Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 6 Chapter 8

SPACE 8. Land where the sun sets and sun rises

‘Huhuhu, keep on making noise.’

Bain smiled wickedly. The pioneers in the vicinity were yelling wildly but it wouldn’t change anything. Once again, he was in an unbearable situation until today. He had convinced the Laius company to establish a research centre at Mt. Fargo despite them being sceptical. But he couldn’t find any signs of a lode despite searching.

‘If I can’t achieve any results then I might lose my job!’

Responsibility →Dismissal → Poverty→ Homeless→ Desperation→ Death!

The route for a gloomy life replayed through his head. And suddenly space pirates struck. This was a chance he could take advantage of!

‘So far the project has failed and the company has received huge damages. But this will change if I handle this crisis. Istana never had space pirates of this scale attack before. Of course it would be an issue. And I’m in the centre of this issue! I can gather assets from the pioneers in exchange for my protection. If I do this then I can make up for the project’s failure. Of course I will also make a profit.’

He charged a fee for the pioneers to use the facility. 50 gold per person. There were 150 people so that would be 7,500 gold. When compared to the cost of establishing the research institute, it was an amount that could save him.

‘If I take advantage of this then I won’t be fired from the company!’

Issue→ Transfer→ Success→ Treated well→ Family harmony→ Happy in his old age.

A route for a happy future rose in his head.

‘Huhuhu, they might make noise but they will be forced to accept in the end. The pioneers have to pay 50 gold to resurrect at the Fairy. If they pay 50 gold then they don’t have to die. The answer is obvious. So don’t hold back your money! Pay money to be protected by the research centre! For my promotion!’

While Bain was busy thinking.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A huge amount of fire burst from the rear of the research centre. Bain turned around with surprise and the blood drained from his face. The institute’s shield had disappeared along with the explosion.


“What? That explosion just now?”

“It seems to be an explosion from the research centre…..heok! The shield is gone!”

“The shield is gone? What happened? What’s going on?”

“This is serious! If there isn’t a shield then we can’t stop those guys! We’ll be wiped out!”

The people around Bain started chattering noisily. Bain who was surveying the research centre suddenly raised his head.

“W-wait? The panel that supplies the shield with energy is behind the research centre…..then that explosion just now was at the panel? Oh my god! Guards, check where the explosion occurred!”

“This is serious!”

At that moment a group of people ran from the rear of the research centre and shouted. The people came from the rear where the explosion had occurred just now! Bain who summed up the situation in his head suddenly jumped and pointed at them.

“Those guys! They’re the culprits who made the panel blow up!”

“What? Those people?”

The pioneers turned angry eyes towards them. Then the woman in the party exclaimed with an amazed expression.

“What are you saying? We were trying to stop them from blowing up the panel!”

“Shut up! You’re lying! Guards, catch them! They’re clearly part of the space pirates!”

Bain shouted hysterically at the guards who lifted their guns. Then 10 pioneers emerged from the crowd and stopped them.

“Wait a minute! They came from the source of the explosion but it is impossible to conclude that they’re the culprits. Previously we were able to arrive here because of their help. If they didn’t help then a lot of people here would’ve died a long time ago. Why would they help us if they’re part of the space pirates?”

“You moron! That is obvious! It is to enter the research centre!”

“But shouldn’t we hear their explanation first?”

“There’s nothing to hear.”

Then one suspect stepped forward and said.

“It is true that some space pirates were hiding here. Their purpose was to destroy the energy panel supplying the shield. We accidentally became aware of tat but failed to stop them. I can show you the scene recorded on the Nymphe. But that isn’t the important thing right now. Those guys gathered in front of the research centre are waiting for a good opportunity after the shield is released. And they will soon launch an attack. If we don’t take immediate measures then we’ll be wiped out.”

“Hah! Don’t make me laugh. Who are you?”

“I just……”

The man sighed and was about to continue. Then another person emerged from the rear and shouted.

“My Hyung-nim’s name is Ark! He is Beltana’s Hero!”

‘This guy……’

Ark sighed and shook his head. The person who introduced Ark was Milan. Milan had been ignoring Ark since they started to dig at Mt. Fargo. But Milan’s attitude suddenly changed after he defeated Valencia.

“Hyung-nim defeated Valencia of the armoured platoon……!”

