Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 7 Chapter 4

SPACE 4. Flying the Federation’s Flag…..

“Rama assault units have broken through B-13, 15,19!”

“The 5th guerrilla unit in area B has been wiped out!”

“There are reports that a Rama army is advancing into area A! Our current troops won’t be able to hold out for long!”

“If the defense lines in area A collapsed then they will reach headquarters!”

“There is no more time to wait!”

The voices of the communication soldiers exclaimed hysterically. Let’s talk about the current situation of the federation army. Athamas and Hanan were the most fiercely contested planets in the Bellin constellation. The federation and Rama had already been there long enough to determine the location of the headquarters. The only thing left was to breakthrough! That’s why both sides had no choice but to pour extensive amounts of resources and compete day and night. However their armies were almost equal. Both sides couldn’t get a decisive chance to win and it became a war of attrition. Then they heard the Aschulat was going to enter the war.

‘If reinforcement arrives then we can change the military situation!’

The problem was the Rama also obtained this information. The Rama installed an antenna in area E to interfere with the synchronization between the Aschulat and federation’s headquarters. Then the Rama entrusted their key attacks to the Red squad. The Red squad was led by the Rama hero called the Red Slaughterer. The battles took place in the forests covering Athamas. And the Red squad boasted the invincible power of the Red Slaughterer! The federation units were quickly destroyed with their arrival. Just their existence was intimidating for the federation!

-The Red squad has entered this area with the Red Slaughterer!

The overwhelming fame! Just the name alone exerted a huge power on the federation soldiers.

‘Does the federation have a soldier that can deal with the Red Slaughterer?’

Then Beltana’s Hero Ark was sent to Athamas! However Ark didn’t seem that reliable to Hasullo. He was a war hero but Beltana’s battlefield was small compared to Athamas. He wouldn’t be able to get such achievements in a place like this. However the person who recommended them was Marquis Martin.

‘It is worth a try!’

No, he had no choice but to see. There was no way to reverse the military situation with the Red squad present. Therefore Hasullo decided on a life and death strategy while Ark was slowing down the Red Slaughterer. However things turned out more serious than expected. The federation had divided the battlefield into different grids. Headquarters was located in area A. Each grid was 50 kilometres. And the places where both sides collided were the C and D area. But the Rama had just broken through area B and had reached area A. They only needed to make 50 km to reach.

“Commander-nim, there are more of them! The news you just heard is already wrong! The Rama would reach headquarters by the time we recall our troops!”

“No, not yet…..a little more……”


The soldier shouted with an uneasy expression. Then the communication soldier watching the monitor spoke to Hasullo.

“The signal flare has risen in area C-17!”

“Flare! Then Ark?”

“Yes, the decoded signal information…..the Red Slaughterer is dead……”

The communication soldier who deciphered the message stuttered and turned to look at Commander Hasullo with a red face.

“H-he did it! Commander-nim, Ark…..Beltana’s Hero Ark…..he defeated the Red Slaughterer!”

“That’s it!”

Hasullo slammed his fist on the dashboard and got up.

“Send a message to all soldiers. The federation will step on the Rama! All troops on standby should advance immediately. The time has finally come to end the war!”

Commander Hasullo cried out in a face red with excitement. 1000 km away, the Rama commander Thor’s face was dyed with confusion. It was due to the report that came in from the battlefield.

–What did you say just now? The Red Slaughterer was killed in battle?

–We heard the federation soldiers hollering about it on the wide frequency channels. The Red Slaughterer battled a federation warrior in C-17 and died.

–Cut the crap! He is an undefeated hero. It is impossible for the federation to kill him! The Chaff cut off radio contact in C-17 so it is probably just groundless rumours.

–The Chaff has disappeared from area C-17.


–Although I can sense the signals from the Red squad’s Nymphes, I can’t detect the Red Slaughterer’s at all.

–Then the Red Slaughterer was really killed?

–At the moment, it seems so……

–By who? Who defeated the Red Slaughterer?

–He is called Ark.

-Ark? Is it that Ark……?

–He is the federation’s hero that the Red Slaughterer sent a challenge to.

–So stupid! He was defeated by the opponent he sent a challenge to?

Thor shouted with a furious face. Then a nearby communication soldier turned around with a puzzled expression.

–Commander-nim, it is serious!

–What is it?

