Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 7 Chapter 2

SPACE 2. Hero VS Hero (PART: 1)

Approximately 100 metres from Ark and the Red Slaughterer’s location in the forest. A mysterious man was watching them from the branches above. He was wearing dark armour and blended into the darkness.

“It is progressing like I thought.”

The man spoke in a low voice with a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry but I’m going to take this victory.”

The man quickly climbed down the tree like an agile cat. He carefully walked behind a bush and kicked the ground before nodding.

“Okay. I should finish this quickly.”

The surprising thing that the man took out……


The capsules exploded and scattered Chaff. The scattered powder looked like glittering lights covering the sky, giving the battlefield a fantastic atmosphere. However, the space below was tense and frozen. It was due to the soldiers divided into two sides! They were the Rama’s strongest squad and Dark Eden who represented the galactic federation. In other words, it was Ark’s troops versus the Red Slaughterer’s troops. They had stumbled across each other on the battlefield. Normally bullets and swords should be running rampant. But the two sides 30 metres away from each other didn’t move. It was because of the tension flowing between the Red Slaughterer and Ark. The Red Slaughterer scanned Ark with the infrared scope and opened his mouth first.


He confirmed Ark’s name with the infrared scope. But Ark couldn’t confirm the name of the Red Slaughterer.


The infrared scope displayed unknown characters. He was using special equipment to deliberately conceal his character name.  That’s why the federation army had no choice but to call him Red Slaughterer.

‘There must be something if he bothered to hide his name on the battlefield……’

“Are you the one called Red Slaughterer?”

–The federation soldiers call me that.

“I wanted to ask you. Why did you send a challenge to me?”

–I wanted to check.

“Check? What?”

–Whether you are the ‘real’ Ark……

The Red Slaughterer’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Ark.

–So far I have seen many opponents with the same name on the battlefield. But I could tell right away. They have the same name but they’re not real. I want to meet only one Ark. Do you know who that is Answer me. Are you the real one?

“Why are you clinging to the name Ark?”

–I have a debt to repay.

“A debt to repay? Then you….really…..”

Ark stared at the Red Slaughterer.


Then the eyes of the Red Slaughterer flashed.

I found him! Ark!

“Answer! Are you really Lucifer?”

-Check it with your skills!

The red light from the Red Slaughterer’s beam sword rose up. Then there was the sound of someone firing the bullets at the Red Slaughterer from the bushes. The first one who reacted was Leon. The Red Slaughterer had been looking at Ark throughout the confrontation so Leon used the chance to fire his Rail Gun.

Tu tu tu tung-!

Blue rays crossed the darkness! The moment the projectile was about to hit the Red Slaughterer’s head, the red lightsaber struck it down. The deflected bullet changed direction and lodged in a tree.

“W-what is he? Blocking a bullet with the sword…..”

Leon stuttered at the incredible sight.

–Don’t interfere! This fight is between Ark and me.

The Red Slaughterer roared angrily.

–Red squad! Take care of those guys!

-Understood. Everybody prepare for battle!

The Red squad simultaneously lifted their beam swords. As expected from the core squad of the Rama army, their basic equipment was the beam sword. But Ark’s party had the support of the galactic federation. Although it wasn’t at the standard of the beam swords but they had changed their equipment in Tatuine’s armoury.

‘The opponent is the Rama’s strongest squad.’

The Red squad that caused countless despair to the federation army. Even if the Royal Guards went through the Silver Hand’s training, it would still be difficult for them to win. In addition, the Red squad had 20 people while the addition of Leon, Melina and Milan meant Dark Eden only had 13 people. It was an overwhelming disadvantage! However they knew this before coming here. In this battle victory or defeat wasn’t important. Marquis Martin and Commander Hasullo didn’t even want Ark to destroy the Red squad. They just wanted Ark and Dark Eden to hold the core power of the Rama army as long as possible. Ark had developed tactics focused on that part.

‘There is no reason to confront the Red squad!’

