Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 6 Chapter 7

SPACE 7. Enemy Unknown


Ark clicked his tongue. The interior of Mt. Fargo was divided into three layers. Ark and his companions moved from the upper layer to the intermediate layer underneath it. And the dungeon was inside a mountain so naturally the layer became wider as they descended.

‘It is impossible for me to move to the lowest layer even in a group. But I should take this opportunity while I have companions to fully explore the intermediate level.’

Ark determined. And he used the hell hounds to lure the Thanatos and herd the group back inside the dungeon. Unfortunately the timing matched up to when 3 other parties were at the exit.

“Please help! I’ll give you a gallstone if you help us!”

The breathless Slayer uttered an SOS! He made an alliance with the 3 parties and they disposed of the Thanatos and hell hounds.

‘Damn, only 2~3 more hours and I would’ve explored everywhere in this layer……’

It was a very regrettable thing for Ark.

“I’m alive!”

“Now I’m able to sleep!”

The zombie like Slayer and Leon burst out as they exited the dungeon. Melina also quietly cheered.

‘It is easy to understand why those two guys are eager.’

Ark initially couldn’t understand Slayer and Leon when he first joined the party. This was a game. Most of it might be the power of science but there were plenty of pretty women. Melina wasn’t extremely pretty compared to others. Now he could understand why Slayer and Leon were crazy about her. She had wandered the intermediate layer for 20 hours and hadn’t complained once. Of course, the party was in the intermediate layer because of her so she wasn’t in a position to complain. But she had clearly reached her limits. Yet she still listened to Slayer and Leon’s silly jokes and laughed sincerely.  Men went crazy over little things like this.

‘Is this the end for today?’

Ark looked at the party and said to them.

“Everybody is tired so let’s return to the village first.”

“Yes, let’s go quickly.”

Ark suddenly took the role of the leader in the party. Ark aggressively pushed Leon and Slayer when they were tired so now they were used to listening to him. And Slayer who was the actual leader had panicked in the beginning.

‘I couldn’t search everywhere but the income isn’t bad.’

He gained 2 levels and reached level 82 thanks to steadily hunting the level 150 Thanatos. And the Thanatos also dropped at least 80 gold. It was shared among the party except for Milan so every person got 20 gold. This wasn’t bad but there were some separate loot.



Item Type: Reinforcement Materials

It is a special material that acts as the catalyst to fuse two weapons or two equipment together to improve the performance. The improvement will depend on 3 conditions, the materials used, the skill of the artisan and the rating of the gallstone.

However, if the gallstone is used to strength the same item more than 3 times then the probability of success will fall.

Gallstone! It was the reason why users gathered at Mt. Fargo. This time they obtained 9 gallstones. There were 3 lower class and 6 intermediate class.

“It is quite vague……”

“Slayer-nim and Leon-nim have already strengthened their equipment a few times? Then you’ll need intermediate level so let’s split the intermediate between the two of you. I’m willing to receive the 3 beginner ones.”

Ark neatly organized the situation. It was natural for intermediate class to be higher than lower class. If he looked at the price then it was quite a bit of damage. But Ark conceded it easily. There was still tomorrow. He was going to make sure that they cleared 100% of Mt. Fargo’s dungeon with this party. The bizarre love triangle between Slayer, Leon and Melina made the group easy to steer.

“Then let’s stop here today and I’ll see you in 6 hours.”

“Huh? 6 hours?”

“We need at least 10 hours……”

“What use is sleeping that long? It is better to earn more money. Right now there aren’t a lot of users yet but that will change once this area becomes a formal sector. The users will grow exponentially and it won’t be easy to find Thanatos anymore. After we become accustomed to the intermediate layer tomorrow, we should go down to the bottom layer.”

“B-bottom layer?”

“Slayer-nim and Leon-nim both gained 2 levels on this hunt. If both of you are this strong then it will be fine to descend to the bottom layer.”

“I agree.”

Melina smiled at Ark and nodded. Her words made the situation simple.

“I understand. 6 hours…..yes, we’ll meet here in 6 hours.”

The party disbanded and just as they were about to shut down the connection.

Kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang!

The ground shook like an earthquake was occurring.

“What, what the? This is?”

