Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 11 Chapter 2

SPACE 2. Descent!

Kurung! Kurung! Ku ku ku ku!

Purple clouds swirled in the skies of Impeltus. Incandescent lights and lightning strikes intermittently flashed through the sky and revealed 2 huge objects. It was the Asura and the Silver Star! Right now the tentacles had grabbed the Silver Star and 10 Rama warriors were falling from the Asura towards the Silver Star. An intense amount of bullets were pouring down as well!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

“Everybody down! Sword Defense! ”

Ark rushed away from his team members and wielded his lightsaber. The blue light drew a complex pattern in the air as the bullets spread in different directions. A similar scene was occurring dozens of metres away.

“The guy is the leader!”

“Huhuhu! Okay! I’ll show those Rama the power of the M-620!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Hedro and Kurakan started shooting their guns at the Red Slaughterer’s head. But like Ark, the Red Slaughterer swung his lightsaber and the bullets scattered all over the place. Sword Defense used the electromagnetic property of the lightsaber to change the trajectory of the bullets. Once again, the Red Slaughterer had been the originator of the skill and Ark learnt it from him.

“Don’t waste bullets!”

Ark looked back at the team and shouted. There were 20 Rama warriors over the deck of the Silver Star including the Red Slaughterer. On the other hand, Ark’s team only had 8 people. Of course they weren’t ordinary soldiers. Slayer, Sadain and Kaya’s skills were first class while Kurakan had good equipment. Ellain was also an NPC with a higher level than Ark.

‘Even if we’re outnumbered, we won’t be easily pushed……’

The opponents weren’t sloppy guys. The Rama warriors that descended were the Red Slaughterer’s personal troops, the Red Front! They were notorious on the battlefields in the Bellin constellation. If they numbered double Ark’s team than he couldn’t guarantee the odds. No, he was certainly at a disadvantage.

‘First it was imperative to reduce the numbers!’

“Don’t worry about the Red Slaughterer! Attack the other guys! Their bullets are limited at that range. So concentrate on hitting their parachutes!”

The target changed to the Red Slaughterer’s henchman after Ark’s command. Of course, they weren’t waiting for the bullets politely either. They used the jet equipment on the parachutes to avoid the attacks and fired back. However soldiers firing from the top compared to those firing from the bottom. The result was obvious.


“Hyung-nim, I’m coming out!”

Leon and Kalliben escaped from the gun turrets.

Tutung! Tutung! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Once Leon and Kalliben started shooting, sparks flew from the parachutes of 5 Rama warriors. One person flew in the wrong direction and crashed into Impeltus’ mountains and exploded. The remaining Rama warriors who witnessed the death of their colleague cast away their flaming parachutes and jumped.

“Now Ellain, Sadain!”

Ark shot forward like a bullet. He flew towards the Rama warriors falling on the deck and wielded his sword!

“Sonic Sword!”

The Rama warriors were pushed back by the shock wave before they could regain their posture and was thrown off the deck. Ellain followed behind Ark and used the same skill to push them off the deck. Meanwhile Sadain didn’t have any skills so he took more time but he also took care of a warrior. The deck was hundreds of metres in the air so there was no need to check the result once they were pushed out.

‘Those fellows are taken care of!’

Ark spun around and looked at the deck. And not far away another Rama warrior was falling! Ark once again flew forward like a bullet. The moment he was dashing across the upper deck of the Silver Star! A red shape fell in front of him.

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

Red sparks exploded!

–That’s enough Ark! I’m also here!

The sparks occurred from when he hit the red armour. It was the Rama’s battle suit that felt no different from insect skin! He remembered that battle suit. Like the Asura, this red battle suit belonged to the Red Slaughterer! Ark looked at his determined expression and smiled.

“You’re late. I got bored waiting so I killed several guys.”

–I liked those subordinates.

“I’m sorry.”

–There is no need to apologize. You’ll be killed soon.

“Who? Me? That’s impossible. I have no intention of dying.”

–You should do that. It’s not worth killing you if you just die politely.

“I’m just asking out of curiosity but do you really not remember? Or are you pretending not to remember? Although it is different if you’re made of electronic thoughts. Maybe if your memory keeps on being deleted than you won’t remember to go after the ultimate goal anymore. I’ll just continued beating you up until your memory flies away.”

–No, one experience was enough. Of course….

