Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 11 Chapter 4

SPACE 4. Asteroid E-2036


Ark looked at his team and said. He was standing next to a man wearing the black helmet, the gunner.

“There were various situations so he has decided to go with us from now on. Hey! What are you doing? Take off the black helmet and say a word to your colleagues.”

Ark elbowed the gunner in his side while speaking. The gunner was Rapid, Rapid was Alan! That’s right. Ark finally decided to accept Alan as his colleague. Of course, it wasn’t a simple decision.

Who was Alan? Since Ark started New World, he was a strong user and his rival for 2 years. He couldn’t blindly trust him now. But he could believe one thing. He held a bigger grudge against Lucifer than Ark.

It was a common strategy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As long as Lucifer was a common enemy in Galaxian, Alan wouldn’t betray Ark.

‘If I’m convinced he won’t betray me……’

Ark knew him better than anyone else.

‘A user like Alan who demonstrates competence in all areas is rare. Isn’t he like Guan Yu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms? I might’ve beaten him in New World but his military strength and political power can’t be underestimated.’

The evidence of Alan’s skills was his previous stay in S-20.

While Ark was away for 10 days, S-20 developed into a place he didn’t know. At the time he was surprised because of Rapid. But know that he know it was Alan, he wasn’t surprised at all. Alan had shown the same competence in New World.

‘I don’t think he is lying and my biggest enemy is Lucifer. And Lucifer is also Alan’s target. He will move more eagerly than anyone else if it is to stop Lucifer. I also believe in his ability. In that respect, Alan is the companion most needed right now.’

There was no reason to refuse! That was the conclusion Ark came to. However there was a bit of noise.

“What? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

Slayer looked at Alan and started complaining.

“Have you forgotten? Melina-nim and Park died because those black helmet guys suddenly attacked us! And that guy was with the black helmets! But now he is our colleague? How can I believe a man like him? Isn’t that right?”

“Yes. It isn’t right.”

“See! Kaya….eh? What?”

“What reason do I have to oppose it? Didn’t you hear Ark? That guy wasn’t friends with the black helmets from the beginning. He stuck to that group due to various circumstances.”

“How do you know that?”

“You should think a little more with your head. We were able to escape unharmed from the laboratory because of his help. If he hadn’t stopped them from manning the entrance and installed a bomb on their ship then we would’ve been wiped out. Would he do such a thing if he is with the black helmets?”


“So there is no reason to oppose the addition of a strong peer. Didn’t you see? When he fought the Rama. He is definitely strong. In addition, he has the most important thing.”

“The most important thing?”

Slayer asked with confusion. Kaya replied with a laugh.

“His face, it is handsome.”

“Kaack! This stupid woman! Why does that matter?”

“Why does it matter? Don’t you know that a rice cake won’t look good to eat if it wasn’t for the red coating?”

“W-what does it have to do with eating? Should a woman be talking like that?”

“Why are you hung up on that part? It wasn’t what I meant. Are you a pervert?”

“You’re the pervert! This player like girl!”

“P-player? What did you say?”

“I said it! What are you going to do? Speaking of that, how is he handsome? He just seems like a beggar type guy. He just made his game character look like this. You’ll see. That guy probably has a lot of pimples on his stomach. He probably casually touches his snot and farts openly!”

“Why are you going into such details? Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?”

“It’s sad but you can’t deny it.”

Leon looked at Slayer with a regretful face. Then Kaya said with a hateful expression.

“Yes, I knew it. Okay.  I’ll be sure to say it when I met Melina again. That you dig out your snot with your hand and fart openly.”

“Ah,no! I wash my hands!”

“You probably touch the snot after washing your hands and then eats food with it.”

“No that’s not me! It is him!”

Slayer spat and pointed towards Alan who took off his helmet. Then Alan turned towards Ark and asked.

“So…can I put a bullet in that guy’s forehead?”

“I admit my subordinate is a bit out of control but he will calm down. It is because the relationship between my subordinates are important.”

“That’s why I asked you first if I could put a bullet in his head.”

“You brat, you sure are keen.”