“Spread out!”

Tung, syu syu syu syu! Tung, syu syu syu syu!

At Ark’s command, the group dropped dozens of smoke bombs. The Royal Guard members, Milan, Melina and Leon scattered into the forest. The Red Slaughterer yelled with an annoyed expression.

–Chet, how petty. Keiko, I’ll leave those guys to you!

The dense smoke scattered at the bolt of blue light. Sparks flew as red and blue beams collided. Ark had emerged from the smoke.

“Your opponent is me!”

–Ark! Come!

A gleeful smile was on the Red Slaughterer’s face. At the same time, two beams of light clashed in the darkness.


“Pant pant pant! Pant pant pant!”

Hundreds of metres from the place where Ark and the Red Slaughterer clashed. 20 soldiers were crossing the forest while breathing harshly.

“Pant pant pant, hurry up! There is no time!”


“I know. We’ve been battling for several hours with no breaks and your fatigue is at the limit. But we’re the unit closest to the destination so we received the support order. Several Rama units are chasing us so if we don’t hurry then it will become difficult.”

Despite saying this, the heard of the blond man was rough and unstable. However that wasn’t due to running through the bushes. His heart was wavering because of a name! Ark! The man was deeply embedded in his head! The reason he started Galaxian was to meet Ark. He had deliberately committed a crime to join the prisoners to meet up with him.

……It was useless. While the blond youth had been sent to Hanan, Ark had returned to Istana as Beltana’s Hero. Since then the young man tried to escape from the prisoner status but another wall was in front of him. The Rama Hero, the Red Slaughterer! He was drafted to Hanan where the federation troops were smashed by the Red Slaughterer and the Rama. It was impossible for the prisoners to build up achievements in that situation. No, he tasted death too many times at the hands of the Red Slaughterer.

‘But those deaths weren’t in vain.’

He had been hurt a long time ago and it was difficult for him to even walk to the capsule. That was true even in the game. Therefore his progress in meeting Ark was delayed. The doctor said it was the limit of his physical strength. But his thoughts were different.

‘Is it my fate to not meet Ark?’

He couldn’t get past the situation. As a result he lost his motivation. However that changed when he met the Red Slaughterer. No, he realized something after hearing the Red Slaughterer’s words. He recognized what a powerless existence was.

‘Why am I trying to meet Ark? Is it to show him this body? To buy his sympathy? No! I can’t explain properly why I want to meet him. But meeting in this state doesn’t mean anything. Yes, the important thing isn’t meeting him but how I meet him.’

The blond youth clenched his teeth. He made an effort to get stronger inside the game and out.

‘It is impossible to overcome my physical obstacles at the moment. It will be difficult to catch up with other users with swordplay. Therefore I have to only focus on marksmanship from now on!’

A battlefield was a good training ground for him. He polished off his marksmanship day and night during the war and developed incredible skills. It was the essence of marksmanship, quick fire shooting! He intensively trained in shooting with his right hand. Thanks to his skills, he received the nickname Rapid and became the leader of a unit despite being a prisoner. And he steadily built up his achievements until he could finally be pardoned. Yet he was told a shocking message by headquarters just now.

–This is transmitted to the whole army. Ark, the hero of Beltana has arrived at Athamas and is taking care of the Red squad in area C-17. Ark will soon take on the Red Slaughterer. Units 13, 15, 45 and 46 should move to the areas next to C-17 to support Ark. The remaining troops will retreat to the designated locations and wait for the next order.  I repeat. This is an order. The federation army……

There were more troops sent to Athamas than Hanan. There were many reasons why but the Red Slaughterer had a decisive influence. The morale of the Rama had soared after Hanan. And their hero was the Red Slaughterer. Thanks to the Red squad destroying the federation soldiers, their morale soared even more. Therefore headquarters had searched for an alternative……

‘That is Ark!’

The blonde youth’s heard fluctuated wildly. Ark was also on this battlefield. Moreover, he was the leader of unit 46 that was ordered to support him!