In fact, Valencia was a separate existence for Milan. He had spent longer on Beltana than Ark so it was natural for him to be fearful of the armoured platoon. Valencia was the leader of the armoured platoon so he was an existence that couldn’t be touched. He thought that Ark who was a prisoner couldn’t be an opponent for Valencia at all. Yet Valencia had died right in front of him. Ark was truly his Hyung-nim!

“Hyung-nim is strong! He didn’t receive the title of Beltana’s Hero by luck!”

-Milan is sending you a look of respect.


-Milan considers you a Hyung-nim to be proud of.


Those messages had popped up! This was why Milan proudly introduced Ark. Ark was a Hyung-nim he wanted to brag about the moment he defeated Milan. Anyway, the pioneers murmured noisily after Milan dropped that bomb.

“Ark? Did he say Ark?”

“Beltana’s Hero that appeared on the federation’s TV a while ago?”

“Didn’t he lead the drafted prisoners to victory on Beltana?”

“That’s right! I remember that face! I clearly saw that face on the federation’s TV!”

However there were some people who received a bigger impact. They were Slayer, Leon and Melina. Their eyes widened as they stared at Ark. He didn’t have a chance to tell them his real name after the panel was blown up.

“Ark the hero of Beltana? Really?” Then his previous face and name……?”

“I’m sorry. Actually, I met that guy I just defeated when I first arrived here. That guy’s name is Valencia. I knew that guy from Beltana so I sensed he was up to something suspicious.

Ark combined the situation and gave a plausible answer. Well, it was true that he used the Hyde Helmet because of Valencia.

“I’m sorry. Whatever the reason I still tricked you.”

“Talking like that…..”

“It’s nothing. I understand! I can see that it was an important affair.”

Slayer wiped off his angry expression. Melina nodded. Then she grinned at Slayer and Leon.

“These two aren’t narrow minded either. Isn’t that right?”

“……Of course.” We understand.”

Slayer spoke quickly with a cough. Meanwhile the man with the tattoo on his face approached Ark.

“I am Shein.  I thought your clothes were similar but you’re the same person. I’ve been in the Outlands for a while so I hadn’t heard about Beltana’s Hero but I have experience with Ark-nim on the battlefield.  Like I said a while ago, my party will follow Ark without comment.”

“I’m Kuma.  I’m also with you.”

“My name is Face.”

The pioneers started gathering around him. Once half of them followed him, it was natural for the rest of the pioneers to admit that Ark was the commander. Then one of the pioneers screamed.

“Those guys are coming!”

At the same time, all of the pioneers’ eyes focused on Ark.

“The shield is gone so the research centre isn’t safe anymore. The only obstacle stopping them is the barrier around the institute. However, the barrier is only 1 metre thick so a few RPG attacks will make it collapse. If they rush in then the odds aren’t in our favour.”

“Is there no other way?”

“Yes, here……”

“You mean……?”

“We have to endure for one day. If we move to this place then it is possible.”

Ark raised his head and looked at the top of Mt. Fargo as he answered. Ark had been thinking of ways to deal with this situation since the explosion. Then a 200 metre basin at the top of this mountain popped into Ark’s head. Mt. Fargo was a dormant volcano so it was natural for a basin to form.

“You might already know this but Mt. Fargo had a basin. It is a concave shape with rocks around the perimeter. If we enter the basin then we can take advantage of this rock wall. The mountain is like a natural wall so the RPGs won’t be a problem. If we occupy the top and shoot downwards then we’ll also get the terrain bonus.”

“When did you survey the terrain……?”

“I investigate the terrain everywhere I need to fight.”

He actually did this while digging around Mt. Fargo. But an impressed light spread in the eyes of the pioneers. Then Bain who was listening ran towards them and shouted.

“What, what the? You’re leaving the research centre? Don’t make me laugh! This bastard, do you know how much it took to make this centre? You can’t go! You have to protect this place even if it means your death!”

“Ha! He’s gone crazy.”

“The reason we headed to his place was because of the shield. Not to mention he tried to rip us off to pay a fee.”

“Now he wants us to protect him? Let’s leave.”

“T-that…! Don’t go! If you leave the research centre then I’ll be ruined!”

Bain yelled but the pioneers didn’t even look at him. Shein turned back to Ark and said.