Ark moved forward with a smile. He looked at Slayer who had dug out a booger with his hand and was trying to touch Kaya with it and said.

“I know this is abrupt. But there is a reason this guy needs to travel with me. Of course, that reason is between this guy and me. But you are also affected by this event. This mission was harder than we expected. So think of it as a chance to reinforce our power. But I am a fair leader. So this decision will be democratically chosen by the majority. If there is more in opposition then I will exclude this friend from this mission at least.”

This actually wasn’t fair or impartial.

Currently the team had 10 people excluding Ark. Among them was Slayer, Leon, Sadain and Kaya. Milan, Hegel, Ellain, Kurakan, Kalliben and Hedro. The majority of the team including the 6 members of Dark Eden.

“We will unconditionally follow Hyung-nim’s will!”

The staff who regarded Ark’s words as a law voted in his favour!

“I also agree of course. There has to be at least one man like that.”

Kaya also voted in agreement due to her own selfish reasons!

“It doesn’t matter to me. But if our power increases then there is no reason to oppose it.”

Sadain also voted in agreement.

“Uh….I agree as well.”

Leon sensed what side it was tilting towards and decided to be on the side of the majority. 9 to 1, it was GAME OVER with an overwhelming majority of votes!

“Damn! Whatever! Bah! Che! Byong!”

Thanks to Slayer’s graceful (?) resignation, Alan officially joined the team. And the formalities were completed!

-Aram has joined Dark Eden as an intern.


Name: Aram (User)

Profession: Gunner

Level: 92

Related Skills: Quick Fire, Consecutive Fire, Manoeuvre Fire…..

The name Rapid used in Galaxian was Aram. He wanted to use Alan that he originally used in New World but it was sold out so he went with a similar name.

‘Even so, Aram……’

It seemed somewhat weak. It made him feel like laughing for some reason. So Ark decided to just call him Rapid.

“Any complaints?”

“I don’t care about my name.”

“But you’re level 92?”

“Yes, is there a level restriction to enter your company?”

“No, that’s not it…..”

Rapid had killed the 2 people with Valencia instantly, even if they were caught off guard and engaged in a fight with the leader of the Red Front Keiko. Therefore Ark had expected Rapid to be at least level 100. But the level listed in his employee ID was only 92. Despite that, it didn’t feel like he was weaker than the level 110 Slayer.

‘It means he covers his lower level with skill proficiency. Hasn’t he barely recovered enough to walk alone at home? At any rate, I can’t be careless.’

Anyway, Rapid was now Ark’s subordinate! Ark closed the staff information window and laughed.

“Don’t you know? I am the President.”

“I know what you want to say. I won’t put a bullet in the back of your head until Lucifer is taken care of.”

“Well, don’t betray me. I will be watching carefully.”

“Are you going to keep on talking such nonsense?”

Rapid loaded the bullets in his pistol and stared at Ark. Damn, an employee that was threatening the President! This guy was acting like this when he just joined but now wasn’t the time for joking or relaxing.


Ark sighed and looked out the window. Grey rocks were the only thing that came into view. The reason Ark and his companions were here went back to several hours ago.


“Ether fusion system error! Oh my god! The engine received damage during the battle with the Asura! During the voyage, the balance control system failed so there is an error in the warp navigation! In this state we won’t be able to endure the gravity distortion and will be thrown out of orbit!”

Shortly after they left Impeltus and began warp sailing. The ominous words emerged from Hegel’s mouth.


The prediction was a reality. There was a ringing sound and the Silver Star was thrown out of warp orbit. It was fortunate that the accident occurred shortly after entering warp.

Warp technology created a multidimensional portal through outer space. The ship was already in a different dimension once warp began. In that state the ship was thrown out of orbit.

In the worst case scenario, it would be trapped in a different space and time and the ship would blow up. Fortunately, warp hadn’t started for that long so the Silver Star wasn’t severely damaged but further flight was impossible. Ark was able to use the emergency engine to land the Silver Star on the closest planet.

This place was where he made the force landing. It was an asteroid with the number E-2036. Although it was lucky he managed to land here…..

