Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 6 Chapter 9

SPACE 9. Elim!

‘This is……?’

Ark held his breath and looked around. His body was decomposed by the light so Ark naturally thought he was dead. Then in the next moment, Ark had appeared in an unexpected place. It was a dark space but he could differentiate between some things thanks to his Clairvoyance ability. It was a spacious rectangular space. The room was 10 metres and lined with stone statues. He couldn’t remember the exact name but the statues were something he often saw in Egyptian related documentaries!

‘If it is Egyptian civilization then it must be the Murat! Then this place is the Murat ruins in Mt. Fargo? Did I really enter the ruins? Then the light decomposition didn’t mean I died?’

He was glad to be alive but he couldn’t be assured. There was no guarantee this room wasn’t a trap like the pyramid. Ark took one step and looked around carefully.


There was the abrupt sound of drumbeats.

‘Hik! What, what the? What’s going to happen now?’

Ark became tense and lifted his sword. Then an information window appeared in front of him.

-Proof of Eligibility: Finding a sanctuary (1/1)
-All the conditions for have been met.


‘Eh? What is this? Proof of Qualification?’

Ark looked at the information window with confusion. The was the occupation quest he received from the memory chip inside the Charenjok’s toy. There were four conditions required to fulfil this quest. Proof of Courage, Proof of Faith, Proof of Destiny and Proof of Eligibility. He had completed the Proof of Destiny as soon as he found the logbooks. As for the Proof of Courage that required him to defeat 100 monsters higher levelled than him, that was taken care of by killing the Thanatos in Mt. Fargo for 20 hours! He had completed the Proof of Faith by rescuing 200 pioneers a short time ago! The problem was the proof of Eligibility.

‘How can I find a sanctuary? Where the hell am I supposed to go? Does that mean visiting a Cathedral in a city?’

At first he thought it was simple. However he visited the Cathedral before leaving Nabe and there were no changes. Yet the Proof of Eligibility was completed the moment he entered the Murat ruins. An ‘!’ appeared in Ark’s head as he confirmed the information.

‘I see. The Cathedrals on Istana represent the human’s religion. But the pioneer that hid the data in the toy might not be human. Furthermore, he was a pioneer from a very long time ago. It is possible that humanity’s religions didn’t exist back then. In that case, the quest condition is finding an alien sanctuary!’

That was the Murat ruins right here. Then another message window floated in front of Ark.



Ark tilted his head to one side and muttered.

Woong woong woong woong. Woong woong woong woong. Woong woong woong woong.

There was a mechanical sound and the space brightened. The light was coming from a sphere in the middle.

“W-what is this? Is it a trap like I expected? Eh? A trap?”

Ark flinched and took a few steps back.


A low voice was heard from the sphere of light. Ark became tense as the light scanned him.

–I thought this existence was lost…..that the heir who appeared after hundreds of years is human…..I’m surprised. The undeveloped humans roasting meat on the fringe of the galaxy has grown enough to be the heir? Although the galaxy did go through a great crisis…..By the way, Xanax……that nostalgic name.

He didn’t know what was going on but there didn’t seem to be a threat. But he was completely alone here.


–Ah! Yes, human.

Now the sphere of light started to show an interest in Ark.

–I didn’t ask for your name yet. What is your name?

“I am Ark.”

–It is amazing that the heir is human but I suppose the era has changed. Good, Ark. It must’ve been tough getting here. You’re human but the fact that you entered here is proof of the Murat’s lineage.Needless to say, you will become Xanax’ successor. Now the heir has appeared after hundreds of years. Soon we will begin the ceremony. Ark, kneel down in front of the great prophets and pay your respects.

“W-wait a minute!”