Ark wasn’t the only one confused. All the pioneers in the village made exclamations of confusion at the sudden roaring sound. Their eyes looked at a huge rocket that had plunged into the village. Several rockets had fallen all over the village like meteorites.

“W-what is that? What’s going on…..?”

“Is the Laius company doing something?”

The pioneers murmured to each other. Suddenly a huge number of shadows started flowing out from a rocket lodged in the ground. They were people approximately 1 metre and wearing black rags? Aliens? No, their species didn’t matter. The important thing was the weapons in their hands! There was huge scythes, machine guns and RPGs!

“What, what the? These guys are?”

“S-space pirates? Space pirates are attacking!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

At the same time there was a burst of heat from the village entrance. The people wearing black rags started to rampage towards the pioneers.

“Ugh, those bastards! Fight! They’re all enemies!”

The pioneers also took out their weapons. However the number of people wearing black rags wasn’t a joke. They numbered more than the people gathered in the village! The few pioneers at the entrance of the village were trampled by the black rags entering. This wasn’t a formal sector so it didn’t have any defensive facilities. Once the black rags entered, the scattered pioneers couldn’t fight properly and were soon defeated.

“T-this is ridiculous!”

“We’re supposed to sleep! Let’s just die!”

Slayer and Leon grabbed their heads and screamed. But the black rags wouldn’t understand their circumstances. There was a scream and the black rags appeared right in front of Ark’s group. Ark shouted in a desperate tone.

“Slayer-nim, Leon-nim, please be steady! We need you!”

“But there are so many of them……”

Pepeng! Kukukukung!

Then a trailer truck right next to them exploded. When he turned his head, 10 people wearing black rags were jumping over the collapsed truck. They also fired a shower of bullets!

“Ugh! I can’t die like this! We have to live and return! I can’t die!”

Slayer placed a giant shield on the ground and shouted. The shield had a tremendous weight so the defense power must be at least 400. It couldn’t be stored in the bag so it had to be inconveniently carried around like a tortoise shell on his back. But the defense and high resistance couldn’t be compared to any other shield. It was a moving wall!


“Ugh! Dammit! RPG!”

Slayer cursed as he was blown back a few metres. One of the black rags had fired a RPG. Even the moving wall couldn’t ignore the damage from the RPG.

“Damn! Precision Aim! Straight Fire! Super Magnetic Shot!”

Tututung! Tututung!

Rays continuously flashed from Leon’s rail gun. Headshot! The head of the black rag firing the RPG exploded and it collapsed. However Slayer was no longer playing the role of the shield so the black rags managed to flock around the group. And one of them swung a scythe.


Ark avoided the scythe and moved towards Melina. A sickle was also heading towards her! He couldn’t afford to worry about Slayer or Leon’s sensibilities at the moment. Ark grabbed her waist and used taekwondo to move his body.


Melina’s eyes widened. But there was no room for Ark to answer.

“Fire Eagle P-40!”


Flames shot out and the black rags bounced back. The rag was torn open to reveal an alien that looked like a frog.

“Kero clan? Isn’t that the Kero clan? Why are these guys……?”

Melina cried out with surprise and Leon turned around.

“This isn’t the time to be discouraged. Please help. Milan, protect Melina-nim!”

“Huh? Yes Hyung-nim!”

Milan grabbed his machine gun and jumped to Melina’s side. Melina scattered her recovery and buffs and Slayer and Leon soon got back into position. Slayer stopped the Kero’s attacks with his shield and broke their heads using his mace while Leon stayed behind and shot them. Ark also wasn’t idle.  He was mindful of the atmosphere in the dungeon and had only used Carmela’s sword. Now his left hand held the Fire Eagle while his right hand held Carmela’s sword.

Kakang! Kakakakak! Pepeng!

He stopped the scythe with his sword while he fired at the Kero’s head with his shotgun.

‘These fellows are too weak to worry about. But……’

Ark eyed the flames rising from the village. It was like the village was a candy and ants were swarming all over it. The odds weren’t in their favour even if the pioneers in the village united to fight directly. It was especially bad thanks to the element of surprise. So the Kero swarmed over the scattered pioneers and killed them.