“Many of the Silver Star’s systems were damaged when it collided with the Asura. The damage worsened when we were thrown out of warp orbit. Some important parts of the engine became overloaded and have completely melted.”

Those were Hegel’s words when he checked the engine.

“The time required for repairs?”

“It will take at least 5 days to just repair the engine.”

“5 days……”

He naturally sighed at Hegel’s answer. The problem wasn’t the time it would take for repairs.

“The biggest problem right now is the fuel rods. The energy flowed backwards when the engine overloaded so 2 fuel rods have ruptured. No, it is because the fuel rods can’t handle the energy flowing backwards that there is a problem with the engine. Anyway, only 3 fuel rods remains. Even if we repair the engine, if the missing fuel rods aren’t replaced then the Silver Star can’t move.”

‘Damn, this is why I shouldn’t buy used items!’

In fact, the Silver Star’s fuel rods were used. When he found the Silver Star on Amara, all the fuel rods had already been destroyed. Ark had seized the fuel rods from the Kero’s airship to move the Silver Star. However, airship had been attacked by the Nakuma so the fuel rods were quite damaged. Ark knew he should’ve bought new products……

‘The price of one fuel rod is 500 gold!’

And the Silver Star used 4 fuel rods. If he wanted to replace all the fuel rods then it would require 2,000 gold. So Ark thought about it.

“There is still plenty of energy despite being used. It would be a waste to discard perfectly fine energy like this. Discarding the fuel rods when there is still energy remaining is a crime, a crime! Yes, my pocket is tight so I can’t waste money on something like this. Well, I’m a little nervous but no problems have occurred. There should be no trouble in using it to move the Silver Star.’

Yet an incident ended up occurring in the end. The fuel rods couldn’t endure the energy flowing backwards and ruptured. If he had changed to a new product then this situation wouldn’t have occurred. Rapid clicked his tongue after hearing about the situation.

“Really, a guy like you…..”

“I know. Don’t say anything. I’m also upset.”

“So? What will you do?”

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

Then Kaya interrupted.

“If the fuel rods are destroyed, doesn’t that mean the Silver Star can’t sail even if it is repaired? So there is only one way. Send a request to Turan and wait. Either way, we’re all part of the investigation team. If Hawk receives the distress signal then wouldn’t he send some fuel rods or come to tow us?”

“That won’t work.”

Ark answered without thinking about it. In fact, he discovered several things since meeting with Rapid. Ark learnt that the one who gave the location of the secret laboratory to Valencia was Hawk.

According to Rapid, Hawk had visited Marquis Jyubel on Istana and proposed the ‘Anti-Ark Alliance.’ Shortly after the investigation team left Turan, he had sent the information that Ark was heading to Impeltus to Valencia.

‘Dammit, I knew something was strange the first time I saw him……’

The fact that he secretly told Valencia Ark’s location meant he was an opponent.

‘Perhaps it isn’t an accident that the Red Slaughterer showed up on Impeltus. When looking at the Red Slaughterer’s attitude, there is no way we could meet accidentally. He was clearly aware that I was on Impeltus. Clearly someone from the study group leaked the information. Hawk! I don’t know why he is so hostile to me but there is no doubt that he is an enemy.’

How could the Silver Star send a rescue request to a guy like that? He would rather be shot in the head. It was more likely that the Red Slaughterer would come instead of a rescue party. No, if he hadn’t heard the circumstances from Rapid then the Red Slaughterer would probably already be here.

‘It is due to this!’

Ark looked down at the USB in his hand. He had sensed something when Ark heard that Hawk told Valencia his location. The USBs were randomly distributed so Hawk so have no way to know Ark’s location! Then there must be something in the USB device.  Sure enough.

-Hegel has used ‘Item Analysis.’


*A hidden item has been discovered and Hegel’s Item Analysis proficiency has increased.

A GPS equipment was hidden in the USB. The GPS transmitted the signal from the spaceship’s navigation device! Ark learnt about the USB device and stopped the signal from being sent to Hawk. This was the reason Hawk lost the location of the Silver Star. However Ark hadn’t spoken about this with his team members yet. He wouldn’t say anything until he found out why Hawk was doing this.