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Then bullets flew from both sides. The bullets flying from behind Ark were Kalliben and Leon aiming at the Red Slaughterer. The bullets shot from the other side were from the Red Front landing on the deck of the Silver Star. Both Ark and the Red Slaughterer moved. Flames rose from the two people! The Red Slaughterer moved back like he was sliding on ice.

–…..The result will be my victory! Detection!

“Don’t talk about a dream you can’t fulfil! Sonic Sword!”

Red and blue lights clashed in the air and exploded. Sparks flew up and fell to the deck. No, it was caught in the blast and scattered in all directions. It was the Red Slaughterer who caused the blast that blew across the deck! Ark rushed towards the Red Slaughterer from the opposite side.

–Dragon Fury!

The red sword extended like a laser! The red light shot forward at the speed of light and cut through Ark’s neck. Ark’s body crumpled into fine pieces and scattered. Then 4 other Arks laughed.

“You’ve been standing still. If you want revenge then you should come up with some new techniques.”

–This is…..alter ego?

“That’s correct. Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

The voice was heard from behind the Red Slaughterer! Dozens of blue swords surged like a tidal wave and rotated around the Red Slaughterer’s body. And the moment the wildly swirling swords were about to strike the body!

-This is impossible! Blood Sword!

Dozens of red lights floated above the Red Slaughterer’s head. The red lights changed into long points and flew towards the blue swords. It was the Red Slaughterer’s wide area attack Blood Sword!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Just like Galaxian Sword swirled like a typhoon, Blood Sword created dozens of red swords! There was a chain explosion as dozens of red and blue swords clashed and an electromagnetic storm occurred. Then a message popped up on the Nymphe!


The electromagnetic storm caused the Nymphe to malfunction.

–Not yet! You’ll need more power than that to take me down!

The Red Slaughterer roared while approaching.

“That’s what I intend!”

A low voice said from the other side of the electromagnetic storm. A warrior clad in armour appeared in the midst of the heavy smoke. This was Ark’s battle suit, the Hyper Drone. A pair of eyes shining from the sleek, streamlined helmet moved towards the Red Slaughterer.

“I will remind you. Why you couldn’t beat me.”


“This is…..”

“It is impossible to aim.”

Kurakan and Leon mumbled with stupid expressions. Their eyes were fixed to the centre of the deck where the Red Slaughterer was facing Ark. They called it a deck but the Silver Star was basically a long, cylindrical fuselage aircraft. The deck had a gentle slope while the outer walls curved like a pipe. Furthermore Kurakan had to clean the ship when it was docked at S-20 and there wasn’t one day where he didn’t slip. But the state of the deck didn’t seem to affect Ark and the Red Slaughterer at all.

Snap! Kwajijiji! Pepeng! Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The shine of the swords that clashed without any breaks! It was difficult to even see the two wielding the sword. The only way they could tell there was a sword encounter was the sparks flying. They couldn’t support Ark at all.

“There is no need to interrupt.”

Then the gunner approached and said.

“At that standard there is no meaning in having the support of their teammates. Any cover fire would instead be a disturbance. And we’re not in the position to be so leisurely. Those guys didn’t come down to watch the fight.”

The gunner’s eyes turned towards the soldiers gathered near them. The Red Front had managed to land thanks to the Red Slaughterer blocking Ark. They had cast off their parachutes and were moving forward in formation.

“You’re not wrong but…..”

Slayer looked at the gunner with dissatisfied eyes.

“How do we know you’re not going to support the enemy? I don’t know what Ark is thinking but I hate you! Your colleague in the black helmet killed Melina-nim!”

“I was just giving you advice before it becomes difficult here.”

“I don’t like that attitude!”


Then Leon’s voice was heard from behind. The Red Front passed the area where Ark and the Red Slaughterer were engaged in the centre of the deck. They didn’t want to start a crude battle and accidentally damage the Red Slaughterer. But a wide space had formed on the opposite side of where they were fighting. At the same time, grenades started to fly to where Ark’s team was waiting.

“There is nowhere to run away!”

“Ohh! Leave it to me! Iron Castle!”

Slayer popped forward and lifted his shield. Slayer and Leon hadn’t just been killing time until they met up with Ark again. They had also steadily adventured and raised their levels and skills. Slayer especially focused on defensive skills. He desperately needed defense skills because Melina was a healer. Thus the skill Iron Castle was born! When the skill was used, two shields were created. The 3 shields forming a line side-by-side had the same effects.

