward. They jumped forward and covered their head as they landed on the ground.


There was 200 metres between the Rama and federation army. 400 soldiers from both sides looked at the soldiers with stupid eyes. Both the Rama and federation were confused about how federation soldiers managed to emerge from the headquarters. And why on earth were they sliding between both sides? But the most confused person was Valencia.

“Why are they here? That person was clearly……”

Valencia murmured with confusion.


Suddenly a roar was heard from the Rama’s base. Valencia and the Rama commander both screamed at the same time.


The Rama’s Fairy was wrapped in flames! And that was just the beginning.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Dozens of explosions simultaneously occurred. At the same time an information window appeared in front of Valencia and the 300 federation members.

-The Rama’s Fairy on Beltana has been destroyed!

-The Rama’s Star Gate on Beltana has been destroyed!

-All of the federation soldiers on Beltana will be given bonus points for winning!


“The Fairy and the Star Gate……”

Valencia murmured with a dumb expression. This was one way to end a war on a disputed planet.

Naturally many achievement points would be given for the destruction of the Fairy and Star Gate! This was the reason Valencia fought so hard for the last few days. Valencia received achievements for reporting the location of the Rama’s base. If he also destroyed the Fairy and Star Gate then it would be colossal achievements. He would become a hero who ended the Beltana war. So he fought while shedding blood for the last two days. And he finally advanced right in front of the Rama’s base. Yet…..yet…..

It had immediately exploded. The guy, of all people……


Valencia could recognize him with one glance. The guy who ran away from the enemy’s headquarters was Ark! And following Ark were the prisoners. He didn’t know who the other soldiers were. He had no interest in why Ark who he thought was dead suddenly appeared from the headquarters. The most important thing to Valencia was that they managed to destroy the Fairy and Star Gate. Now that fellow Ark was lying on the ground in front of him.

“This is ridiculous! They can’t do this!”

An unbearable amount of anger built up inside him. Valencia and the Rama commander were both furious for different reasons. The Fairy and Star Gate were destroyed so the Rama’s defeat was already confirmed! And…..

-Kill! Those bastards! Kill those bastards!

“Kill! Those bastards! Kill those bastards!”

Valencia shouted at the same time as the Rama commander. The Rama immediately lifted their weapons but the federation soldiers looked puzzled.

“Huh? Kill them? Attack the Rama?”

“Dammit! Shut up!”

Valencia shouted angrily and lifted his Gatling gun. So 100 Rama and Valencia attacked Ark’s group!

Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Syu syu syu syu! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Suddenly dozens of missiles flew and a sea of fire was created. The Rama and federation ran about in confusion from the absurd bombing. They looked at the direction the missiles flew from and screamed.

“Huk! W-what the hell?”

“An enormous shadow has appeared at the exploded base……”

“That absurd size! P-perhaps that……?”

Black smoke was blowing from the shattered Rama headquarters. Two massive shadows lumbered from the rubble of the headquarters and scattered the smoke with every step. A huge foot appeared from the smoke. The foot was attached to a glossy, red metal. The sharp claws on the feet split the smoke and a huge form showed up. It was a large, red, glossy metal form with a variety of weapons! It looked like one of the Rama’s biological soldiers but the size was huge. The body was similar to an ostrich but the size was 50 metres!

“Oh my god! T-that…..”

Pedro who was near Valencia stuttered with a pale face.

“Gigantic! It is the Rama’s Gigantic! A beast type Gigantic that hasn’t been seen yet!”

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