Ark The Legend / Ark The Legend Vol 11 Chapter 6

SPACE 6. The Man called God

‘These thieves!’

He thought as he looked at the menu.

40,000 won for a plate of pasta. Some of the quality food cut by a knife went for over 200,000 won. Drinking water cost 10,000~20,000 won. It cost extra if taxes were included.

It was a mystery what alternative ingredients they used to make it cost so much.

-This restaurant, it is good but a little expensive.

He read that on the internet but……

‘What is a little? Do this bastards even know Hangul? This is very expensive!’

Once again, Hyun-woo was the director of a large company. The annual staff salary was at a level difficult to imagine. Hyun-woo’s eating habits changed a lot thanks to that.

Previously he just ate kimbap. Sometimes he was desperate enough to stir in protein powder. But now he could afford to walk into a good restaurant. However his common sense still applied when talking about the price. The price was to the extent that they needed to use an unknown recipe or spice that had never been heard of!

However Hyun-woo wasn’t in a position to complain.

First, his money wasn’t being used to buy this food anyway. If he had to explain, Hyun-woo helped someone a while ago and they were insistent on repaying him. This restaurant had been reserved in advance so he had used this opportunity to eat here. Therefore he had no reason to complain over the expensive food.

But the second reason was the more important one.

“Is it unreasonable?”

“It is unreasonable.”

“We can go somewhere else.”

“It was a joke. It’s not often but I do eat rice in a place like this.”

Hyun-woo was a man of South Korea. As a man of Korea, he couldn’t say anything else in front of a pretty girl. Hyun-woo scratched his head and said.

“……I wanted to look good but I’m not actually paying the meal expenses today. A person I knew made the reservation in advance. So you don’t have to worry about the burden. And today is a memorable day.”

“What day is today?”

“It’s the first.”


“We didn’t really know each other that well when we visited the Taek Mountains. And I was a bit distracted when we met at the hospital a few days ago. Afterwards we only talked over the phone a few times. So this is our first formal date. That means it is the first day dating.”

“I’ve never dated someone before.”

“Then this is the first day for both of us.”

“What is that?”

“Anyway, is there any sense in hiding my heart anymore?”

In fact, Hyun-woo was quite surprised. Hyun-woo never imagined that he could say something like this. But the first time hadn’t been too difficult. After he unintentionally confessed in the hospital, Hyun-woo was surprised he could talk so calmly. Of course, he knew that she also harboured a crush on him. Why else would she wear a nice dress to eat a meal at a good restaurant?

‘I knew she was a beauty…..’

Cho Min-sun was wearing a dress and light makeup. It was like a warrior putting on a combat suit. He was still dissatisfied with the food prices but he thought it was worth it just seeing her. Cho MIn-sun was also very considerate.

“I’ll have the pasta with clams.”

She had sense to order the cheapest item on the menu! Hyun-woo was so touched by Cho Min-sun’s consideration that he ordered the same thing.

“Feel free to order something a little more expensive……”

“I originally like pasta. It’s not like I need to eat expensive food.”

“That’s right.”

“By the way, what on earth happened?”

“Huh? What?”

“Where are you now?”

“Where? I’m here.”

“Are you going to keep on fooling around? You know what I am asking.”

Cho Min-sun said as she sent him a sharp look.

At any rate, a man was a strange animal. Her face looked so pretty……he wanted to continue but she was serious. Hyun-woo blushed at her serious expression and scratched his head as he replied.

“Right now I’m on Asteroid E-2036.”

“E-2036? Why there…..?”

“I was attacked by the Rama while completing my mission on Impeltus. We managed to escape but the ship was having problems during the warp voyage so we crash landed on the asteroid.”

“So you should send a rescue request.”

“No, the problem will be resolved shortly. I found my own way. But where did you hear that I have a problem?”

In fact, today the first one to call was Cho Min-sun. The battle with the Kraken had just ended and he was about to eat dinner when her call came. And she started asking about the Silver Star. Hyun-woo had some time so he decided to have dinner with her and explain the circumstances.

“I heard from Hawk.”