“Bring on the grenades!”

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

The grenades collided with the shield and exploded. Slayer looked at the gunner and laughed.

“How is it, my defense technique? The grenades…..cough! What, what the? This smoke?”

Smoke emerged from the grenades that collided with the shields.

“This isn’t a grenade! Smoke bombs!”

“S-smoke bombs? Dammit! These bastards…..”

“Slayer, above you!”

“What? Eek?”

Slayer lifted his eyes at those words but it was too late. Four small objects were flying in an arc over the shields! In fact, the most hated weapon of shield users were grenades. Unlike the bullets that flew straight, the grenades could fly in an arc so it was difficult to block with a shield. Therefore troopers or snipers normally stopped the enemy grenades before they were thrown. However the grenades had been blocked by the smoke bomb so Leon and Kalliben didn’t notice. And just as the grenades were over the shields!

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

4 shots rang out! At that moment, the 4 grenades exploded in the air at roughly the same time.

“What, what the? The grenades flying in the air……”

Slayer stared with a puzzled expression. And behind him in the same posture as a western movie was the gunner holding a pistol! Slayer stared at the gunner holding the pistol before scratching his head with an embarrassed look.

“Eh? T-thank you.”

“Don’t pay attention to it. I’m still not your colleague.”

“What? T-this bastard! I really hate you!”

Slayer yelled angrily. But the gunner wasn’t interested in Slayer’s affection (?).  He just turned his head and shouted.

“They used the smoke bombs so they will start the assault soon! The space is limited so we can’t escape the scope of the smoke bombs! All troopers should turn on your infrared scopes, stay behind the tentacles and prepare for a shoot-out! Warriors like Slayer should get ready for combat!”

“I won’t listen to your orders! And why do you want the troopers to prepare for a shoot-out? It doesn’t add up!”

“You mean me?”

The gunner turned and asked. Then a Rama warrior jumped through the smoke holding a dagger in both hands. The gunner’s hands moved like lightning. He moved the pistol from side to side and pulled the trigger. The 2 shots were so fast they seemed to be fired at the same time but the surprising thing was the accuracy. When the gunfire rang out, both of the Rama warrior’s wrists were hit and fresh blood splattered. He pierced through the wrists of the dagger wielding enemy without any errors. Then the pistol was rotated again and fired at the Rama warrior’s gaping chest.


It was like a machine gun was being launched! This was possible because of the pistol’s special nature. In general, automatic pistols had a defined firing rate. But the gunner used a manual revolver pistol. The manual pistol’s firing rate depended on the speed that the trigger was pulled. A manual pistol was inferior to the automatic pistol in many ways. But depending on the ability of the user, a firing rate similar to a machine gun could be achieved.


“I feel more comfortable in close combat.”

The gunner said as he quickly reloaded the pistol. The moment he aimed his muzzle at the stumbling Rama warrior! Another Rama warrior ran through the smoke screen and twisted a dagger. The gunner moved his upper body to avoid it and turned his muzzle. He followed up with successive gunshots. However the Rama moved to the side to avoid the bullets before lifting the machine gun in his left hand. The gunner made the pistol revolve and fired at the machine gun handle before pulling the trigger again.

Tang tang tang! Tu tu tu tu! Tang tang tang! Tu tu tu tu!

Dozens of shots fired in a few seconds. The Rama warrior that was entangled with the gunner smirked.

-When did you start your close distance marksmanship? It is like when I met Ark’s team…..there is a considerable amount of skill.  Ark’s subordinates might be amateurs but they are respectable warriors. But the most wonderful thing is the capabilities that seem to expand when they meet the enemy. I have to concede that Ark is a good leader. I am the Commander of the Red Front, Keiko so your opponent isn’t lacking.

“Why do you need to make a reason for fighting?”

The gunner murmured as his bullet casings dropped to the ground. And he kicked the large bullet casings on the ground before rushing to Keiko.

“Bullet Storm!”

Ta ta tang! Ta ta tang! Ta ta tang!

-Excuse me. I originally didn’t have such a character.

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Keiko avoided the large bullet casings and fired his machine gun. The battle between the gunner and Keiko wasn’t the only one. 10 Rama warriors had started flocking through the smoke screen so Ark’s team divided to the side and started to engage them.

-Barbarian’s Fang!

“Welcome to the alter ego! Sonic Sword!”