“They are still competitors even if we are part of the same investigation team. There is no guarantee help will arrive even if a request is sent. The team consists of enemies from the other faction as well as allies. It is better not to announce that we’re in a crisis.”

“But there isn’t any other way.”

“I’ve thought about it……”

Ark looked back at his team and grinned.

“Do you know why I landed on this asteroid?”

When the Silver Star exited warp, it had been surrounded by several hundred asteroids. And there were a number of closer asteroids that he could land on. But Ark had made the Silver Star continue flying for another 30 minutes before making an emergency landing.

There was one reason!

“This is the only one with a metal reaction.”


Slayer tilted his head to one side.

“Yes, the asteroids in this region come from a destroyed planet. Yet this is the only asteroid with a metal reaction. Then I can only think of two things. It means the previous planet contains a metal lode that split off into this asteroid. But that possibility isn’t high since the other asteroids have no metal reaction. In other words…..”

“A spaceship.”

Those were Rapid’s words. Ark grinned and nodded.

“That’s right. No, I should say that it is an abandoned ship. Ships aren’t just lost because of accidents or battles. Some ships are swallowed by a black hole or drawn down by the gravity of a planet’s atmosphere. An asteroid doesn’t have an atmosphere so spaceships drawn down would stay there.”

This was the reason why Ark desperately flew to this asteroid. He landed the Silver Star on the asteroid that the optical scanner sensed a metal reaction from because there was a possibility that there was an abandoned ship.

‘The Silver Star doesn’t just need energy. Many areas were damaged during the fight with the Asura so a bunch of spare parts are needed for repairs. The easier way to get those parts is from another ship! Hopefully I can gain materials for repairs without needing to spend money. Besides, who knows? Maybe the ship might still contain fuel rods? If I find fuel rods that are full then it will be a jackpot!’

……He still hadn’t learnt his lesson about used fuel rods. However other players also used second-hand mechanical parts.

Most of the current ships in Galaxian had a self-recovery mechanism to repair minor damage. However repairs were necessary for ruptures or destroyed parts. Parts required for repair would cost thousands of gold!

If a user had a battle fleet then it would cost so much money it could drive someone to bankruptcy. That’s why many users looked for abandoned spaceships for mechanical parts to repair their ship.

Many people who towed abandoned ships could sell the second-hand parts for quite a high price. People who did that were professional Scavengers. He had heard about this from the Scavenger Heksu of the Silver Hand. Anyway!

“Hyung-nim, I’ve found it!”

Hegel confirmed the data from the optical scanners sent to examine the asteroid and shouted.

“There is a lot of metal materials 3 kilometres from here! Based on the numbers, the probability that it is an abandoned ship is extremely high!”

Ark smiled at his team.

“You’ve rested enough now! Go and make money!”

Ark never forgot about his mission.


The planet Tatooine in the Centre of the Istana.

A bunch of guys dragged in a container in the terminal cargo of the space port.


The employee flinched as he looked up and shut his mouth. The employee could recognize the men dragging the container with just a glance. There were long knife marks down the face and visible tattoos.

Kkakdugi! These guys were Kkakdugi!

He couldn’t think anything else after seeing their appearance. The despondent employee avoided their gaze and said.

“E-excuse me…..what did you need…..?”

“What other reason it there to come to the cargo counter? A courier.”


“Yes, this container! As soon as possible!”

“Ah, yes. Then please list the item and destination on this paper.”

The employee held out the paperwork.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

There was suddenly a sound coming from inside the container! The employee looked surprised while the Kkakdugi had annoyed expressions.

“Sheesh, this guy doesn’t give up. Hey, keep him quiet!”

“Yes, Hyung-nim!”

2 Kkakdugi opened the lock to the container at their big leader’s command. And…..

Bam! Ahwook! Bam bam! Ahwook! Ahwook! Bam bam bam! Ahwook! Ahwook!

Unimaginable sounds were heard until it became quiet inside.