“Hawk? Then Min-sun ssi met with Hawk?”

“Yes, I joined up with the 2nd investigation team a short while ago. That was when I heard that Hyun-woo was missing. In fact, Hyun-woo’s unit wasn’t the only one attacked by an enemy. Most of the units were also attacked by the Rama or unidentified enemy. There are 11 units who returned safely. 9 units either lost the spaceship or were killed in battle. The 1st investigation team finished faster than scheduled and is going to join the 2nd investigation team. Everyone resurrected within 2 days but their spaceships were destroyed so Hawk expelled them from the team.”

This was the first time he heard that other units had received surprise attacks.

However Hyun-woo had suffered a lot in New World. Hyun-woo sensed something the moment he heard Cho Min-sun’s explanation. The person scheming behind the surprise attacks.

The team contained 20 units. Even if 10 were killed, they were still divided into factions. It would be difficult for them to follow Hawk’s orders, even if he was 1 of the Seven Swords.

So Hawk decided to reduce the numbers. With those numbers then he could control them properly. Their strength would be affected in the long run but right now it was better.

The units of the two factions might conflict with each other. Even if there was a worry about fewer people, it was better to have soldiers easy to control. The purpose of this mission wasn’t to exterminate the enemy but to obtain information about the magic circle and antimatter first.

‘Still, isn’t he quite daring?’

“Hawk has already started the next mission.”

Then Cho Min-sun opened her mouth again.

“I don’t know the details but he seems to have found a suspicious place. Hawk is going to lead the remaining units there. The problem is that Hawk has removed all units killed in battle from the team. It is the same for Ark-nim as well. I know that Ark-nim hasn’t been killed in battle but it won’t be any different since you didn’t arrive on time.”

“Did he formally report it to the federation?”


“Then it doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean? It doesn’t matter? Are you saying it is okay if you’re kicked from the investigation team?”

“That’s impossible.”

Of course Hyun-woo had no intention of leaving the team. Why would he give up a quest like this? He wasn’t going to leave the team like Hawk wanted.

“There’s no need to worry. Hawk…..”

Hyun-woo was replying when his eyes narrowed. Someone had actually been distracting Hyun-woo for a while. There was a couple a few tables away staring at Cho Min-sun. But while he was talking, the woman suddenly got up and approached Hyun-woo’s table.

‘Who is it? Does she know Min-sun ssi?’

Hyun-woo didn’t know the person. But the face was strangely familiar.

He felt like he had met here somewhere before. However Hyun-woo couldn’t remember meeting her. It was extremely rare for Hyun-woo to meet women. If he met another beauty apart from Cho Min-sun then he would remember.

‘But somewhere…..ah! Yes! That woman!’

He remembered when he saw the wine glass in her hand. Hyun-woo stood up and raised his voice.

“Min-sun ssi, danger!”

“Huh? What…..?”

Min-sun ssi asked as she turned around.

The woman holding the glass suddenly lost her balance and spilled her drink on Cho Min-sun. No, she didn’t lose her balance but deliberately fell.

At the same time, the scene from the charity party to help overseas refugees was superimposed in Hyun-woo’s head. A similar thing had occurred then.

Someone had deliberately tried to spill a drink on Cho Min-sun’s dress! That woman who poured the drink was the same one right now. She tried to the same technique half a year ago so she was very creative but this time she succeeded.

Hyun-woo looked at the woman with an angry expression and shouted.

“What on earth is this?”

“Omo! I’m sorry but what can I do? Huh? Aren’t you Min-sun?”

“Uh, unni…..”

Confusion spread on Cho Min-sun’s face. Hyun-woo was also confused. She was her older sister? Hyun-woo looked between the shivering Cho Min-sun and the woman with a puzzled expression.

“A date? Hmmm, he is a fine looking man. Do you also have the ability to charm a handsome man? Is it hereditary?”

“Look here!”

“Guest-nim, is something wrong?”

A waiter came rushing after hearing Hyun-woo yell. Just as Hyun-woo was opening his mouth. Cho Min-sun shook her head.

“Hyun-woo ssi, please stop.”