Ark stuttered with a puzzled expression. He was confused by everything. Ark thought this place was the Murat ruins. But there was something strange. There were the stone statues but Ark didn’t see any Murat items like the pyramid containing the Shire. That wasn’t the only confusing thing. The word ‘Xanax’ had appeared when he completed the quest. Yet the sphere of light that appeared had mentioned the name Xanax? Furthermore, it said something about an heir? The situation was so ambiguous that he had no idea what was going on. Ark pondered all these questions before asking.

“Is this place the ruins of the Murat?”

–What? Did you come here without knowing where this was?

The sphere of light turned red with anger. However it returned to its original colour after a moment.

–No, it is natural for you to think that. There hasn’t been an heir for a long time so you wouldn’t know any information related to succession. And you’re from the undeveloped human tribe. Well it can’t be helped. Okay. I’ll explain it.

The sphere of light spoke in a patronizing tone. And it burst into explanation mode.

–A long time ago, four great species existed in Galaxian. They each controlled a different solar system and we called the Murat, Indus, Potamia and Oritious. At the time there were many undeveloped species and they generously bestowed their science and civilization to numerous species in the galaxy.

But they were races that didn’t dominate. They had an implicit promise between them to not directly engage in any other species. They reigned but didn’t rule. But then a problem occurred. The species that had their eyes opened to technology started developing hazardous weapons like nuclear bombs. If they continued then the galaxy would be senselessly destroyed. But if the four races engaged directly then there was a risk that it wold cause even more dissention.

-After worrying about it, a great prophet of the four races came to one conclusion. There needed to be limits on their direct involvement. That was the Elim.

“Elim? Weren’t the Elim the original natives that lived on Istana?”

Ark asked after remembering the information from Nabe’s library.

–Oh, the humans know this much?

The light sphere shone with interest.

–It is a little different but that isn’t entirely wrong. The Elim were the proxy of the four races who executed their will. The four species each choose 1 person with excellent abilities to act on their behalf. So you weren’t entirely wrong. However, the true faces of the Elim were warriors. The four races passed on their power to the Elim. The four races also gave them ‘Divine Artefacts.’

The Divine Artefacts weremade with the essence of the four races’ power and science. This made the Elim the strongest warriors in the galaxy and they successfully managed to settle the feud between several species.

–Peace continued for a long time after that. At least before the Karma showed up.

“Karma? What is that?”

-I don’t know what they are. Or even what their purpose was. They came from the outer reaches of space that no species had reached yet. Confusion spread in the galaxy at their appearance and many alien species were wiped out. It lasted for 50 years. At that time, the four races joined hands with the various races of the galaxy to take care of the Karma. The Elim were the ones that played the biggest role in this war. The Elim…..

The statement seemed to indicate that something terrible would follow.

“Is that the crisis you mentioned a short time ago?”

–No, the large crisis took place after that.

The sphere of light sighed.

The war with the Karma moved from the boundaries of the universe to the centre. But the four faces who participated in the war had some of their civilizations destroyed. That was the start of all the problems……

The blow that the four races received became the seeds of another conflict. They needed a large amount of resources to repair the damage. The Potamia and Oritious argued that they needed to requisition the planet’s species to manage its resources. Meanwhile the Murat and Indus just commandeered the resources from the planets where they bestowed their civilization on hundreds of years ago. The Potamia and Oritious against the Murat and Indus. The four races were divided into two camps while the alien species that followed them were also divided into two camps. Finally the seeds of conflict became a war.

-It was different from the Karma’s invasion. In addition, the galaxy that was the battlefield wasn’t simply divided in half. The four species were the main axis with the power to destroy the galaxy. The damage couldn’t be compared to the Karma’s invasion. No, it was just after the Karma’s invasion so the damage was even worse. Everybody knew it. There would be no end to the ruin. But it couldn’t be stopped. Finally victory or defeat was decided.

The ones that put an end to it were the Elim. The Elim that represented the four races fought each other. And the one that survived in the end was the Murat’s Elim!

-The Murat who were in charge of 10 species chose a Rama born with exceptional talent to become the ultimate Elim warrior. His name was Xanax.


