Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 7 Chapter 3

SPACE 3. Hero VS Hero (PART: 2)

According to law, the soldier’s equipment depended on their field of expertise. Therefore the federation’s armoury in Tatuine was divided into several sections. Rifles and swords, defence items for assaulters, pistols and daggers in the scout section, various communications equipment and support packs…..and there was a section for spies.

-Hyde Helmet


Item type: Helmet

Wearer Restriction: Level 31 (Body Coating Required)

Defense: 5 Durability: 30/30

A helmet that covers the entire face. This looks like a normal helmet but a special feature has been added.  There is a special coating on the glass front so the opponent can’t see your face. It also prevents all infrared scopes from detecting your name by setting a different character name. If you want to do bad things! If you want to hide your name! The Hyde Helmet is the best choice for a coward like you.

* If you commit a crime then the chaotic value will be applied to your original name.

He found the Hyde Helmet there! Thus he thought of a plan.


Slayer’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean? I should be Ark-nim?”

“You heard me.  Slayer-nim should wear the Hyde Helmet with my name and face.”

“Why should I?”

“It is an opportunity.”

Ark smiled and replied.

“We received the quest from Marquis-nim but we still don’t know the situation on Athamas. If we just turn up on the battlefield then we won’t be able to grasp the situation. Slayer-nim is experienced but you might fall into an unforeseen trap. Then shouldn’t someone observe the enemy and the situation in order to complete the quest? Slayer, Leon and Melina had no military experience while the rest of my men are NPCs so only I’m eligible.”

However, the Red Slaughterer had challenged Ark. Ark needed to be there in order to attract the Red Slaughterer’s attention. Then he thought of something after seeing the Hyde Helmet. It was to make Slayer into ‘Ark-II!’

“Why me of all people?”

“The Red Slaughterer sent me a challenge so he knows about me to some extent. He would’ve obtained data from the Rama who fought me on Beltana. So he’ll know that I’m a warrior who uses a gun and sword.”

This was the reason he chose Slayer. The Royal Guards were NPCs. Melina was a female healer so she couldn’t even be considered and Leon was a firearms specialist. Slayer was the only warrior candidate.

“But can I really deceive him?”

“You can trick him. I’ll give Slayer-nim the word to make him believe you.”

“A word?”


“Lucifer? What is that?”

“It is like a password. Anyway, if the Red Slaughterer is who I think he is then he will react to that word. This is the evidence that you are me.”

Ark said with a smile. However Slayer scratched his head with an unconfident expression.

“I understand what you’re saying. But I don’t know if I can accomplish……”

“The only person I can request from is Slayer-nim. And didn’t you say it a short time ago? This is your chance. They won’t just talk about you on the battlefield. This is Slayer-nim’s chance.”

“Huh? My chance?”

“Didn’t you want to be a hero on the airship?”

Ark approached Slayer and whispered.

“Slayer-nim, listen to me. The Red Slaughterer is known as the Rama’s hero. That person sent me a challenge so it is possible to have a 1 on 1 fight with him. In other words, if Slayer-nim disguises as me then you’ll have a chance to fight the Rama’s hero. And if you knock that guy down…..”

“I-if I win?”

Slayer swallowed his saliva and asked. Ark looked at Slayer and laughed.

“The birth of Slayer, Athamas’ Hero.”

“A-Athamas’ hero!”

“Do you remember when I used the Hyde Helmet on Mt. Fargo? That was due to my celebrity status. After becoming Beltana’s Hero and being well known on the federation’s TV, I couldn’t walk around freely. The female users kept on surrounding me……”

“F-female users!”

“It was very annoying because I wasn’t interested but wouldn’t it be different if I liked someone? For example, a female user you have your eye on……”

“Cough! Hrmm hrmm. No, well…..”

Slayer glanced at Melina who was wandering around the section before looking away. Ark had noticed for a while that Slayer and Leon were uncomfortable around him. That’s because Melina had started to pay attention to Ark. It was because of this reason that Slayer and Leon participated in this quest in the first place. They thought Melina had a crush on Ark because of his ‘Beltana’s Hero’ status. Their levels and skills were similar to Ark so they thought they could also become war heroes if given the chance. Well even if that wasn’t the case, they were still sold for 3 bottles of alcohol. Anyway, Ark’s flattery was effective. The words ‘female users’ were a direct hit.