“It’s okay. It’s a request. I don’t want any trouble. It’s not a big deal so let’s stop. Hyun-woo ssi, I’m sorry but I’ll be back.”

Cho Min-sun spoke with a determined expression. The waiter quickly handed her a towel and guided her to the bathroom. The woman spoke to Hyun-woo after Cho Min-sun left with the waiter.

“Do you know who our father is?”

“I’ve heard about it. What does that have to do with you?”

“No matter what. Her father is also my father. But not all children are the same. That bitch is the child of a mistress. Do you understand? She is common. That child’s birth is a mistake. That’s why I called her a bitch.”

“What do you expect me to say?”

“Hoh, you’re not surprised? I guess you know already. You have no idea what she is capable of. But this is unexpected. It is better if you give up. This is an advice and warning.”

“I’ll also give you advice and a warning.”

Hyun-woo slowly raised his head and said.

“You better return to your seat before I get angry.”

“Hul, look at that pride……”

“Min-sun ssi’s sister! I’m only going to put up with it once.”

Hyun-woo stared at the woman with flames pouring from his eyes. He didn’t know if it was his look or she had finished her work but the woman snubbed him and returned to her seat. His fist involuntarily clenched as he stared at her back. It wasn’t because he was insulted.

‘I don’t know anything about Min-sun ssi!’

She told him that she was the child of a mistress but Hyun-woo hadn’t understood. He hadn’t made an effort to understand how she lived. Judging by Cho Min-sun’s reaction, this wasn’t a special incident. She found it normal to be insulted in front of people she knew.

And she endured it. Because she was a mistress’s child. It was the reason why she just endured it most of the time. Perhaps her clumsy nature and difficulty expressing emotions was the result of this patience.

When he thought about it, he was barely able to withstand the rage.

“I’m sorry. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Cho Min-sun said as she returned to her seat. After seeing her still wet dress, something broke in his head.

“No. I told you. Someone I know booked this restaurant in advance. An opportunity to eat expensive food on someone else’s money is rare. So we should stay here and eat the food.”


“Sheesh, that bitch is still here. She truly has a thick skin. That bitch! Her thick skin must be hereditary. How else would a woman seduce a married man?”

The woman, Cho Mi-ra murmured in an unpleasant voice. Then the man cutting his steak laughed and said.

“Hey, don’t do that. Pitiful.”

“What is pitiful? That man over there is the pitiful one. Just thinking of that bitch makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

“Isn’t she quite pretty?”


“Why are you so sensitive?”

“I’m sensitive? Didn’t I tell you? I feel sick just thinking of that bitch. Yet she dares have a meal in a restaurant like this! Damn, how can I enjoy my meal when she’s here? My status is falling just being in the same restaurant as her.”

“Be tolerant.”

The man laughed.

“You will understand if you look closely. Your sibling…..I understand. Look at the man she brought. His clothes have that vintage look. Don’t you think it is like something from a drama? The poor man and the mistress’s daughter despised by her family. They will drink vending machine coffee and mutually comfort each other. While doing that, they forced themselves to come to a restaurant like this once. This will be the first and last time they can eat such fine pasta in their lives. So don’t they have to give up on alcohol? Ah, damn. I feel like crying after seeing them eat pasta in such clothes.”

“Hohoho! It is like you said! Pitiful!”

“Yes, it is rare for people like us to meet such poor people. So sometimes we need to do something. Noblesse oblige! Have you heard of it? People who are people with a status like us needs to help the poor. Hey!”

The man then beckoned a waiter over.

“What wines are good here?”

“Several fine wines just came in today.”

“The price range?”

“The cheapest is 800,000 won…..”

“I understand. That is suitable.”

The man interrupted the waiter’s words and pointed to Hyun-woo’s table.

“Take it to that table. Did you see before? My girlfriend mistook that woman over there. Please tell them I’ve sent this as an apology. But…..obtain consent from that gentleman first. That gentleman might be offended but he also has pride. He needs to calculate it himself. Whether to accept my sincerity or not.”

“I will tell him.”

Once the waiter left, the man smiled and said.