Ark who had been listening blankly suddenly looked surprised. Xanax was the name he learnt after completing the quest. Then the person who stashed the data in the toy airplane was the Murat’s Elim? He was confused about how everything connected. But that wasn’t what caused Ark’s surprise. Ark had obtained the Rama’s language from the data. He was surprised that the Rama were a part of the Murat. Ark had seen the video from the pyramid on Beltana. Weren’t the Rama the ones who attacked the Murat city? The light sphere soon explained the scene Ark saw in the video.

-That’s the reason Xanax hid himself.

“Hid himself?”

–The Murat survived the war until the end but the blow they received was serious. Then the Murat were betrayed by the Rama. It occurred while Xanax was travelling to other planets to help after the war. It was all finished by the time Xanax came back. The Murat had exhausted all their power stopping the Galaxy War and were finally wiped out by the Rama. Xanax was furious. However the Rama were his species. Xanax was boiling with anger and eventually hid himself.

Ark now understood the contents of the logbook. The logbook had stated something about a betrayal. He meant the Murat had been betrayed by a species they protected.

-However Xanax didn’t just give up. They might’ve been destroyed but the four species were hundreds of years more advanced than other species. Xanax didn’t want their civilization in the hands of the warlike Rama. In addition, the survivors of the Galaxy war had questions about where Xanax was. The Murat had been wiped out while the hidden Xanax started to look for answers to his questions. And he finally found the truth. No, he said that he reached the truth.

“Then he came here?”

–Of course!

The light sphere pulsed strongly.

-This is the holy place where the Murat’s Elim was appointed by the Khafra, the natives of Istana after finishing their training. Hundreds of the Murat’s Elim had inherited the teachings of the prophet in this location. This is the Holy Land of the Elim. This is where all the knowledge of the Elim sleeps.

“The Murat’s Elim…..!”

–The Murat might’ve been betrayed and destroyed but Xanax was proud of the fact that he was the Murat’s Elim. And he felt responsible as the last Elim. The Elim might have no meaning with the four races destroyed but he didn’t want the Elim to disappear. Therefore Xanax made me a promise after he came here.

The light sphere looked at Ark for some reason and continued.

–Someone would eventually visit me. They will be someone who gives his hand to the weakest species in the galaxy, who doesn’t show fear at unlocking the truth and who has the power not to back down from a strong enemy. And that person should share a destiny with Xanax and the Murat.

The strange situation then combined together in Ark’s head. He received the quest in the first place from the Charenjok’s toy. The person who helped the weakest species would receive the toy as a sign of the Charenjok’s gratitude. And playing with the toy meant the data would be discovered. Not showing fear for the truth meant releasing the lock with hacking. And the destiny mentioned was the Shire he acquired from Beltana! That was the conditions that Xanax required. And Ark met all the conditions of the quest. In other words…..

–Xanax said before leaving this place. He said that the person who comes here will be equipped with all of that. That person will be qualified to inherit the name of the Elim. Now I’ll say this. I am the ‘memories of an Elim,’ an Elim who watch the history of the Khafra from the first Elim. I’m asking for the head of the Elim committed to true peace. The human warrior Ark, do you accept the fate of the Elim?

-You have received an offer of an occupation from the Elim’s Memory.


If you accept then you will gain the experience and knowledge of the Murat’s Elim. At the same time, you will receive the special occupation ‘Elim’s Heir’ if you accept.

Do you accept?

This was the meaning of having the qualifications to be an Elim! So far Ark had a few chances to receive an occupation. However it was the ‘Scavenger’ that picked up trash or the ‘Private’ that was following Marquis Martin around. This occupation didn’t have those limitations. And the Elim’s Heir would be given the enormous power of the four species! Of course, the Murat’s Elim had disappeared a long time ago. But they had left behind ruins. In fact, Ark had ended up here because he was searching for ruins. The result was connected to his occupation quest but Ark’s goal was to collect the Murat artefacts! This occupation was related to the Murat. There was no reason for him to hesitate.