As expected, the person with the most prominent skill in the Royal Guards was the strongest Kusan warrior Ellain. He might’ve wandered around lost for a while but now he had completely adapted to fighting with the life support equipped! The strongest Kusan warrior overwhelmed and pushed back the Red Front. However Ark’s team also had powerful users.

“Armed Lightning Spear!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa! Pajijiji!

Among them, one user that captured a lot of attention was Sadain. He wore his battle suit as soon as the fight commenced. He used his lightning spear to face 5 Rama warriors at once yet showed no signs of being pushed. Of course, it wasn’t just Sadain.

Tutung! Tu tu tu tu! Tutung!

The troopers used the tentacles as cover and started pouring out bullets. In close combat there was a considerable interval when fighting with a spear so the troopers covered for that interval with their gunfire. The battle suit clad Leon also used bullets with the push effect to cover his allies and fight the enemy!

“Super Magnetic Shot!”

Leon played a key role in tilting the battle against the Rama warriors to their side. The special effect of Kaya’s battle suit also couldn’t be ignored. Espers could buy battle suits that produced a similar effect to Esper skills. Kaya’s battle suit was like that. The performance was lower than other battle suits but….

“Armour armament!”

Kaya activated her armour at the same time. Kaya’s body floated in the air and particles of light concentrated around her.

-The gene activated Esper battle suit Optisian has been triggered.


Optisian was made with the power of a strong spirit. The wearer’s genes will be activated to its limits and the body’s capabilities will be amplified. This effect will be applied to the wearer and all colleagues through mental exchange. However, if two Optisian activates in the same party then only the stronger effect will be applied.

Kaya’s battle suit gave a buff effect to the entire party. The strengthening effect was lower compared to other battle suits but it was still UP! It even had an exclusive skill.

“Bio Tornado!”

A storm of mental energy swirled around Kaya! The Rama warriors caught in the storm had parts of their body turn strange. Bio Tornado caused a storm of intense mental waves that confused the enemy’s DNA. Some had their nose disappear or increased by three, others had arms growing from the back of their head, missing legs or even deadly mutations.

Of course, the Rama warriors didn’t take it lying down. They were the strongest Rama warriors who reigned over the Bellin battlefields with the Red Slaughterer! They hadn’t gained that reputation for nothing. They were equal to Kaya, Sadain and Leon but they were overwhelming to the Royal Guards! The Rama warriors including Keiko also had battle suits.

-Armour armament!

The Rama warriors equipped their battle suits!

Pepeng! Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The battle became even more violent.


Wiing! Woong! Woong! Wiing!

The swords were raising a storm. A blade of wind occurred whenever the sword cut through the air and a storm swirled. Once that vortex disappeared, another one would occur and this repeated over and over. The storm of hot air had an infinite(∞) cycle! It wasn’t just one vortex. While bullets and blades were relentlessly crossing the Silver Star, the red and blue light in the centre clashed and made two narrow hurricanes.

Pajik! Pajik! Pajik! Pajijijiji!

Sparks flew everywhere! Dozens of storms seemed to occur at the same time like a shotgun explosion. Pain shot through the hands holding the sword each time. This didn’t mean that the enemy’s sword was faster but that it dealt a fatal blow!

–You’ve become a little better than last time.

The Red Slaughterer’s voice was heard from the other side of the flying sparks. Ark twisted his lips and declared sharply.

“That’s good seeing as last time I won.”

–I don’t think so.

“I’m sorry. You don’t think I won?”

He questioned the Red Slaughterer’s words. If Ark looked back at that time, he was inferior to the Red Slaughterer in all aspects including level, equipment and skill. Therefore Ark had abandoned the losing battle and lured the Red Slaughterer into a trap before blowing him up. Perhaps that was why the Red Slaughterer couldn’t admit defeat. Because it wasn’t in sword skills. However Ark never considered himself cowardly.

–I need to desperately figure out a way to win!

And he did win! Ark thought it was fair. The power of words was the ability to have different meanings. Knowing his own strength to determine when to run away from an opponent was smart, not dumb. Ark desperately tried to find a way to win and the result was the defeat of the Red Slaughterer. There was no point in being ashamed but……

‘Damn, not yet?’

Ark bit his lip. The battle between the Red Slaughterer and Ark was significant. To be honest, at that time Ark hadn’t just been pushed by the level and equipment. He hated to admit it but the Red Slaughterer’s skills had overwhelmed Ark. If they were users just passing by each other than that wouldn’t matter. But the Red Slaughterer was Lucifer!