“Huhuhu, I’ll do it!”

Slayer firmly grasped Ark’s hand. And the user who dreamt of a rosy future…..


Ark eyed the body near the Red Slaughterer’s feet. The dead body was covered in blood. It was an empty end for the user who dreamt of a rosy future.

‘Well I expected it to a certain extent but……’

He hadn’t expected Slayer to win. Even if he was a warrior, Ark was an offensive fighter while Slayer was a tank. This was the reason Slayer died so easily. He threw away his shield which was his main equipment and used the lightsaber in order to pretend to be Ark. Therefore he couldn’t exert his full power. However, there was another decisive reason for Slayer’s defeat.

‘This guy, he’s strong!’

He hadn’t received the title of Rama’s Hero for no reason. No one could obtain fame for free. If a user received that type of fame then obviously he would be strong. But the Red Slaughterer’s attack was beyond what Ark imagined.

‘Isn’t this obvious?’

The Red Slaughterer was convinced Slayer was Ark thanks to the dialogue. And Ark was sure he was Lucifer based on his reaction. If he was Lucifer then naturally he would be strong. Therefore it was natural for Slayer to die one-sidedly. Yet it was still helpful. Slayer still had the stamina of a tank so he lasted for 10 minutes.

‘Now it is my turn!’

The Red Slaughterer stared at Ark and opened his mouth.

-……In the end it was just a trick? I was confused but now it is easy to understand. But what is the proof that you’re really Ark?

“My skills.”

Ark tightened his grip on his sword. A blue light shot out from the hilt.

“I just want to ask you one thing Lucifer. What do you think is the ultimate goal?”

The Red Slaughterer narrowed his eyes at Ark’s question. However he then smiled and lifted his red lightsaber.

–I’m curious about your skills.


The Red Slaughterer’s feet caused a hole in the ground. At the same time, the Red Slaughterer’s body shot forward like a projectile. A red afterimage trailed behind him.

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

He lifted his sword and felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. A lightsaber didn’t weigh a lot so it was hard to withstand a heavy iron sword. However the disadvantage disappeared with the explosive acceleration.


Ark retreated a few steps.

–Not yet! You haven’t proved it yet!

The Red Slaughterer chased after Ark. And he unleashed a shower of onslaughts. The first blow didn’t have the shortcomings of a lightsaber while the continuous attacks maximized the benefits of the lightsaber. Any other user wouldn’t be able to withstand those attacks. Because they couldn’t imagine such reckless attacks out of the blue. But the opponent was Lucifer. Therefore Ark’s concentration was already at the limit before the battle. Therefore his battle mode was ON!

“You don’t have to make so much noise……”

Ark said why dodging the Red Slaughterer’s arms.

–You fool, you want to die……

“Armour armament!”

Ark suddenly shouted. The space warped and armour sprung out around him. It was the battle suit that looked like an insect’s carapace, the Hyper Drone! The moment the Hyper Drone covered Ark’s body, it released a shockwave that pushed the Red Slaughterer back. Ark who had turned into a fully armoured warrior smiled and raised a finger.

“Bring it on. If you want it so badly then I’ll carve the name Ark into your body.”

–R-Rama battle suit? How do you…..?

“Do I have to explain it?”

–That’s okay. I’ll discover it by force.

“Ha, then you’ll never know.”

This time Ark was the one who attacked first. It was the same lightsaber as before but this time it was different. The battle suit increased all stats by 30%! Of course his physical abilities using the sword also increased. However there was more to the battle suit.

Snap, pajijijik!

Their shoulders shook as the two lightsabers clashed together. Then Ark raised the sword and kicked his foot as quick as lightning. The roundhouse kick caused the Red Slaughterer to go flying back! But this was a trick. The Red Slaughterer had jumped back the moment Ark kicked his chest. Yet he still felt the heavy blow down to his toes. This was the true meaning of Ark’s battle suit. Space monsters typically had skin harder than monsters in the medieval ages. Some monsters had such hard skin that steel bullets would find difficult to penetrate! On the other hand, Ark was wearing armour and shoes made of synthetic material. The material was created using state of the art science but it was still basically cloth or leather. Wouldn’t kicking a steel monster only fracture his foot?