“I accept!”

Ark kneeled down and replied powerfully.

–Good Ark! You are authorized to become Elim’s Heir according to Xanax’s will.

The light sphere shouted excitedly. Then rays of light emerged from the eyes of the statues and wound around Ark.  At the same time an information window appeared.

Character Information Window
Ark (R-02788)
Elim’s Heir
1,950 (+115)+500
Mental Power
1,050 (+75)+250
* Title


Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)

Ignorant Destroyer (Wisdom -10, Strength +7, Stamina +7)

Beltana’s Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +3)

Mediator (Wisdom, Intelligence +15)

* Contribution: Galactic Federation 6,850,  Aschulat 500


* Affiliation: Dark Eden (CEO)

*Body Coating: Survivor


+ Environmental adaptation increases by 50% due to the Survivor coating.

+ The Survivor coating reduces the drop rate of Satiety by 30%.

+ The Survivor coating will reduce fall damage by 50%.

+The ‘Clairvoyance’ effect of the Survivor coating is applied.

-A new skill (Occupation Restricted ☆☆☆) has been learnt.


Khafra fencing (User, Active): the swordplay that the Elim learnt from the Khafra and completed after decades of training.  Khafra Fencing is a simple yet highly utilized method of swordplay with 9 parts. The Elim used Khafra Fencing for several centuries and it had been steadily handed down until the final Elim, Xanax.

-1st style : Technique to break an enemy’s defense stance.

-2nd style : Technique to blow up a shield into small pieces to damage the enemy.

-3rd style : A technique that creates an illusion of numerous swords to attack the enemy.

-A new skill (Occupation Restricted ☆☆☆) has been learnt.


Elim’s Heart Force (User, Passive): an Elim someone that the Murat picks from numerous species to pass down their traditions to. Different species use mana or mental power so there were some technical difficulties in regards to the skills. After several years of meditation, the Khafra developed a power beyond mana and mental power called Force. This skill can change mana or mental power into Force to use the skill. If you train steadily then you can switch between mana, mental power and force.


Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

In the southern desert of Istana. One thick container truck was moving through the heat raising sand. It was the container truck of the mercenary group Silver Hand. Clem who was sitting on the truck sprayed water on his red face and said.

“Hey, how many kilometres left?”

“We’ve just travelled 30 km.”

The attack leader Pedro said.

“30 kilometres…..there is still quite a bit to go.”

“What about them? It looks like they might die.”

“This isn’t enough to kill them. It also isn’t a big deal if they die. Because those guys are pioneers.”

Clem smiled and looked at the group in the back of the truck. The 10 people collapsed on the back of the truck with their long tongues hanging out were Ark’s Royal Guards.

“But if they were able to survive 30 km in the desert then they’ve somehow passed. Recently they’ve also been doing pretty well in training. The difference compared to when they first joined the Silver Hand is tremendous.”

“Of course. Because they’re doing this for their leader.”

“They’re strong thanks to that.”

“They became strong. Because they would die if they didn’t become strong.”

“Is there such a thing? It would be annoying if they died just like that.”

The Royal Guards were sold to the Silver Hand in order to collect the company establishment fund. For the last month, the Royal Guards had stood on the crossroad between life and death every day. It was Clem and Pedro’s training method. They purposefully dropped a lion cub down the cliff in order to raise a child. But that had a limit. They couldn’t drop a lion cub down every day. However, Clem and Pedro threw the Royal Guards down a cliff on a daily basis. This wasn’t a metaphor.

They really were dropped off cliffs. If they climbed up within the time limit then they could have a short break and eat some rice. But if they didn’t come up within the time limit then they would starve to death. This was just a very small example. That was the inhuman, alien training style. It was also like that now. They had to run along the truck in 50 degrees Celsius without a sip of water for 30 km.