“Hyung-nim, he was put to sleep again.”

“Good work. Hey! Employee, where should I write?”

“Huh? Ah, yes! W-w-write over here!”

The employee who had been watching blankly quickly replied.

‘Guy? D-didn’t he clearly say that? What, what the? Then a person is inside that container? Human trafficking? Oh my god! T-these Kkakdugi want to commit human trafficking through a courier?’

The employee’s heart jumped as he grasped the situation. As a public official in the galaxy, he just had to complete his work safe and sound until he could retire with a pension. This event was like being struck by lightning to a public servant.

Of course, if he reported their transgressions to the authorities than he wouldn’t be held responsible. But if he did that then he would be pointing a criminal organization towards him!

Gangster violence → harassment → miserable days → pain → suicide.

The route for a gloomy life flashed through his head. So the employee just stood there and didn’t do anything.

“This is urgent. How long will it take to arrive?”

The employee replied to the Kkadugi leader’s question.

“As you know, it might take a few days to arrive at the destination even if you apply for a courier. These days many couriers prohibit trafficking or biological or illegal goods so measures are taken on all couriers leaving the planet to prevent smuggling. Ah, not that I’m doubting you. I’m just telling you the process. So it will take at least a few days to arrive at your destination.”

‘So just take it! I don’t want to be entangled in something like this!’

The employee inwardly hoped. Then the Kkadugi leader extended some documents.

“What about this?”

“Huh? This is…..heok! T-this?”

-Special certificate of goods.


This cargo is exempt from quarantine and the transport fee.

Galactic Federation’s Headquarters.

‘W-why do gangsters like these have cargo from Central Headquarters?’

There was something suspicious about this event but the employee quickly shook his head. He shouldn’t question it in order to live a long life.

Anyway, if this was a special cargo from Headquarters then he wouldn’t be held responsible if any problems occurred. If he didn’t have to shoulder responsibility then it didn’t matter if the cargo was a person or a nuclear bomb. He only wanted to get rid of the worrisome cargo as quickly as possible.

“I’ll process it right now!”

Thus the whole procedure was skipped! The cargo departed on a spaceship 5 minutes later.


Asteroid E-2036 that the Silver Star landed on.

Exploring this asteroid was actually quite complicated. There was no difference between the asteroid and outer space. Naturally there was no air in the atmosphere. Moreover, there was no sun so the temperature was -275 degrees! There was cosmic radiation so even a pioneer with a body coating couldn’t be exposed for more than 10 minutes without wearing a spacesuit.

However there was one good thing.

–Is it here?

Rapid’s voice was heard from the Nymphe. He was wearing a spacesuit on Ark’s right and communicating with his Nymphe.

“Yes, it should be underground.”

Ark replied as he looked over a huge hole. The huge hole had appeared when he moved to the place Hegel indicated. The hole was so dark he couldn’t even fathom how deep it was.

–What should we do?

“I’ll lead first so follow me.”

Ark jumped into the hole without hesitation.

That was the good point about space. There was no atmosphere in this place so it was basically weightless. Then height and mass wouldn’t be a problem. Even if Ark jumped down, it was just like his body was floating in the air.

Chiik! Chiik!

Ark’s body moved as he sprayed the jet device attached to his suit. He directed the jet device upwards as he slowly headed downwards into the hole. The 8 remaining team members except for Hegel and Milan who stayed on the Silver Star followed behind him.

–Are you feeling strange?

–Yes. This feeling is like I’m entering the stomach of a huge monster.

–Did you hear someone gasping just now?

–Isn’t that just your breath?

Tension was heard in Kaya’s voice even when she bluntly replied to Slayer. Nothing could be heard except for their breathing. They felt an eerie tension as they followed Ark down the invisible hole. However that tension didn’t last long.

Tung-! Tung-! Tung-!

There was a sound the moment their foot hit the ground.


A smile flashed on Ark’s mouth as he looked around with Clairvoyance. In fact, Ark didn’t have large expectations.

This was the pioneering age but it wasn’t like there were billions of spaceships flying around the universe. The odds of finding an abandoned spaceship by chance was astronomical. Then wouldn’t coming across an abandoned ship be like winning the lottery?