The enemy that Ark had to defeat. They were both aiming for the ultimate goal so they would end up fighting several times in the future. And he couldn’t use tricks like the one on Athamas every time. If they were going to fight in the future then his skills needed to at least be equal to the Red Slaughterer. During the time that passed after that battle, Ark neglected sleep while raising his level and polishing off his sword skills.

‘I’ve definitely become stronger……’

–Let’s see how long you can last.

The Red Slaughterer laughed and sent a diagonal slash towards Ark. It was followed by a shower of a sword attacks. Despite the fact that Ark quickly recovered and raised his sword, red sparks still flew from his side.

‘This guy has also become stronger!’

It was natural. The amount of time wasn’t equal for everyone. The Red Slaughterer wasn’t just killing time while Ark was growing. Furthermore, the Red Slaughterer’s identity was Lucifer. While Ark had to sleep, the Red Slaughterer was an artificial intelligence so he didn’t need sleep in the first place. And he was also burning with vengeance for his previous encounter with Ark so it was natural for him to grow more than before!

‘But his sword is easier to fend off than before. That means my growth rate is slightly faster. But there is no meaning in growing faster if I don’t win. Damn, I wanted to avoid a confrontation with this guy…..’

He had improved but there was still a slight difference. The Red Slaughterer was still overwhelming Ark. Nevertheless, Ark had been able to hold on for 20 minutes because of his battle suit. The battle suit had upgraded to Lv. 2 on Amara so the enhancement ability rose from 30% to 35%! He also became perfectly synchronized with it thanks to the gene rearrangement in the secret laboratory. And the greatest effect he could from the genetic adjustment…..

‘Stop it, Aegis!’

Ark’s eyes sparkled as he saw the red light. A small object rapidly rotated and soared over Ark’s head. It was a hexagonal shield made of a blue light!

-The body coating skill Mind Shield has been converted by the battle shield.


Armed Mind Shield (Intermediate, Active): When the battle suit is perfectly synchronized, the body coating skills can be enhanced. Instead of a shield that wraps around the whole body, it will be changed into 2 pieces of Aegis shields. The shields might be smaller but its defensive powers are far higher and can be freely controlled by the user.

Mental Power consumption: 300    Cool down time: 30 minutes

The synchronization converted it to Armed Mind Shield! In fact, he had been quiet disappointed when he first saw the information window. The shield that protected the whole body had changed into 2 small shields. He thought the defense range had shrunk. However that idea hanged when he actually tried them out. The defense range of Armed Mind Shield might be narrower than before but that didn’t mean the enemy’s attacks weren’t stopped. Armed Mind Shield could move as he desired.

‘Stop it!’

The moment Ark sensed an enemy attack. The shield moved around Ark in circles like a satellite and blocked the enemy’s attacks. Additionally, the shield that wrapped around the entire body had become a compressed shield so the defense was boosted! The shield could even withstand 3~4 melee hits despite that being the weakness of shields. Aegis was a system that responded to the users’ will to prevent enemy attacks!

There was a disadvantage of course. Ark could only respond to enemy attacks that he detected. If there were bullets fired than he couldn’t read the orbit of every attack. The Aegis Shield didn’t help in that situation. However in a 1 on 1 sword fight, its effect wasn’t a joke.

Snap! Chwajijijijijik!

The Red Slaughterer’s sword stopped the moment it hit Aegis!

‘The level difference will be obvious in close combat. Furthermore, his battle suit if the agility type. His attack speed is also faster than me. If I’m pulled into a fight of power and speed then the odds aren’t in my favour!’

Ark got close to the Red Slaughterer and tried to kick his knee.

“Take this…”

But Ark’s knee just hit air. The Red Slaughterer just avoided it like it was expected and smirked.

–I thought that your leg movements were somewhat unnatural. How disappointing. Did you think something like this would get me? Detection!

The sword shot out a red light! Ark hurriedly raised his sword but the Red Slaughterer’s Detection was a shock wave attack like Sonic Sword. He felt a pain in his chest and his body was thrown back several metres.

“Heok! Son of a bitch!”

Ark cursed as he was pushed to the end of the deck. Once again, Ark and the Red Slaughterer were fighting on the Silver Star’s deck hundreds of metres in the air. If he was pushed off the deck then he would fall several hundred metres! He would be crushed like a tomato even if his health was at 100%.