‘I can meet him! There’s only a few hundred metres left and I can meet Ark!’

His emotions were repressed while he was fighting on Athamas but he couldn’t hold it back anymore now that he knew Ark was several hundred metres near him. His eyes were fixed on the forest 1 km away. It was the place where Ark and the Red Slaughterer were fighting!

“Captain-nim, it is dangerous!”

A soldier following behind the blond youth shouted. A small metal sphere was thrown the moment he broke through the bush.

“A land mine! Everybody get down!”

Pepepepeng, pepepepeng!

The red sensor on the sphere went off and it exploded. The blast pushed the blond youth back several metres before he got up. Meanwhile the soldier who received the explosion instead of the blond youth was covered in blood.

“Medic! It is an emergency!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The blond youth cried out just as a hail of bullets fired at him. The forest was saturated with Rama warriors.

“Damn, it’s an ambush! All members look for cover and be alert!”

The blond youth shouted as he hid behind a tree. Then leaves fell from above his head. When he flinched and looked up, a Rama warrior was falling towards him with a dagger.

–Die you federation dogs!

And the moment the dagger was about to hit his neck!

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

Three gunshots shook the forest. The Rama warrior went flying back from shots to his shoulders and forehead. This was why the blond youth was known as Rapid! He fired his gun at a speed that was difficult to see. Even if the distance was 100 metres, his hit rate was 100% accurate. The Rama warrior was turned into a honeycomb as the blond youth continuously fired.

‘I have no time to be caught in a place like this!’

“All troops, take cover!”

The blond youth threw a wooden pole and yelled. There was gunfire and the wooden fragments flew all over the place. However, the blond youth’s eyes moved like a machine and identified the location of the sparks in the darkness. It was the places where the Rama warriors were hiding!

‘There is one guy behind the tree at 3 o’clock! Another two on top!’

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

The cylinder of his automatic pistol moved and fired the bullets powerfully. The gunshots hit the enemy’s head without a doubt. Even if it was a long range weapon, a gun was different from the bows in medieval ages. It was a weapon that could kill the enemy by moving just one finger. This was the primary reason why the blond youth chose the gun as a weapon. There was a disadvantage of course. Most soldiers used shields, making the damage of the gun weaker than melee weapons. However, he had the ability to compensate for this. It was the hit rate that he trained night and day! The headshots occurred thanks to that.

‘I have only this!’

The blond youth experienced countless deaths on the battlefield and now he only aimed for headshots.



And he finally obtained Headshot-III! A normal headshot dealt 50% more damage. The blond youth didn’t have time to wait for support from his unit and continued taking out the enemies. Naturally the Rama weren’t just sitting there politely. They were wildly shooting machine guns, using shields or throwing grenades.

Tang! Tang! Pepepeng!

He could intercept the grenade with just a gun. However, one pistol couldn’t fend off all those attacks! The blond youth’s body became bloody thanks to the numerous Rama warriors. However…..

‘Ark is right in front of me! I can’t stop here!’

“Don’t disturb me! I’m going to kill everyone who tries to stop me!”

The blond youth roared like a wounded predator.



In the dark forest where there was a smoke screen. The man with a large body leaned against a tree gasping. Dozens of bullet wounds and cuts from swords could be seen on his grey skin. His name was Cupa. His large size indicated he was from the Tobil clan. But his injuries looked so serious that it was hard to expect him to recover. No, it was a miracle he was still breathing.

–What great tenacity.

A man approached him. Holding a machine gun in one hand and a lightsaber in the other, it was the Rama warrior Keiko. He was the leader of the Red squad.

–So far I’ve dealt with numerous federation soldiers but this is the first time I’ve encountered someone like you.

The Red Slaughterer was famous but he had also killed numerous federation soldiers. However he had never seen a federation soldier worth paying attention to. The federation soldiers were just targets to be killed. But this time was different.