‘We won’t be able to hold up much longer. No, there is no meaning even if we endure it. There is only a low chance of success even if the power of the users were collected. If I gather the users……’

Ark suddenly raised his head.

‘That’s it! A place where the users can gather!’

Ark was looking at Laius’ research centre located on one side of Mt. Fargo. It was a large building made of metal with a shield surrounding it. It was a research centre so it had a large number of defense facilities. His worries didn’t last long.

“Slayer-nim, Leon-nim, we have to move over there!”

The two of them immediately realized Ark’s intention. Slayer took a deep breath and grabbed his shield.

“Okay! Stay behind me! Steel Dash!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Slayer charged through the Kero clan like a large truck. Ark who was shooting behind him with Leon shouted.

“Melina-nim, can you use any amplification magic?”

“Yes I can.”

“Then walk with Milan. Milan, I want you to shout as loud as possible. Tell people to gather at Laius’ research centre. Slayer-nim, we need as much allies as possible. We need to look for nearby pioneers while heading towards the research centre. If our numbers increase then the risk will decrease even if we take a while.”

“I understand what you’re saying!”

“Then…..let’s break through!”

Tututung! Tututung! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Ark and Slayer ran across the village.


“Pant pant pant!”

“Pant pant pant, pant pant pant!”

Rough breathing could be heard. It was reasonable. They had fought without any breaks for many hours and then unidentified enemies suddenly attacked. It was natural for the two of them to breathe harshly.

‘Phew, we’ve arrived.’

Ark panted as he looked around. It was the Laius building made of metal and surrounded by a shield.

‘The danger has passed for the moment. Now the problem is……’

While Ark was busy thinking.

“Thank you.”

“I’m alive thanks to you.”

10 users flocked around Ark. They had either heard Milan’s yell on the way to the research centre or the party helped them directly. The reason they flocked to Ark was because the formal leader Slayer had started napping in a corner the moment they arrived at the research centre. Therefore Ark was considered the one in charge. They saw that he didn’t give up to the end and even through himself in front of bullets that were about to hit an ally. Of course, he didn’t do this because of kindness.

‘There are 1,000 of them. When combined with those who moved to other areas, there are thousands of them. The situation would change if there was no shield around the research centre.  The most important thing is to gather troops!’

This was the first reason. And the second one was……

-Proof of Faith: Rescue your colleagues (142/200)

It was the conditions of his occupation quest! Ark didn’t forget about it no matter how much the circumstances deteriorated. However, Ark was inevitably seen as a person who sacrificed himself for other users. Their eyes were all saying thank you. Anyway, many people managed to take refuge in the research centre thanks to Ark’s efforts.

‘There are approximately 150 people……’

Ark had brought around 60 people. And 90 people had taken refuge on their own. Of course there were many more pioneers gathered at Mt. Fargo. But most of them were inside the dungeon. And the Kero clan had controlled everywhere except for the research centre. Even if they appeared they would just be defeated by the overwhelming numbers. Therefore these were the only pioneers that could oppose them. A user then spoke with a pained expression.

“I don’t know what’s going on. Does anyone know who they are?”

Everybody gathered shook their heads.

“Anyway, we should worry about the future rather than their identities. They stopped their attacks for a while but they are gathering in front of the research centre. They’re probably arranging their formations. We can’t think this place is safe considering their power.”

There was a heavy silence after Ark’s words. Mt. Fargo was located quite deeply in the Outlands. It meant that most users here had a high level. They had plenty of fighting experience so he didn’t need to explain how severe the situation was. This wasn’t a formal sector so it didn’t even have a Fairy. Like Ark, all the pioneers registered at a nearby sector and walked here. Most users stayed here for days to collect the gallstones. If they were killed in battle then they would lose all that experience.

“Everyone needs to unite and discuss how to defeat the enemies.”

“There needs to be a chain of command. If everyone plays separately then we’ll just be killed.”

“Then let’s pick a commander.”

As expected from experienced users.

“I recommend Alan-nim.”

A user with a tattoo carved on his face said.

“It isn’t simply because you saved me. During a sudden attack he was able to make a quick judgement to make the research centre the base. He also led everyone here so I think he is the best fit to be the commander. There are people here that are higher levelled than Alan-nim but level is a separate matter.”