“How about it? Letting the poor drink wine they could never taste in their life is noblesse oblige.”

“Kalkalkalkal! This is great. Noblesse oblige!”

Cho Mi-ra watched Hyun-woo and Cho Min-sun with interested eyes. Once the waiter approached and explained the wine, Hyun-woo quickly looked over at their table. After a while, he bowed and accepted the wine.

A laugh emerged from Cho Mi-ra’s mouth.

“He took it.”

“He is a beggar. His pride won’t let him turn down a 800,000 won wine. It is pitiful drinking a 800,000 won wine with pasta. Should I throw a steak there as another good deed?”

“Try it! Try it! Let’s see if they receive it this time!”

“Okay. Hey, over here….eh?”

The man jumped up as he was about to call the waiter.

“What is it?”

“Ah, no. Wait a minute.”

The man hastily ran across the room. He was heading towards a group of men entering the restaurant. It was an old man in his 50s surrounded by 10 Arab foreigners. The man approached the old gentleman and asked.

“Hello, Chairman Kim?”

“Huh? You are?”

“I am the youngest son of Central Hotel. I met you last time at my father’s birthday celebration.”

“Yes, I remember. Your name was Park Eun-chan?”

“Thank you for remembering. By the way, these people with you…..”

“Ah, do you know them?”

Of course he knew.

The man Park Eun-chan called Chairman Kim was the president of the large Seongyeon Corporation.  And one of the Arab men was the world famous middle eastern oil tycoon, Abdul.

Even a global entrepreneur would require a few months booking in order to meet him. That’s why Park Eun-chan came running over.

Park Eun-chan was his father’s youngest son so he was ambitious. Connections was the most important thing to Park Eun-chan. If he managed to build a relationship with the Chairman of the Seongyeon Corporation and the oil tycoon Abdul then he could achieve his ambitions.

“It is an honour to meet Chairman Kim and the world famous Abdul-nim. I never heard that Chairman Kim and Abdul-nim were friendly. Do you mind if I serve you personally?”

“Thank you but that isn’t needed.”

Chairman Kim smiled and shook his head.

“Abdul and I came here to meet a friend after a long time.”

“A friend? Someone in this restaurant?”

Park Eun-chan looked around with confused eyes. A corporation’s chairman and an oil tycoon was meeting someone directly? Wouldn’t that person be a VIP if they were called a friend? A politician? Business tycoon?

Park Eun-chan looked around as his imagination spread.

“Oh! There.”

Then Chairman Kim smiled widely and raised his arm. And they walked to a table in the corner like they had no interest in Park Eun-chan. The next moment, Park Eun-chan’s mouth dropped open as he saw where Abdul and Chairman Kim stopped.

“Hahahat! Hyun-woo, have you been well?”

‘What, what the? The person Chairman Kim and Abdul called a friend…..’

He was the coffee vending machine man that he called pitiful.

While the VIPs greeted Hyun-woo happily, their attendants moved around the table like a folding screen! Then the guests who noticed Chairman Kim and Abdul started buzzing.

“Chairman of the Seongyeon group? And isn’t that Arab man Abdul?”

“Why are such people here?”

“Who are they sitting with?”

“I don’t know who they are but it is no joke. They must not be ordinary to be sitting with two people like that.”

Park Eun-chan returned to his table.

“M-Mira! Talk properly! That man with your sibling, who is he?”

“Who? How should I know?”

“You really don’t know?”

“I don’t know. Rather, who are those people?”

“Damn, you don’t even know those people? If you’re the daughter of a chairman then you should show some interest in the business community. That person is the Chairman of the Seongyeon Corporation. And that Arab man is Abdul, an oil tycoon!”

Cho Mi-ra’s eyes widened at Park Eun-chan’s explanation.

“Eh eh? Why are those people sitting with a guy like him?”

“Damn! How should I know? He must be huge if Chairman Kim and Abdul are intentionally meeting him. Dammit! What did I do…..?”

“Excuse me.”

While Park Eun-chan was sweating. The waiter from before came up with a bottle of wine and said.