“I understand what you’re saying. But those guys are already advancing towards the research centre. It won’t be easy to reach the top while pursued by them. There are also many non-combatants.”

“I have an idea.”

Ark’s eyes stared at Bain’s guards.

“Does the research centre have any vehicles?’

“There are 3 mountain land cruisers in the shed.”

“Land cruisers? No! That is the private property of Laius!”

“A maximum of 20 people can board 1.”

Even his guards were ignoring Bain.

“That’s good. Then please have all non-combatants like merchants and research centre staff board them. The heavy armoured pioneers as well. All pioneers wearing light armour like me will move on foot. But before that……”

Ark looked at the herd of frogs approaching and laughed.


“It is time.”

Someone said from among the frogs. The man wearing a black robe stared at the research centre with glossy eyes. Just before the shield was released, a red light had exploded from the centre. He knew the identity of the light. Sacrifice. The priest class could turn their bodies into bombs to destroy their enemies. In other words, the brother who infiltrated was dead. But his eyes had no regrets.

“Hyung has returned to the Great God. This is the will of the true God. All followers, go! Pay back the sacrifice of your Hyung! For the glory of the Great God!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The Kero clan fired their guns and ran towards the research centre. A shower of bullets was fired at the research centre. As expected, the turrets around the research centre started to counterattack. It was a long range turret that was devastating along with the protection of the shield.

Pushu! Pushu! Pushu! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A few RPGs hit it directly and the turret was turned into mechanical parts. The Kero quickly disposed of the turrets and entered the research centre. The man who was watching the situation warmly suddenly narrowed his eyes.


A reaction couldn’t be felt. The Kero clan didn’t encounter any resistance from the enemy. The Kero fired their guns and advanced but it felt like the research centre wasn’t retaliating apart from the turrets. It was like there was no one there. The man suddenly raised his head.

“Wait a minute! No! Stop!”

The moment the man was screaming!

Kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang!

Massive amounts of flames shot out from the barrier the Kero clan stepped over. At the same time, 300 Kero that were jumping over the barrier turned into ash. On the other side of the fire, 3 land cruisers and dozens of people were sneaking away.

“W-we were deceived! Those guys…..”



Ark grinned as he saw the research centre circled by flames. 200 Kero had been turned to ash in an instant! Naturally Ark was the cause. The pioneers had scattered C-6 around the barrier before they sneaked away.

“How much is that…..”

Bain was on the verge of crying. The barrier had exploded but it wasn’t just a barrier. Before the energy panel was blown up, the barrier was the place that deployed the shield. Naturally it would be more expensive than a normal barrier. Now it had flown away.

“I’m screwed! Demotion! Dismissal! Suicide!”

Bain completely lost all his spirit. And in front of Ark…..

-Your level has risen!


-Your level has risen!

The messages rose with a cheerful melody. Ark was currently the commander of 150 pioneers. He also spearheaded the strategy to use explosives to kill the Kero so he got a lot of experience.

“Oh, I gained 2 levels!”


The engineers next to him cheered. However Ark’s expression didn’t change.

‘There is no meaning in gaining experience if I don’t survive!’

He had experienced it in the severe -50 weather on Beltana. The stats increasing were only slightly helpful in battle. If they were killed before registering with the Fairy then it would go back to 0. That’s why experience on the battlefield meant nothing. The important thing was to survive until the end. Naturally the reason he blew up the barrier wasn’t to gain experience. It was to gain time to retreat to the top!

‘They’re gathered in front of the research centre so it will be difficult if they chase us immediately…..’

It was different from sealing the entrance of a dungeon. Once the pioneers started climbing the mountain, the Kero clan would flock from all over the place.

“There is no need to panic! The slope is made with gravel! They have no time to aim so their hit rate would fall terribly! Focus more on climbing the mountain than on counterattacking!”

Ark saw a user with a RPG and approached him.

“Kuma-nim, we have to be most careful about the armoured troops. There is a risk of RPGs hitting the land cruiser. So we need to aim at the heavy warriors before they aim at the land cruiser!”


“And Leon-nim!”

Ark turned towards Leon.

“While our heavy weapons unit is countering them, I want you guys to snipe them. Leon-nim should gather the snipers and prepare to shoot at any time! Please cover us while we’re running!”