“I also have the same idea.”

“We don’t know each other well enough so Alan-nim is clearly the best fit for command. But that isn’t the problem. They came in separately so they’ll probably disagree……”

The man pointed at the users scattered around. 90 people had sought refuge on their own.

“It will be meaningly if some of the soldiers don’t listen to the commander.”

“I’ll talk with those people.”

The man with the tattoo said and stood up.

“Everybody pay attention!”

A group of people appeared inside the research institute and shouted. It was Director Bain of the research institute and his guards.

“Everybody is puzzled by the sudden situation. But please don’t worry. In case of unforeseen calamities, the shield around this research institute can stop 5 missiles at the same time. It won’t easily collapse from the enemy’s attack. We also sent a carrier to the Laius branch in Sidellin when this attack started. Laius’ defense army will arrive within 24 hours at the latest!”

“Then we just need to endure for 1 day?”

“We can live?”

“It is good that I came here to escape!”

The crowd of pioneers started murmuring at Bain’s words. Then Bain smiled and said.

“Please rest assured. The Laius company with take responsibility and protect everybody. However everybody needs to pay a fee.”


“Yes, 50 gold per person. This is the fee to stay in the research institute.”

“No way! Asking for money in such a situation?”

“This world isn’t free. This facility is the private property of the Laius company. Our guards will also be arriving tomorrow to rescue everyone. Then isn’t it natural to pay a fee? In addition, the guards will be under my jurisdiction once they reach the research centre so they’ll have to obey my commands. If you don’t like it then you should leave.”

“Don’t make me laugh you asshole!”

“How despicable! Saying this now?”

The pioneers cursed as they took out their japtem. But Ark had no intention of abusing them. No, he was thinking that it was lucky. He took shelter in the centre because it was possible to make a base from it but defense was defense. The shield had to endure. He couldn’t guarantee their safety and it was difficult to escape the crisis with 150 people. Fortunately Bain had sent a carrier message to the guards from the company.

It would take one day for them to arrive. And the facility had a large number of defences so it wouldn’t be that hard to endure for one day. In other words, their lives were worth 50 gold. It was amazing that they wanted to pay a fee to use the facility in this situation but the value wasn’t that high compared to their lives.

‘Even so…..that guy has quite a bit of business sense?’

The pioneers needed the institute. The facility had a large number of defences but the Kero clan would eventually defeat the shield. No matter how good the facility, a minimum number of forces were required. But Bain didn’t say a word about it. He was acting like he was helping one-sidedly. Therefore the users had no choice but to pay the fee. Ark had only been here for two days and he already gained two levels. When combined with the journey to this place, that was a total of 3 levels. 50 gold wasn’t a lot compared to the experience he would have to give up. It wasn’t necessary to talk about the users who had been here longer than Ark.

‘You don’t need to hurry. I….eh?”

Ark who had been looking at Bain suddenly narrowed his eyes. While the pioneers were busy cursing and throwing japtem at Bain, a hazy shadow seemed to be moving. He could recognize what it was with one glance. The blurry shadow was similar to when Ark was in stealth mode.

“Who is it? Why would someone be using Stealth here? Eh?”

Ark stared at the shadow with confusion. If Ark noticed them then he could see through stealth with his Clairvoyance ability. Narrowing his eyes made his Clairvoyance ability rise. The blurry shadow was surprisingly someone that Ark knew. It was Valencia! Valencia was with the robed man who stopped their previous fight and some other people.

‘Was he involved in Valencia’s bribery matter? No, why is that guy moving using stealth mode?’

Something……something stank……

He smelt something awful!

“I don’t understand but I can’t pretend not to see this.”

Ark grinned as he looked at Valencia’s group.

“Uh Hyung-nim?”

Milan who had been cursing Bain looked around doubtfully. But Ark had already changed into a ghost and followed after Valencia.



A man muttered in a low voice. The man with the jaw square was Valencia. Next to him was the robed man and a few others.

“This is the panel where the main energy supplying the research centre’s shield is. If we destroy this then the shield will be released.”

“Thanks for the good work.”

“Then the promise……?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already contacted them. You will come with me to that place as soon as this finishes. And you will become a glorious warrior.”