“The guest sent a wine as repayment for the one you sent a short while ago. This is a 78 year old French wine with a market price of 2.25 million won. The guest told us to send our most expensive wine over here. And he said to tell you this. It would be a burden to accept an expensive win on the first meeting without anything in return.”

“H-how dare he!”

“Sit down!”

Park Eun-chan shouted towards Cho Mi-ra. And he replied with a bitter expression.

“…..Tell him that I appreciate the drink.”

“Are you crazy? Do you know what this means? Is your pride worth 2.25 million won?”

“Dammit! Yes, my pride is worth 2.25 million won. What will you do? Will you report me? Didn’t you hear my words? That guy is a person who is friends with Chairman Kim and Abdul! Should I go grab his collar after seeing the people around that table? We would be immediately thrown out if that happens!”

“Then you should eat alone!”

Cho Mi-ra jumped up and ran out of the restaurant. But Park Eun-chan didn’t follow. He had just mocked someone talking with some very important people. He was depressed and felt like he was sitting on a pincushion but there was something he was even more anxious about.

The man was only in his twenties so how could he be meeting with such people? He couldn’t get up before he figured it out.

Approximately 1 hour passed before they left their seats.

Hyun-woo and Cho Min-sun left the restaurant first while Park Eun-chan approached the Chairman’s secretary who was paying for the bill, including the wine!

“Chairman Kim-nim, I met that person just now so if you don’t mind, could you tell me who he is?”

“Ah, Director Kim Hyun-woo?”


“Yes, he isn’t a friend. More like……shall I say a God?”


“What is going on?”

“What is going on? What?”

“Those people just now. Did Hyun-woo ssi really call them?”

“Yes, is that strange?”

“It is strange. That middle aged man is the Chairman of the Seongyeon Corporation. And the Arab person is an oil tycoon. The fact that those two reserved a restaurant table for you is remarkable but for them to come when Hyun-woo called?”

“That means your boyfriend is a wonderful person.”

Hyun-woo stopped and looked at Cho Min-sun. And he said with a smile.

“Mainly in the game.”

The Seongyeon Chairman and Arab oil tycoon. They had a secret hobby that most people didn’t know about. That hobby was the virtual reality game, New World. This was a secret the world didn’t know about but this hobby was the reason why Chairman Kim had a close friendship with Abdul.

While meeting for a business transaction, Chairman Kim noticed Abdul talking about New World with the interpreter. Thanks to that, Chairman Kim and Abdul noticed that they shared the same hobby! They caught monsters together and became close friends. And while going on eventful adventures, they came across a disaster.

After gathering information for a few months, they found a hidden labyrinth dungeon in the Ronwe Mountains! While exploring the dungeon, they fell into a trap and became trapped in the labyrinth. In addition, the resurrection place was inside the dungeon so they couldn’t escape by dying.

Thanks to that, they were trapped in a dungeon for a month.

Anyone who played the game would know. Being trapped somewhere was extremely painful. However, the problem wasn’t something that could be solved with lots of money. Chairman Kim and Abdul pondered it before coming up with one last method.

They privately contacted the senior executives of Global Exos and asked to take out their characters. However there was no way even for the senior executives. Moving a user’s location in the game required administrator privileges. And there was only one person in New World with that power, Hyun-woo who controlled the master code.

And after Hyun-woo was told the situation…..

‘A corporation chairman and oil tycoon? So what should I do? New World is a game that follows the rules of reality. They are mistaken if they think that money can buy them everything. That isn’t possible as long as I’m the moderator of New World! I will refuse such solicitation! If you’re a user then you should solve the problem like a user!’

He dismissed them for that reason!

In fact, Hyun-woo had expected to be pressured at this point. Chairman Kim and Abdul had billions of dollars behind them. Yet a mere game director like Hyun-woo who had been a user not long ago had rejected their request. They wouldn’t be able to hold still.

No, there was actually an uproar at Global Exos. It was to the extent that the President asked him to accept their request. Hyun-woo became even more stubborn the more they badgered him. Then an email arrived.

-We’re sorry to ask something so unreasonable.

We will respect the judgement of New World’s moderator.

