At The Northern Fort / At the Northern Fort Chapter 16.2

The Chief was seriously misunderstood.  Having such a cold outward image would certainly make it hard to make friends.

I’m rooting for you Chief, hang in there and good luck~!

I squeaked my support as I stepped on his boots.


The chief looked down with a confused look as he stiffened up. I guess he wasn’t good with strangers touching him regardless if they were an animal or a human… Of did he dislike me? Did he have something against foxes? I looked at the reaction of his body before I looked up at his face.

Then this the part between his brows wrinkled up as he put his forehead against the horse. muttering something about it being hard.  Whelp, I think I’m

misunderstanding him. It must be hard on him not having friends. My concern for him is growing by the second. I stood up on my hind legs while placing my front paws on his leg while squeaking up at him again.

I will definitely become friends with the chief!

There is no retreat, I will do it. I’m not human, but having a spirit as a friend is pretty cool right? No? Am I disgusting to you?

The Chief finally looked at raised his face from the horse’s and finally looked down at me with a pained expression as he looked at me clinging to him. I watched him close his eyes. “It’s impossible..” He whispers to himself was barely heard by me

me as he couched down and scooped me up in a hug.

… huh?

I was caught up in his arm before he lowered me back down and started to pet me all over, sparing no part as he stroked me intently with a very ecstatic expression on his face. Ear to ear, back to the tail, and even my chest. Un, it’s good.

His eyes became watery with erratic breathing with an “Ahh..” occasionally escaping his lips with a very sexy voice. I felt somewhat confused, where was our cool Ice Chief gone…?

I lifted one of my paws. Time for you to feel my ultimate move.

Pet the paw.

“T-This feel..!”

Yes, yes. Indeed the softness of my paws is my pride. Certainly, they’re impressive but

impressive but I didn’t think it’d have that strong of an impression on him.

First of all, I thought he disliked me then I thought he just didn’t have interest… I wonder what caused such a change of attitude.. or was it that he wanted to be my friend?

The look in his eyes was that of fascination.

“You’re definitely cute. Why are you so adorable?! .. Ahhh. Of course, I love that you’re this cute. I don’t mind…”

My impression of the Ice Chief instantly collapsed, even tho it was on its last legs. It toppled over dead. He looked like a happy DereDere while he stroked Iruax and me at the same time. I wonder if I had been a bad person in my
person in my other life that I seem to only attract friends like the Chief who had such personalities towards animals. Maybe I was a bully, but certainly, this may have been a little overboard.

Then again, I don’t hate being touched on my paws, rather I return the gesture by licking the back of his hand.

“Ahhh.. I’m so happy that it hurts!”

The Chief looks like he checked out mentally as he turned his hand to his chest with a blissful expression as he murmured ” So happy…” to himself. Though it was a small touch. I was wondering how I should look at the Chief from now that I’ve seen this side of him.

With sympathy towards him, I licked his pinky finger.

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