The robed man replied with a light smile. Valencia made a satisfied expression before lowering his voice and asking.

“By the way, what are you looking for here? Isn’t it simply the gallstones?”

“You will come to realize the reason once this situation finished.”

“Can’t you just tell me?”

“I want to but there is no time. The galactic federation isn’t filled with morons. We prepared a Drop Ship that looked like a meteorite but they will soon notice our presence. Even if that isn’t the case, pioneers will soon resurrect at the Fairy and they will tell either the federation or the Laius company. We have to hurry if we want to finish before they arrive.”

“I understand. But…..this panel is protected by a thicker partition than I thought. It seems like general explosives won’t work on it……if we attempt many explosions then people inside the research institute will sense it.”

“Just leave it to me.”

The robed man approached the giant metal sphere containing the panel for the shield. He muttered something and a red light appeared around his palms. He placed his hands on the thick partition protecting the panel and it started to melt like a candle.

‘Those bastards, what are they doing now?’

Ark looked at Valencia’s group with an amazed expression. Ark had been secretly following Valencia using Stealth. Ark had chased after these guys because he smelt something foul. According to Ark’s experience, they were planning to grab a weakness so they could squeeze something out later. However their ulterior motives were more serious than Ark expected. These guys were located at the rear of the research centre. While two soldiers were guarding them, Valencia and the robed man were doing something to a metal sphere. Judging by their conversation, he guessed that it supplied the power to the institute’s shield. They were hiding here to destroy the energy panel. If he analysed the overall situation……

‘Oh my god! Those bastards, are they behind the space pirates?’

He could only think like that.

‘Those space pirates attacked a place cut off from the federation. Those bastards really…..’

But now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that. He wasn’t sure what skill it was but the robed man was melting the sphere protecting the panel. At this rate it seemed like it was going to completely melt in a few minutes. It would blow up! The shield around the research institute would collapse.

‘If the shield is turned off then we have no way to stop them. It was likely that everyone will be wiped out before the guards from the Laius company arrives. I have to stop it somehow!’

–Melina-nim, can you hear me?

Ark immediately whispered towards Melina.

–Alan-nim? Where are you? This place is a mess.

-For certain reasons I’m at the rear of the research centre. Is there anyone you can ask for help in the area? No, the centre’s director. Please pass on my words to the director.

–I can’t do that right now. People are angry at his words and arguments have started. I don’t have a way to get to him.


The situation was so messy that it was impossible to ask for help!

–What about Slayer-nim and Leon-nim? Those two, have they exited yet?

–They’re dozing in a corner.

–Then bring them along with Milan! Hurry! I’ll explain later!

-Huh? Huh? U-understood. I’ll give it a try.

He heard Melina’s reply but the circumstances meant he couldn’t wait. The man’s hand was already reaching through the partition. The shield around the energy was so tough that explosives couldn’t melt it but underneath were just mechanical parts. One grenade could destroy it. All the shields would then be released. Everybody would die.

‘I have to buy some time. However the problem is Valencia and those three.’

He might’ve killed him on Beltana but Ark had never fought directly with Valencia. Ark had grown since Beltana but the leader of an armoured platoon wasn’t an easy opponent. There was no guarantee he could win. Valencia also had the robed man and two henchmen with him. The odds were against him if Ark started a fight.

‘If it is Valencia……’

“Hey! Who’s this? Valencia?”

Ark considered for a while before suddenly jumping out and shouting. The robed man flinched and his hand dropped from the sphere when Ark walked out. Valencia and the robed man moved in front of the sphere to hide the hole from Ark’s eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Me? I am this person.”

Ark laughed and turned off the function of the Hyde Helmet. Valencia and his henchmen’s faces warped.

“Ark! How did you get here?”

“I’ll tell you. I was looking around the institute…..but why are you gathered in a place like this? Do you go far away to find a place to pee? I don’t think you have time to be playing around when we’re cut off from the federation. You were the armoured platoon leader on Beltana so you should know this.”

“……Do you want to die?”

“That’s not it. You should ask if I want to kill you. And the answer is yes.”

Ark carelessly said towards Valencia.