“Hyper Booster!”

Ark shouted in an urgent voice. The jet devices emerged from his heels. Flames spewed out and Ark’s body shot forward like a projectile. However the Red Slaughterer was right in front of him! A red laser light was fired from the Red Slaughterer’s sword.

–Take this! Dragon Fury!

“Sheesh, Welcome to the alter ego!”

Ark’s feet moved like lightning and his alter egos appeared. One of them disappeared when hit by the red laser while the others passed behind the Red Slaughterer. But the Red Slaughterer had already seen Welcome to the alter ego.

–No way! Chakra!

Light gathered in the Red Slaughterer’s left hand. And his body rotated to block the combined attack from Ark. The Red Slaughterer was about to fight back when he frowned and stopped his action.

-……What are you doing?


–I’m wondering why you’re not attacking.

“I don’t know what you’re saying. Welcome to the alter ego is a skill to deal an unexpected attack to the enemy!  But you’ve seen Welcome to the alter ego before and expected my next movement. And I moved like you expected! Isn’t that why you blocked my attack?”

Ark laughed from far away and answered

–That’s not what I’m saying!

The Red Slaughterer shouted angrily.

–Did you think I wouldn’t notice? This wasn’t the only time. You’re not fighting seriously. You are just pretending to fight.

“Why do you think that?”

–You’ve had a few opportunities to launch a counterattack against me. But you stepped back each time. It is the same this time as well. If I expected the hit than you would’ve changed the attack. There is no reason to abandon attacking from a profitable position. No, I know that you’re not such a passive guy. Then there is only one answer. You aren’t fighting seriously. Am I wrong?

It was like the Red Slaughterer said. A battle between two users of a similar standard wouldn’t be easy. But once a battle was started, there was a moment where there would be a chance for victory or defeat. So far the Red Slaughterer and Ark had engaged a few times. No, it was just before they were about to engage. Each time Ark would receded and avoid the confrontation. Naturally he had a reason for it.


Ark sighed and nodded. He scratched his head and laughed.

“In fact, I haven’t been thinking about fighting with you. I understand you have bad feelings for me. I smashed you in New World and you got stuck in the government’s computer so it is natural to hold a grudge. But isn’t that in the past? So let’s try to move on. I’ve already prepared a place for you to live.”

–A place for me to live?

“A state of the art cell phone! You can enter with the 16 GB external memory. But there’s even more? There’s also a game where you can foster relationships with beautiful girls. There are a total of 16 character styles! If you enter my phone then you can have a beautiful girlfriend. Huhuhu! How about it? Interested? If you stop your threat to blow up the nuclear power plant and enter my cell phone then you can live a happy life with a girl.”

-Talking like that…..

“Why? You don’t like it? Okay! Then 64 GB! I can’t do anything more. That is the biggest memory possible for a cell phone. Instead I will down 10 beautiful girl games. 10 games would be at least 100 people. 64 GB and 100 girls! Wah! How envious! Damn, I should’ve been born as an artificial intelligence. I’m envious! What a hateful bastard!”

–Stop talking nonsense!

The Red Slaughterer shouted angrily.

–Do you think I’ll believe that nonsense?


Ark replied with a straight face.

“Are you stupid? Nonsense like that can’t be true.”


“If you really want to know. The whole reason why I’m avoiding a confrontation with you…..”

Ark looked at the Red Slaughterer with a firm expression as he revealed the shocking truth.

“It is like you thought!”

The Red Slaughterer’s face distorted at his answer. Ark sighed and continued.

“It hurts my pride but I have to admit it. I thought I raised my level quite a lot but I knew immediately. It will be hard to win against you. Right now there is only a 30% chance. So why should I bother to fight you?”

–Aren’t you mistaken about something?

The Red Slaughterer stared at him foolishly.

-This is your ship. There is nowhere for you to flee. What are you going to do if you don’t fight? Give up and surrender?

“Of course not.”

Ark smiled and replied.

“Fighting isn’t the only way to distinguish between victory or defeat. “Hyper Booster!”

Ark turned his body and shouted. Then Ark rushed across the deck towards the area where Slayer, Kaya and the others were fighting the Rama warriors. When Ark suddenly rushed there, the Red Slaughterer flew forward like a bullet and caught up with him instantly. And he raised his red lightsaber!

–Don’t be mistaken! Your opponent is me!

“Armed Stealth!”