This was true for an opponent wearing a battle suit. However that changed once Ark wore his battle suit. He wasn’t sure what material it was but the battle suit was incredibly hard. So it was okay for him to kick the opponent! Ark’s specialty was the use to taekwondo techniques.

“Heh, how is it?”

Ark turned around and smiled pleasantly. But the Red Slaughterer just laughed.


“What? Did I hit you so hard that I created a hole in your lung?”

–This is it. Your kicks and the way you talk. Yes, this is the Ark that I remember.

“Ha, is that so? Did you become scared after remembering being beaten up by me?”

–It isn’t necessary to remember it. Because I’ll never forget it.

“I guess you were depressed.”

–I was until today.

The Red Slaughterer answered as he strode forward. No more words were needed now. They already knew each other’s identities and purpose. That purpose would be shown through their swords! Only the strong would accomplish their purpose.

–I’ll end this game here! Sword Detection!

The Red Slaughterer shot forward with his sword. The red light split through the darkness! However that red light soon encountered a blue one.

“Sonic Sword!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a ringing sound and dust rose. It swirled up like a whirlwind and dispersed. Sharp claws shredded through the cloud of dust and the Red Slaughterer came closer! The sword seemed to appear in front of Ark in moments.

‘This guy’s battle suit is agile!’

It explained the unusually fast movement. Speed faster than the opponent. Speed was definitely a weapon that wreaked havoc in combat. But that wasn’t absolute.

–It is foolish to chase after speed with your eyes. No human can see a sword. My sword can hit your eyes, feet, shoulders, anywhere I want.

This was what his sword master taught him. Ark was hit over and over and experienced it through his bones. For a long time…..he had forgotten the teachings of his mentor after reaching the ultimate position in New World.

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

That spark revived through the conflict of lightsabers.

‘When I stop it has to be smooth. If I attack it has to be short and bold!’

Ark muttered and started using footwork. He stepped forward and started twisting his sword. The blue light that had been waving like a wild beast started flowing smoothly! The teachings that he suddenly remembered was manifested through his body. Ark’s blue sword started forming a brilliant pattern in the darkness. No movements were wasted.

–As expected from Ark!

The Red Slaughterer said with glee. And the red lightsaber also started to create a colourful pattern. It was like they were competing over who could create better patterns. However, the mood changed the moment the two lights conflicted.

Kwa! Kwa! Kwa! Kwa! Kwa!

There were continuous bursts of light! The two lights clashed without any breaks in the darkness. The beam swords unleashed unstable electromagnetic power every time it clashed. It felt like every hair on his skin was standing up. That feeling intensified with every clash of the sword.

Kwa! Kwa! Kwa! Kwa! Kwa!

This feeling! Ark was absorbed in the fight. He didn’t have any idea in his head.  He didn’t even feel the pain as the red lightsaber cut his skin several times. The only thing he saw was the trajectory of the Red Slaughterer’s sword. And he would kick whenever there was a chance. He breathed carefully as he attacked and defended! But he couldn’t remain in that feeling forever.

‘……It is impossible.’

Ark and the Red Slaughterer’s skills were almost equal. However, Ark started being pushed once the battle continued for a long time. The reason why his level!

‘The Red Slaughterer must be at least 20 levels higher than me.’

This was due to spending time on the battlefield. If he died on the battlefield then he wouldn’t gain any experience. While the Red Slaughterer has killed dozens of people on the battlefield, Ark had kept on dying before he received the title of Beltana’s Hero. Of course, Ark had reduced his sleeping hours to spend more time in the game. However, he had spent the early stages of the game cleaning pipes on R-14 and digging on Beltana. He might be 10 levels higher than regular users but he couldn’t be compared to the Red Slaughterer. If their skills were higher than it was natural for the one with a higher level to have the advantage. That’s because they would deal more damage! Therefore it was more painful! But that wasn’t the only reason.

‘Damn, if only I could use Galaxy Sword…..’