“There were a lot of people around at the time so I left it alone but it really makes me furious. Honestly, aren’t you someone who already lost to me? Why did I have to be shamed after that situation? So I was thinking. I should step on you in our next encounter. And here you are! Didn’t we meet?”

“You dare speak like that……”

Valencia’s face turned red and he took one step forward. Then the robed man sent him a look. The two henchmen also stepped forward next to Valencia. Ark’s lips curled up.

“I see how it is. I was thinking you left too obediently at that time. You didn’t have any subordinates to help you. Fine, that is just like you. Even on Beltana you were also surrounded by your followers. Okay, I’ll jump forward even though I’m afraid. I’ll knock all of you down in the same way. Let’s jump hey”

Valencia growled in a rough voice.

“Belt, Seth, step aside!”

‘……Just as I thought.’

Ark’s eyes narrowed and he inwardly laughed. Ark had met a lot of guys like Valencia in New World. They were arrogant and treated others badly. Their main feature was their ego. In order words, Ark could make them respond the way he wanted by scratching at their ego. The robed man then frowned and yelled.

“Sir Valencia!”

“This won’t take long.”

“Of course. I would become embarrassing if I took a long time to defeat you!”

“Impertinent fellow! I’ll tear you apart!”

Valencia ran towards Ark while grabbing a rod from his waist. At the same time a blue ray rose from the rod. It was the beam sword common in SF movies. It had high attack power so it was a quite expensive item.

‘I’m a bit envious……’

However Ark’s equipment also wasn’t inferior.

“Impact Sword!”

It was the Impact Sword he obtained from the pyramid! It was a level 40 sword but it was a unique sword with higher damage than Carmela’s sword. The disadvantage was that it was a two handed sword so Ark didn’t use it as often these days but he took it out for this situation. Currently he used the Fire Eagle often but Ark’s main strength was in martial arts. And the opponent was also attacking with a sword. There was no need to complicate the situation with guns.

‘A 1 on 1 battle with a sword…..I’m so thankful that tears are falling.’


Valencia brought down the beam sword and shouted. Ark blocked the beam sword and replied.

“I don’t want to!”


Sparks flew as the two blades collided with each other. Valencia withdrew when Ark blocked his attack and took a deep breath before unleashing a series of quick attacks. It was to the extent that afterimages of dozens of blades formed!

‘Eh, eh, eh? This is?’

Ark winced with a confused expression. Usually smug guys like Valencia were 90% empty. But Valencia turned out to be a surprisingly formidable opponent. He could sense it from the first strike. And the angle of the sword and the stance was remarkable. It was clear that he had experience with the  Furthermore, the blade of the beam sword was made with light. Except for the rod, the remaining weight was 0. The sword was so light it was like his hands were empty. Naturally the speed of his sword swings would be incredibly fast. In addition, the light moved more freely then a normal sword so it could be moved at difficult angles.

This was the reason why users were enthusiastic about lightsabers.


Pajijijik! Kakakak!

Ark brought down his sword with incredibly speed and Valencia jumped back with surprise. The sword barely passed by the tip of his nose.

‘Speed isn’t the one thing required to swing a sword.’

Ark had gone through training with Lee Myung-ryong who wanted to turn him into Superman! Not a lot of people knew this but he knew one of the best swordsmen in the country.

-I’m opposed to the use of weapons but it isn’t a bad technique to learn. Those were his words.

And he threw everything at Ark who was his student.

‘Valencia…..he seems to have learnt martial arts like kendo. That’s why he has confidence in his sword skills. Yes, it definitely isn’t normal. He clearly has some skills. But…..I shed twice the amount of blood when learning fencing!’

Lee Myung-ryong’s acquaintances were as skilled as he was. They knew that person’s student wouldn’t die so easily. So they firmly beat him up. He didn’t die. He had to eat an iron pill because he would get nosebleeds every day. But he didn’t die. Ark realized it at that moment. He would do anything in order to live. And Ark was trained in swordplay. A sword to help him live!

‘My weight is different from yours.’

It was actually different. It was a two handed sword against a lightsaber. There was a huge difference in speed but speed wasn’t that important. It was how and where he struck. One attack accomplished correctly was better than one hundred wasteful attacks. And a heavy sword wasn’t necessarily slow. If he used inertia then a heavy object could fall quicker. There were several core principles to using a sword.