‘I will do it! Everything is for Hyung-nim!’

The Royal Guards grinded their teeth together as they listened to Clem and Pedro laughing. But the Royal Guards had no idea yet. The person who thought of this training and gave it to the Silver Hand was in fact Ark! Well, the Royal Guards were ignorant about where the radical training program came from but they definitely became stronger.

‘We have to live! Live and return!’

They also became mentally stronger!

“Now they’ve repaid the deposit given to Ark and they will soon reach the final stage of the training program.”

“How unfortunate.”

Pedro clicked his tongue and muttered.


There was an abrupt roaring sound as an airship appeared from the sandstorm. Its wings were clearly stamped with the mark of the federation.


‘Huhuhu, what kind of luck is this?’

Ark laughed as he looked at the lightsaber in his hand. It was a 1 metre blue ray emerging from a 20 cm rod.

-Heir’s Sword (Unique)


Item Type: Long Sword   Wearer Restriction: Elim’s Heir

Attack: 65~70 Durability: 100/100

A lightsaber received from the Khafra when the Murat’s Elim would be selected. The students practiced with this sword before they could receive the Elim designation.

Therefore it is a tradition for the previous Elim to pass this onto the new students. Although the sword is used for training students, the Murat has a more advanced civilization so the lightsaber they produced has a better performance than those created by other species.

* Special Option (Force Balance): When holding this sword and meditating than the achievement rate of Elim’s Heart Force will rise by 50%. In addition, the Force Recovery Rate will increase by 30%.

He received the Heir’s Sword after changing occupation. Just the attack power made it the standard of a level 100 magic sword! The special option also increased attack speed by 10% so the Heir’s Sword was dedicated to attack. The more amazing thing was that this lightsaber was created for the students. The light sphere, Elim’s Memory kept on explaining.

–You were led here by the will of the last Elim Xanax and became the Elim’s Heir. But that doesn’t mean you’re a true Elim yet. You need two things to become a true Elim. I’m only the teacher who passed on the beginnings of Khafra Fencing to you. You will need to learn the remaining 6 style as well as the Divine Artefacts. And the last Elim Xanax is the one who has all of them. But Xanax didn’t leave them in this place.

Of course he definitely left them behind. Do you understand?

You have to find the 6 remaining styles of Khafra Fencing and the 5 Divine Artefacts.  That is the condition to change to an Elim.

The item to change to a higher ranked occupation wouldn’t be found in a beginner area like this. It wasn’t surprising because of the game system but the NPC couldn’t say ‘This is a game!’

–Xanax probably has his own method to teach you directly. It is probably his intention for you to learn what it means to be an Elim while following his path. That is the only plausible fact.

Motivation rose inside Ark. The Elim possessed the most outstanding talent from the alien species serving the Murat! It was an occupation worth billions of dollars! The Murat even made 5 Divine Artefacts for the Elim.  The problem was that Xanax had disappeared with them hundreds of years ago…..

-The seal on the logbook’s 3rd page has been released.

He received the message after changing occupations.

‘Now there is no doubt that the owner of this logbook is Xanax. The 3rd page is probably talking about the Elim. Xanax was unable to directly select his student so he needed to find somewhere with the conditions he required. The 3rd page might say something about where to find the Divine Artefacts and remaining skills.’

However Ark didn’t check the logbook. The situation had proceeded very suddenly so he had forgotten about something.

“Did anybody other than me come here?”

–That is impossible now.


–Originally this was the Elim’s Holy Land. Only the Elim and their successor could come in. But Xanax changed that when he came back here. It was to allow the person who would become Elim’s Heir to enter. Therefore I followed Xanax’s will and opened the door for the heir. You were able to come here because of the Shire, a symbol of the Murat. Now that a new Elim’s Heir was born, this place will be sealed again. You will be the only one allowed to enter.