Ark turned and shouted. A tremendous flash emitted from Ark’s body!

-The body coating skill Stealth has been converted by the battle shield.


Armed Stealth (Intermediate, Active): Stealth is a technique where light bends around the body to hide the user from the enemy. However it can’t be used during a fight. It is the same even when wearing a battle suit. However, once the battle suit becomes perfectly synchronized than it is possible to boost the visible light around the body by tens of thousands of times. This light is powerful enough to make the enemy blinded.

Mental Power consumption: 200    Cool down time: 30 minutes

Stealth had been converted after the body synchronization! It didn’t hide his body but it would blind the enemy. The reason why he used Stealth rather than a flash bullet…..

–Ack! T-this bastard……

The Red Slaughterer who had been chasing Ark slammed the brakes and closed his eyes. He wasn’t the only one. The Red Front had reflexively turned as Ark and the Red Slaughterer neared so they also closed their eyes.


Then Ark’s yell was heard in their ears. The Red Slaughterer reacted to his voice and shouted.

–Dammit! Prepare for the enemy’s attacks!

He thought Ark’s yell was a signal to attack. But contrary to the Red Slaughterer’s expectations, the gunshots actually stopped after Ark’s yell. Despite the fact that they lost their eyesight, the opponents didn’t take the opportunity to shoot bullets. The Red Slaughterer soon realized the reason once his eyesight was restored.

–What on earth……

Ark’s team had climbed up the Silver Star’s deck. While the Red Slaughterer and Rama warriors had lost their eyesight, they were gathered near the tentacles.  And it was struggling to hold onto the ship? The Red Slaughterer screamed as he saw the scene.

-Red Front! Launch towards the deck!

“You fools, it is too late!”

Ark smiled and muttered. Once again, the Silver Star had been immobile because the Asura’s tentacles were holding on to it. The tentacles from the Asura emitted a strong electronic signal that paralyzed the Silver Star’s electronics. There were two ways to block this electronic jamming signal.

The first way was to cut off the tentacles sending the electronic jamming signal. And the second way was to make a conflicting signal to neutralize the electronic erosion. The first way couldn’t succeed thanks to the interference of the Red Slaughterer and the Red Front……

–Hyung-nim, I’ve succeeded in jamming the signal!

Ark had received that communication from Hegel just before he used Armed Stealth. This was the reason Ark dragged out the battle against the Red Slaughterer. There was a 30% chance. It wasn’t just Ark and the Red Slaughterer’s duel.

This number also applied to his team members fighting with the Red Front. Of course Slayer, Leon, Kaya, Sadain and the gunner weren’t being pushed by the Rama warriors but it was getting difficult for Ellain, Kurakan and Hedro as the battle lengthened. If they continued to battle, almost all the team would be wiped out even if they won! Anyway, there was no reason to fight.

“Milan, turn!”

Wiiiing! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Then there was a roaring sound and the Silver Star revolved. The erosion had been counteracted but the Silver Star was still being held by the Asura’s tentacles. The Silver Star had to take some damage when it rotated.


The tentacles embedded in the armour were torn out. But the sacrifice was worth it. The moment the Silver Star rotated!

–Cough! Unbelievable!

–No! Waaaaak!

The Rama warriors on the upper deck started falling. However this wasn’t enough to take out the Rama warriors. The Red Slaughterer had noticed Ark’s plan just before the Silver Star turned so Keiko and the remaining 7 warriors instantly fired wire hooks into the Silver Star, causing them to hang upside down.


–Don’t panic! Those guys are hanging from the armour as well. That can’t last long in that state, let alone attack. So it will soon turn upright again.

The Red Slaughterer told his subordinates with a growl.

–Dammit! Ark! Doing something cowardly again! Even if this happens……

The Red Slaughterer then realized something strange. Ark’s team were clinging to the ship’s armour. But Ark wasn’t there with them. No, he couldn’t find any traces of Ark at all.

–Did he fall off?

Then a strange substance stuck to the Silver Star’s armour caught his eye. It was a red slime that stuck to the armour like chewing gum.

–What it that?

The Red Slaughterer wrinkled his forehead and murmured. All of a sudden a blue light emerged from the slime.

-Is that Ark holding a lightsaber? But how…..?

Surprisingly Ark had emerged from the slime while holding his lightsaber. However the scene afterwards was even more amazing. The lightsaber spun in the air and started floating towards the Red Slaughterer and the Red Front. And the lightsaber started passing over the wires attaching them to the hooks!