‘Although he avoided it…..’

Half of him made sure that it could be avoided. Ark was convinced that he could win in a sword battle. However, if it became too one-sided then Belt and Seth might interrupt.

‘I need to make it look like we’re on a similar level until Slayer arrives!’

“Why? Are you scared? You definitely should be frightened.”

Of course Ark didn’t forget to mix in some taunts as well.

“Scared? I’m just playing around. You seem to be lasting well but how long can you hold up? I’ll smash you!”

Valencia once again rushed forward and swung his lightsaber. Sparks kept on flying as the two swords collided. The speed of the defense and attack were hard to keep up with! There were hardly any changes from the beginning of the battle but their health started to decrease at a rapid pace. Skills started to become mixed with the sword so damage started occurring. But the game was still 50-50! Valencia had stronger sword related skills but Ark was overwhelming with his swordplay itself. Therefore both Ark and Valencia’s health fell to 50%.

“W-what is this?”

A baffled exclamation was heard from behind them. The people looking with confused eyes were Slayer, Leon, Melina and Milan.

“What, what the? Why are they hitting each other in a place like this?”

“Slayer-nim, Leon-nim, take care of that robed man! He is trying to blow up the panel supplying energy to the research centre’s shield! You have to stop him!”

“Eek? T-this voice is Alan-nim?”

“T-that person fighting over there is Alan-nim? But…..the face is normal!”

“I don’t have time to explain in detail! If you don’t take care of him then the people inside the research centre will be completely wiped out!”

“Ugh! This bastard, he was just buying time!”

The robed man growled out. Then his red hands once again started creating a hole in the metal sphere.

“T-this guy is doing something?”

“Didn’t you hear Alan-nim’s words? We have to stop him!”

“Y-yes! I don’t understand but let’s just go!”

Slayer and Leon instantly ran forward after hearing Melina’s angry words.

“We won’t let you! Kill them!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Belt and Seth took out their M-60’s and started shooting. Blood poured from Slayer and Leon’s body as they rushed forward.

……It was good up to there.

The two of them had been awake for 30 hours! They had no motivation even while being fired upon with a shower of bullets. But the next moment! The situation immediately changed the moment a bullet hit Melina.


“Ugh! Melina-nim! Blood! Blood!”

“These scums dare hit her!”

“Ohhhh! I’m going to kill you! Let’s go Leon! Steel Dash!”

The angry Slayer panted and charged. The bullets couldn’t do anything against the thick alloy his shield was made of. Slayer swung his mace and Belt and Seth were forced to put away the machine gun. Then the rays from Leon’s rail gun came from the back. Their combat power was no joke once Slayer and Leon fully decided to engage in battle. They were a charge type guardian and a specialist in firearms and they had selected their body coatings based on that. The two of them had always played together so it was like getting set of 2 people for the price of 1. The selected body coating complemented their strengths and weaknesses. Slayer and Leon were like 1+1=3. Then their power x2 once Melina joined! A healer was essential to any party so it was natural. Anyway, Melina was a woman who made their combat power climb sharply.

“Ugh! What, what the? These guys…..”

With Melina healing Slayer and the support from Leon and Milan, the situation quickly turned. And when it came to Ark……

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

‘Dammit, I shouldn’t have been so smug!’

He cursed as he rolled away from the hail of bullets. It was when Slayer’s group appeared.

“S-surely not…..”

Valencia glared at Ark. At that moment Ark slid his blade down Valencia’s chest.

“Impact Shot!”

Bullets were fired from his sword handle. This was the double attack possible with his Impact Sword! Valencia never expected that attack and retreated. Ark raised his Impact Sword and laughed.

“Did you see it? Yes, of course you did. Aren’t you thankful?”


“You don’t have to be so impressed. Soon I will kill you.”

Ark stepped towards Valencia. At that moment Valencia’s bag opened and a capsule popped out. It spun in the air before forming armour around Valencia. This was the federation’s battle suit!

“What? I heard that was seized…..the beam sword to…..did you buy it with the money from prisoners on Beltana? But I also have something like that! Armour armament!”