Ark sighed with relief after hearing the sphere’s words. When he came here, the pioneers at the top of the mountain were being attacked by pirates. If this place was the space pirate’s purpose then Ark thought they would enter after wiping out the pioneers. Fortunately Ark entered first. Therefore the Elim’s Holy Land had become Ark’s hideaway.

‘It has been 20 minutes since I entered this place. There is no doubt that the pioneers would be completely wiped out by the Kero clan by now. No, it would be the same even if they aren’t wiped out. The situation won’t change even if I exit now. But……’

They had believed in him and followed him to the summit. Yet the moment they would about to begin the decisive battle, Ark alone went into hiding. Of course that wasn’t his aim but it had ended up like that. The pioneers left behind by Ark to die would curse him!

‘I still have to check on the situation.’

Ark sighed again before looking at the sphere of light.

“Is it possible for me to confirm the situation on Mt. Fargo?”

–Of course. I’ll show it on the screen.

An image appeared after the light sphere’s answer. One of its functions was CCTV. Then he looked at the image floating in the sphere of light.

“Eh? Eh eh eh?”

Ark’s face warped strangely.



A blue light welled up from Mt. Fargo’s summit.

“What, what the? Why is the same light…..?”

The people gathered in the basin looked at it with a puzzled expression. And after a while, their faces displayed shock and excitement. It was because of the person who appeared in the light. The person inside the blue light…..

“Ark! Ark-nim!”

“Ohhhh! He came back! Ark-nim is back!”

“The saviour of Mt. Fargo! The prophet Ark-nim has returned!”

The pioneers were babbling unknown words while flocking around him. This was the reason why Ark stepped outside. Ark was confused after seeing the CCTV footage. The 100 pioneers had run out of bullets so he thought they would be instantly wiped out by the thousands of Kero. Yet they were still alive. It was incomprehensible!

However Ark soon figured out the reason why. The Elim Sanctuary was hidden inside Mt. Fargo. Ark woke up the sanctuary after hundreds of years, causing Mt. Fargo to shake like an earthquake was occurring. This was the reason why the pioneers were alive. The caves inside Mt. Fargo were divided into 3 layers. Then Ark had dug 100 holes while looking for the ruins. Mt. Fargo that was made of rocks starting shaking in that state. He saw what happened in the video.

Ku ku ku ku! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A landslide! The scarred mountain caused a landslide because of the shaking. And the Kero clan had completely covered the mountainside. The pioneers in the basin at the top were completely safe while the Kero were buried by the falling rocks. The Kero became disordered because of the landslide and were forced to retreat. It was good up to that point.  He hadn’t intended it but it had saved his life. There was just one problem.

“What’s going on…..?”

The pioneers were saved by a natural disaster!

“Ark hyung-nim!”

Milan who had been absent-mindedly looking at where Ark disappeared suddenly shouted.

“This was Ark hyung-nim’s plan! Hyung-nim knew! He knew we couldn’t hold up until the guards arrived once we ran out of bullets. Even so, this was the reason why he came here and sacrificed himself!”

“S-sacrifice? Then perhaps?”

“Ark-nim was the one who caused the landslide?”

“Yes! Of course! Everybody saw it! Hyung-nim called down a holy light that burnt his body! And a landslide happened at the same time!”

“But even so……”

“You’re still doubtful?”

Milan scowled with teary eyes and said.

“No, rather than doubting……the landslide occurred because of all the holes dug yesterday……”

“Who do you think made the holes?”

“D-don’t tell me it was Ark-nim?”

“Yes! Of course! Of course! It was Hyung-nim!”


The mystery of the stone mountain was suddenly solved! But there was an even more shocking truth afterwards.

“At the time I also didn’t understand why Hyung-nim stayed up all night making the holes. I didn’t know! Yes, I didn’t understand! But this was the truth! A man called Noah did something similar a long time ago. He created the ark even when people called him stupid. And finally the time came. A flood. Right now we’ve witnessed a miracle! No, it isn’t a miracle! Hyung-nim knew this was going to happen! He knew that many people would be driven here to die. What would happen if he told everyone?”