Let’s pretend this didn’t happen…..

Hyun-woo became curious about these two people. So he used his Genie Lamp and flew to the labyrinth to meet the two of them. Then Hyun-woo started to realize that he had misunderstood Chairman Kim and Abdul.

Hyun-woo thought they were users who spent their money on equipment and wandered around bullying other people. However, he met Chairman Kim and Abdul and realized the equipment they wore had been obtained through pure grinding.

Hyun-woo had no intention of withdrawing his words. They weren’t trapped due to a bug. And he couldn’t just use the power of the master code to solve a user’s problem. Chairman Kim and Abdul had also sent a reply stating that they respected his intentions.

‘But if I help them as a user…..’

Thus Hyun-woo teamed up with them and helped clear the dungeon. Of course, he didn’t use any equipment obtained with the power of the master code. Naturally the adventures of the three of them was difficult.

However, as the leader Hyun-woo breached numerous traps and gradually repelled the swarm of monster attacks as they advanced through the dungeon! He had led Chairman Kim and Abdul out of the dungeon in a week. And a friendship that transcended age and status sprouted between them.

Of course, this was still just a game. Chairman Kim and Abdul had a completely different status from Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo had no intention of showing off their friendship in reality. Yet Chairman Kim and Abdul’s appearance meant they also regarded Hyun-woo as a friend in reality.

This was the reason those two booked a reservation for Hyun-woo. This material compensation could already be considered friendship. And they gladly gave Hyun-woo their phone number regardless of status. They became friends after a week-long adventure.

‘As a result, these two people consented to be used……’

“I really don’t know Hyun-woo ssi.”

Cho Min-sun murmured after hearing his explanation.

“Are you disappointed?”

“Is there something to be disappointed about?”

“Of course not.”

“Then I’m not. Rather, I’m more shocked by the price of the food.”

“Then what about the 2nd thing? Chairman Kim paid for the food as well as the wine sent to your sister. Say whatever you please.”

“Let’s go grab some ramyun and kimbap.”

Cho Min-sun replied as she grabbed Hyun-woo’s arm.

‘……Chairman Kim and Abdul will understand.’

Hyun-woo laughed and nodded.

“Yes, let’s go!”



Ark stood up and shouted.

“Report the condition of the ether.”

“The engine is in a good state! No abnormalities in the control system! Balance system is okay! Energy charging has been 100% completed! We can take off whenever you command!”

The person in the cockpit was the hamster Tori! The storage container that arrived after defeating the Kraken was Tori.

Shortly after the Silver Star landed on E-2036, Ark heard from Hegel that fuel rods were necessary so he had instantly sent a communication to S-20.

Send fuel rods and Tori as quickly as possible to E-2036. The damage to the Silver Star was serious enough that a profession engineer was required to repair it. However there was one small problem.

Some people might’ve forgotten but Tori still had a prisoner status. Of course, Tori could move freely thanks to Marquis Martin. But his prisoner status meant it would be difficult for him to take a ship. In addition, Ark was currently hiding his location from Hawk. Hawk could easily obtain the information that Ark was Tori’s guardian and keep an eye on him.

So Asuran devised using a cargo container. The courier had accepted Marquis Martin’s cargo certificate and it was delivered. This was the noise that terrorized the sailors on the Pelican.

Tori had a lot of experience so he knew. There was a tremendous different between the cabins and cargo compartment on a ship. There was no consideration for passengers in the cargo compartment so there was minus degree temperature. Of course, he was wearing a life support device but that was literally to sustain life.

“D-delivery…..scary… scary…..”

When he opened the container, Tori was blue and trembling and kept on repeating those words. After the frozen hamster was thawed, Ark immediately rushed him to repair the Silver Star. The gun turrets still weren’t repaired but the engine and control system had been fixed.

Naturally the energy charge was also complete! The Silver Star had lost a considerable amount of fuel thanks to the Kraken. However, the energy storage he obtained meant he could charge it to 100%. The Silver Star’s eight ether fuel tanks also became full. This was sufficient to last 1 year without a separate energy replenishment.