‘Who is this guy?’

For the first time, Keiko was curious about an enemy. Cupa wasn’t particularly stronger than the federation soldiers. He wasn’t stronger than the other soldiers that had died from his hands. However he had something more.

……About 10 minutes ago.

‘Those stupid guys just came here to die.’

Keiko thought as he entered the forest after Ark dropped a smokescreen. Athamas was a planet covered in dense forest. The Rama were a warlike species who inherited the DNA of their ancestors. They were a species who received bonus abilities in the mountains or forests and the Red squad were the elite of the Rama warriors.

‘Stupid federation bastards. They used Chaff to block any communication to reinforcements yet they chose to confront us in a place like this.’

They could exterminate these guys in 10 minutes tops. Keiko never thought it would take longer than that. However that idea changed once they actually started fighting.

‘This guy…..he’s not the normal type!’

Ark’s troops were different from the normal federation soldiers. Their skills weren’t particularly better. If they were normal than Keiko would’ve defeated this guy in 10 minutes like planned. However Keiko had been unable to defeat Cupa over the last 10 minutes. The reason was simple.

‘This guy, this isn’t the first time he’s fought in a forest. He is just as familiar as the Rama about ow to use a tree or bush to battle. This isn’t a level that can be achieved through training. These skills can only be learnt by overcoming crisis. But the scary thing is……’

Tenacity! His body was riddled with bullets! He latched onto the enemy despite the sword shredding his skin! This was what aroused Keiko’s interest. Keiki stepped closer to the dying Cupa and asked.

–What? Why are you fighting so fiercely? Your loyalty to the galactic federation?

“The federation…..loyalty…..kukuku……how funny.”

Cupa laughed with lips stained with blood.

“Federation… doesn’t matter if it falls or not… doesn’t matter.”

-Then what?

“You…..won’t understand…..”

Cupa looked up at Keiko and laughed. He recalled the last month and a half with the shadow of death hanging over him.


Once again, the Royal Guards had served in the Beltana war as prisoners. Of course their levels and skills were inferior to regular troops. The Royal Guards had grown thanks to their training with the Silver Hand. They had been sold to the Silver Hand to secure the agent registration fee. Every hour of the last month and a half was an adventure that pulled them close to death. They raised their stamina, gymnastic ability, reflexes and courage through their close encounters with death……

Of course, this didn’t mean that their levels rose. Nevertheless, there was a reason Ark chose to have them train with the Silver Hand. If it could be briefly described……

Whenever a user gained a level, they received 10 bonus points that they could invest into any stat they wanted. But the NPCs didn’t have the same freedom as a user. They gained 10 bonus points but the stat raised was random. Of course, if they were warriors then it was highly likely for strength or stamina to increase. If the warrior was unlucky then they would gain points in wisdom or luck. If they were really unlucky then a level 100 warrior would only have 200 points in strength while the rest were invested in X stats. That’s why most NPCs had lower stats then users despite receiving the same bonus.

However, there was still a solution. NPCs couldn’t choose what stat to invest in but there were ways to increase the probability of certain stats. The method was surprisingly simple. If NPCs trained in a certain ability than it would climb. Of course, that was more difficult than it seemed. A person had to train more than others in weight lifting or study harder than others if the NPC wanted to raise that particular stat. This was the core of the training program that Ark created.

The PT exercises that lasted several hours……

-Your muscle strength has increased due to the continuous training in physical strength.


It increased the changes of strength increasing! Spending a few days suffering from a fever in a bee infested cave……

-Your concentration has increased thanks to running around and escaping from the bees.


It increased concentration! Climbing up the cliff to receive a meal……

-Your stamina has increased from climbing the cliffs daily.


