At The Northern Fort / At the Northern Fort Volume 1 Chapter 16 part1

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The second day of living with the one-eyed knight, I slowly getting accustomed to various aspects of one-eyed knight’s days. For example, how he trains first thing in the morning.

Because of the problems with Knix from the yesterday, I’m on alert for Knix. I still won’t let anyone stroke me since my stomach, paws, tail are delicate; Tina is an exception though.  Even if you speak kindly and reach our your head, it’s no good.

While eating breakfast in the dining room, Tina took the liberty of stroking my fur while loudly “Kyaaa~!” ing. Also “No way you’re this fluffy! Must be a lie!” Do you not like it? As for the one-eyed knight, he left for work. On his way, he let me out into the training yard to play around again. He told me to be a “Good Girl” before stroking me and leaving.

Unlike yesterday, there were knights in the training yard today. Today they were training, running laps in the snow while carrying their equipment. So I decided to play on the edge of the yard so I could stay out of their way. Sadly, as I was digging, I found that the dirt on the edge was hard and not very fun to dig it up.

After I finished digging a hole, I took a break to catch my breath. I still had a lot of energy after digging tho, so I walked to another spot to continue digging. However, due to my carelessness, I slipped and slid into the hole I just dug. Ugh!

After regaining my senses, I crawled out of the hole quickly while lamenting on my carelessness. Hopefully, nobody saw. The knights that were training in the yard had just sat for a break, their heavy breaths coming out as mists as they laughed. They were laughing hard.

“It’s quite a spot you got!”

“Even I am out of breath from running, I can still laugh!”

I was seen!

I left the training yard with haste as my face burned with embarrassment. Un, it’s bad to distract them and disturb their training. After that predicament, I went to the stables and watched from afar as the people who appeared to be the caretakers feed the horses. There was an uncle who noticed me watching and asked if I wanted some. I declined. Even though I’m omnivorous, I rather not.

When the caretakers were finished with their duties had left, I approached the horses and gave a greeting to each of them. All of them responded with a exhale of white breath. I approached the big horse that was towards the middle of the stables and greeted in the same fashion. I wasn’t familiar with the horse, but its coat was a dark-brown, but with the light of today it appeared almost black.

The dark horse’s muscles were well defined, his face was daunting and gave off a dependable feeling. It appeared that the other horses looked to it as it’s leader. His long and black tail swayed lightly as he stretched his head down to me. I believe this is the one-eyed horse as a little of his scent remained. Their auras were alike as well.  So this horse was by his side. I could feel a calmness knowing that.

The horses seem to also know I was almost attacked by a dog. Were you listening to what the knights were talking about or did you see it?

“Are you okay?” Even though the horses couldn’t speak, their feelings of worry were conveyed to me. I’m okay.  It let out a loud neigh as if saying ” I’ll scare it off next time”. You don’t look like a weak animal, leader. I’ll count on you then.

I also give a polite greeting to the horse next to the black horse. Greetings were also important in the animal hierarchy. This horse had a glossy black coat. It was so beautiful that I felt like sighing in spite of myself. It had a calm temperament that gave off a delicate feeling.

“A dog resembles its master.”

Though it was a domestic horse, it smelled of the Chief, I could see their personalities matching. There wasn’t anything bad about the smell, it was a soapy scent. Which as I thought of it, I could smell it on the wind.  The black horse in front of me shook its tail with happiness and when I turned around, I saw the Chief walking through the snow towards the stable.

Ah, his black hair flowed in the wind. It’s enviable to me who use to be a former human girl. There didn’t seem to be any hair treatment in this world. How do you take care of your hair?

” …. ”

After the Chief got close enough to the stables, he seemed to have noticed I was here. I guess my fur blended really well with the snow. It’s a protective color, yes.  He stopped as he squinted his eyes. The black horse impatiently called out to him after noticing him coming over. This caused the chief to come over to the horse

I wonder what is wrong, he seems to be a little different? Hey, look at your horse, nothing down here.

“Hey, Iraux. How you?”

Then while he ignored my existence, he caressed the horses face with a little nervousness. I decided I wasn’t going to disturb them so I quietly moved over to the one-eyed knight’s horse. While the Chief spoke weirdly to his horse while patting it while talking ” How’s your body?” and “Have they given you good food?”

People who talk to animals aren’t bad people. I thought this as I watch and thought maybe that maybe he was just a little misunderstood. He was completely different from usual. However, if my prediction is right that you don’t have friends; this sight becomes sad.

That your horse is your only friend.

I cried in my heart for him.

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Author’s Notes:

Mill & mother illustration 【From Sugawarsama】 ↓


Image of Mill Plush (!) 【From Hiyori】 ↓

Both of them are watching and grinning.

It is cute that can not be expressed by sentences.

Enjoying it alone is a waste, so let’s all share it together.

Both of you, thank you.


TLN: Word count for this full chapter is 1818 at unedited. Cut in half at just over 1000

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