Once again, the Kraken… was worth a huge amount of money. Anyway, it had been 4 days since they’ve landed on the E-2036.

“It is a little late but…..”

Ark grinned as he looked at the information window.

Character Information Window
Ark (R-02788)
Elim’s Heir
3,300 (+325)
Mental Power 
450 (+340)
320 (+35)
375 (+51)
545 (+65)
40 (+13)
320 (+68)
55 (+8)
* Title


Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)

Ignorant Destroyer (Wisdom -10, Strength +7, Stamina +7)

Beltana’s Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +3)

Athamas’ Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +5)

Mediator (Wisdom, Intelligence +15)

* Contribution: Galactic Federation 19,520,  Aschulat 500


* Affiliation: Dark Eden (CEO)

*Body Coating: Survivor


+ Environmental adaptation increases by 50% due to the Survivor coating.

+ The Survivor coating reduces the drop rate of Satiety by 30%.

+ The Survivor coating will reduce fall damage by 50%.

+The ‘Clairvoyance’ effect of the Survivor coating is applied.

Ark wouldn’t just fall down obediently! There was some meaning to the time spend on E-2036. He had gained 3 levels on Impeltus and 10 on E-2036! That was 13 levels gained since leaving Turan.

That wasn’t all.

“Hyung-nim, the analysis is over!”

Hegel handed him the Unknown Scale Pants obtained from the Kraken. While Tori was repairing the Silver Star, Hegel had also finished the item analysis.

-Belphegor’s Scaly Pants (Unique)


Item Type: Light Armour (Pants)   Wearer Restriction: Level 100

Defense: 80 Durability: 8080

In the early days of space pioneering, pants using the legendary Belphegor was created.

A number of incredible anecdotes about the Belphegor have been handed down among pioneers. One of them was that the Belphegor could fight back against enemies even when sleeping. According to an anecdote, it defeated pirates for three days and three nights while sleeping  and the pirates fled rather than face it when the Belphegor woke up.

That was why the Belphegor was called a space dragon and armour made out of its leather. This armour has a strong defense tough to imitate with modern science and there is a probability of a mysterious power exploding when attacks hit the scales.

* Special Options (King’s Wrath): When the armour is attacked, there is a 5% chance of the scales jumping out and causing a vortex around the enemy, inflicting 15~20 damage.

The unique armour Belphegor’s Scaly Pants! Once again, Ark had gobbled up most of the spoils from the Kraken. Ark had prevented the Kraken from destroying the Silver Star alone.

In the meantime, the team members had been trapped in the collapsed hole and were out in space for more than 1 hour because Ark was distracted trying to stop the energy from leaking from the hole. He finally remembered about them and brought them back with Hegel and Milan. So none of them dared say anything about the Kraken’s loot to Ark.

But Ark was generous.

“Aren’t we colleagues who teamed up together?”

……He said and distributed half of the loot to the team. Of course the unique Belphegor’s Scaly Pants, the Kraken’s cell tissue and the rare Destruction Hammer was in Ark’s backpack. He handed out the 3 general items to the team.

The cell tissue was only worthy for Ark who had a researcher and Berad was the only team member who used a hammer so the others didn’t complain. They couldn’t ignore the enormous monetary loss Ark suffered from the damage to the Silver Star. That’s why Ark was currently wearing the Belphegor’s Scaly Pants!

That wasn’t the only harvest from E-2036. It took Tori one day to repair the Silver Star. While he was enjoying a date with Irina, the team members used that time to search the underground space. As a result, they obtained a harvest he hadn’t considered.


Now wasn’t the time. According to Irina, Hawk had obtained an important clue and was already moving.

‘If I delay any longer then I might be a step too late. Hawk will end up eating all the quest rewards. Anyway, we’ve found everything possible from E-2036 so it is time to return to the first team. I need to stop by Turan to pick up Melina, Park, Berad and Cupa so there is no time for further delay!’

“Milan, operate the engine! The destination is Turan!”

“Yes, Hyung-nim! Silver Star start!”


The Silver Star emitted flames and soared off! It was an emergency that lasted 4 days.

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