Their stamina increased! There was a reason for it. The result of their hell training meant the chances of a combat related stat would drastically increase! They were able to verify that after hunting in a dungeon with the Silver Hand. The warriors Ralph and Berad increased their strength and stamina every time they levelled up. Hedro, Reben, Konsed, Kalliben and Beleol increased their agility! Meanwhile Hegel and Mellin raised their intelligence! General NPCs increased their related stats by 3~4 points. However, the trained Royal Guards increased their respective stats by 6~7 points. This meant they became stronger than other NPCs. At the end of their terrible hell training, a miraculous physical modification was created.

But that wasn’t the real effect of the hell training. The physical modifications were an investment for the future. It would only exert its power once they reached a certain level. The Royal Guards had only gained 10 levels after their training with the Silver Hand so it didn’t have a significant effect yet. There was another reason why the Red squad members were perplexed. The members who had experienced hell more terrible than death……


“Kukuku…..I’m not afraid of death!”

Cupa who had become like a bloody rag laughed. A madness that didn’t fear death!

“You know…..the pain I went through compared to this…..death… is nothing. I fear only one thing…..going back to that hell… do that, we have to show Hyung-nim that we’ve become stronger. So…..even if my whole body is torn apart and I die…..I can’t look helpless!”

This was the reason why the Royal Guards were fighting so desperately. They had to show Ark they didn’t need the hell training anymore. Death meant nothing in the face of possibly returning to the Silver Hand for several more months. Compared to that, death was nothing!

“Hahaha! Ark hyung-nim, hurray!”

Then Cupa raised his head and rushed forward. Then Keiko noticed the piece of iron in Cupa’s hand. It was the safety pin of a grenade!


Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Keiko reflexively retreated and fired the machine gun blindly at Cupa. Fresh blood flew out of the tattered Cupa. However Cupa crawled on the ground and approached Keiko. It was this. This dreadful tenacity! This was the reason why the Red squad felt overwhelmed.

–This bastard!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Keiko moved back the moment the grenade exploded. Keiko rolled along the ground and confirmed his health when he got up. He received some damage but fortunately he still had 30% health left. However, Keiko showed no signs of anger as he looked at Cupa’s corpse. The sentiment seen in his eyes was admiration!

–That is a very fearful obsession. I’ve been on many battlefields but this is the first time I’ve encountered a soldier like you. Even a pioneer who can revive with the Fairy isn’t so casual about the possibility of death. To laugh in the face of death, he is a true warrior. As a fellow warrior, I pay respect to your tenacity and bravery!

Keiko saluted Cupa’s corpse. It was a homage paid between enemies!

–They aren’t cowardly soldiers. I’m not sure what he meant but they are clearly fighting due to their loyalty to Ark.

One thing was certain. It was very different from what Keiko thought. Keiko looked at the direction where the red and blue lights were clashing with a conflicted expression.

-Captain-nim’s eyes weren’t wrong. It is clear that Ark is the federation’s strongest warrior. The people following him believe he is the strongest warrior so they don’t even fear death!

A sigh flowed from Keiki’s mouth.

–Ah, I’m envious of Captain-nim. It is the highest honour for a Rama to fight the strongest warrior.Obviously Captain-nim who is fighting in this battle will feel a great satisfaction…..

It wasn’t just him who had this idea. The Red squad members scattered all over the forest while fighting the Royal Guards were thinking the same thing. As for the Red Slaughterer who was the object of their envy…..


‘What? This?’

……He was baffled. He had finally discovered Ark’s presence. Thus the Red Slaughterer had been expectant when confronting Ark. The name was Ark but he wasn’t sure it was the genuine one. However, he was convinced of it after a few words from Ark at the beginning of the battle. The moment he had been waiting for had finally came he thought. His fighting spirit was kindled! But confusion was the only thing the Red Slaughterer felt after10 minutes.

‘Is this really Ark?’

The question didn’t disappear from his head throughout the fight. He knew Ark. No, any gamer would know. He was the gamer recognized as the strongest user in New World. His ability was recognized and he even became a director in the game publishing company. He was already a legend in South Korea’s gaming world. But the Red Slaughterer didn’t know him through his reputation. He had direct experience against Ark. So he knew. He knew how strong a user Ark was. He had experienced Ark’s strength first hand. But the Ark in front of him didn’t feel that strong.