“Of course……”

“No one would believe it! They would call him a fool! They would curse him and throw stones!”

“No, you don’t have to go that far……”

“So Hyung-nim had to prepare it on his own! He silently shovelled while his whole body was broken and in pain! He hid this until the last moment and sacrificed his body! All so he could save us!”

“H-he did that!”

“Ark-nim dug 100 pits for us……!”

“He even sacrificed his life for us!”

“He is truly Noah of Noah’s Ark!”

Milan’s next words made the pioneers even more excited.

“That is Hyung-nim! He also helped me the same way on Beltana! Hyung-nim silently obtained food by digging and gave it to the starving people! We were criminals who couldn’t stomach our anger against the world and he still gave it for free! I’m also a person saved by Hyung-nim. It makes my cry every time I remember it…..Hyung-nim!”

“Ehhhhh! Amazing!”

“There really is a user like that!”

“We have to be thankful! Our great martyr Ark Hyung-nim! We have to praise him! The great prophet Ark Hyung-nim!”

Milan shouted forcefully. This was the reason Ark immediately went outside. If he left the momentum like this then Milan would’ve created a fraudulent religion. Naturally Ark had no intention of being the founder of a religion. However he was a little too late.

“The great prophet Ark-nim!”

The pioneers had already been influenced by Milan. Of course, Milan was the one who believed it the most.

“Did you see? He came back without a Fairy! The miracle of resurrection!”

He continued babbling on even after Ark returned.

‘How do I solve something like this……?’

Ark sighed as he held his head.

“Ah! There! An airship! The guards are coming!”

A pioneer shouted as they pointed to the sky. 10 small airships were flying from the direction of the sunset. However they weren’t the airships of the Laius guards like the pioneers were expecting. They clearly had the mark of the galactic federation!

“What the? Isn’t that the federation’s battleships? Why are the federation’s battleships arriving before Laius?”

“One ship is coming down!”

Syu syu syu syu syu.

There was a storm as one ship descended to the top of the mountain. The door of the airship opened and people wearing uniform emerged. To his surprise, there was someone that Ark knew. Marquis Martin! Marquis Marin looked around and saw Ark.

“Ark, I was looking for you.”

“For me?”

“Yes, I need you to leave with me immediately. I’ll give you the details later.”

Ark was worried by Marquis Martin’s sudden words. He felt like something difficult would happen. But his worries didn’t last long.

“……I understand.”

Anyway, all the work here was finished. He didn’t know what was going on but he could ride the airship for free to return to the city. No, he wanted to quickly escape from the uncomfortable situation. Then Milan hurriedly came running and shouted.

“Hyung-nim, take me along too!”

“Yes…..I’ll have to bring you too…..come!”

Ark grabbed Milan’s collar and tugged. If the airships didn’t use photon movement then it would take some time to return to the city. He couldn’t refuse Marquis Martin’s offer so he would use the time to re-educate Milan. So Ark dragged Milan with him and was about to board the airship. This time Melina was the one who came running.

“Ark-nim, take me too!”

“Huh? Melina-nim?”

“It’s a request!”

“Eek? If Melina-nim is going then me too! Take me too!”

“Me as well! Ark-nim, don’t you know? We’re a set! If Melina-nim goes then we’ll come along!”

Slayer and Leon ran out next to Melina. Marquis Martin looked at them with an annoyed expression before saying.

“There is no time. Just ride! Captain, return to Tatuine immediately!”

Syu syu syu syu syu.

Ark, Milan, Leon, Slayer and Melina boarded and the airship took off. It was flying towards the headquarters of the galactic federation in Tatuine.

“As expected from Ark-nim. Even an aristocrat from the federation came to get him directly…..”

Someone’s murmur was scattered by the wind.


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