But there it was! At the end of the long hole. A ship was hidden in the large underground space below the surface of the asteroid. It wasn’t just one but three ships!

Of course, the hull was just a bare skeleton but that didn’t matter. It would have some of the necessary mechanical parts to repair the Silver Star.

“Luck hasn’t completely abandoned me.”

–You should be grateful it wasn’t your bad luck.

“It isn’t bad luck. It is the result of trying everything. If I landed on any asteroid after immediately leaving warp orbit then things would be different. It is due to my calmness in the desperate situation while everyone was screaming that enabled the optical scanners to find the metal! Huhuhu, it is the quality of a leader.”

It was lucky that an asteroid like this was nearby. Rapid once again started to talk in a curt voice.

-Isn’t it slightly strange?


–The probability of finding an abandoned ship on an asteroid isn’t high. So isn’t it strange that there are three ships hidden in this hole?

–Now that I think about it, that really is strange.

“Think about it later.”

Ark answered without thinking about it.

“Didn’t you hear when leaving the Silver Star? The amount of time wearing this spacesuit is 1 hour maximum. Now there are only 45 minutes left. We have to grab the parts and return to the Silver Star before time runs out. The reason why doesn’t change what we have to do.”

–That’s true.

“So let’s not waste time talking. We’ll split up to look for the necessary parts but it will still take time to search. Kurakan, Ellain, Kalliben, Hedro.”

–Yes, Hyung-nim.

“You guys collect the mechanical parts that can be used. And Rapid, Kaya, Sadain, Slayer and Leon will start searching the hull with me. There might still be some fuel rods that can be used. Therefore the first place to check is the engine room. But also look elsewhere. Don’t you know? Something might appear.”

–Okay! Let’s go!

The team members moved at his words. The abandoned ships were a size similar to the Silver Star or larger. The height was at least 100 metres. But the height of the structure didn’t matter thanks to the weightlessness. Ark and his 8 team members used their jet injection devices and started their search operation.

Ark headed towards the innermost engine room.

“Sheesh, was I too greedy to expect the fuel rods?”

However there weren’t even any broken fuel rods.

“Rapid, how about you?”

–Not here either.

–Same here. I think someone already took it.

“It can’t be helped. Next is the cabin and warehouses. If there was an accident then the crew might’ve left some equipment behind when the abandoned it. Even 2 fuel rods are at least 1,000 gold. The financial blow is really no joke. So look carefully.”

Ark said that as he turned around.


Ark’s eyes widened. Floating behind him was a squid.

The Charenjok popped into Ark’s head at the moment. The Charenjok was an octopus type alien. He had the idea that squid might be a cousin species to the Charenjok.

Ark’s eyes met the squid’s at that time. And there was an awkward silence. He stared at the squid for a moment before Ark smiled awkwardly and greeted it.


Chi chi chi chi! Chi chi chi chi!

A yellow liquid then shot out from the squid’s mouth. He reflexively leaned down and a message flashed as the liquid hit his shoulder.

-You have been attacked by a corrosive poison!


‘Acid Poison!’

The situation became clear with that message. If the opponent attacked than it was a monster!

“Damn! You scared me because I thought you were the owner of this abandoned ship!”

Ark rolled and pulled out his sword as he shouted. His sword sparkled as it extended!

Chi chi chi chi! Chi chi chi chi!

The squid also twisted its 10 legs and attacked Ark. The weightlessness of outer space would be a considerable penalty for users who lacked experience in it. It wasn’t possible to maintain the centre of balance without any gravity and it was difficult to freely move. However Ark was familiar with this feeling.

‘It is somewhat similar to being underwater!’

And this was one of Ark’s specialities since his days in New World. He had wandered beneath the surface of the ocean for a few days fighting jellyfish, lobsters, stingrays, sharks etc. He had mastered the technique of fighting underwater!

‘Only 1 squid…..’

Wiing! Wiing! Buuuuong! Wiing! Pajijijik!