Armour also wound around Ark’s body at that moment. It was the battle suit that looked like a creature rather than a machine. Valencia murmured with a surprised expression.

“The Rama clan’s……”

“It is a long explanation. So just die.”

If both sides were wearing battle suits then their power should be almost equal! Or so Ark thought. But the next moment small machine guns emerged from both of Valencia’s arms. And he had to run away escaping from the bullets. Valencia’s battle suit was specialized in swift assaults. It had the ability to catch up to Ark while he was dodging the bullets.

‘However, that guy’s health fell to 20% before he wore the battle suit so I can win if I use the shot gun. The problem is time!’

Ark looked at the robed man. The Fire Eagle was meant for close combat. The damage would decrease the further the distance was. Therefore he needed a considerable amount of time to win with such a method. But that guy started to work again with Slayer’s appearance and he was already halfway through. In addition, Belt and Seth were also wearing their battle suits so it was more difficult for Slayer and Leon.

‘There is no point in defeating Valencia if I can’t stop that guy. I have to kill him as soon as possible. To do this I need to use my sword. Then there is only this method!’

Ark raised his head and shouted.

“Binding Sword!”

A black vortex emerged from the end of sword.

-Your attack has hit the target!


The message appeared as soon as the vortex hit Valencia. Binding Sword was the skill to seal the enemy’s movements! In fact, this was a skill that hadn’t succeeded when he previously tried it. But this time Ark was successful. He had spent 20 hours in the dungeon. There were times when Ark needed to help Slayer without showing his strength. Therefore he used Binding Sword instead of Sonic Sword or Set Bullets Shooting. No, he used it as practice. Thanks to that he now learnt the timing and trick to it. The result was a success! Valencia was sealed!

“It is finished!”

“You fool!”

Just as Ark was running forward with delight. Valencia raised his head and shouted.

“Gas port open! Target is Ark! Numerous firing of multiple warheads! Go!”

The battle suit around Valencia’s shoulders opened and 20 missiles came flying out. Each battle suit had a special skill attached to it. The special skill for Valencia’s battle suit was a multiple rocket launcher. It didn’t have homing capabilities but the hit rate was close to 100%!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Ark’s body was wrapped in a wave of heat.

“Kukuku, how is it? A trump card is meant to be used at times like this!”

Valencia laughed as he looked at the rising smoke. Ark only had 20% health left. It was because he wanted to buy time until Slayer arrived. Of course, that would be enough if Ark fought directly but he was hit by multiple rockets. The damage would build up and multiple! If it was that much than Ark would be turned into powder. However…..

“Not yet.”

Ark’s voice was heard from the smoke. The smoke cleared and a transparent sphere could be seen around Ark. It was Mind Shield that reduced 40~60% of all damage. As soon as Valencia fired the rockets he had reflexively produced a shield with 300 durability. Therefore he still had 10% health left!

“It is only called a trump card if you’re the last one to use it. 18 Barrage!”

Ark rushed like a bullet as his shield broke and shouted. At that moment the shoulder area of his Hyper Drone emitted steam. And both arms shot forward at a dazzling speed.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

His fists left sharp marks on Valencia’s chest. And 18 marks were engraved!

-The Hyper Drone’s mana has been exhausted.


The Hyper Drone disappeared. And…..


A fountain of blood shot up and Valencia collapsed. Ark felt refreshed as he cleaned up the grudge from Beltana. But Ark didn’t have time to gloat over Valencia collapsing.

“You gloomy looking guy! Now it is your turn!”

Ark turned towards the robed man and exclaimed.

“That dumb child, Valencia didn’t listen to my advice in the end…..”

“Hey, move away from the panel if you don’t want to die!”

“Heh, ignorant bastards. Do you think you can interfere with the cause of God?”

“I guess words won’t work.”

In fact he knew this from the beginning. Ark grabbed his sword and ran towards the robed man. The man took out his arm that was melting the partition and drew a complicated patter in the air. The next moment there were flames emerging from his eyes, mouth and ears! Any experienced user would sense it in this moment. It was dangerous!

“R-retreat! Everybody back off!”

“Ohh! For the purpose of the Great God!”

The robed man shouted in a voice filled with insanity.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

An explosion shook the area.

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