Ark had few battle skills compared to his level. That’s because he learnt a lot of non-battle skills like hacking in the early stages and his body coating focused more on survival. It didn’t matter when fighting monsters but the lack of battle skills was a disadvantage against users. It’s because the opponent could figure out the effect of the skill. Of course, he learnt Khafra Fencing when he became Elim’s Heir but that required Force not mental power. Therefore Ark used meditation while waiting at headquarters to change mental power to 260 Force. Ark had used all that Force in the surprise attack. Well, he destroyed the Red Slaughterer’s shield thanks to that attack but he only had 10 Force left. Therefore Khafra Fencing was sealed after using Galaxy Sword. That’s why Ark had to use Sonic Sword that required mental power instead. The only skill he could use with his lightsaber was Sonic Sword. On the other hand, the Red Slaughterer……


The red lightsaber constantly attacked.

-Blood Sword!

The red lightsaber suddenly increased to dozens of swords!

–Dragon Sword Break!

Dragon Sword Break was a quick stab attack! The combat skills people would brag about constantly poured out. And Ark’s sword teacher didn’t show him how to deal with skills like this. Therefore his health decreased with every skill until it reached 10%. However the Red Slaughterer still had 40% health left. He couldn’t rely on luck against a user of a similar skill.

‘Any more is impossible. Then…..’

Kakak! Pepepeng!

Ark pushed against the sword and shouted.

“Damn, this is cheating!”


“Indeed! Don’t you know? You’re much higher level than me. Your stats are higher so of course you’ll perform better. Fighting in such a situation wouldn’t be fair.  Don’t you think it is a little cowardly?”

–This is a game. It is up to you to raise the level and learn skills. I can understand if the starting time is different but you started at the same time as me. If you have a lower level or fewer skills then it means you didn’t make an effort. So why are you talking about unfair?

The Red Slaughterer said with a ludicrous expression.

–This place is the battlefield. How can you talk about cowardice in a place like this? This is a warrior’s fight. Fight openly and die a warrior’s death.

“I don’t want to! Binding Sword!”

Ark shouted angrily and twisted his sword. The Red Slaughterer instantly raised his sword as a flash crossed the darkness. However, this wasn’t an attack skill but Binding Sword. It was a skill that tied up the enemy’s movement! The flash wound around the Red Slaughterer’s body.

-Your attack has hit the target!


The message popped up in front of him! Ark cried out as he ran into the forest.

“Sorry but I’m busy. I’ll see you later.”

It was the combo of Binding Sword and running away! This was the reason Ark felt an attachment to Binding Sword. He could escape when it was disadvantageous! Once again, Ark’s mission wasn’t to defeat the Red Slaughterer. It was to delay him while the federation army started their plan to reverse the military situation. He had already delayed him for a sufficient amount of time. He also checked that the Red Slaughterer was Lucifer. All his objectives were achieved so there was no reason to fight anymore. The Red Slaughterer’s expression became murderous at Ark’s combo.

–You cowardly wretch! You call yourself a warrior!

“Stop playing around. This is a battlefield. Anything can change in 1 second.”

The legendary gamer Ark said that while running away!

–I won’t miss!

2 seconds wasn’t a long time. The Red Slaughterer was soon freed and chased after Ark. Furthermore, the Red Slaughterer’s battle suit was fast so he instantly reduced the distance. And 1 minute after Ark entered the forest.


A tree in front of Ark started shaking. The pine tree received a huge dent after being hit by the Red Slaughterer. He had transferred his body using high speed technology and flew in front of Ark. But he had expected this!

–You will die…..

“18 Barrage!”

Ark shouted as he threw his body towards the Red Slaughterer. At the same time, steam spewed from his battle suit clad shoulders and his arms moved at an incredible pace. It was the deadly skill that poured our 18 rapid fire steel fists! There was no way to escape once hit.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Ark pumped his fists like a bulldozer! The Red Slaughterer hadn’t expected the surprise attack and his chest was turned to rags. So one hit, two hit, three hit, four hit…..finally all his fists were poured out!

“Pant pant pant!”

-The Hyper Drone’s mana has been exhausted.


The battle suit disappeared from Ark’s body. However…..

–Hu. Was this your last card?

The Red Slaughterer said as he looked at the gasping Ark. 18 fists had impacted with his chest but he only lost 10% health. The damage of 18 Barrage depended on the mana left in the battle suit. However, he had exerted too much power in the battle and the mana had been depleted. Ark was aware of this. That was the reason he chose to run away after using Binding Sword.