Ark distributed the roles. In a battlefield with bullets and artillery, he couldn’t afford to give orders once the confusing fight began. Now was the only chance to properly assign roles to the soldiers. This was the wonderful thing about pioneers. By default they were high levelled. They were also used to hunting in a party.

“RPG to our 3 o’clock! Two snipers are near them!”

The pioneers responded instantly after Kuma and Leon designated the targets. Even the low levelled pioneers here were at least level 60. Therefore their aim and hit rate couldn’t be compared. In a gunfight this difference was tremendous. And the pioneers had specific targets unlike the Kero clan that were shooting wildly.

The Kero’s heavy troopers and snipers kept on falling. However, numbers couldn’t be ignored on a battlefield.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Bullets fired down everywhere! The hit rate was low but it was a number that couldn’t be ignored.

“Ugh! Dammit, I was hit in the leg!”

In the rear a pioneer fell to the ground while holding his leg. This was Ark’s role!


Ark took out the air board and flew on it with his left arm around Melina’s waist. The weight was heavier on one side so the air board shook uneasily but he had flown on this air board for a month. Ark maintained his balance and flew towards the injured pioneer. He interrupted the bullets with Bhurad’s shield and said to Melina.

“Conserve your mana. Just do what is necessary.”

“Yes, Stitch Wound!”

Melina used her skill while dangling from Ark’s arm. The pioneer with the injured leg stood up with a thrilled expression and said.

“Thank you Ark-nim!”

“Give your thanks to Melina-nim. And I’m sorry but she has to conserve her mana to save others so she can’t heal your health. If you’re worried then join the main body.”

“I understand! This much is enough!”

The pioneer saluted and replied. Ark nodded and flew towards another injured person.

-Proof of Faith: Rescue your colleagues (178/200)

Meanwhile the completion of his quest condition steadily increased. But his eyes already didn’t notice the message.

‘It will take the Laius guards at least one day to get here…..’

Right now it had only been 2 hours. They still needed to hang on for at least 22 hours. He couldn’t lose even 1 pioneer.


“Ark-nim, you’ve been shot in the side…..!”

“I’m okay! Don’t waste your mana on me! Save if for pioneers who have their movement restricted!”

Bbok bbok bbok bbok! Bbok bbok bbok bbok!

He used the Charenjok’s token to heal himself! However it was impossible to cover all the pioneers with just Ark and Melina. The difference between the soldiers’ equipment and speed showed once they started climbing the mountain. Once the Kero attacking the research centre started to catch up, the pioneers in the rear started falling one by one. Ark felt his heart burn every time he saw a pioneer die. The hectic chase continued for 30 minutes.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Pepepepeng!

The Kero started being hit by bullets fired from the top. The land cruisers had arrived at the top and were providing cover fire for the pioneers.

“Just a little more power! It is right in front of us!”

Ark shouted as he flew on the air board. After 10 more minutes, all the survivors were finally able to reach the top. Ark jumped down from the air board and gathered the leaders of each unit.

“You suffered a lot. But now comes the tough part. The Laius guards won’t arrive for another 20 hours. The space pirates are probably aware of this fact. Their purpose is to wipe us out before help can arrive. Now there is only one thing we can believe in.”

“Only one thing we can believe in?”

“Those guys are raiding this place for a reason. In order to achieve that purpose, those guys must stop killing us a few hours before the guards arrive. I said 20 hours but the time is actually less than that.”

“In order words, those guys have to rush.”

Ark nodded and replied.

“That’s correct. We’re currently occupying a favourable terrain. If we use the rocks then we can neutralize the enemy snipers and troopers. On the other hand, we won’t have a problem using sniping or heavy weapons. The terrain bonus will also be applied so our damage will increase. If they’re rushing then we have some chances of succeeding.”

“I understand what you’re saying.”

However the faces around him were still dark.

‘……They sensed it as well.’

He spoke hopefully but raising morale was a serious problem. The Laius guards were arriving in 20 hours but there was a crucial reason why it would be tough to endure. They were experienced users so they knew what the problem was. The problem would occur after 10 hours. Until then the situation went like Ark predicted. Approximately 130 people arrived at the top and he placed the pioneers around the perimeter. And they would shoot at any Kero running up!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Pepepepeng!