–There was a report from the scouting unit that stayed behind in the D area. 5000 federation soldiers are moving from there to area E. The majority are tanks and there is 1 Gigantic included.

–W-what? 5,000? Isn’t that an error? How did they appear in area D that is right in front of headquarters?

–I checked it many times. There is no doubt.

–…..A trick!

Thor ground his teeth together. He had been too relaxed. Shortly after the Chaff was scattered in area C-17, the Rama pursued the retreating federation troops to their defense line in area B. They had fought the federation troops over the last few months yet they had collapsed so easily. Of course Thor had thought it was easy but he hadn’t worried that much about it. That was a mistake.

‘Those guys retreated to lure our troops in!’

Thor’s judgment was correct.

This was Hasullo’s plan. He hid troops in the important D area and rallied them after the Rama chased the federation army back to area B. The problem was that the federation troops were heading towards area E while the Rama were in area B. One thing was clear.

‘Their aim is the antenna base in area E!’

Now most of the Rama troops were heading towards the federation’s headquarters. It would be difficult to stop the 5,000 federation soldiers with just the defense troops at the antenna base.

‘They’ve already entered area A so it will be difficult to reach the federation troops that are 150 km away. There is also the risk of being attacked from behind. The only way left is to destroy their headquarters first!’

–Inform the leaders in area A!

Thor lifted his head and yelled.

–It doesn’t matter what damage there is. Use every method possible to take out the enemy’s headquarters as soon as possible! It doesn’t matter what their plan is if we occupy their headquarters. Keep this in mind! The Bellin constellation will be ours the moment we win Athamas!

However Thor hadn’t considered one thing. The backbone of the Rama’s attacks came from the Red squad and Red Slaughterer. And in the federation army……



Hegel ran out of the bushes. Following him was Mellin, Berad, Melina, and Leon.

“The other members?”

“We’re the only ones remaining.”

Leon answered Ark’s question.

“The Red squad members were really no joke.”

They knew this before arriving in Athamas. They were called the Rama’s strongest unit. It was impossible to take care of all of them. Plus there were 20 people in the Red squad. Excluding Ark and Slayer, Dark Eden only had 13 people. Even if they lured the Red squad away, it was beyond their power to take everyone out. Leon’s shredded body was proof of that. He sighed and said.

“I was fortunate. Some federation soldiers came and gave support while I was running away from them. But the decisive reason behind my survival was Ark-nim’s men. I’ve battled with NPCs before but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. Anyway…..their mentality is really no joke. It is the first time I’ve seen a NPC smile as they self-destructed.”


Melina also added with an expression of admiration. Then Leon studied her face and said in a low voice.

“Well, Melina-nim and I were still the best.”

As expected, he was conscious about Melina’s words. They had promised to meet here after there was a signal flare. But the battle with the Red Slaughterer had taken longer than expected. It was 20 minutes between encountering the Red Slaughterer and the signal flare being fired. Therefore Ark thought it was highly likely everyone would be wiped out.  It was good that he even managed to hold out for 20 minutes considering the Red Slaughterer’s skill. Yet 5 members were still alive. While it was expected for Leon and Melina, that fact that Hegel and Mellin who had low combat skills survived was a surprise.

“If the battle continued for any longer then we wouldn’t have endured it.”

7 Royal Guards died while they only managed to take out 3 of the Red squad. At first they fought but then started running away when it became too difficult.

“Those guys suddenly retreated after Ark fired the signal flare.”

“Perhaps the Rama ordered them to ascertain the fate of their hero.”

“Then the Red Slaughterer……”


Ark smiled and replied. Hegel, Mellin and Berad cheered with excited expressions.

“Ohhh! As expected from Hyung-nim! Didn’t I tell you? The Red Slaughterer isn’t a match for Hyung-nim. Of course. Hyung-nim is invincible! The sacrifices weren’t in vain!”

“Then Slayer?”

“He fought bravely but unfortunately didn’t make it.”

To be exact, Slayer fought bravely as a dog. Well they didn’t need to know that. Ark roughly described the situation to Hegel, Mellin, Berad, Melina and Leon.

“This is more than I expected. Thanks for the good work. You guys also went through some trouble.”

“Yes Hyung-nim. Our members……they all fought bravely!”

Hegel replied with huge tears in his eyes.