–Your battle suit has been recalled and you can’t compete anymore.

“You still don’t understand?”

Ark lifted his head and grinned. He raised his middle finger towards the Red Slaughterer and said.

“You’re already dead!”

It was the death sentence! The Red Slaughterer couldn’t imagine the upcoming horror…..

-……Are you crazy

“Heh, its fine if you don’t believe me. These hell hounds will guide you to hell. Hell hounds!”

Bark bark bark! Bark bark bark!

2 dogs ran out of the bushes towards the Red Slaughterer. They were dogs with the head of a person. While the Red Slaughterer was tied up with Biding Sword, he had invoked the Ikram rune when running away. The bodies offered were Slayer and the blond youth! They were dogs with the faces of the people the Red Slaughterer killed. He stepped back when the hell hound tackled him!

–Heok! W-what…..?

The Red Slaughterer burst out with confusion as he disappeared. Then a voice was heard from the bottom.

–Trap! S-surely not?

“Didn’t I tell you? You’re already dead.”

Ark looked down at the open hole in the ground and smiled. The Red Slaughterer was tangled up with the hell hounds in the ground.

‘My level isn’t sufficient to fight against the Red Slaughter 1 on 1. He also has a bunch of powerful Rama warriors with him.’

Ark’s mission wasn’t to kill the Red Slaughterer. But even if the federation’s strategy succeeded, Ark’s party would still be completely wiped out. Ark had no intention of letting that happen. So he thought desperately while waiting at headquarters and came up with this trap! While the Royal Guards lured the Red squad and Slayer was fighting the Red Slaughterer, Ark had remained in the forest to create this trap. He dug a hole at a location that wasn’t far away! By the time Slayer died, Ark had dug a hole 20 metres deep! This was due to his advanced digging.

–You cowardly wretch!

“You’re saying the same things again? Didn’t you say there are no cowardly acts on the battlefield?”

–I didn’t mean something like this! You should be ashamed!

“Do you think I would change my viewpoint? Didn’t you say it? Level and skill is also a strength. I admit it. But there is another way to win against the enemy. I diligently dug this hole and covered it. And then I acted in a drama and lured you here. Do you think that is easy? I’m not embarrassed but proud.”

–Don’t make me laugh! Do you think you can beat me with a trap like this?

The Red Slaughter shouted while taking out the hell hound with Slayer’s face. Ahh, Slayer……even when reincarnated as a dog…..the poor guy. But Ark was unmoved.

“Of course it would be difficult with just a trap.”

Ark laughed and took out a metal sphere into the trap. It was the grenade he collected from the federation armoury.

–T-this is?

“It is the devastating blow to send you to the afterlife. Please receive it carefully.”

Ark pulled out the grenade’s safety pin and waved goodbye.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a roar and the trap was engulfed in flames. The Red Slaughterer and hell hound were buried as the walls of the hole collapsed. Ark whistled as he took out his shovel and walked over.

And…..Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

He filled the hole completely with soil.

“Heh, Lucifer is no big deal.”

Ark laughed as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He felt an exhilarating feeling in his stomach. But the Lucifer-Red Slaughterer competition wasn’t finished with this. Lucifer’s goal wasn’t to win on this battlefield. The reason Lucifer sent the challenge was to verify his identity. Ark was also the same. He came to see Lucifer but he didn’t think this was the end of it. In Galaxian, Lucifer was a user with an immortal body so it wouldn’t end with just one fight. He won this battle but Lucifer was stronger than Ark. He couldn’t be pleased when considering the next battle.

‘From now on I have to increase my strength to stop Lucifer’s growth!’

Lucifer brought up power on the battlefield. In other words, Lucifer’s support base was the Rama!

‘The Rama already have Hanan so I can’t allow them to get Athamas!’

This was another reason to win the war. He couldn’t assume they would win even if he defeated Lucifer.

“Once you join the confluence area Scouts and should be operational.”

Ark fired the signal flare and took out his air board.

“Wait? The face of the blonde man on the hell hound seems slightly familiar……do I know him from somewhere? Well it doesn’t matter. Let’s go, Super Board!”


The air board crossed the forest. He left area C-17 that was covered in Chaff behind him.

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