Wing wing wing wing! Seokeok!

–Hik! T-this…..!

The Red Slaughterer screamed as he watched the wire being cut. He wasn’t the only one. The remaining Rama warriors tried to rush forward. Their one lifeline was being ruthlessly cut. And there had already been 4 Rama warriors crushed like rotten tomatoes after they had fallen off onto Impeltus’ surface.

Chwaaaaak! Chwaaaak! Chwaaaak!

The moment the Red Slaughterer and Rama warriors were about to fall. 5 tentacles rapidly flew out of the Asura to grab the Red Slaughterer, Keiko and the Rama warriors.

–Ack! This is……

The Red Slaughterer who had barely avoided falling stared with murderous eyes. The Silver Star had rotated 180 degrees and returned to its original position. At that moment, one person soared from the red slime. It was Ark who grabbed the sword that flew back to him! He had activated the Hide skill the moment the Silver Star turned over. And he used Psychokinesis to cut the wire!

–Ark, don’t avoid this match and run away!

The Red Slaughterer shouted angrily as he grasped the situation a step too late. Ark laughed as he turned around.

“This is also a match for me!”

In fact, Ark had also thought about a match at first. But it wasn’t yet time to face the Red Slaughterer. So his head had rolled desperately to find a way to win. This was the method that surfaced to his head! That’s why Ark avoided any confrontations and dragged out the time.

‘The winner is the last guy to survive, not the guy that fights well!’


“Chet, what a tenacious guy.”

Ark clicked his tongue as he looked at the Red Slaughterer caught by the tentacle. Unfortunately the floating sword still wasn’t at a level to move in the direction Ark desired. He couldn’t manipulate it delicately enough to strike each enemy. It was impossible to cut up the tentacles.

“Unfortunately it can’t be helped.”

The Red Slaughterer and Red Front might’ve lost but the situation wasn’t exactly beneficial for Ark. The ship had recovered from the jamming signal but the guns lost during the battle with the Asura were still unusable.

Of course, the Asura wasn’t fine. That ship had lost the most important thing, its engine. However the Asura still had its lower and upper turrets.

‘If those guys aim the turrets at us then we might still lose. There is no guarantee we can repair the main gun and turrets before they repair the Asura’s engine. No, if there was an engineer on the ship than the Asura’s engine would clearly be repaired faster. Then this isn’t the time to delay.’

“This time it is a draw.”

Ark said before turning his back to the Red Slaughterer. He boarded the ship with his team and sat in the captain’s seat.

“Hegel, the energy charge of the Silver Star?”

“It has charged up to 90%!”

“Okay, Milan. Operate the engine to its maximum! Aim outside Impeltus’ atmosphere!”

The Silver Star vertically rose at Ark’s command.

–Dammit! We screwed up! Don’t miss! Kill that bastard!

The scene of the Red Slaughterer dangling from the tentacles like a doll and yelling caught his eye through the window. At the same time shells flew from the Asura! But the shells couldn’t catch up to the Silver Star moving at its maximum speed. And the Silver Star headed towards the swirling purple clouds!

Roaaaaar! Kwaaaang!

They shot off with a roar. The Silver Star’s engine was moving at its maximum output so they didn’t need a long time to exit the atmosphere. The vast universe unfolded as they broke through the swirling clouds.

“Hegel, calculate the coordinates. Start the warp voyage to Turan!”


Hegel replied vigorously as he pressed buttons on the dashboard. He finally pressed a red button and the Silver Star was wrapped in light. Ark blew out a sigh as he relaxed. Then the gunner headed towards Ark.

“Ark, don’t you have something to discuss with me?”

“No. But it seems you have something to say to me so I’ll listen.”

Ark nodded and turned towards the gunner. There was a sudden explosion and the ship shook wildly.

Pepeng! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

“Wah! W-what is this?”

“Damn it, did those Rama bastards already follow us?”

“T-this…..the enemy isn’t attacking!”

Hegel yelled as he checked the dashboard.

“Ether fusion system error! Oh my god! The engine received damage during the battle with the Asura! During the voyage, the balance control system failed so there is an error in the warp navigation! In this state we won’t be able to endure the gravity distortion and will be thrown out of orbit!”

Hegel’s scream echoed through the bridge! And…..

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa! Pepepepeng!

They were thrown out!

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