“Yes, they fought without fearing death. Hegel, Berad and I are also prepared to die at any time. We trained for this moment to be with you. I look forward to withstanding any difficult situation with you. As long as we’re with you!”

Mellin added quickly.

“Of course! I’m prepared to throw my life away at any time!”

Berad nodded as he lifted a hammer onto his shoulder. Melina murmured with an impressed look after seeing Hegel, Mellin and Berad.

“Ark-nim is incredible. For NPCs to trust a user so much……”

She was mistaken. The Royal Guards just didn’t want to be sent back to the Silver Hand.  Ark had no intention of sending the Royal Guards back to the Silver Hand. However the Royal Guards didn’t know that so they thought they had to be really good.

‘It looks like the stat distribution method worked. The framework is in place so now it is time to raise their level. Levels are necessary if we have to fight Lucifer and the Red squad again. Okay.  Once this is completed, I’m going to take the Royal Guards and go level up!’

Ark started making plans for the future. Anyway!

“The war hasn’t finished yet. According to the briefing from headquarters, the main force of the federation army is heading towards the antenna base. Now it is a fight against time. We have to join the army as quickly as possible to ensure that the antenna is destroyed.”

“But isn’t area E 150 km from here?”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Ark muttered as he looked up at the night sky. Missiles were flying at a rapid pace from the federation headquarters. When it was 300 metres away, they exploded and dropped parachutes. They were the capsules that Ark had ridden here. However this time soldiers weren’t the ones inside them. Bikes were attached to the falling parachute! After the signal was confirmed, headquarters had sent him hover bikes. Ark got on the bike and looked at Hegel.

“Hegel, calculate the shortest route to the antenna base.”

“I’ve already completed it.”

Thanks to the training with the Silver Hand, Hegel transferred the 3D map immediately. Ark checked the map and vigorously turned the handle.

“Okay. Let’s go!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The bikes flew across the forest. Hasullo had sent him high class bikes that moved at 300 km/hr. But moving 300 km/hr in a forest was like committing suicide. In contrast, 100 km/hr was like a walk in the park. But the Rama were in area A while the federation were in area E. The areas between them were empty. Thanks to crossing an empty battlefield, Ark was able to reach the antenna base in 1 and a half hours.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Bursts of flashes tore up the darkness. As expected, a fierce battle was taking place around the base. The federation soldiers were surrounding the base along with 10 tanks and a Gigantic. But the Rama were resisting quite well. The antenna base was like a fortress. Dozens of turrets mounted on the wall were firing wildly. Numerous soldiers died with every attack     !

“This is a battlefield……!”

Leon said as he was overwhelmed. Then a tank arrived and one person jumped out.

“Are you Ark-nim?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“It’s an honour to meet you. I’m Captain Cross in charge of this operation.”

Cross saluted him with respectful eyes. The federation soldiers had already been informed that Ark defeated the Red Slaughterer. That’s why a captain with 5,000 troops under him was saluting Ark. It was a tribute to the federation warrior that knocked down the Rama’s hero!

“Can I ask about the battle?”

“Of course.”

A 3D image of the battlefield appeared from Cross’ Nymphe and he explained.

“Currently the federation army is overwhelming in troops and firepower. However the resistance from the Rama is more than I expected. The antenna base is equipped with a high class GEM and it has intercepted half of our shells. The other half has been blocked by the dual shield covering the base.”

“Then we have to compete with troops.”

Ark nodded and replied. The Rama developed science and technology earlier than the federation. Ironically, science and technology didn’t have that much of an effect on the battlefield. No airships could work thanks to the orbiting satellites Dark Star. The GEM and shield also halved the power of the tanks and Gigantic. The Dark Star, GEM and shield didn’t affect one thing!

Infantry. Therefore the advanced science ended up causing a battle between infantry. Soldiers used SF weapons like lightsabers and ray guns.

“So I’ve ordered troops to the shield control tower but they’ve received damage from the many bunkers around it. If we can only penetrate that one point……”

“Leave it to us.”


Leon and Cross said simultaneously.

“I-Is it okay?”

“Captain-nim, you know there is no time right? I have no choice but to try.”

He had defeated the Red Slaughterer and surrounded the antenna base. But that situation wouldn’t always remain favourable. Right now the Rama’s main army was attacking the federation headquarters. They had to destroy the antenna base before the federation headquarters was destroyed. Like he said, it was a fight against time. In the end, Cross was forced to agree with him.