It was a one-sided battle. The pioneers could hide behind the rocks so they had a tactical advantage over the Kero. Thousands of Kero covered Mt. Fargo but numbers were insignificant in a situation like this. From the pioneers viewpoint they were half water and half meat! The Kero tumbled and shot out blood as they were hit by the bullets.

-Your level has risen!

The pioneers constantly had cross marks on top of their heads. But the gunfire gradually decreased once 10 hours passed. It wasn’t because the Kero’s attacks had slowed down.

‘The time has come!’

Ark murmured as he bit his lips.

‘I’d pushed them this far……’

The pioneers ignorantly thought they were winning but Ark knew differently. In this situation the pioneers were overwhelming! So the Kero should attack more carefully. But the Kero were frogs so they were stupid. They didn’t care about the dying bodies and just continued moving forward. The result was…..

“I’ve run out of bullets!”

“My RPG shells have finished!”

This was exactly what Ark was concerned about. They didn’t have an infinite supply of ammunition. Of course pioneers used firearms so they always collected bullets. And they had loaded the land cruisers with supplies when they retreated from the research centre. However, 130 people were shooting for 10 hours so it was natural for bullets to run out.

‘There is only one way left!’

It was to fight in close combat. But shooting enemies from a distance and close combat was completely different. It would be impossible to hold up when the mountain was covered in Kero.

But it was the end if they gave up!

“Everybody please pay attention!”

Ark shouted from the centre. The pioneers at the edges looked at him.

“You’ve fought well so far. Unfortunately there aren’t any bullets remaining. Soon some of us will start falling. The only way we can resist is in close combat. Of course it will be a tough fight. We might be wiped out before the guards arrive. No, to be honest the chances are very high. I’m sorry for everyone who believed in me and came here. However I’m not going to give up until the end. So believe in me and follow until the end!”

“The bullets have run out?”

“Damn, then didn’t we make a mistake?”

“There is no way. How long did we endure for……?”

The pioneers murmured among each other after Ark’s words. At that time the NPCs and Bain came rushing towards Ark.

“Close combat? Win in a close combat situation? You stupid brat! Look at their numbers! It will be impossible for us to hold up until the guards arrive! Ah! I made a mistake! I’m not a pioneer like you! I only have one life!  You have to protect me! You! I came here because of you so you have to take responsibility!”

“Shut up, you idiot!”

A middle aged man in work clothes snapped at Bain. He was the president of Hammer Industries that Ark first met in town.

“It was inevitable. And your instructions weren’t wrong. Have confidence. Even if we’re completely wiped out, we were only able to last this long thanks to you.”

“But it is the same if we die! We suffered for no reason! Because of him!”

Bain raised his head and shouted angrily. Then Melina glared at him and snapped.

“What are you saying? Do you know how hard Ark-nim worked to save everyone?”

“Shut up! I can say whatever I want to stupid pioneers!”

“What did you just say?”

Then Leon grabbed Bain’s collar and said.

“This might be a bad result but this is the first time the rail gun has seen so much excitement since starting Galaxian. If I didn’t know Ark-nim then I would already be dead. I thought it was wondering that Ark-nim was Beltana’s Hero but he didn’t obtain that title for nothing.”

Then Slayer took out his mace and exclaimed.

“Hey! Isn’t everybody else the same?”

“Indeed. So far it was a great stand.”

“Yes, we might be throwing away a bit of experience but let’s see this though to the end. Do you know? Maybe a miracle might happen?”

“We will fight together with Ark until the end!”

“Yes, let’s go! Ohhhhh!”

The pioneers lifted their weapons and cried out. Milan who had been looking around with a worried expression said.

“Hyung-nim, I’m proud you’re my Hyung-nim! I will look forward to the next time I see Hyung-nim!”

“Huk huk huk, these assholes! This is why I hate pioneers……”

One NPC was sitting on the ground and crying. Anyway, fortunately their morale had increased!

“A crowd of those guys are coming!”

A pioneer suddenly cried out. The same report simultaneously came from different directions. The Kero noticed that the shooting had stopped and pushed forward.

“Having a sunset in the background for the last battle…..good.”

Slayer said with a smile. Then Leon laughed and said on the other side.

“You’re on that end. Having the sun set during a battle is just gloomy. This is sunrise. We’re battling with the rising sun. Doesn’t that give you more hope?”

“Sheesh, having a sunset and sunrise at the same time. This planet really isn’t normal.”