‘Perhaps he hasn’t gained a lot of levels yet?’

That was one possibility. And he could feel the level difference through the sword. However, it wasn’t simply a matter of level difference. While level increased, the basics such as strength and agility also increased. But that didn’t always mean the users’ skills increased. It wasn’t just power behind the sword swings or the high agility to avoid attacks. The important thing was the users’ battle sense to take advantage of their capabilities. That was the charm of a virtual reality game! Even if level could influence victory or defeat, it was nothing without the user’s ability to take advantage of it. But Ark’s sword movements felt like a complete beginner. He felt like a completely different user.

…..It was still the same even now.

“Damn! Take this!”

Ark ran forward wielding his lightsaber. However the orbit of the sword was obvious. It was such a trivial attack that the Red Slaughterer couldn’t believe it was Ark. No, he didn’t want to believe it. However he couldn’t deny that the Ark in front of him was the ‘real’ one. That’s because only Ark would know the contents of the conversation they had before the battle.

‘For my rematch against this guy to be like this……!’

Flames soared in the Red Slaughterer’s heart. That anger exploded through the red lightsaber.

Snap, pajijijik!

The red light collided with the blue and a shockwave occurred. Ark was pushed by the shock wave and ended up on one knee. Ark had even activated his battle suit soon after the fight begun. The Red Slaughterer only had his body. Yet the battle was still one sided. Anger was in the Red Slaughterer’s eyes as he looked at the powerless form of Ark.

–How disappointing Ark. You only have this much?

“Shut up, you bastard!”

Ark got to his feet and thrust his sword again. But the sword wielding Ark was no longer a threat. The Red Slaughterer blocked all of Ark’s attacks and hit his wrist with the hilt of his lightsaber. It was the Red Slaughterer’s skill to disarm the enemy! It was a highly technical skill and the success difficult to achieve. The lightsaber fell from Ark’s hand towards the ground.


Ark burst out and tumbled to pick up the sword. No, he was about to pick it up when the Red Slaughterer placed a knee on his stomach. It was a completely one sided match! There was no doubt that the difference between the Red Slaughterer and Ark was like between an adult and child.

“Cough! T-this is impossible…..”

–This is it. The rematch I dreamt about so badly was this pathetic.

The Red Slaughterer said coldly as he placed his sword to Ark’s neck. Ark only had 5% health left. The outcome was obvious.

“Damn, who are you?”

Ark shouted the moment the Red Slaughterer’s sword went up.

–I won’t tell you my name. And now you’ll never know. I won’t send a challenge to someone like you anymore. Rest assured and die.

The red beam descended towards his neck!

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

Shots rang out from the darkness. The Red Slaughterer reflexively activated a shield and turned his body. 2 of the bullets bounced off the shield but the 3rd one hit his shoulder. The Red Slaughterer took a few steps back and raised his head.

–Ugh, someone dared interfere……..

The Red Slaughterer gazed towards the forest. The man was shaking and his whole body showed fatigue. It was a face he remembered. He was the blond youth who persistently stuck to him on Hanan, the warrior that the federation soldiers called Rapid.

-……Another one?

The Red Slaughterer glared at the blond youth. However the blond youth didn’t even look at the Red Slaughterer. He was staring at Ark with spellbound eyes.

“A-Ark?” Really…’re Ark?”

-Get lost! This isn’t the place for you!

The Red Slaughterer flew towards the blond youth. The blond youth belatedly noticed and tried to block but the red sword had already cut his thigh. However the blond youth pulled his trigger as he was falling. 3 bullets shot towards different vital spots! It was skill that the Red Slaughterer couldn’t ignore.

-Sheesh, this guy!