“How can I help you?”

“Just support me please. And give me a federation flag.”

“The federation flag!”

“I will fight while carrying the destiny of the federation army.”

“I understand. Good luck!”

Cross saluted again. Then a flag with the symbol of the federation on it was given to Mellin and the preparations were complete!

“Let’s go!”


Ark, Hegel, Berad, Leon, Melina and Mellin headed off with the fluttering flag! The 6 bikes carrying the warriors rushed towards the antenna base.

–The federation’s bikes are charging forward!

–They’re carrying a large flag…..crazy bastards, kill them.

-Shoot! Tear through that flag and show them the might of the Rama!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Hundreds of bullets crossed the space. Ark just turned the handle and accelerated even further while shouting.

“Don’t be afraid! You won’t die from a few bullets. If you continue moving then the hit rate will fall. Only worry about the RPGs. Hegel, calculate and report the trajectory of the heavy artillery!”

“Yes, Hyung-nim!”

Hegel replied.

“RPGs are flying towards Hyung-nim from your 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 9 o’clock. It will land 50 metres in front of Hyung-nim after 3 seconds!”

Hegel could now mentally calculate the trajectory thanks to his training with Heksu of the Silver Hand. They avoided the shells that impacted with the ground.

“Leon-nim, the heavy troopers!”

“I know!”

Tutung! Tutung! Tutung!

Leon lay flat on the bike and fired his rail gun. The rays went through the heads of the Rama’s heavy troopers.



It was a cool headshot.

“Units 1, 2, 3 and 4, cover the bikes!”

Kwakwang! Kwakwang! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The federation army started to support them from the rear. Most of the Rama were inside the shield to avoid being hit by the tanks. However, their visibility dropped thanks to the outpouring of attacks. This changed once Ark got to a close range.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Blood gushed out from several holes in his body. It wasn’t just Ark. Hegel was avoiding it reasonably well but he couldn’t fight back while Leon and Mellin were covered with several gunshot wounds. It was the same for Mellin and Berad. In particular, Mellin was bleeding a lot because the flag he was carrying was a target. However Mellin didn’t complain even once.

“Hahaha! This is nothing! I’ve had bombs aimed at me so I won’t be afraid of something like bullets!”

This was the result of the hell training. Meanwhile Ark had arrived in front of the base’s gate.

“Mind Shield!”

-The Mind Shield has been activated.


In addition, the effect of Backstab or Sudden Blow will be nullified by 100%>

The message appeared as Ark’s body was engulfed in a blue sphere. Ark pulled on the handle as much as possible and jumped off the bike. The bike hit the gate directly!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Flames soared and a portion of the gate collapsed.

–Someone has entered! Tear him apart!

Rama warriors holding swords and machine guns came running out of the smoke. No, this was what he wanted. A flash ran between the Rama warriors. Blood gushed out wherever the flash went. After a while, drops of blood poured down like rain from Ark’s sword.

–What, what the? This guy?

–Kuack! Don’t just stand there looking! Attack at once!

Half a dozen Rama warriors holding swords or hammers flocked to him. Once again there were flashes of blue light and blood followed the trajectory. The sword seemed like it was possessed! Leon was just as confused as the Rama by Ark’s movements. But Ark didn’t hear anything.

‘Yes, this is the feeling!’

In fact, the military situation wasn’t the only reason why Ark rushed here. Ark had been impatient since leaving C-17. That’s because of his battle with the Red Slaughterer. Their two lightsabers had kept on clashing. During the contest of swords, Ark had felt something sleeping wake up inside him. Ark knew the identity of that feeling. Awakening!

It was a moment of enlightenment. The spiritual enlightenment had hit him like a lightning bolt. The experience from countless fights had accumulated in his body and finally awakened. That awakening had occurred during his confrontation with the Red Slaughterer. He felt a tremendous sense of fulfilment. He wanted to continue using the sword on the battlefield. Whether he won or lost the battle, Ark wanted to completely regain that feeling. Therefore he had felt impatient while riding the bike. The end of the fight with the Red Slaughterer…….

‘I don’t feel completely alive yet!’