Ark raised his head as he noticed Slayer’s words. He saw that the two of them were standing on different sides.

‘Sunrise and sunset at the same time?’

Once again, Istana had two suns. Each moved at a different orbit so it was possible to have a sunrise and sunset at the same time. Just like Slayer and Leon’s words, one side of Mt. Fargo was having a sunset while the sun was rising on the other side. It was a curious phenomenon created by the rocks surrounding the summit. The phrase written on the stone slab suddenly entered Ark’s mind.

–The place where the sun sets and the sun rises!

Ark didn’t know the exact meaning of that phrase until now. When he looked at the library, he thought the place was Mt. Fargo.

‘But that didn’t simply point to Mt. Fargo. It needed the right place! It referred to a place on the mountain where the sun set and rose at the same time! Here! This is the place I’m looking for!’

It was followed by this phrase.

You will need to prove your qualifications. But you have to reach that place.

‘This is the place where the sun sets and rises at the same time! And it states that only a descendant of the Murat can reach it. In order words, proving my qualifications means proving I’m a descendant of the Murat. This is like the meteorite that I found in Charem!’

It was the Murat’s Shire!

‘I might be able to get away from this situation!’

Ark’s eyes flashed. If Ark was correct then the Shire could open the door to the ruins. And this was the top so the door must be underneath his foot. It meant the ruins were somewhere in the interior of Mt. Fargo! Laius’ guards would arrive in 10 hours. However, the inside of the mountain was like a bomb shelter so they could endure for that long.

‘The fact that other users will know about the ruins is weighing on my mind……’

If Ark didn’t open the ruins then he was bound to die. And there was the person manipulating the Kero behind the scenes. Valencia wouldn’t be able to control the Kero no matter how corrupt he was. Actually, the person who gave orders to Valencia was different to the one leading the Kero. The man controlling Valencia had blown himself up! Ark had no room to think about it at the time but the technique he used was similar to Ark’s Rune Carving.

‘If he really used seals then they might be after the Murat ruins.’

There was no guarantee the Murat relics would be there if he returned. Ark thought up to there.

Ka ka ka ka! Ka ka ka ka! Ka ka ka ka!

He heard the sound of iron on the side of the sunset. 100 Kero was gathered with their swords. It wasn’t just these guys. Another group! Another one! Another!

‘I can’t hesitate!’

“Come out, Shire! Rune Carving!”

A blue light appeared at Ark’s fingertips.


“Now it’s over.”

The robed man looked up the mountain and smiled. Hundreds of Kero had reached the summit. The circumstances were clear. They ran out of bullets so they would die soon. And his wish would come true.

“This is the will of God!”

Then a blue light suddenly appeared at the mountain’s summit. Confusion spread on the man’s face.

“T-that light is….w-why….n-no! Stop! All followers! Stop that light! No, kill! The person producing the light! They are God’s enemy! Kill them! Kill!”

At the same time the light exploded into the sky.


‘W-what it this?’

Ark became baffled. He experienced all sorts of mysterious things when playing a virtual reality game. Therefore he wouldn’t be surprised if the volcano exploded or a devil appeared. But he was really upset this time. Ark thought doors to the ruins would appear when he called the Shire. And a light pillar suddenly shot up from the ground. The light pillar wrapped around him like chains and he couldn’t move. And his body started turning into particles and scattering.

‘Oh my god! Was my judgement wrong?’

Ark thought he had operated a trap. When he thought about it, there was always the option of a trap when the Murat were involved. There was the infinite rooms that all connected in the pyramid on Beltana and on Charem there was an artefact that created Sufferers. If he looked at the pattern then it was likely that this place also had a trap. The trap was to destroy ignorant invaders!

‘I’m dead! Dammit, I can’t die like this!’

Ark grabbed his head and started screaming. No, he wanted to. However he couldn’t even lift a finger because of the light. He was frozen as he was about to carve a rune. Fortunately his stance looked cool but…..he was still being disassembled.


“What is going on?”

Milan and the other pioneers were upset at the sudden situation. Then the pillar of light disappeared.

“N-no! Hyung-nim is gone! He was completely burnt!”

Milan ran to where the light pillar was and stuttered tearfully. Only a black mark was left on the ground.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

Then Mt. Fargo started making a rumbling sound and shaking.

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