Two bullets were stopped by the shield while the other one changed trajectory because of the lightsaber. He turned around and saw the blond youth throwing a grenade. The moment the Red Slaughterer was about to split apart the grenade with a lightsaber, he once again fired his gun. The bullets penetrated through the darkness and exploded the grenade.

Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The unexpected explosion pushed the Red Slaughterer back. Then the blond youth ran with a limping leg and shouted.

“Now Ark! Your sword! You can’t die in a place like this!”

–I said this isn’t the place for you to interfere!


The Red Slaughterer crossed the space like a bullet. Then the red sword was thrust through the blond youth’s chest. The blond youth flew back and moaned.


Ark had the lightsaber in front of him. However the sword once again fell from the Red Slaughterer’s consequent attacks. And the sword that was lost in the struggle rolled underneath the Red Slaughterer’s feet. It was like a cat treading on a miserable rat. The Red Slaughtered coldly glanced at Ark and the blond youth.

–Rapid, you came here to help this guy but…..look at him. This is the reality of the Ark who you held up as a hero. Isn’t it disappointing? But I feel an even bigger disappointment that you can’t even fathom.

The Red Slaughterer was talking but it just sounded like ‘#$!##@#[email protected]##$!##$!#!##’ to the blond youth. His eyes were looking at Ark and he couldn’t hear anything. Ark’s helpless look was shocking. The blond youth got up with trembling legs and shouted.

“Ark, no! You….you can’t have such an expression on your face! Wake up!”

–It is impossible. This guy isn’t who you think he is. Now I have no more regrets about the name Ark.He is just one of many federation players. Armour armament!

The Red Slaughterer looked down at the struggling Ark and said. The space warped and armour like objects appeared. The armour that looked like a living creature wrapped around the Red Slaughterer’s body. It was the Rama’s battle suit! However this battle suit was different from Ark’s. The battle suit had sharp horns attached to it!

–As a last gift to the user I once thought about, I’ll show you why I’m called the Red Slaughterer. Come out! Kusankya’s secret arts, Hwaryun’s Extermination!


Light circulated intensely above the Red Slaughterer’s head. Dozens of wheels were spinning fiercely! The wheels shot in two directions towards Ark and the blond youth. The blond youth hurriedly grabbed his pistol and raised it vertically.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The wheel impacted with the barrel and caused sparks. Once several wheels piled up, the pistol collapsed into small pieces.  It made an unearthly noise as the wheel scratched continuously against his skin. The blond youth’s health was already low after breaking through the numerous Rama warriors to reach here. The blond youth was instantly shredded apart by the wheels. The body was torn into small pieces. But the blond youth was still looking at Ark in his last moments. The wheels had headed towards a fleeing Ark’s head! Ark fell as the wheel hit the back of the Hyde Helmet and broke it. Ark was pitiable until the very end.

-……How empty.

The Red Slaughterer said with a bitter voice. Then he frowned as he looked at Ark.

–What? Why is this guy?

The Red Slaughterer knew Ark’s face. He remembered the face from the days in New World. Ark’s face was also exposed through the mass mediate after he became Beltana’s hero. And the face the Red Slaughterer had been fighting was definitely Ark. But a completely different face appeared once the Hyde Helmet was split apart.

–D-don’t tell me this is the Hyde Helmet?

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

Then he heard a yell from the rear. The Red Slaughterer reflexively turned around and confusion spread on his face. Dozens of blue swords flashed before his eyes. The Red Slaughterer hurriedly lifted his left arm.

–This! Shield!

Kakakaka! Kakakaka!

Dozens of blades scratched against the shield. The Red Slaughterer felt a tremendous pressure and took a few steps back. After he was pushed back 10 metres, the Red Slaughterer’s shield broke.

–Kuak! Heat Wave!

A red aura emerged from the Red Slaughterer’s body. There was a visible burn in the ground every time he took a step. The swords were broken by the aura he dispersed.

–Who are you?


The Red Slaughterer was looking at a man walking out of the forest. He was holding a blue lightsaber in front of him. The man grinned and said.


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