Every cell in his body was calling out for battle! The Rama warriors around him looked like they were moving slowly. The angle of the weapon, the way they were going to move, he understood it all. Ark moved his sword while caught in that feeling.


The Rama warriors collapsed. When the Rama fired their guns, he avoided the bullets and plunged into the opening.

Wiiing! Seokeok!

The lightsaber moved freely in connected motions.

–Oh my god! T-that sword!

The Rama warriors watching from the sidelines were stunned. Meanwhile Leon with his rail gun, Berad and Melina had made it through the gate. But bullets were still being fired at them. Ark had created a hole and entered the shield. A bunker situated 10 metres away was pouring particularly heavy fire.

“Mellin, stay behind me! Shield!”

Ark used the shield and pushed towards the bunker. Blood poured from his legs at the onslaught of bullets. But that just made Ark feel even more exhilarated. This was truly a battlefield! Inside his head, intense orchestra music seemed to reach its peak. And he finally arrived in front of the bunker.


Ark kicked the barrel of the machine gun firing at him and shouted. Mellin who was following him quickly threw an explosive into the bunker. Thanks to his training in handling explosives, the C-6 contained the maximum firepower!

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Flames poured out from the hole in the ground. The enemy inside the bunker were burned to a crisp.

“That’s it, now……”

“Ark, behind you! It’s dangerous!”

Mellin shouted desperately from near him. When he turned around, a Rama warrior wearing a tattered battle suit had emerged from the bunker and was aiming a RPG towards him. Smoke emerged and the shell flew towards him. Ark had already lost a lot of health reaching the bunker. If he was hit by the RPG at this distance then it was 100% death! Ark’s body automatically reacted.

“I won’t die!”

His blue ray headed towards the shell. Then the ray struck down the black shell. The orbit of the shell was redirected and it flew towards a group of Rama warriors dozens of metres away. Mellin’s mouth dropped open.

“C-changing the trajectory of the shell with your sword…..”

Suddenly a message window appeared in front of Ark.

-A new skill (☆☆) has been learnt.


Sword Defense (User, Active): After civilization developed, firearms were recognized as an efficient and easy to use weapon. Now warriors can’t just use swords like before. In order to overcome the disadvantages of a sword against a gun, a technique called Sword Defense was developed.

Sword Defense uses electromagnetic energy generated to change the trajectory of a bullet. However, this technique requires the right timing and incredible concentration in order to be successful. Therefore the success rate depends on timing and concentration.

* Sword Mastery Lv.3 or higher required.

‘……This is great!’

Ark felt refreshed. He had encountered the Red Slaughterer for the first time in the forest. While watching from the forest, he saw the Red Slaughterer changing the trajectory of Leon’s bullet. Ark’s body had remembered that scene in his moment of crisis. The result was Sword Defense!

–Unbelievable! For a human to know the Red Slaughterer’s technique……?

The Rama warriors looked at Ark with incredulous eyes. In fact, Ark was also the same. He never thought he could change the trajectory of the shells. But now wasn’t the time to be surprised.

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

Dozens of blue swords appeared and flew forward. It was his strongest battle skill Galaxy Sword! The Red Slaughterer had stopped it so he couldn’t check out the skill properly but it had a huge effect on the Rama warrior holding the RPG.


He could now determine the true power of Galaxy Sword. The Rama warrior’s entire body was shredded in an instant. The scene was clearly imprinted in the eyes of the federation and Rama soldiers.

“Mellin, flag!”

Ark held the flag and ran over to the bunker. Then he shook the flag and yelled.

“I am Ark!”

“Ark! Our hero!”

“The true hero who defeated the Red Slaughterer!”

The federation soldiers boiled with excitement.

“That guy is the hero of the galactic federation! That flag represents the will of the galactic federation! All warriors of the galactic federation, follow our hero. He will lead us to victory!”

“Waaahhhhhh! Follow Ark!”

The hiding federation soldiers simultaneously rushed towards the base. This was the reason why Ark brought the flag. The value of a hero on the battlefield wasn’t simply taking down the enemy. Right now the total of both armies was 8,000 people. Even if the hero took down 100 enemies alone, it wouldn’t affect the outcome. Yet this was the reason why the presence of a hero had a profound impact! It was because the allies’ morale would rise explosively. It wasn’t just the words that left his mouth. The sight of the hero was imprinted in the eyes of the allies. Ark showed them the image of him capturing the bunker. The bunker had the symbol of the federation flying above it! With their morale so high, the federation soldiers and even the mercenary groups didn’t fear dying against the Rama. The momentum had fully tilted towards the federation troops.