His blue sword started to generate a flashy trajectory in the darkness. The squid also had its own style of fighting. It relentlessly swung its 10 legs and spat corrosive acid. But Ark used the weightlessness to jump on the walls and ceilings as he wielded his lightsaber.

The battle was over 1 minute after it started. The squid was finely cut by the lightsaber.



Category: Space Monster  Danger: C

Combat Power: C

The Squid is a monster rarely found on asteroids in the space frontier. It is a monster that lives on the nebula gas found in space. However the Squid’s favourite food is a spaceship. To be precise, it is the energy used by a spaceship. Therefore the Squid will sometimes soar into space to catch spaceship passing over. In the early days of the space pioneering age, the Squid was something the pioneers feared most.

The atmosphere is like poison to the Squid so it won’t be found on any planets.

* You can gain additional information if you face the same type of monster many times.

That was the data of the monster.

“This monster eats the ether that is used as the ship’s fuel? What? Does that mean the Squids ate the fuel rods?”

Ark stared at the shredded Squid with astonished eyes.

Chi chi chi chi! Chi chi chi chi!

Noises were successively heard in the darkness. He flinched and turned to see Squids popping out from the broken hull. There were more than 20 of them! It wasn’t just these guys.

–Ark, monster!

–It came here too! Cuttlefish! Cuttlefish!

Slayer and Rapid’s voices came over the Nymphe.

‘Dammit, I wanted this to be easily settled.’

“It isn’t a cuttlefish but a Squid!”

Ark yelled as he rolled across the floor. Ark’s body shot off like a bullet down the passage.

‘No matter how weak they area, dealing with these numbers alone in a place like this is difficult! I need to join up with the team first! So I should leave before I am trapped!’

Everybody gather outside the spaceships! Baius Shield!”

Chi chi chi chi! Chi chi chi chi!

Ark stopped the liquid flying from everywhere with the Baius Shield and crossed the ship. He destroyed the small barrier formed from Squids blocking his way and exited outside.

–Ugh! T-these guys!

–Damn! Why are there so many squid like creatures?

-Stupid! You should kill the squid not avoid it!

Outside Slayer, Leon, Kaya, Sadain and Rapid were busy fighting the squid. But unlike Ark, they had no experience in fighting in zero gravity. In addition, they had no experience in manipulating the jet injection device while fighting the enemy.

They would lose their centre whenever wielding a weapon. They even lost their balance when blocking the Squid’s attack with a shield. The team couldn’t maintain their posture properly and were being hit by three or four enemies surrounding them. There were also members who used guns like Leon. The moment they fired the gun, they would fly backwards or rotate from the recoil.

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

The only person who fought properly was Rapid. He inserted his leg in a gap in the hull to maintain his centre!

–That guy is truly different!

Kaya exclaimed. However Rapid couldn’t take care of the Squids flocking from every direction with just one pistol. And the Squids’ legs attacked, attacked, attacked!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

They were covered in a herd of Squids and started being beaten up. Fortunately the Squids were only level 50~60.

‘This situation isn’t immediately risky……’


Then he heard Kurakan’s voice from behind him. Ark’s face stiffened as he turned his head.

Kurakan, Ellain, Kalliben and Hedro were running away from the abandoned spaceship! The problem was the huge number of Squids following behind them like a dark cloud.

‘Oh my god! How many of them were hiding?’

Squids were flowing out everywhere from the abandoned ships. Approximately hundreds of them! It was like a swarm of Squids in the ocean.

‘If there are that many of them, it might not even matter if all team members were experts in space warfare!’

Battling in space wasn’t that simple. It required taking advantage of a 3D space.

It was the first team the team were experiencing such weightlessness so the battle was difficult for them. Let along the number of creatures heading towards them. If they swarmed like bees in this zero-gravity space then the team members would be instantly turned into bone even if the monsters were only level 50.

‘First I have to find a suitable terrain to fight!’

Ark used the jet device and quickly rotated his body. Then something caught Ark’s eye!


A giant pipe 2 metres in diameter had come away from the ship. At the same time, Ark shouted towards his team.