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The federation soldiers rushed towards the base. The Rama desperately tried to resist but they couldn’t do anything against the federation’s high morale. After 20 minutes, flames soared as all the bunkers in the base were destroyed. And once the federation soldiers occupied it……

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Flames soared as the shield around the antenna base was destroyed.

“The shield was released! Penetrate the defense with the tanks and Gigantic!”

A bombardment of shells followed! The lasers intercepted some of them but it couldn’t stop even half of the shells. The federation continued their bombardment until the last of the defense turrets collapsed. The thousands of military troops entered the base. The head of the federation army……


Ark held the flag in one hand and the lightsaber in the other. After 20 minutes, the antenna attached to the upper part of the base exploded.



A desperate sigh emerged from Mukah’s mouth. He was the leader of the 1st division of the Rama’s army and in charge of the attack on the federation headquarters. The federation were attacking the antenna base so Mukah hurried and they received a lot of damage. He had mobilized 6,000 troops, 20 heavy tanks and 2 Gigantic! It was all of the Rama except for the defense troops left at the antenna base and headquarters. And they finally destroyed the shield around the federation’s headquarters.

Chwa chwa chwa chwa! Chwa chwa chwa chwa!

Suddenly beams of energy exploded from within the headquarters. Dozens of warriors rushing towards headquarters were hit by the enemy beams and melted! But instead of feeling hot, Mukah’s body became cold as ice.

–This is the beam from the Aschulat’s particle cannons!

One thing was clear. The destruction of the antenna base allowed for reinforcements. Mukah had a premonition of defeat after seeing the Aschulat troops. The Rama commander Thor also identified the situation.

-…..Is it too late?

Thor moaned as he looked at the huge monitor. The monitor showed the antenna base collapsing while spewing black smoke. Thor was staring blankly at the monitor when he heard a voice in his ear.

–The 1st division captain Mukah has sent an emergency transmission. The Aschulat troops at the federation headquarters is steadily increasing. He is asking for a command to retreat. And he asked us to prepare the Star Gate for retreat.

-Retreat? How can we retreat!

Thor shouted with a displeased expression. Then a lieutenant said with a sigh.

–It is like the division captain said. According to our intelligence, the Aschulat has organized 10,000 reinforcements for the Bellin constellation. We won’t be able to deal with it if even half of those troops are committed to Athamas. If the forces that destroyed the antenna base returned to headquarters then our army will be wiped out. The federation hasn’t lost as much troops as us. Now that the Aschulat have entered the war, it is best to preserve our troops and return to the home planet.

–I’ll have to tell the Emperor that we abandoned Athamas……

–It is better than losing thousands of soldiers.

–You say that so easily.

Thor glared at the trembling lieutenant. However his expression soon eased up.

–Send this command to Mukah. And tell Star Gate command to link to the home planet. Mukah is to immediately start preparations to retreat.


The lieutenant saluted and exited the room. Thor continued glaring at the monitor. He should’ve won this war. But he was defeated. Thor had meticulously monitored the situation so he knew the reason why. He led the federation to victory. And the Rama army was defeated by one soldier! Fury ignited in Thor’s eyes.

–Ark, I’ll never forget today’s disgrace!


While the situation in Athamas was being cleaned up. A mound of dirt in the forest started to shake. After a while, an arm stretched out through the dirt. And it was followed by another arm. The two arms then dragged the torso out of the dirt. It was like a scene of zombie rising from the grave!

–Ark, I’ll never forget today’s disgrace!

The person saying the same line as Thor was the Red Slaughterer.


While they were cursing Ark. Ark was…..

-The Rama’s antenna has been destroyed!


-Your level has risen!


-Your level has risen!

He gained a few levels. Of course the war on Athamas hadn’t ended yet. The Rama’s headquarters still remained.

-The Rama army has retreated from Athamas.


Victory had already been decided. Destroying the Rama’s headquarters was just to gain more experience! So Ark had no time to think about Thor or the Red Slaughterer.

“Come, let’s go! Follow me, the hero of the federation!”

Ark sprinted across the battlefield carrying the federation flag.

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