“Below! It is difficult to hit them with your sword or gun when you can’t properly orient your bodies! Now we need to move to a place where their movements are limited! Move to that pipe in the 5 o’clock direction!”

–B-but these guys are…..

“Their levels are low! You won’t die from that much! So don’t worry about avoiding them and focus on manipulating the jets! Head downwards as soon as possible!”

Chiik! Chiik! Puhwaaaaah!

His team started descending after hearing Ark’s yell. And the herd of Squids chased them!

“Khafra Fencing 3rd style! Galaxy Sword!”

Ark’s lightsaber became like a fan as dozens of swords flew out and caused a vortex. The Squids were cut into hundreds of pieces with their legs floating everywhere. Meanwhile Rapid and his team members entered the pipe one by one. And finally Ark arrived!

“Prepare for a skill rampage!”

Ark shouted as he jumped into the pipe. And hundreds of Squid noisily chased Ark into the pipe. Then a smile was pasted onto Ark’s face.

“Now, hunt the Squids! Everyone fire! Galaxy Sword!”

-Storm Bullet!

–Continuous Fire!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

They all poured out their skills. The diameter of the pipe was only 2 metres so the Squids couldn’t avoid the attacks as they were shredded. They flocked to their death! However the Squids were brave. Dozens more quickly entered the pipe.

……They were rice.

Tu tu tu tu! Tang! Tang! Pepepepeng!

The reason why the Squids were so tough was because maintaining your centre of balance was difficult in space. If they could properly maintain their posture than the level 50 Squids were no match for Ark’s team that had an average level of 100.

Entering the narrow pipe was like coming in to become rice! It was like they were feeding Ark’s team experience.

‘This is a rare opportunity.’

“Summon Golem!”

Ark’s Baius Shield transformed into the Golem.

–Well! Do you need my strength? It can’t be helped. I’ll help you! Is it those Squids?

“Don’t go near them!”

Ark grabbed the Golem’s feet.

-Ack! You bastard! What are you doing?

“Just stay here and eat the bread!”

Meanwhile bullets were tirelessly being fired.

-The level of the Baius Golem has risen!


-The level of the Baius Golem has risen…..

The level 12 Golem gained a tremendous amount of experience from the level 50 Squids! The Golem’s level started to steadily increase at a scary rate. The Golem wasn’t the only one. Ark and his team’s experience went up as they killed dozens of monsters.

-Your level has risen!

And level up!

After continuing for another 10 minutes.


Ark kicked the squid parts on the ground.

“Too bad. 10,000 more would’ve been nice.”

All the Squids had been turned into sashimi. On the other hand, his team only received damage in the early stages. It was a perfect, overwhelming victory. All the team members had elated expressions but Rapid was the only one with a serious expression.

“By the way, what is with that expression?”

Rapid raised his head at Ark’s words. He stared at Ark for a while before asking with hesitation.

–Did you instantly come up with the plan to deal with the Squids in the pipe?

“So? Why, what’s wrong?”

-No, something isn’t wrong but……

“Shall we collect it now?”

Ark gazed around the pipe with a grin. They had shredded hundreds of Squids in 10 minutes! Thus there were items mixed in with the floating squid parts.

has been obtained.


has been obtained……

Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

The floor shook and there was a roaring sound from outside. Slayer looked out the pipe and exclaimed excitedly.

–Yes! Squids! Another herd of Squids is coming from out of nowhere. Kikikiki! Experience is rolling in.Just wait. I’ll lead the Squids here. Now! Over here! I am you enemy! Here…..hehehehek!

Slayer suddenly burst out screaming.

–What? What is that? So much came out…..hehehek!

–Is this a joke? What….hehehek!

The team members that followed him out all screamed. It was suspicious so Ark and Rapid also exited the pipe. They looked in the direction of the team’s gazes and stiffened. Everyone’s gazes were facing the Squid. However this Squid was completely different from the ones before. The massive body of a squid was emerging from the ground!

“G-giant squid?”

-The titan class monster ‘Kraken’ has emerged!

At the same time, a red warning message flashed in front of them.

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